A Nameless Star

What is the influence of assembled stories on our lives?

We live our entire life within the framework of our AO story.
Everything that we do and think is within the confines of our story.

What are the different forms of AO stories?

Linear AO stories.
Linear/nonlinear AO stories.
Nonlinear AO stories.

Are their more linear, linear/nonlinear, or nonlinear AO stories?

The great AO assembled stories of the world have been generally nonlinear.

What is the nonlinear?

Nonlinear stories guide the individual from a selfish individual to selfless protector of community, women, and children.
The same nonlinear AO story changes as we change.
Nonlinear stories continue to teach us in all our deaths and rebirths in our life.

What was nonlinear warfare?

The two amassed armies would meet and go at each other.
Warfare for the masses was a part time experience.
The masses would work at home and when a war came they would leave and go to fight. Their responsibilities at home remained.
The masses in the war and back at home had to eat.
This alone made it difficult to keep an army together for a long sustained time.
The training of the masses in military strategy was not safe because it was deemed to put the story elite at risk. Most of the training of the masses was on the job.
The masses were viewed by the story elite as expendable, unreliable, and difficult to manage.

Where and how did the linear enter as a challenge to nonlinear warfare?

Ancient Roman warfare changed their soldiers into full time mechanized specialist.
With mechanization and production many more lower class males could participate in more productive roles in warfare.
This model was successful in expanding the Roman Empire.

Why standing linear armies?

The masses could be trained and disciplined.
Standing armies could defeat an enemy before they had time to assemble their army to fight.

What were the down sides of standing linear armies?

Linear warfare was difficult to stop. These armies had nothing else to do but to fight and keep fighting.
Armies in the field drain resources.
It takes time to benefit from conquered lands and people.
The longer an army fights the greater the number of their soldiers get killed.
New soldiers have to be trained to take the place of the dead.

Why did Rome fall?

The storytelling people kept fighting using nonlinear forms of warfare.
Ancient linear Rome bankrupted themselves.
Christianity was a nonlinear inclusive religion.

Has the linear change in warfare dominated since ancient Rome?

It depends on who was involved in the war.
European warfare since this time has kept returning to the Roman model of linear division and specialization of mass soldiers.
The divide and separate linear warfare and production of Rome has historically ignored the nonlinear model of warfare.
Rome reached its linear limits when they believed that any mercenary soldier was sufficient to do their fighting.

What was the new Rome?

The Christian Church became the religion of Rome with an edict from the Emperor.
Since that time the Roman Catholic Church has been challenged and continues to fight with opposing AO stories.
This war encompassed the entire ancient Roman world.
All the fighting and murders were to protect or destroy an AO story.
Did Luther create the linear Protestant movement?
Martin Luther is credited in the West with beginning this battle and creating the Protestant or protest church.
In truth the war has never stopped from the death of Christ until this day.
The Protestant movement was an attempt to align a new form of Christianity with the ancient Roman linear forms.
This new AO story would reinforce, build, and return warfare and production to regain the success of early Rome and defeat the nonlinear Roman Catholic Church.
The Protestants and Roman Catholics went at each other with a determination to slaughter the other. They have hated and feared the other for centuries.
Unfortunately, for both sides no matter how hard they tried they were unable to destroy the other.

The Enlightenment?

This is where it gets tricky between the linear and nonlinear.
The Roman Catholic Church remained nonlinear and became the refuge for the nonlinear Celts throughout Europe. Have you ever heard the term Irish Catholics?
The Protestant Churches also remained nonlinear.
Both of these AO stories continued to take the same fundamental story to their followers as they moved through the stages of their lives.
Both these AO stories led their male followers on a nonlinear path to fulfill their eternal roll of sacrifice for the larger community of women and children.
It was understood during the Enlightenment a new form of an AO story must be created that continues to separate and divide to regain the lost Roman Empire.
Although the Roman Catholics and Protestants were killing each other it became clear that if either was victorious they would remain nonlinear.

Does science then come to the rescue?

Science begins by co-opting both the Roman Catholics and Protestants in the Enlightenment. Both religious AO stories were promised that science would prove the existence of God. This would give them the power to defeat the other.
This promise was found to be hollow because of three reasons.

1. The mathematical challenge of science to represent the Trinity in linear form.

2. Science was dividing, separating, mechanizing, and deemphasizing the individual. Both the Roman Catholic and Protestants valued the individual as a child of God.

3. Science could be a foil against the nonlinear power of the Christian religions. Christians could be recruited and diminish the AO Christian story power.
The nonlinear storytelling approach must be destroyed.