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A Friend in Need

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away I had a friend that was going through a difficult time. She was attempting to change the direction of her life. She wanted to get a job outside her country and begin a new life. I kept telling her that she was vulnerable to terrible exploitation and not to let her desire to get a job blind her to these dangers. I tried to assist her through this time of negative feeling so she would make better and safer decisions. Following is an email I share with you.

Dear J

I can tell you that every one has the same fears in life. They never end. They are part of being human. I can also say that things work out in a moment when we do not even expect it to. I know it is hard to believe. Keep in mind that you are valued. Value yourself and do not let despair in. If you do it becomes extremely difficult to overcome. We also are told especially as Christians that everything will go our way in life. It is really not true. I think that you should consider trying what I do when change is upon me and I am afraid. I go to the library and learn as many things as I can. I have three or four books in front of me on different topics. When I started to drift in my thinking change books and topics. If the book is not interesting change it for another. I have been going through a very difficult time also and I work on my websites 10 to 15 hours a day. At the end of this time I will have three websites that represent many thousands of hours work instead of depression.

I am retiring and my income is going to decline and I do not have anything in mind what to do. Each day I try to learn more and more. How do my websites, repairing computers, improve my poetry and writing help me? These things I am doing are things that I am interested in. I expect this to also open up new thoughts, understanding, and opportunity. It many not happen but I am happy to be learning. Go to a medical library and study and find yourself a doctor. That is what the girls did when I was in college. Tell me what you would like to learn about and I will get you started. I have found joy in writing poetry. I will send you a system I made up how to write a poem. Send me your poems and I will put them on my websites. I will also put any other things you have done on my websites. So get going. Perhaps you want to start a business? Is their anything that they sell in your country that tourists think are valuable? DM

Marketing Application

All humans need hope and a positive word in their lives. Selling them something is usually not the answer for them. Marketing moves in at these times and promises people solutions for money. This does not work for most people and we get caught in the trap of the exploitation of learning to attain money.