Interview with Founder of Arkaim.
Ch 1 Little is Not Many But Many is Not Little.
Ch 2 Millions of Red Roses.
Ch 3 Girl With Glance of Wolf.
Ch 4 The Only Iceberg in the Ocean.
Ch 5 Tsar of Silence.
Ch 6 Moscow Does Not Believe in Tear.
Ch 7 Mysterious Town in the Clouds.
Ch 8 I Break Glass Like a Chocolate in My Arm.
Ch 9 Life is Impossible

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1996 - 2008

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.
First in the Book Series

Statue in Moscow

Is the quest of a marketing professor, Finbar McCool to share marketing and storytelling with the world and break the tyrannical control of current adolescent marketing practice. Finbar McCool is sent to Russia to reveal the secret of storytelling marketing. Follow Finbar and you will learn the most guarded secret in the world. Nine Chapters Morris c 1996-2007

Chapter 1, Arkaim: Marketing Wars WHAT WONDERFUL GAME
Sean and Patrick McCool are drinking in a pub in Ireland. They are discussing the upcoming war in Europe and Asia. Both brothers are leaders of the Circle. The Circle has been fighting the Line since the defeat and extermination of the Celtic people throughout Northern Europe and Russia. The men know that this war will only be fought to eliminate the Celtic people from Europe to Asia. The Imperial Line in England and the USA has placed Hitler and Stalin into power with a mandate to kill as many people as possible from Ireland to China. The Republic of Ireland had to declare neutrality to protect Ireland from the impending slaughter of the Celtic peoples. They are aware of the game.

Words in italics are Finbar's thoughts.

Sean: "That fat little toad American, Churchill is going to get the whole world into a war to try and regain the lost glory days of the Roman Empire? What a picture, that pig, saber in hand cutting down his enemies. Hitler and Roosevelt are mindless enough to let him pull it off. It is not Roosevelt's legs that are paralyzed, but his brain. Churchill is still pissed at the Germans for the First World War for trying to become the new Rome. He wants to get a second chance to kick their arses. The little Caesar."

Patrick: "You are full of yourself Sean, Churchill wants to get the Imperial Japs and the Russians to go at it. They hate each other and just need the slightest excuse to kill each other.

Sean: "You're wrong Patty, Stalin is happily killing off everyone in Russia while Hirohito is playing the innocent little bug catcher. He is just waiting for a chance to pound the hell out of Brits. The Japs hate the Brits as much as we do."

Patrick: "So, where does all this leave us?"

Sean: "With the wee people on the sidelines to pick up the pieces."

Patrick: "That little cigar smoking drunk is a crafty old imperialist fox. I would not count him out of the game. Do you think Churchill can get the American Line to do his dirty work again?"

Sean: "Sure, the Americans have got to be the dumbest people on earth. They will sing to whatever tunes the Line plays. They actually think that they are the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Line Brits do not even have to keep their army over there. They just tell those stupid people how smart and free they are and they believe it, doing anything that they are told."

Patrick: "Sean my lad, in Amerika they are scared to even admit that they are Irish. Most of them have been told by the Line how lucky they are to be out of Ireland. Their children do not know anything about their Irish heritage."

Sean: "Someday the Americans will catch on to the game?"

Patrick: "Come on, they are too busy marching down the street on St. Patrick's Day while being slagged the rest of the year."

Sean: "It is quite a joke, isn't it? St. Patrick was a tool of Imperial Rome. Patrick has just been used by the Line. The Celtic Christians of the Circle were here in Ireland in the first century AD. Not too many of the uneducated so-called Irish in Amerika know about Celtic Christianity."

Patrick: "I told you the Americans were the dumbest people on earth. The sheep to the slaughter. It is going to be one hell of a slaughter this time."

Sean: "It always is when they fight over empire. It will take us another three thousand years to get our lands back. That crazy moron Hitler has convinced those idiot Germans that they are Aryans. Can you see those machines, marching around with their big boots playing Aryan warriors? The Line will use this Aryan crap against us all when this is over. If they are Aryans, I am a woman."


Patrick: "Don't worry, Churchill and the Line will use Hitler and his crazy Aryan schemes against the Circle. Churchill long ago told that killer Stalin about the Circle and the Celts in Russia. Stalin with his NKVD will kill everyone in Russia to destroy the Circle. In the end no one will be the wiser. The Line will say nothing while Hitler and Stalin kill all the Celts from England to China."

Sean: "That American excuse for a Brit, Churchill is an old fox in a hen house. He probably has syphilis like his father and he is in the final stages of delusion. That mother of his has been sent from hell. No wonder his father got syphilis."

Patrick: "What are you going to do while Hitler and Stalin kills 100 million Celts?"

Sean: "You and I are going to Amerika and keep working for the Circle. I have an idea of how to break the Line applying Form, Force, and Power with the same principle as the Jacquard Loom. Exchange the loom cards for electric impulses. Each impulse represents a different letter or number. I call it a computer."

Patrick: "Why not stay here in Ireland and fight?"

Sean: "Caesar and his Imperial Line are moving from Europe to Amerika where they will be safe to destroy the Celts once and for all. They have been killing us for 10,000 years. No one will be the wiser especially the lost Irish in Amerika."

Patrick: "Why does Hitler keep blaming the Jews?"

Sean: "He thinks he is Caesar. Hail Hitler. He wants them to say Hail Caesar. Those in the Imperial Line around Hitler know that if he is convinced that the Jews and the Celts are working together they can both be destroyed. The Jews and the Celts have always stood against the Imperial Line."

Patrick: "The Line is very clever. Do you think the Jews or the Celts will figure this out and work together?"

Sean: "Probably not, if Caesar and the Line can keep them from this knowledge? The Celts and the Jews both begin the day at dusk."

Patrick: "What can we do now?"

Sean: "I have to get the US military to create a system of communications without any central control. This should be easy. If I can pull this off the Line will be done once and for all."

Patrick: "We will be little angels in Amerika and hide from the Line until the time is right to strike. Those buggers will never know what hit them. We have our destiny."

Sean: "Grand, my brave brother. We will do it together."

Patrick: "Let's drink to our story? Cheers."

Both brothers are Cath milidh (KAT VUL) or battle champions of the clann.

Sean: "Cath milidh, can you see the danger?" KAT VAL

Patrick: "Yes, they have found us again. I see the orb."

Sean: "The Line is going to blow us up in a few seconds and blame it on the Catholics. Run for the door and scream bomb."

Patrick and Sean: "Bomb, bomb, bomb."


Professor of Marketing, Finbar McCool son of Irish immigrants has been sent to the Russian Urals by the Celtic Circle to teach a special group of Russian students. He is going to give them back the ancient Celtic understanding of story wars. The Line took this secret from the Circle enslaving and dominating the Celtic peoples in a linear hierarchical prison of failure.

The Circle and the Line have been at war for endless centuries. Few have ever heard of this war, but it goes on. Each generation of Celtic people continue to fight for their freedom. The reasons have been erased from history but not from our hearts.

Dr. McCool is unaware of his role in the destiny for his people. His clann has kept this story from Finbar to protect him from the Line. He is the Shining One. The Circle of life will reveal when and what he must do.

Finbar is at a boys hockey match with a Russian woman Larissa, assigned to help him while in Russia.

Hockey Match

Larissa: "Finbar, I want you to write a love story and dedicate it to me."

Finbar: "Larissa, I have never written a love story and I don't believe that I can." This seems like an unusual idea to come up with? I don't know her too well?

Larissa: "I want you to try?"

Finbar: "I will try but I cannot promise. What kind of love story do you think it should be?" I won't want to promise because I am not sure that I have the ability. I don't know that much about love. I certainly have not been as caring and loving, as I should have been.

Larissa: "I don't know, but you will think of something?"

Finbar: Her response carries such confidence in me. How does she know me? This may be misplaced confidence. Is she searching for immortality through my word? Whatever, we will see if there is some hidden agenda to this question. Maybe this has something to do with the FSB or the Russian mafia? What would they want with me? Maybe they think I know something or am here to get some information? Hmm, FSB agents are always beautiful. How would they know what type of woman would appeal to me? "I am an academic and I only write scholarly articles and books." This approach does not make sense so let's refocus this discussion on the hockey game. Let's see if she gets back on the subject of writing a love story?

    Well, what number is your driver's son?" These young boys are so cute and take hockey very seriously. Just like the children in the United States. These seats are well built and this place looks well maintained. I cannot figure out the scoreboard. The Russians must think that this sport is important. All societies are willing to put money and resources into things that they value. Russia must want future world champion hockey players.

Larissa: "He is number 3."

Finbar: Russia looks just like Ireland. I cannot believe I am actually in Russia, with a beautiful woman, at a youth hockey game. Life is unbelievable. "I am so glad you brought me to this hockey match. These children play very well. It is the same as in Ireland."

Larissa: "Were you born in Ireland?"

Finbar: "No, I was born in the United States after the war. I grew up in Cornwall. I am Irish heritage; my father came over before the war and married my mother. We have been back many times. I actually taught marketing storytelling in Ireland after I finished my Ph.D. My brother was much more interested in Ireland."

Larissa: "Many people from our city are now playing hockey in the United States. This is a top Russian youth hockey team. They are sponsored by the Tractor Company."

Finbar: What a strange name for a company? "What is the Tractor Company?"

Larissa: "They build road equipment for Russia and throughout the world."

Finbar: "Oh yes, I saw several tractors on the road the other night cleaning the streets. I must say that I was not impressed." I cannot believe the lack of innovation in the equipment. They look like farm tractors. Perhaps the Russians use the tractors for multiple purposes? It would be a lack of diplomacy to criticize anything. I promised to only be positive at all times. Maybe, I could help them to be more successful? If they are anything like large American companies they have all the answers even though they are going broke. Why not?

    They looked so common and did not give me the impression that they were well made. Perhaps I did not see their utility. Lets change the subject. Tell me about yourself?" I want to know about this secret FSB agent.

Larissa: "I want to talk about Lyubov. She is having difficulty translating for you. You talk so fast."

Finbar: "I do not want to do anything to upset Lyubov because she has been so kind to me." Why did she bring up Lyubov? What does she have to do with this? I have to figure out why she is really discussing this point? "I will try to improve." I cannot believe that this is true? Lyubov is upset, ok why?

Larissa: "Do you prepare for your classes?"

Finbar: Should I tell this FSB agent the truth? What will she think? Are they after something from me? Will she tell others? "I am just a simple storyteller. Very little that I do in class is obvious. I set up the story for the class and then I move the students through an ancient understanding of life through stories. I think about the story once the class begins, but I let the ideas go where they go within this ancient structure. My life is preparation for my classes. According to my father this is the Celtic way."

Larissa: "This is fine, but Lyubov cannot follow you that easily. If you could let her know what to expect, it would be helpful."

Finbar: "I understand." I must keep Lyubov happy because she is important to my success. She may be telling the truth. Maybe she is what she says she is?

Larissa: "What about your ideas? Are they the same as others?"

Finbar: She seems to know me? "I am different. I have a more ancient view of business and marketing storytelling." Maybe that is why they sent me here to Russia? Perhaps the Russians are smarter than I think? "I did not want to be different." I actually think that I will be of help to the clann. "I just am who I am. Many years ago I decided that I would do better in my life if I took the Celtic path of the Bard."

Larissa: "What is a Bard?"

Finbar: "They were the Celtic teachers, poets, and storytellers."

Larissa: "How are your ideas received in the United States?"

Finbar: Why this question? "Until now they have been ignored. I am their greatest nightmare. I am happy to be unnoticed for as long as possible. Each year I learn and publish more stories." I teach my people to fight tyranny. "Before I came to Russia, there was a great deal of interest in my work. I think this trip will have an impact on my work. I have happily lived an invisible life just telling stories to teach marketing to my students."

Larissa: "Why do you think that you are their greatest nightmare"

Finbar: "Because I know what harm they have done. I stand with my people."

Larissa: "You make everything sound so mysterious, Finbar?"

Finbar: "When I was a doctoral student, I was interested how stories impacted a business. I believed that business is a storytelling activity and marketing is imbedded in the alpha and omega story that we choose. Many of my professors laughed at me and said that this was impossible to believe. I had figured this out by chance, by remembering the stories that I was told as a child. They were in such contrast to the stories that were told to me by the mass marketing society."

Larissa: "You mean to tell me that that is it? You tell stories about marketing? We are great storytellers in Russia. Tell me how this relates to marketing?"

Finbar: "Yes, I figured out that the educational system was only telling one story. That story was in contrast to what we believed and learned as children."

Larissa: "What story are they telling?"

Finbar: "Life was linear and hierarchical with only one correct answer. Individual greed and consumption are the focus."

Larissa: "What does that mean?"

Finbar: "I could not believe that I alone had achieved this understanding? My father, brother, and uncle would laugh at me and just say. Finbar, it is just Form, Force, and Power (FFP) that you have found. I was then invited to Ireland to teach marketing storytelling. I was interested to learn if FFP also held up among different cultures. I found this to be true in Ireland. I have spent the last fifteen years teaching, writing, and researching the simple idea that life is nonlinear or circular with millions of answers. We must also be part of a larger community and make sacrifices for the greater good. This is the mythic story of the hero."

Larissa: "That is interesting."

Finbar: "When I started no one in the academic area was interested but, since I began, the world has been catching up to me. I have been fortunate enough to have many major book and articles that support this thinking."

Larissa: "What do your fellow professors think of your ideas?"

Finbar: "I have never discussed my ideas with other faculty in my University. I have only tried to learn from them. I believe that I will continue to be successful, as a storyteller and a writer because I want the best for my students. Faculty never read anything written by a colleague. They had their teachers."

Larissa: "Do you think you can help our special students build a strong economy here in Russia?"

Finbar: "If they follow the heros path. I will try my best for them. It is not a question of can I help but rather will I be able to open their minds to the understanding of the heroic." Of course, who does she think I am?

Larissa: "You are too confident, Dr. McCool? How does the hero relate to learning marketing in Russia?"

Finbar: "According to Joseph Campbell and others the mythic journey of the hero begins with a call to adventure. Each of us that are called may not respond. We may want to remain a child and refuse to become an adult. Mass marketing wants us to remain a greedy self centered individual. If we respond we are taken on an adventure of the mind and body. The hero moves into an unknown and dangerous place. This place is symbolic of the womb. The womb can also be represented as the void, an open space in a church, a cave, tunnel, and eaten by an animal. When this happens the person is helped through the intercession of a mythic figure. The individual moves through this experience and is again returned to the society with a new understanding.

    This understanding is that they now have an obligation beyond childhood greed to the family, clann, and the greater world. If we do not have this transition or rebirth from child to adult the entire society is in danger. These mythic symbols are viewed as a danger to the mass secular consumer society. This is because adults must take a different path. Linear marketing is only interested in greater individual consumption and market dominance. Individual consumption that is detrimental to the family, community, nation, and the world give way to individual greed."

Larissa: "How can you build an economy without individual greed and consumption? People are naturally this way? Communism attempted to control this human weakness. This has failed for us."

Finbar: "The difference is that the hero must act selflessly. Communism failed because everyone realized that what was said to be selfless was indeed individual greed."

Larissa: "Are you saying that both Russia and the USA are the same because they both created a society that advocated the selfless and really reinforced individual greed and selfishness?"

Finbar: "Yes the difference is that the Russian people figured it out and refused to keep working. When that happened it all fell apart in an instant."

Larissa: "We now want to be like you. We want more for ourselves."

Finbar: "Would you sacrifice for your son, your parents, and sister?"

Larissa: "Yes."

Finbar: "If this sacrifice was truly manifested in your actions then you are an adult of your society. If you say it but do not follow you have remained a child."

Larissa: "Every adult will sacrifice for their children and family."

Finbar: "I agree but the mechanisms that helped us to become adults are now challenged through mass marketing. Those kids are great hockey players. Where is number 3? The number three is Celtic and part of 6 + or -3."

Larissa: "There he is."

Finbar: "Would you take a look at my Friendship Language Cards I made up? Here is the first card."

Larissa looks at the card for a second.

Larissa: "What are you trying to accomplish with these cards?"

Finbar: "When I was in prep school I could not learn languages. They always started at an advanced stage. These cards work because the person just points and the other person reads it in their own language."

Larissa: "This is useless?"

Finbar: "In clann education will move in this direction."

Larissa: "What good is that?"

Finbar: "Unlike most mass market language materials these work. If I had a dollar for every book, cd, or tape that I purchased and learned nothing I would be rich. Each person can begin to teach the other their language. One section is from English to Russian in alphabetical order and the other is in Russian alphabetical order. The best teacher is one interested in your learning. There is nothing better than a person who is interested in your success."

Larissa: "I do not think anyone would want to have these cards in Russia."

Finbar: "The cards are extremely effective and have sold like wild fire."

Larissa: "How much do they cost?"

Finbar: "Fifty-dollars."

Larissa: "No one in Russia has fifty dollars to spend on such a thing. I cannot believe that the Americans are this stupid. If you are a hero you would give the idea to others for free."

Finbar: "I would gladly do this. Were you sent here today by your people to ask me questions? Are they afraid that I will not help the Russian students to learn marketing storytelling in a way that actually works?"

Larissa: "What makes you think that I was sent to ask you these things?"

Finbar: "Too many American movies, I guess?"

Larissa: "Do you think you can really help us with marketing?"

Finbar: "Form, Force, and Power marketing is too valuable to share. Form, Force, and Power is one of the closest guarded clann secrets in the world. This secret is only known by a very few people."

Larissa: "If it is such a secret why teach the Russian students?"

Finbar: "The secret is available to us all. It is the transition from child to adult. They asked me for help. When someone asks for help we must respond. FFP is also part of your Russian heritage. If it is not part of your genetic heritage it will mean nothing. Cognitive natural selection."

Larissa: "I want to make a million dollars."

Finbar: "It seems unusual for you to ask me about my work without someone suggesting it to you? Remember that you can never make a judgment about an action until it is put into a story." What a little chieftain. I will bet she is enjoying pounding the schite out of me.

Larissa: "Finbar you are a dreamer?"

Finbar: "If I can help you make a million I will. I realize that you represent the American organization that sent me here." It never ends. "I will try my best to help my students anywhere but I cannot change my life and my ideas to placate the robots."

Larissa: "Who are the robots?"

Finbar: "I will succeed or fail with my own Celtic thinking. If you sent me your best and most creative people it will be an easy job once I learn about Russia's stories. I have to first incorporate Russian stories in my teaching your students. Then to the great stories of India and China. Like it or not, we all continue to be players in story wars." I just don't care. Maybe it is because I am Celtic. Who knows? They know or they do not know. It is a part of them or it has been lost. "I will give you a copy of my new book Marketing Strategy: A Storytelling Approach to read and then you can decide for yourself how to be a millionaire. My students are using it. It is now available everywhere in the world." Of course she will never figure out the book without the code. Without the code the reader will do the exact opposite of what it actually takes to understand FFP marketing storytelling. The code is in each of us that follow the Circle. No one would give out the secret in a mass-market textbook for so little money.

Larissa: "I am not suggesting that you change Finbar, but rather that you help Lyubov to be more prepared for your classes."

Finbar: "I will give you the code to figure out my book."

Larissa: "Will I need a code to figure out what you are saying?"

Finbar: "Of course and you can tape the classes, if that is what you are asking. Culture teaches the codes they want us to decipher through stories." What a beautiful woman. Dark hair, blue eyes, short, thin with a nice face and the rest looks good, too. I cannot get over how beautiful the women are in Russia. "For example, the codes that I was given in the USA lead me to believe that the Russian women were ugly. What is your name again? I apologize."

Larissa: "Larissa Morisova."

Finbar: That ought to put her back a notch or two, but triumph is impermanent and lasts but a short time. "Were you born here, in Russia?"

Larissa: "Yes."

Finbar: "Did you grow up here? How old are you?" Oh, I should not have asked her age.

Larissa: "Why did you come to Russia?"

Finbar: "I came because I am on a sabbatical. My University gave me time off to think and reflect. The government called me and asked me if I would help a select group of special college students in Russia with marketing storytelling. I said that I would."

Larissa: "The students are at an institute, not a college. In Russia a college education is not considered good enough to postpone military service."

Finbar: "So then they called it an institute rather than a college, great marketing."

Larissa: "What is a sabbatical? I never heard of it before?"

Finbar: I cannot believe that they don't know this in Russia? I hope she does not ask me to spell it? "It is related to Saturday or Sunday and the day of rest in the Jewish and Christian traditions. It is extremely unusual, and I am fortunate." I wonder if she is a Christian?

Larissa "Do you have any children?"

Finbar: "An nine-year-old daughter and a eighteen year old son. She is extremely creative and strong. Much stronger than me. Her name is Faith. My son is more Irish than me. Do you have any children?"

Larissa: "My son. He is very important to me. I am raising him because I am divorced. What do you think about Russia?"

Finbar: She is divorced. This must be fate. Is she Miss right? I wonder what is the matter with her that she is divorced? I have a feeling that it will cost a great deal to find out. "I love it. There is so much opportunity here for the Russians."

Larissa: "You are strange?"

Finbar: What an unusual comment? Perhaps I have misunderstood the meaning? I had a few girlfriends like this? They always attacked the hell out of me. "Thank you. I always wanted to be normal. I wanted to be an IBM typewriter salesman." Like Louise Hart's father. "I always wanted to be like everyone else. I have had to live with being different all my life. I was always considered a poor student by everyone but myself." What an amazing breakthrough for me that I can admit my poor performance in school.

Larissa: "How did you get a Ph.D.?"

Finbar: "I never understood what was going on?" Hmm. I wonder if she has heavy legs? I cannot tell with that long dress. Women who wear these long dresses are usually hiding their legs. "I was always afraid. I get sick every time I think about the linear education we endured. I tried, but I never figured it out. I vowed that my students would not suffer the way I did. Such cruelty in the name of learning against people."

Larissa: "What do you mean?"

Finbar: "I never figured out how to learn the way that I was being taught. I had so much pain in school. I guess I was too stupid to quit. My Uncle Sean, kept telling me to not let evil Line take me down so I just kept going. Low grade after low grade. I finally got my doctorate."

Larissa: "So you did not get your degree in marketing?"

Finbar: "If I did I would not be here to help you today. I would be teaching linear fantasy. You could simply get a textbook and read it to your students the way we do in the United States. You would then know absolutely nothing about marketing practice. The marketing textbooks are so far away from what a person must know that I cry for the students." She probably knows all this anyway. Perhaps she is testing me?

Larissa: "You are saying that the textbooks in marketing are not true?"

Finbar: "Absolutely, if you knew what is done in marketing textbooks worked would you tell everyone? I now believed that my lack of understanding in school was a gift. By dumb luck I ended up in marketing." Thank God. "I did my dissertation on sales people and sales managers. Due to this, I was told that I should be in marketing. I did not care, because I knew that I could teach in many areas."

Larissa: "Russian professors have to teach many different subjects."

Finbar: "In my first job I was invited to Ireland as the American marketing specialist. I never had a course in marketing when I began to teach marketing in Ireland. They just called me up on the phone and asked me to come and teach marketing. I read the textbook day and night and then would go to class and teach what I had just learned."

Larissa: "Are you a CIA agent?"

Finbar: "Yes, how did you guess? The Celtic Intelligence Agency." Would I admit it if I were? We are all so afraid of others.

Larissa: "Is the Celtic Intelligence Agency in Ireland?"

Finbar: "No, it is anywhere that people search for wisdom. I realized American business education was poorly designed and of little actual value. I decided to improve business education all by myself. When I started in Ireland, my students could not understand me, so I decided to develop my classes with both FFP and the use of stories from their culture. Because I was able to get published, when I came back to my University in the United States they did not throw me out." Thank God. "I kept the secret of Form, Force, and Power (FFP) with my students. The Dean was Irish and she helped me to succeed. Are your parents still alive?"

Larissa: "Both my mother and father are alive. My granny is also alive. She tells a joke that she was born in Saint Petersburg, grew up in Petrograd, lived in Leningrad and is retired in St. Petersburg. Of course she didn't move at all but the city name has been changed so often. It is now a joke."

Finbar: "I don't get the joke?"

Larissa: "Granny's first husband was killed in the revolution."

Finbar: "What pain? What revolution?"

Larissa looks at Finbar with disbelief: "The Russian Revolution of 1917. She remarried but she told me that she wanted to be reunited with her first husband in heaven when she died. I don't want any of them to die."

Finbar: "You can understand that coming to Russia is part of my heroic journey. If is difficult to find our learning and knowledge so inefficient. If I learn and improve my understanding I can return and help my students. If I get defensive and do not learn I am stuck in childhood."

Larissa: "Do you believe in God?"

Finbar: "I don't know? I believe that a belief in God can help us to enter the heroic path and experience a life transition. The paths are innumerable but the outcome is universal. I am thankful for all my kindred. My kindred would always say that life is Imbalance. We cannot stop change but we can enjoy our families when they are with us. I am a Christian by birth and a practicing Celtic Christian. Are you a Christian Larissa?"

Larissa: "Yes, a Russian Orthodox Christian. I like that idea that life is Imbalance."

Finbar" "Do you think that I could meet your grandmother? She would be very interesting for me to talk to." I could learn the truth about Larissa. Granny would tell all.

Larissa: "Why would you want to talk to her? She is old. What could you gain?"

Finbar: Understanding beyond your wildest imagination. "I talk to people about their lives and interests every week. I cannot tell you how my life has changed from my radio talk show. It has changed my life. A secret that I will give you as a gift is to learn from everyone that you meet. Beginning this second, everyone in the world is your private teacher."

Larissa: "I will try. I will call my aunt and find out?"

Finbar: "Grand that would be wonderful."

Larissa: "That is a very unusual ring you have on, Finbar. What is it? What does it mean? I have never seen one like it. I also noticed that you have the same design on the right packet of your jacket. Are you a show off?"

Finbar: "It is a clann ring, a Celtic ring. If you look under the nine Celtic circles in a circle, you will see a red stone inside."

Larissa: "Why the stone inside?"

Finbar: "That is a clann secret even the CIA and FSB do not know."

Larissa: "If it is such a secret why have a ring and a logo on your coat? Well, tell me then?"

Finbar: "This is the first step in heroic marketing. Link a symbol to a story and a story to a product or service. If I told you it would bring you great harm. You must be tested to wear the Celtic Circle."

Larissa: "Is it gold?"

Finbar: "Yes, it is 24kt gold. What else could it be and still be Celtic?"

Larissa: "I have always heard that 24kt gold is too soft to make a ring?"

Finbar: "Well there is another secret I will tell you. That is not true. We push 14kt in the US to make greater profits. Nothing to do with gold and hardness, just money."

Larissa: "I do not believe you?"

Finbar: "That is grand. Perhaps you will figure it out someday? Then 14kt gold jewelry has kept you from heroic understanding. This symbol is very powerful. If the wrong person puts it on, they will not survive. Never put it on without my permission. You must promise me this, Larissa?"

Larissa: "You Americans are all the same, big storytellers. Give it to me and I will prove it."

Finbar: "I do not want to see harm come to you. You will have to kill me to get the ring. Let us change the subject."

Larissa: "My son is one of your students. I had planned that we would go out to eat and then go to the Nutcracker Ballet. Have you seen it?"

Finbar: "When I was young."

Larissa: "Are the plans alright with you?"

Finbar: "I am in your gentle hands? Tell your son to introduce himself to me during the next class."

Larissa: "I do not like weak men. I like men who can make a decision."

Finbar: Save me? "When you are searching for a hero that is a mythic search. That's nice, but I get weaker each year. I let others make their own decisions. All life is a choice." No clann wants to admit that they have learned anything from the other. "I only have so much money with me in Russia. Do you have to pay or will you be reimbursed?"

Larissa: "Don't worry. This is part of our obligation to you as a visiting American executive. In return we also expect you to fill out two reports for us. Were you aware of this?"

Finbar: Why am I being asked to do this? I planned to do it and now I am being reminded. She doesn't trust me at all. Of course I will not tell the truth. "Whatever you want. Keep in mind I am a Professor and the report is for a visiting American business executive. I will try my best."

Larissa: "Let's go to eat, Finbar?"

Finbar: "What about the driver's wife? Does she have a ride home?"

Larissa: "Yes. Do you like Russian food?"

Finbar: "So far I believe you eat better than we do. We eat junk. I have eaten much better in Russia than I do at home. This understanding is part of my heroic search."

Larissa: "What do you think about Russia?"

Finbar: "It is wonderful. Your stories and myths are wonderful" Except for the toilets.

Larissa's reaction is amazement and disgust.

Larissa: "Why are you so positive? It cannot be real? You must be an actor?"

Finbar: "My positive responses are not real." That should shock her that I admitted that my response is not real. What is real anyway? I don't believe that anything is real. "It is a moral choice. I choose to see things positively and try to learn valuable lessons. Actions follow thoughts. It is real to me. I have my dark moments where I would demean all that is not what I know. Every time I have chosen the negative path of the child, I have suffered."


Larissa and Finbar are driven to a large restaurant in the city. Larissa and the driver are in the front. When they arrive Larissa tells the driver to wait.

Finbar: "I will get the driver's son #3 a Boston Bruins shirt. Tell him that it will take a while."

They walk up the stairs and into the restaurant.

Larissa: "You have no manners! You walked through the door first and you bumped into me twice. You did not even help me take off my coat."

Finbar: Is this a joke? I cannot believe that she has the nerve to say this to me. I would not say this to anyone and if I did, it would be in a friendly way. Maybe it is a Russian thing to show power or she wants to see how I react to power. "Oh, I'm sorry, but in the Celtic tradition men treat women with respect. I believe we are better for it, but that's the way it works. The next time I bump into you, point it out." I never heard this from anyone. "I apologize, I did not realize it had happened. It is your obligation as the princess to civilize the man."

Larissa: "What table do you want to sit at?"

Finbar: "Whichever you choose?" That should upset her?

Larissa: "I told you that I cannot stand men who cannot make a decision."

Finbar: "I understand. Where do you wish to sit?" Women expect the wrong things from men. When will men and women begin to understand each other?

Larissa: "Is this table alright with you?"

Finbar: "If you like it, then it is grand with me." I refuse to take charge. It is not me and it is not necessary. Let her think she is in control and see how she handles power.

Larissa: "What do you want to eat?"

Finbar: "I eat very little." Here we go again?

Larissa: "It is unusual for such a big man as you not to eat? Are you sure that you like Russian food?"

Finbar: "Yes, but I am allergic to shellfish. Also, I do not drink. Drinking is a way to keep the Irish down. Millions of Irish do not drink. Those who are out of control have given up their freedom."

Larissa: "It is hard to believe that you do not drink? Well, you can have soup. What kind do you like?"

Finbar: "I don't know? What do you suggest?" Now, I am going to get blasted for this statement. The weak man with the strong woman.

Larissa: "Well, I like borscht. Do you, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I don't know. It is a soup, isn't it?"

Larissa: "You're talking too fast. Slow down."

Finbar: "Sorry, I apologize." What next? Such beauty. Can this be some kind of Russian courting story? This woman likes to be in charge and in power. "I realize that it is hard to translate." She can be in charge, but not of me.

Larissa: "What about pelmenyi? Do you like it?"

Finbar: "I had it yesterday. It was ok?"

Larissa: "Good, we will have that. What about the main course?"

Finbar: "I tell you this with respect." Stop. "I don't want too much to eat. If I could have juice, I would be happy. The hero you are looking for does not take the resources of others."

Larissa: "The service in here is bad. There are no customers in here yet the waiter cannot be prompt. It is taking too long. They have really gone down hill since I was here last time. Do you want Russian caviar? What do you want to drink?"

Finbar: "I never had caviar before and I do not drink." Is it the place or me?

Larissa: "I cannot believe it? I thought all CIA agents liked caviar and drinking?"

Finbar: "I will try some caviar, if you would like me to, and for the CIA and the United States. I did not take the course called Caviar Eating in Russia 101. Regarding a drink you may drink anything you like. I am not against drinking for others; it's just not for me. The drink takes people down. They lose their edge."

Larissa: "Things are hard, here in Russia. People have no money. Before we had nothing that we could buy, but we had money. Now we can buy everything, but we have no money. Russia is really three, one in Moscow, one in Saint Petersburg, and then all the rest of the country."

Finbar: "That sounds like an improvement. Money can be a material trap. Now you can buy things." I know things are hard. I would like to save you. "If you could, how would you fix it?"

Larissa: "I don't know and I don't want to talk about it. You are, supposedly the world's greatest marketing storytelling professor."

Finbar: "Are you afraid that you will be heard and you will be punished? The Russian secret police? I have to turn this discussion into headquarters as important information when I get back to the CIA."

Larissa: "No, don't be silly? Why did you come to Russia? You pretend to know so little? You just cannot be this stupid?"

Finbar: "What is this? How can I convince her that I am not a threat? "We filter all thoughts through our own experiences and stories. I am sorry that I know so little about Russia but I will learn. I believe that a great deal of my education has been lacking in this area? We are not taught the stories and myths of the other. I feel worse than you know? I do not know why I came to Russia? It all just seemed to fall into place."

Larissa: "Do you like Aleksandr Pushkin?"

Finbar: "I just heard about him when I was in Moscow. He was a Russian poet, right?" I feel stupid, but I will learn.

Larissa: "Yes. You never heard of Pushkin until a few days ago? It is just unbelievable. You are a professor?"

Finbar: That hurts. "Yes, it is just as unbelievable to me. My education has been both limited and narrow. It is possible that yours has been the same?" Better to be honest. If you try to pretend to have clann knowledge that you do not have, anything you say will not be believed. "Until you and I help each other to learn we will both be children."

Larissa: "How do you like the soup? Is it hot enough?"

Finbar: "It is grand, Larissa but it is warm." It is not that grand. Do not be negative. The linear American. "I like it warm."

Larissa: "I make soup that is much better than this. This soup disappoints me."

Finbar: "Perhaps when you make some soup you could save some for me to try?" Maybe I can help her be more positive? Maybe we can continue the relationship via this soup?

Larissa: "Yes, I will make sure that you can try some of my soup. I am so disappointed in this place. It is very bad. How is the caviar? Do you like it?"

Finbar: "Well, to be honest, I did not think it is as good as I thought it would be." Be positive. "Of course I haven't been trained in caviar yet."

Larissa: "I am so sorry that it has to be this way. All the good products are sent out of the country for export."

Finbar: "It is perfectly alright. Almost all nations send their best products long distance. They make greater margins with the same costs." Why does this bother her? Is she a perfectionist? "It does not bother me at all. Your pleasant company is enough." Please help me to remain positive.

Larissa: "You are always making fun of me? Do you think I am terrible?"

Finbar: "No, but so far it is difficult to communicate for us. We have such barriers between us. We have lived different lives. I have had a life of ease and you have had to struggle. The future and the past are with us in this moment."

Larissa: "I am so worried about my son's future. He is caught up with friends that think it is stupid to get an education and work in an honest job. He doesn't know what he wants. He thinks he wants to join the American Army."

Finbar: "Well, I never knew what I wanted to do in my life. The people that make a living through dishonest means are always part of our lives. I would not worry. Of course, it is easy to say yet hard to live? Life shows us the entire path to follow when we start on the heroic journey."

Larissa: "It is not the same? You live in a country in which it is much easier to be successful."

Finbar: "You are right. Of course this is not true for the Irish. I often think if I were born in Ireland I would be working fixing the roads. I have been fortunate to be given so many chances to be successful. If I lived in Russia, I don't know how I would make a decent living. Russia and Ireland are so much alike. I feel that I know you all." I wish I could do something to help Russia. What an ego I must have to think I can?

Larissa: "I have never heard that Russia and Ireland are the same? Russia has such a diverse people? I don't believe that you are correct?"

Finbar: Celtic princess, I would not expect you to not agree. "I still believe that the Russians and the Irish are alike. This is the way I live my life. I get an idea that no one has put forth or believes to be true. I will then do the research to prove or disprove that I am right. I know what I find will make little difference because it is human nature not to want to know things that others do not know? I have felt like Cassandra. This is changing in my life. It takes years to change a limiting idea that is developed in a culture. I was unhappy until I read the Celtic stories where they believe all can be changed in a moment." I know I am right and more importantly why our stories have been kept from the Irish and the Russians.

Larissa: "That is so unreal? We thought things would change for the better and they appear to be getting worse?"

Finbar: "Do you feel that you can do anything about this? Do you feel that you can change anything? Are you on the heros path?"

Larissa: "No, are you?"

Finbar: "Of course." I am a Celtic warrior bard.

Larissa: "I don't believe anything will improve?"

Finbar: "Larissa, why don't you look at it differently? Why don't you take the position that you can make changes and under no circumstances you will give up" I will keep trying to be strong enough to help improve education and business for my people. I will even try to prove that the Russians and the Irish are the same.

Larissa: "I just want to be happy."

Finbar: Just want to be happy? "Is happiness a decision or is it a specific chain of events? Maybe you think it is material wealth? The Celts believe that happiness is the understanding of our place in the universe."

Larissa: "I don't know? I just want to be happy."

Finbar: "What do you mean by happy? Do you mean a big house and an expensive car?" I do not have a clue of what it means to be happy. I sound like I know, but I don't; I wish I did? I seem to be happy when I am writing? But it is painful when I am finished because then the door of criticism opens. I guess my gift is that I can take the pain and write again.

Larissa: "I would like to travel whenever and wherever I want. We could go nowhere before but we had the money. Now we can go anywhere and we have no money. Let's go to the ballet. It is late and the driver is waiting."


The FSB is the current name for the KGB
Before that, Stalin the imperialist called it the NKVD. A call goes into FSB Headquarters in Moscow. The FSB Director in charge gets the call and is discussing it with his top aid.

FSB Director: "Colonel, we have been informed by our Line informer that one of those Irish bastards from the McCool family has arrived in Russia. He is teaching his Celtic marketing storytelling at the Institute. If he does this, will there be a shift in power in Russia?"

FSB Colonel: "His family is well known to the Line and to us. Why would the American government be so stupid as to send someone from the Circle to teach marketing storytelling in Russia? This could be trouble when the Line figures this out? Should we pick him up and accuse him of being a spy?"

FSB Director: "No, we may be able to get valuable information from him by just watching his every move. The Circle will have the American government raise hell with us if we pick him up. We are now friends, you know?"


FSB Colonel: "You are right, Director."

FSB Director: "If he gets too close we can simply shoot him in the head in a car or crash his plane."


FSB Director: "I want four of our best people on him. I also want two students in each of his classes. Record all lectures, conversations, telephone calls, bug his cars, his flat, and intercept his mail. Get the names of everyone who has any contact with him."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director, I shall do this immediately."

FSB Director: "Why would those stupid Americans send someone from the Circle to Russia? Those bastards are always talking out of both sides of their mouth. They think that in this way, no matter who wins, they can claim that they helped us. They have no idea how much damage McCool can do to their own economy by coming to Russia and teaching us the real secrets of marketing storytelling. Giving the atomic bomb to Russia was nothing compared with the Circle giving us marketing storytelling."

FSB Colonel: "You know the power of the Circle, Director."

FSB Director: "Yes, I do, but why would the Circle help Russia to improve our economic position? The Line has had its foot on Russias throat forever. The Line will never know what hit them when the Circle moves into power again. Those Line robots deserve what is coming to them. I cannot wait to see what happens. They will fight like dogs to stop the Circle and McCool but it was already over the day the stupid Line voted for the Internet in Congress."

FSB Colonel: "The fools did make their own rope to hang themselves. The smart ones know it."


Finbar and Larissa enter a great hall to see the ballet. The hall is beautiful. Marble everywhere. The chandeliers are made of crystal and there is a beautiful staircase on each side of the lobby. Many cushioned sofas and armchairs with open bars and food service areas. The place is packed with people of all ages. The whole back of the lobby floor is for hanging up coats. There are about ten women hanging up coats like mad. The coat area is all beautifully carved wood. All the coats are passed over the counter to the women.

Larissa: "Let's hang up our coats?"

Finbar: "This is a beautiful place. Larissa. Would you like me to help you with your coat? I can exhibit some Irish manners." Larissa will probably want to do it for me. She will also undoubtedly want to hang on to the coat numbers. I know she says she likes strong men but I suspect that she prefers to be in charge.

Larissa: "No, thank you. It is not necessary. We have time before the ballet begins. Do you like the Opera House?"

Finbar: "Yes, I was here with Lyubov to see the Snow Maiden yesterday. The other ballet had many more children. This has more adults. I got the idea from the Snow Maiden play that I could use this story to teach my students marketing storytelling."

Larissa: "The Snow Maiden is a ballet, not a play."

Finbar: "You are right."

Larissa: "Are you telling me that you believe that you can use the Snow Maiden to teach marketing storytelling? Are you serious?"

Finbar: "Yes in my new book I call these case stories instead of case studies. Stories like the Snow Maiden are easy to use as examples of marketing storytelling."

Larissa: "Is this idea of case stories your own?"

Finbar: "I think stories have been use to teach since the beginning of time. The term case story is mine."

Larissa: "You are a full of yourself Finbar?"

Finbar: "Thank you. I forgot Larissa; I have a little present for you as a token of appreciation. Lyubov picked this Ural amber pendant out for me. I am trying to get something for everyone for them to remember my visit, rather than for me to buy things for myself. I appreciate those people who have helped make my visit a success. In my life, I have learned that a person cannot give away enough. The joy is in the giving and sharing with others. This is true power." Business schools are so far away from an understanding of business and marketing and storytelling because the professors are convinced that business is a statistically derived science. Statistics tell nothing. Business school enrollments will continue declining. These number people who are just robots of the Line get more adamant as their understanding of business continues to fail in practice. They will not change just continue the decline.

Larissa: "Would you like to sit, Finbar? There are only a few minutes before the ballet begins."

Finbar: "Look at all these children crowding around me, Larissa? I feel like the Pied Piper." This is a wonderful experience. These children are so beautiful and interested in learning and meeting new people.

Larissa: "They are not use to hearing or seeing Americans. Few Americans were allowed here for the last hundred years."

Finbar: "Hello, girls, do you speak English? How old are you? What grade are you in?"

All smiles and very happy, the young girls sit next to Larissa and Finbar.

Girls: "We are nine years old and we study English in school."

Finbar: "That is wonderful, ladies. For some reason we do not begin to learn languages in the United States until we are in high school. This is absurd and it makes no sense." Unless you want to keep people stupid. "Thank you girls for talking to us."

Larissa: "Finbar, let's go in and get our seats?"

Finbar sees several of his Russian students.

Finbar: "Hello, how are my great Russian students? It is nice to see you here at the Nutcracker. Do you know Larissa?" They probably think we are out on a date. Well, why not. She is surely the most beautiful woman in the opera house. I will look around and see if there are any others that I believe to be as beautiful.

Larissa: "Your students know me. They have seen me at the Institute before. How are you tonight, students? Finbar, let's sit."

Finbar: "Look, these two young girls have moved to the seats next to us? Hello, ladies. This is amazing. They are so interested in being friendly. This would not be encouraged in the United States. My daughter is never out of our sight. What do I have that I could give to them? Do you think it would be alright if I gave them something?"

Larissa: "Of course, you are with me. It is absolutely fine."

Finbar: "Girls, I am a teacher at The Ural Institute of Business. The Institute gave me these pins that all the students wear. It is for you, and we expect you to go to the Institute and become great businesswomen for Russia.

    Here is a pen for you to do your school assignments. Larissa, tell them that you are an interpreter for me and that they too could have such a job in the future. One never knows the impact of a chance meeting like this on a child?"

Larissa: "I told them, Finbar."

Finbar: "Thank you, girls. We are glad to meet you."

Larissa: "Let's go back in now. Look, that person works in my office. Let's say hello? He has a guest from the Netherlands."

Finbar and Larissa walk up to two men. Larissa introduces Finbar: "Nice to meet you." Hah, I got the prettier escort.


Man: "How do you like Russia? Are you an American? We expect to make a great deal of money in Russia."

Finbar: "It is grand, but I am just learning a great deal. I spent some time in the Netherlands ten years ago. I am a simple storyteller. Most teachers do not make enough money to live. I couldn't live on a teacher's salary in Russia."

Man: "Educators do not make money here."

Finbar: "All the best, it is time to go in Larissa, I would like to visit your office." What exploitation continues from these Dutch Imperialists?

Larissa: "That can be arranged."

The ballet ends and Finbar and Larissa are leaving: "Did you like the ballet, Larissa?"

Larissa: "I have seen this ballet five times in the last month."

Finbar: "Is that why you were sleeping? I hoped that I was not that boring?" Maybe she wanted to show everyone that she was not on a date with me. If she was on a date, she was not too happy, and she decided to fall asleep. This does not make me appear to be too exciting. "Do you think that you could learn more on the fifth time or that it is just a repeated experience?"

Larissa: "Stop teasing me? Let's get the car and we will take you home. So how does the story of the Nutcracker relate to marketing?"

Finbar: "If these five times are viewed by you as the same you are stuck in linear thinking. Myth is concerned with life and our transition to different stages. The nutcracker gift to Clara is a call to the next stage of her life. Her brother breaks the Nutcracker to keep this from happening. Clara shrinks to the size of the nutcracker or handsome prince. The nutcracker and his army fight the mouse king and loose. Clara intervenes and throws her slipper killing the mouse king. The nutcracker and Clara go to the Land of Snow and meet the Sugar Plum Fairies who are happy to hear of their adventure. Clara awakes under the tree and her nutcracker is repaired. She has accomplished the transition."

Larissa: "So what does that have to do with marketing?"

Finbar: "Marketing at its worst links these life transitions to mindless consumption. This keeps the individual an adolescent and they never assume their role as an adult in the society. The myths are not calling us to consumption but rather to adulthood and a life of sacrifice. This is why marketing must devalue the myths and stories of all cultures and replace them with the individual greed of the child."

Larissa: "That is interesting. You told me that that was the path of the hero?"

Finbar: "It is also important to learn about the transitions of life. Do we have to go at this time? It is only nine o'clock."

Larissa: "Yes, the driver must get home."

Finbar: "Thank you for a great evening. I will never forget it." This is true. She has given me a hard time, told me I'm rude and have no manners, and finally she fell asleep on me.

Larissa: "We will be at the Institute tomorrow to talk about your project. See you then."

Finbar: "Let me know about your granny. I could tape our talk and your son could come along. He will learn a great deal when he understands the amount of wisdom that is available in his own family."

Larissa: "You can come to the office the day after tomorrow and meet the director. We will send a car and make arrangements with the Institute. I will call you tonight and let you know about granny."

Later that evening the phone rings: "Hello?"

Larissa: "Finbar, sorry, granny is not feeling well. She cannot see you."

Finbar: "No problem." I wonder if she really called her granny? I wonder if this is a shove off? Better now, than later. "Thank you for trying, Larissa. Good night."

Larissa: "We will see you at the office."

Finbar: "I am going to the Russian bath tomorrow with one of my students."

Larissa: "Call me when you get back and I will let you know what time you can come to the office. You will have a good time at the Russian bath."

Finbar: "All the best."


Eimear was the wife of the great Celtic hero Cuchulainn. She was said to possess the six gifts of womanhood. This is also Finbars mothers name.

Eimear: "Sean can we go for a walk I want to talk to you about something?"

Sean: "Of course, Eimear."

They both walk outside for security. The house may be bugged. Nothing is said at home about the Line or the Circle: "Sean, did you have anything to do with Finbar going to Russia?"

Sean: "What would give you that idea?"

Eimear: "You and Pat said that you would keep Finbar out of your Circle. Now that both Pat and Lyham are gone, I hope you do not intend for Finbar to take over?"

Sean: "Eimear you know that Finbar must take over to keep our struggle alive."

Eimear: "No, I do not understand why you keep fighting? I want this to stop."

Sean: "It cannot stop. We are still a hunted people. Finbar has the ability to take over the clann. The Druid has said that this is his destiny."

Eimear: "Did you, or did you not have him sent to Russia? Is he in danger?"

Sean: "We are all always in danger but we do what we have to do. Finbar must take his place."

Eimear: "What would Pat and Lyham say about this Sean?"

Sean: "Just what I say. He must pick up the Celtic Dagger. He must take his rightful place in the Circle. He must go through the unknown."

Eimear: "I don't know why I was ever stupid enough to marry into this kindred?"

Sean: "It is because you knew your destiny."

Eimear: "Have you told Finbar?"

Sean: "Life will tell him, as it tells us all. Finbar can and will succeed."

Eimear: "At what, an early grave? You and your dead brother and my dead son."


The next day Finbar goes to the home of one of his students to experience a Russian bath. The house is in a village far from town: I don't want to go to a Russian bath after all. I will probably have to take off all my clothes and jump in with the whole family. I am going to tell Lyubov that I just cannot do it. I am too shy. I am just afraid to do it. "Lyubov, thank you for going with me to Aleksandr's house. I am glad his family invited me for lunch. I am, however afraid to go into the Russian bath."

Lyubov: "Finbar, don't worry about the Russian bath. It will be a good experience for you. The value is in what is not known. You will be able to tell the Americans how much fun it is and how healthy this is for people."

Finbar: "Is the driver going to stay or is he going to leave us?"

Lyubov: "He will leave and then come back. We now are in the village and that is Aleksandr's house."

The house looks good. The top floor has no windows. The house has a giant metal fence around the front yard. The fence opens into a driveway entrance with a huge padlock and a chain holding it closed. The front yard has debris that appears to be left over from some government building project. Huge concrete slabs are stuck into the ground in no apparent order and for no apparent use.

Finbar: "This is the house Lyubov?"

Lyubov: "Yes, and there is Aleksandr."

Aleksandr: "Welcome to our house. We are glad that you came for a visit."

Finbar: "We are glad to be here, with one of our favorite students."

Aleksandr: "Come in and meet my family. This is my mother, Lara; my father, Pasha; and my sister Nadia."

Lara: "We are pleased to meet you."

Finbar: "Aleksandr is a fine young man and a credit to your family."

Aleksandr: "Let's go out to the Russia bath My papa will come with us to make sure all is working."

Finbar: "Just you and me, Aleksandr?"

Aleksandr: "Yes, of course. Come on let's go."

They walk out the side door into the yard. About fifteen feet away is a shed with a wooden door. They enter this room all made of wood with a low ceiling. There is a wood stove and a bench in the room, and there are wooden hangers on the wall.

Finbar: "Is everything alright, Aleksandr?"

Aleksandr: "Yes, papa will come back to us in about a half-hour from now. Let's take off our clothes and go into the next room."

Another door is opened and they walk into a small room with a bench and a large bucket of water. On the table are two bunches of branches of birch rapped into a small bunch about two feet long. There is a small square fireplace with red lava stones: "Sit down on the table Dr. McCool, and I will throw some water on the fire."

Finbar: "How hot does it get in here?"

Aleksandr: "I love it hot. The hotter the better."

Finbar: "I do not know if I can take it too hot?"

Aleksandr: "Sit down lower toward the floor. The lower you are the cooler it is. The heat rises."

Aleksandr takes a small bucket of water from a faucet and pours it on the coals. The steam shoots out into the room.

Finbar: "Wow! Hot, very hot."

Aleksandr: "I told you I like it hot. Now take the sponge and put the water from the bucket all over yourself. Use the soap. Then pour the bucket of water all over yourself."

Finbar: "Like this?"

Aleksandr: "Yes. Now use the birch branches and hit yourself gently like this."

Finbar: "This is like a sauna?"

Aleksandr: "Yes, but this is a Russian bath. We just keep repeating the procedure as many times as we choose."

Finbar: "Grand, this is unbelievable. Did your father make this?"

Aleksandr: "Papa and I made it ourselves. Papa is very creative."

Finbar: "Who uses it and how often?"

Aleksandr: "We all do. My friends and I use it each week. We all like the Russian bath."

Finbar: "How long does it take to prepare the bath for use"

Aleksandr: "Four or five hours."

Finbar: "Wow that is a long time. Let's go into the house."

They both leave the little room and go into the outer room again. They towel off, get dressed, and to go back into the house.




Admiral: "O'Sullivan go and get Keefe and have him meet me in front of the library in one hour. I will go over now. We can then take a nice walk together. Tell him not to come into the library. Tell Keefe, he probably has never been inside and I do not want him to get lost."


Commander: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: "Tell Keefe to come fully armed, automatic weapon, vest, dagger, and two side arms. Give him fifty thousand in dollars and another fifty thousand dollars using different currencies for a Russian operation. Get it from the safe. Get me my stainless 45 Chief Special, five clips, and my vest. You know how I hate those candy ass European 9mms. I also want my twenty-two with ankle holster and my Seal's Dagger."

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: "Don't act like anything is out of the ordinary."

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: "Take your own side arm and anything else you need. Do not forget your body armor. We need you around for a long time! Be ready for anything. Shoot to kill. Tell Keefe the same."

Commander: "On my way, Sir."


The two return and enter the side door. Inside the door is a room in which they take off their coats. The family and Lyubov are there to meet them.

Lyubov: "Finbar, did you enjoy your first experience with the Russian bath?"

Finbar: "Yes Lyubov, it was very interesting. I am happy that I had the experience. It was a mythic transition for me."

Lara smiles and tells everyone to come in and have lunch. All walk together into the living room. The table is set up and the couch is along one end of the table instead of chairs. Lyubov, Nadia, and Finbar sit on the couch. The others sit around the table.

Lara: "Would you like a little of everything that we prepared, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Yes, Lara, I will try everything. I want to learn from you."

Lara: "We grew everything we are eating and drinking today. It is all taken from our farm."

Finbar: "I always had that fantasy when I was younger. I wanted to be self-sufficient. It was too hard though and I gave up. I admire you all very much. I took the easy path as an academic."

Lara: "Our son tells us that you are a great teacher. He has learned a great deal from you and we wanted to meet you."

Finbar: "It is I who learn from him. I cannot thank him and all of you enough for the experience in the Russian bath. Tell me about yourselves? How do you feel about the future of Russia? Do you think things have improved in your life?"

Lara: "We are afraid for the future. I worked on a collective farm when I was young. I worked for fifteen years, fifteen to twenty hours a day, seven days a week. If I was sick, I still had to go to work. I was rarely paid for my work. I was fed and had some clothes. All I did was work. No one would help me. I hardly knew my family. I just worked day and night."

Finbar: "That is amazing, Lara? I had no idea?"

Pasha: "No one knew what was going on. Few people could come to the collective farms and the government was telling everyone how great a life it was. The government would just send equipment to the collective farm. It did not matter what it was needed for. We would get it and then had to try to figure out what to do with it. So much was imposed on us."

Finbar: "The world has always been crazy, Pasha. Russia is not the only country that does things like that. It is the same in almost every corporation in the world. We have to do things that are totally without sense. Universities are even worse. It must be human nature?"

Lara: "We are trying to send our son to the business Institute, so he can have a better life than we had. We do not know if there will be another revolution in Russia. So many people are out of work. So many people are working without pay."

Finbar: "Aleksandr, let me tell you about my kindred and my life. When I was a little boy my father and uncle were working people. They were one of the first to come up with the idea of the Internet. Some in the government took their ideas and made millions. My father and uncle would laugh and say that they will now get what is coming to them. They never told me what that meant, but it was always a big joke between them. I was always told as a child both within and outside the kindred to get a college education. I was told that the skills my parents had were not what was valued. When I was in my twenties, I realized I could not do anything. I went to night school to learn a trade. The more trades I learned, the more I found similarities and overlaps. All of a sudden, I realized it was all the same."

Lyubov: "Very interesting Finbar?"

Finbar: "Well, once I realized the trades were essentially the same, I decided to see if it was also true for other areas. I found that everything was more similar than different. Only then did I value the trades and what I had learned. I could not have had the same life if I had rejected the trades. Do not reject the knowledge that your parents have, like I did for many years. If you do, it will hurt your ability to perform. Combine what they have taught you with what you learn in the Institute. When you do, I will have given you a great gift during this visit. Build on what you have here and combine it with other things you learn in your life. Your parents are geniuses and when you understand this, you will be a genius."

Aleksandr: "I will remember, Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "I know you will because you come from a great family. I have a present for your beautiful mother. Here is a necklace for you, Lara. I hope you like it? It is something to remember my visit. Here is a little present for you also, Nadia."

Lara: "Thank you, Finbar. Here is a Russian statue of a horse for your family from our family."

Finbar: "I will give it to my daughter in the hope that your greatness as a family will be with her. If you would like to come to my house, or if I can help any of you in the future, I would be honored. Aleksandr tells me that the two of you made the Russian bath. It is a great idea and you could sell the design all over Russia and in the West."

Pasha: "Lara's father was a great designer of fireplaces and Russian baths. He gave us a book with these designs that we still have and use. These designs are extremely effective for heat utilization. They could help Russia."

Finbar: "This is too bad, Pasha. Here there are thousands of people out of work and Russian management cannot figure out what to make and sell. You have a design and a product that the Russians would purchase. The heads of these industries are looking outside for the solutions, when all it would take is a trip to this village and a talk with you. This is also not just a Russian problem. The ability to learn from others is a universal challenge. Many countries and companies decline because they refuse to take these ideas and develop them through their own cultural understanding, especially the ideas of those in the skill areas. Those with education have separated themselves so far from others that they are unable to capitalize on what is right under their noses.

    The Celts, for some reason seem to know how to capitalize on the ideas of others. If I can find a company that would be interested in your Russian bath design, I will have them contact you. I am invited to a secret city to give a talk to a group of scientists who cannot figure out what to do with their resources."

Lara: "You are right, Finbar. We also know that what you are saying is true. We have suffered for our creativity and hard work all our lives."

Finbar: "So did I. Thank you, Lara, Pasha, Aleksandr, and Nadia. Our driver is here to take us back to the city. I will never forget your family and how brilliant and beautiful you all are. We have to go. All the best."

Everyone: "Goodbye."

They get into the car and begin the trip home.

Finbar: "That was very interesting, Lyubov. Thank you for coming and translating for me. How come they invited me while the others did not? They appear to be peasants but they are anything but."

Lyubov: "They have to pretend to be invisible to survive. I also learned a great deal about you and how special a teacher you are."

Finbar: "Thank you, but it is Aleksandr's mother and father who are the great heros of Russia, not me. Russia has to see this to succeed."