And They Woke Up in the Morning

We all live our individual and collective lives through our assembled stories.

I call the most influential assembled stories in the world alpha and omega AO stories. These AO stories include both the beginning and end of time.

AO assembled stories are understood as cosmologies and eschatologies. I am defining the term alpha and omega to mean the same as a creation, origin myth (cosmology) and destruction (eschatology) story. You may of course prefer other forms of expression.

Etiological myths are also a good concept to assist in understanding what I am talking about.

Everything that we create and produce is a manifestation of our followed assembled story. Nothing is allowed to enter from any competing AO assembled story unless it has been sanitized and its foundation AO story removed. In the end it is not possible to separate anything from its founding AO story.

he AO story and its foundation moves with the individual throughout their life.
Great AO stories are derived from foundation myths and religions. 


Marketing differentiates products, services, and stories within all AO assembled stories as a material form of rewards and punishments.

Competing AO stories fight to attain and disperse available material products, and services to reward and retain devotees.

Once identified by the dominant AO story competing stories are deprived of material resources.
Those stories that are not dominant must apply stealth and use care in consumption to survive until their power shifts.

Individuals outside of the dominant assembled story have uncertain relationships within the dominant story.