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And Dawns Are Quiet Here

Is there a fight among religious, secular, and ideologically derived stories in the USA?
Without a doubt, forever.
The early fighting in the USA during the 20th century were among the Protestants, Roman Catholics, Jewish, communism, fascism, and capitalist story power elites.
All sides were unfriendly and exclusionary to the others.
Intermarriage and cultural tolerance was very suspect.
The Roman Catholics were brought into the USA from Europe and Mexico on mass as a cheep labor force by the Protestant elite in the 19th century.
The Roman Catholic Church in America was skillful in uniting their followers from the many different European cultures.
While I have no evidence I would speculate that the Protestant story holder elite did everything to block Roman Catholic and other competing stories.
In my view the Roman Catholic Church created a second and competing American economic culture by building an alternative Roman Catholic educational and employment infrastructure from the cradle to the grave.

The Russian Revolution
World War I began in Europe 1914.
Russia under the Tsar entered the war against Germany and immediately began to suffer catastrophic losses.
The February Revolution began in Russia in February 1917. On March 2, 1917 the Tsar abdicated power.

Committee on Public Information or the Creel Committee, April 13, 1917
Created by President Woodrow Wilson to bring the USA into war against Germany in World War I.
The biggest and most effective resisters to war against Germany were the Irish Roman Catholics because England had crushed the uprising of 1916 in Dublin with great cruelty.
The US government forced, moved, and influenced all media outlets and Hollywood to incorporate anti German propaganda.
So startling was the success of these techniques derived from the Freudian story that these techniques were transferred to business with the new name of public relations.
Right or wrong these powerful tools were connected with the Jewish AO story.
One of the committee members called this "the manufacturing of consent."
Truth was produced and no longer an issue anywhere in the world.
The United States was easily moved against Germany and all observers including Germany where fast devotees of propaganda and public relations.
The British War propaganda machine was also very effective in moving us into war against Germany. This is most likely something that the pro war American supporters would not have wanted revealed. Little credit was and is given to English propaganda successes in the USA.
The United States entered the war in Europe in May 1917.
World War I ended November 11, 1918, I believe because of the influenza pandemic and a fear that Russia would be turned back against all of the war participants on both sides.

What was the big fear of the Jewish elite after World War I in the USA?
Assimilation with a loss of assembled story identity.
Their great contributions in the creation and support of critical war propaganda would be turned on them.

What was the big fear of the Protestant elite after World War I in the USA?
Returning Roman Catholic soldiers were demanding equal access.

What was the big fear of the Roman Catholic elite after World War I in the USA?

Relegation to poverty and a return to the second class for the largest American group.
Mexican Roman Catholics were not drafted and were exploited as a labor force with no rights.

What happened in the USA after World War I.
The collapse of Russia and the rise of communism created great fear in Europe and the United States of an international movement that was spreading.
The 1920's had a resurgence of anti catholic hysteria.
The Hollywood film industry with the advent of talking films in the 1920's quickly identified their market as the American young and the poor.
The poor were less educated and more vulnerable to fantasies such as crime, loose women, and the easy good life of consumption.
The Protestant elite interpreted these Hollywood films as pro-communism.
The Roman Catholic elite saw these Hollywood films as destroying their followers.
All three AO stories were aware of the power to change society through Hollywood film and media propaganda from World War I.
In the 1920's and 30's in the USA both the Roman Catholic and Jewish AO stories were under attack for supposedly different reasons.
From an AO storytelling approach the war was over and all were back to gaining and holding individual story dominance.
I must also suggest that throughout time attacks on the OA stories often come from the story elite itself to coalesce their power. It is so easy because we always love to blame the 'other.'

What was the Legion of Decency?
The Roman Catholic church identified that the Hollywood film industry was putting out movies that were turning their people into selfish hedonistic consumers.
To counter this attack on their beliefs in the 1930's the Catholic Church forced their members to take a pledge to not attend any unsanctioned Hollywood movies and books. I can remember taking this pledge.
Because of the number of Roman Catholic movie goers Hollywood modified their films under the guidance of the Legion of Decency.
In 2007 Standards and Practices in Television are overseen by each network.

What about the depression and marketing?
There are two stories I have been told about the depression. One that everybody suffered and starved and the other that a large number of people did not suffer. Today on TV they were asking if the rich were effected by the decline in the housing market. The answer came back no.
Take a look at what was sold during the depression that made money. Let me know and I will add. Of course food is an easy one.