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A Bad Good Man: Wayne Dyer Example

What is the secular story?
Truth is outside of a religious story.
This story holds that there is an unbiased truth called the scientific method that is measured applying mathematics.
This truth is free of the prejudices and violence identified with the religious alpha and omega stories.
The measure of educational success within a secular society is derived from the number of engineers, math, and science graduates.
Their belief is that through science consumption for all is unlimited.
Happiness for science is derived from the ease of life that is provided.
All human problems have a scientific solution.
Education in science and math is critical for the success of a secular society.
Science and math will increase our life spans.
Those who do not appreciate and submit to science and math are the 'other.'
Science and math are said to be fair and impartial to everyone.
There are no limits to what humans can achieve through science.

What are ideologies?
Some would view the secular story derived from science as just another ideology.
As long as an ideology includes creation and destruction I still call it an alpha and omega story.

What about a point of view or ideology that is held that is not founded on a creation and destruction story?
Any idea can be held through force and rewards.
There is a big difference between what is professed and actually followed.
Professed but not followed to me is propaganda.
We called the Soviet Union communists, they saw themselves as socialists, a command economy, and in my view Stalin was a dictator.

What is the Dr. Wayne Dyer example of an ideology without a creation and destruction story? Look in Marketing Case Stories. E-mail sent to Wayne Dyer
Dr. Dyer has spent the last several years learning and teaching Taoism.
I saw his presentation on PBS in August 2007 where I interpreted that he has had a life altering change in his story.
During the breaks and within Dr. Dyer's talk he was assisting and supporting giving money to PBS in a very vigorous way.
As part of his support he suggested to viewers that they could only find his Taoist program on PBS.
He also spent a great deal of time supporting his friend a singer
within his program.
I e-mailed Dr. Wayne Dyer and asked how these actions fit into the Taoist philosophy that he was teaching?
To answer the above question, I would think that an ideology that is professed but not consistently held is short term and not as powerful as one that extends to all aspects of our life.
Billions of us hold temporary ideologies with great conviction that may be disconnected from our real story.