I would enhance the colors on the page to be more user-friendly. 
Do you mean change colors or pages?
Or the same color for every page but just a different one.

I would also change the fonts maybe spice it up? a little bit.
Do you mean change for different pages?

Instead of all the links on the main page how they go down, I would have a bunch of the main links but then I would have like a scroll bar for the quick links.
Do you mean a scroll bar that links to all pages?

I would also get rid of the Google search bar that is in the center of the page, the
first time I looked at the page that was the first thing that I noticed.

Do you mean put somewhere else on the main page or put on a page like the Sitemap

I would enhance the picture that you have of yourself make it larger maybe like the top 1/4th of the page.
Do you mean on the first page especially?

I would make the title of the page stick out more maybe a larger font and a different color.

And then when it says "Marketing Students, Professors, and Practitioners Seeking Current Marketing" I would put that in a smaller font so it doesn't take away from the title of the page. That is the title of the website.

I may change the background color of the page. When you do this the main picture that you have, you would stick out more because the main colors of the picture is white. 
On all pages?

If you keep the links how they are I would make the font a lot larger. OK I was worried about appearing to have too much on a page?
I will try.

Divide the page into sections for example you could have a professor section and a student section.
Help me what do you mean?

Add more pictures. 
OK Does it matter what the pictures are? For example more paintings of my Mothers.

Add sections for type of information for example if it is a sound bite or a written story.
Help me again with an example.

The pictures when you click on the links, if you are able to get the same pictures and use them in a higher resolution so that they do not look pixilated.
What is pixilated?

Some of the grammar I would go over to see if it could be worded differently.
I keep going back and trying.

There is so much information on the site I just feel that it could be organized a little better because some of the links have so many extra links to go to.
Any ideas.
I saw your father's model it is simple and effective.

I would change some of the pictures of yourself, a lot of the pictures the focus point is in the center of the photo which tends to lead to a generic image.
Help me with an example?

I may set it up that if someone clicks on the link it brings them to a new page rather then scrolled down on the same page, that would be up to you though.
One example to help me?

I would open up the discussion room I feel that it may be interesting.
I agree.

Maybe set up the chat room.
I agree.

I would put more images and information about accomplishments that you have achieved.

Overall I was very impressed with the webpage though granted the above was just because you asked me to list things you could improve. A few things that I did like was the idea of the page and strong input I feel that it could create from students and professors. 
What do you mean page and strong input?

Very interesting insights. Thanks DM I will put on the web.