Ask a Professor


How do marketing advisors for a movie know what clips to show on TV when they are advertising their movie?

Usually the clips and the movie are not close at all. I think this is all a grand show. They represent to me a destructive force in the world.

What are the steps in creating the perfect advertising strategy for a company?

Do not spend what you cannot loose.

I don't know one person who likes to receive cold calls, do businesses really make any money supporting cold calling as a means of marketing?
As crazy as it sounds some cold calling works. It is usually factual but not truthful.

I have always wondered about how advertisers can get away with putting pictures of half naked women for stores like VIP on billboards where people of all ages can see, how television can put Victoria secret commercials of half dressed women on during daytime hours, when there is a time designated by the FCC for when adult television is allowed I think it is after 10pm. Arent advertisers still selling the idea of sex to people of all ages, especially young impressionable minds?

They are just labeling it as a commercial instead of something more vulgar like pornography.

Shouldnt both types of advertisement be illegal in that sense?

It is human nature to push the limits. We will do this until told to stop. Nudity in the USA attains attention. In many countries it is far more acceptable. In other countries it is not allowed.

Why does the food from McDonald's look so much better on commercials than what actually is served in the establishment?
Because it is probably not food in the commercials. They are works of art.

How effective are jingles in advertising?

I do not know how effective they are.

Is there a trick to making a good one?

People in the business say that they work but I think they are not effective.

Which type of marketing tool is more effective to people? TV? Radio? Internet? Newspaper/Magazine? Telecommunications?

Word of mouth.

What is an effective/ineffective advertising campaign?

One that takes in more money than it spends.

You talk a lot about shopping at Costco, but I have never seen any advertisements in the paper or mail for their stores. It seems like they do not do any kind of sales or promotions. What can you tell me about Costco's advertising/marketing plan?
They do not advertise as others. They do a great deal with their customers. Flyers, handouts, samples, price reductions, smart workforce, and a magazine.

How come there isn't much talk in the US about "blood diamonds" even though it is such a hot issue?

The diamond industry spends a great deal of money in the media.