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Ch 1 Little is Not Many But Many is Not Little.
Ch 2 Millions of Red Roses.
Ch 3 Girl With Glance of Wolf.
Ch 4 The Only Iceberg in the Ocean.
Ch 5 Tsar of Silence.
Ch 6 Moscow Does Not Believe in Tear.
Ch 7 Mysterious Town in the Clouds.
Ch 8 I Break Glass Like a Chocolate in My Arm.
Ch 9 Life is Impossible to Turn Back.
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1996 - 2008


A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

"Millions of Red Roses" Sung by Vietnamese Woman in Russian*

Chapter 2, Arkaim: Marketing Wars


A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away in Leinster House Dublin, Ireland. The Senate in the Republic of Ireland.

Senator: "Senator Jillian Quinn, you have the floor."

Senator Quinn: "Thank you my honorable colleagues. Today I want to talk about great marketing opportunities for Ireland. We are in a strategic location between the United States, Germany, and Russia. We have an opportunity to open Ireland to new markets in the former Soviet Union. We have the educated workforce and the infrastructure to develop long-term business and trade agreements with the Russians. The Americans and the Germans have chosen a wait and see policy toward Russia. This offers Ireland a great opening."

Fellow Senator: "Senator Quinn, you women are crazy. The Russians will take all we have and we will never get paid. The Russian mafia will gain inroads into Ireland just like they have in America. We do not have the ability to recover if they begin operating out of Ireland. The IRA were angels compared with the Russian mafia."

Senator Quinn: "I plan to continue to build Ireland along with my father Senator Fergal Quinn.  Ireland will prosper and take our place in the world.

Fellow Senator: "Like all women, you are a dreamer, Quinn?"

Senator Fergal Quinn: "Will the Honorable Senator please not disparage women in the Senate. As the Senator's father I do not want to hear this again.

Senator Jillian Quinn: "Yes, I am. My dream is a strong Ireland living once again together in love. Ireland must regain its rightful place in the world. It has been too long since we have been the instrument of our own self destruction. Are we children to be led?"

Another Fellow Senator: "What are you talking about Quinn?"

Senator Quinn: "Freedom for Ireland."


Finbar goes to the office where Larissa works to meet the director:  "Welcome to our office, Finbar. You can hang your coat there. The director will be with you in a few minutes. Come wait in my office."

Finbar: "Please do not misinterpret this or read anything into it. I mean no disrespect. Do you think you and I look alike?" What a great example of Irish Marketing or saying positive things to and about people. I would not even believe me if I heard it. I really do think we look alike. It shocks me. I cannot believe it myself.

Larissa smiles with a sense of doubt: "No."

Finbar: "Again, I do not mean any disrespect. I just felt that you and I look alike. I have always heard that we have a double in the world." I never thought it would be a woman. "Anyway I thought it was interesting and that I should mention it to you."

Larissa: "We can now go in to meet Yefim?"

Finbar: "Are you coming to the meeting?"

Larissa: "Yes, lets go in now."

Finbar and Larissa enter Yefims office. Yefim is a very polished man in his mid forties. He is dressed in an expensive suit.

Yefim: "How do you like Russia, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "It is grand, Yefim. I cannot tell you how much I have learned. Everyone is so wonderful. The people are beautiful. My creativity has returned." It is beyond my wildest imagination, how creative I have been. I thought I lost my creativity until I came to Russia. What a stroke of luck.

Yefim: "How are the students?"

Finbar: "They are grand. They learn so much faster than my American students. Concepts that take two or three repetitions to get across in the United States are grasped almost immediately by my Russian students." It sounds as though I'm exaggerating when I use Irish Marketing, but it is true. It is so hard for people to hear the positive. It scares them.

Yefim: "The literacy rates in Russia are almost 100 percent. What do you think about business in Russia?"

Finbar: "There are great business opportunities in Russia, for the Russians." The Russians have to believe more in themselves "The challenge for the Russians is to create their strengths out of their perceived weaknesses while maintaining their stories." So do the Irish. "Russia has so much that it can give to the world. Russians must first overcome feelings of dependence on the outside stories of foreign business enterprises. Russian business must take the lead in developing their own story's path." If they listen to others, they will fail. We all must follow our own stories. The world is using Russia, not because they are evil, but because we only know our own stories. It is just a matter of time until the Russians figure out they must keep their stories in tact to prosper. Then there will be hell to pay for everyone, especially the Russians.

Yefim: "Do you have any suggestions?"

Finbar: "Build on your own stories and myths." Russia has to control the foreigners myths and stories.

Yefim: "We are negotiating to have a large American consulting firm help a major Russian business to improve its marketing. If you would like to play a role in this, we could ask that you be considered?"

Finbar with a slow and cautious approach answers: "Thank you. But I do not believe that I could work with such a firm." I cannot stand them. "They make a great deal of money but they have accomplished very little for their clients. Everyone is happy with minimal changes. I am actually interested in the success of a business. It is extremely difficult to help any individual or group learn anything that is outside their assembled story, symbols, myths, and fairytales. We have different stories, different everything." Just like Larissa and me. "Transfer of anything is never direct. One has to take what they know and add it to what they do not know. These clann linkages are imperative to Circular marketing storytelling.

Yefim: "I think I understand?"

Finbar: What a great interpreter. She can carry on the conversation while I am talking. What a businessperson she would make in the United States. I wonder if she and Yefim are boyfriend and girlfriend? She is a hell of a lot nicer to him than me. She would make a great business partner for me. What a looker. "This is rarely done because it is too time consuming. It takes an understanding that all business is just a reflection of the greater story. In order to spend the time and effort to help others succeed, it takes a great deal of trust." How could I use her skills in a business? She may make me rich if I can get her to work for me. "I learned this in Russia, from the Snow Maiden."

Larissa: "I have heard that Finbar is a great teacher. The Institute and the students are overjoyed that he is here. He has let me borrow a copy of his new book. I just started to read it a few days ago. It is very interesting and informative."

Finbar: What is this Larissa is saying something kind about me? "I will send an e-mail to the United States and have UNH Press send me five more books." I hope this will be worth the expense. The book is expensive. I have no control over the price. "I will give one to Larissa to give to you."

Yefim: "Can we translate your book into Russian? Finbar, I believe that Russian business will be interested in your book."

Finbar: "Thank you. I am flattered. I have not yet been successful in the United States and I do not want to lead you to believe that I am famous." I wish I were more successful. The Line will try to stop it. "I want you to know exactly where I am. I would never want to lead anyone to believe something about me that I know not to be true." When I die, I want my grave to say He Tried and Was Fair. "I am not looking for recognition at anyone else's expense." Maybe, I could be successful like Deming was with Japan? The Russians could benefit from storytelling marketing. I would have to figure out a way that they could understand their own Celtic ideas. If not, the Russians would never listen to anyone from the outside. They are as independent as I am. "I am not trying to undermine the American and European marketing consulting firms." The thieves. "They are not me. To get Dr. Finbar McCool, you must hire me. It is that simple." They are a joke. They don't have a clue. They act like robots. Just repeating the things that they were taught to say, over and over.

Larissa: "Thank you for coming in today, Finbar. I know that your class begins shortly. The driver will take you back to the Institute. The Institute called me to ask if I would fill in for Lyubov. She needs a rest."

Finbar: "Larissa, I am sure you are capable of filling in." Who set this up, the Institute or Larissa? If it was Larissa then she is interested in me. Fate turns again. I am back in the game. "Yefim, I have already written two articles about marketing in Russia. Larissa can translate them and perhaps you could help me get them published?"

Yefim: "We could publish one of them through our organization"

Finbar: "That would be an honor. As I said, Larissa could translate and be a coauthor." Maybe we could start a great business relationship from this beginning. Maybe more? "Grand, wonderful, I will see you in an hour at the Institute." She has no idea how great a businessperson she could be. She is interesting to me. My twin in the world. "I count the minutes, Larissa."


In front of the library Naval Command.

Keefe: "Admiral."

Admiral: "Keefe, walk with me. I want you to go to Washington and deliver a message to the boss. Then I want you to get on a plane and go to Chelyabinsk, Russia, to protect an American professor. You know Dr. Finbar McCool?"

Keefe: "I knew his brother. Died of a heart attack, I heard?"

Admiral: "Sure Keefe, it was not a fairy-stroke he got it by the Line."

Keefe: "I know, Admiral."

Admiral: "Keefe, you are always breaking my stones. I do not want the Line to take out the brother. There are only a few people in the world I trust with this assignment. It is too important to send in the Marines. I do not want another war that we are not able to win."

Keefe: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: "Your life means nothing to the Line. They will try to kill us all."

Keefe: "I know Admiral, however they have not succeeded yet."

Admiral: "Go to the boss and tell her that I am sending you to save the brother's arse. She will then make all the necessary arrangements to get you to Russia, as Professor Keefe. Only top C clearance on this one."

Keefe: "Yes Admiral, a professor of what?"

Admiral: "Marketing of course."

Keefe: "I should have guessed. Line or Circle Marketing?"

Admiral: "Line marketing. McCool is going to give the Russians the secret of the Circle."

Keefe: "That is easy all I have to remember is price, product, promotion, place, segmentation, targeting, and positioning."

Admiral: "I will let you know. Just keep McCool healthy."

Keefe: "Should I tell McCool who I am?"

Admiral: "If you have to."


Finbar and Larissa enter the classroom filled with students: "Welcome to the class. This is Larissa. She will be translating for me. She is a great translator and translated for me earlier. Lyubov needs a rest. She has been working very hard for me and I am grateful. She is doing her own work and mine. Larissa, these student warriors are the smartest I have ever had as a teacher. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do."

Larissa: "Thank you, Finbar."

Finbar: "I will teach you, my grand students, and the future leaders of Russia, all I know about Form, Force, and Power and Circular marketing storytelling in six minutes. How much will you give me if I succeed? I expect payment." I will show her that I am a great marketing teacher. "What will you pay me to teach you the secret of Circular marketing storytelling?" What a show off I am. Would I say the same thing if Larissa was not here? Probably.

Larissa: "You know that you cannot accept money, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Please. Why should I tell you our Celtic secrets? Why should I give you the Form, Force, and Power circular marketing storytelling tools to outperform your competition? Perhaps you will use this understanding against my own country? Ok, here is what I want. If you are successful with these ideas, you must repay me by helping this Institute to be successful. Is this a deal? Who has a watch? Let's all pay attention for the next six minutes." Larissa always doubts everything. I hope this is not a personality disorder? It would be a shame.

Larissa: "Finbar, how can you teach all you know in six minutes? It is impossible."

Finbar: "Wait before you judge. Maybe all I know about Circular marketing storytelling can be said in six minutes?" She is always saying that I am wrong. This is a real challenge. What a translator. I am so glad she has come. I wonder if we could get together after class? I will ask her. But I too, do not like rejection. Fear of rejection has affected my life. I wish I could finally overcome this fear.

    "Value is a clann decision. Value is impermanent. Value can be established and destroyed in an instant. The seller creates value. The buyer agrees upon value. Value is destroyed by competition.

    The potato When you grow your own potatoes they have a cost. These potatoes cost less than the cost you will pay at the bazaar. The farmer brings his or her potatoes to the city each day to sell. They have to pay for their space. They probably have a truck and have had to purchase tools to grow their potatoes. They must also spend the time and effort to come to the city." Does she follow this? "This adds more cost to the potato. A targeted market will pay more. The same potato that is sold in the store has additional costs and value. A different targeted market will pay more. The same potato that is sold in the cafeteria is now prepared with other resources. The price that we will pay increases. When I was in Moscow, I paid eight dollars for a single cooked potato in the hotel. What is the difference? They are all the same potato. What has happened? Why the difference in price? Class, if I were to bring the same potato from the hotel to the cafeteria would you then pay eight dollars?"

Student: "No, we would not pay that much?"

Finbar: "Why not?"

Larissa: "Slow down, Finbar. You are talking too fast again."

Finbar: "If you can figure out the differences, you know what I know about marketing storytelling." Does she get it? I hope so. "Tell me some of the differences? Anyone?"

Student: "Difference in location."

Finbar: "Yes. What else? Come on great marketing warriors. You have to fight the marketing wars."

Student: "Difference in a target market."

Finbar: "Yes. What else? Is that it? If so, then America is safe from Russian business. I will have a great time in Russia and return home without making the slightest positive impact on Russian business. What do you think, Larissa? Do you have anything additional to contribute?"

Larissa: "I am just your interpreter."

Finbar: "Yes, but you are also a member of the group. Business is a story and so is business education." Please help us?

Student: "What about the ability to pay?"

Finbar: "Yes, that is important. Great job. Ok, I will give you the Dr. Finbar McCool version of marketing. The difference is Form, Force, and Power marketing storytelling is the creation and destruction of the perception of value in a targeted market. Each time the potato is sold, it has a different value created for a targeted market. When a targeted market no longer values the potato, in whatever form it has taken, its value vanishes in an instant. The hotel potato in the cafeteria is in the wrong location. Value is both created and destroyed through the story that is attached to each potato. Who destroys value?"

Student: "Customers?"

Finbar: "Maybe? But I am thinking of something else."

Student: "Competition?"

Finbar: "Maybe?"

Larissa: "What about the story? Business is a storytelling activity and marketing storytelling is the current story."

Finbar: "Genius." I am glad that she is into it. It will help the students to see this. "The story builds or destroys the perception of value in a targeted market. So what do you have to do in marketing wars to be successful? Pleasing customers is not enough to win the story wars. Form, Force, and Power Circular marketing storytelling is optimal for professionals. It is all clann, individual and impermanent. The potato does not last. The idea of a story lasts and creates the value."

Student: "How is this done?"

Finbar: "How? Come on, great marketing storytelling warriors."


Finbar: "All available resources must be used to tell the story."


Finbar: "This is not what you will be taught in marketing. Use every legal means to create the perception of value of your story in the mind of the customer. Can you use the law?"

Student: "Yes."

Finbar: "Can you use your physical resources like land, equipment, tables and chairs?"

Student: "Yes."

Finbar: "Let's take a break. Larissa, what are you doing after class? Would you take me out somewhere?" The pain of possible rejection. This becomes a contest and a storytelling tribal battle.

Larissa: "What do you want to do?"

Finbar: "I do not know? I don't live here." Oh, not this again? Protect me.

Larissa: "I am busy."

Finbar: "No problem. Maybe, tomorrow night?" Boy, I don't have time to play these games. "See you back in class in a few minutes. Did you learn something my future business partner?"

Larissa: "Why did you say that, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I have plans for you, Larissa. I hope you are as capable and wonderful as my first impression. Because you refuse to take me out tonight, it hurts my feelings. Rejection is hard to take, Larissa. I will see you after the next class."

Larissa: "Did I really hurt your feelings?"

Finbar: "Yes, but I can take it. Lets continue with the class. I want to talk with one of the students."

Larissa: "Only a few of the students speak English, Finbar."

Finbar: "I will talk with him in the universal language."

Larissa: "You are always teasing me."

Finbar walks over to one of the students smoking a cigarette. He gestures that he would also like a cigarette. The student looks at Finbar and then points to his cigarettes. Finbar shakes his head yes and motions for the student to come outside to smoke with him. When outside Finbar takes the cigarette and breaks it in two. He looks at the student and points to the students gun in his shoulder holster. Finbar makes his pointer finger and thumb into a gun and points it at the student: "Why?"

The student laughs: "Mafia."

Finbar points at the student: "You?"

They both laugh and return to the class.

Finbar: "Welcome back to class, you now know more about marketing than ninety-nine percent of the marketing people in the world. The value is that others do not know what you know. Form, Force, and Power marketing storytelling is one of the closest guarded secrets in the world. The secret is known and guarded by an elite group in control in the West. Do not under any circumstance share these secrets with anyone. When you do, the vast majority will not comprehend what you are talking about. They will fear you because you are putting their current story and security at risk. It is the rare person that has the wisdom and the rarer person that will attempt to share it with you. If you knew where a gold mine was and you could not protect the gold mine, would you tell anyone?"

Larissa: "Finbar are you saying that no one knows that marketing is a story but you?"

Finbar: "Very few know and fewer tell. It does not matter what people believe or do not believe to be marketing they will protect that understanding. Anything written in the books is not marketing. You will be alone with your secrets from this class. In the end business is all about you and me and loneliness."

Student: "Dr. McCool, so you are saying that your Marketing Strategy: A Storytelling Approach book is also lies?"

Finbar: "Do you think any nation in the world wants anyone in Russia to figure out what marketing storytelling is? We may say so and the ones that come probably think they are being honest and helpful. Even me."

Student: "So, Dr. McCool have you been sent here to destroy us?"

Finbar: "Of course, do you think any American agency would actually send someone here to help you in any way that was not to our own benefit? Would Russia send people to the United Stated to help make the United States more successful in marketing?"

Student: "Then, why should we listen to anything that you say?"

Finbar: "Listen so you can learn from me, but do not believe anything unless it works for your stories. Does it fit within your own stories? Alternatives are a matter of thinking. We are all trapped within the limits of possible alternative stories. I know almost nothing about Russia and I am going to tell you how to get it done. We have to teach each other to be successful."

Student: "You are supposed to be teaching us Circular marketing storytelling?"

Finbar: "I can teach you nothing. I can help you teach yourself. You should just begin where you are and then continue to learn from the stories of all others. Start with your own Russian stories."

Larissa: "Discuss how you think the story of the Snow Maiden relates to marketing?"

Finbar: "Do you think that the Russian story the Snow Maiden can teach you about marketing? Do you students think that the Snow Maiden has within it the knowledge of marketing in Russia?"


Finbar: "I will tell you the version that I like. I know there are many versions of the Snow Maiden. Father Frost and the Spring fairy had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Snow Maiden or Snegurochka in Russian. As a young girl she wanted to go and live with the humans. Father Frost wanted her to go with him to Siberia and the Spring fairy wanted her to have the joyful experience of being with people. Father Frost agreed if she lived with a poor family because he believed that this would keep his daughter safe. Even though she was beautiful he thought no one would want to marry a poor girl.

    An old man and woman in a village had no children and they wished that this would happen. They made a Snow Maid from snow and wished it could be their daughter. When they looked out the window the Snow Maiden was alive. They rushed out and brought her into the house as their child. She grew very quickly into a beautiful young woman. Her parents took her into the village to make friends with the young women. All the village men fell in love with the Snow Maid and wished to marry her. The young women of the village were upset.

    The Snow Maid could not love because she had ice in her veins. If she were to love the heat of love would destroy her. She was also vulnerable to the heat of the sun. Spring came and the Snow Maid was encouraged to go to the village and participate in the spring festival with the other young girls of the village. There are two endings. In the first she falls in love and the heat of love melts her and turns her to mist. The second is she tries to jump over the spring fire with the other girls and melts. I like the love ending. Is this the way you know this story?"

Student: "We like the story where she goes to the Tsar."

Finbar: "Yes it is always powerful to be allied as a hero to a story or myth."

Student: "What does this have to do with marketing?"

Finbar: "How many of you like this story and would tell it to your children?"


Finbar: "What is the lesson in this story that it has been told for a thousand years?

Student: "Do not fall in love or jump over a fire."


Finbar: "How many of you women as children wished that you could be the Snow Maiden? Be honest? How many of you young men wished that you could marry the Snow Maiden? My guess is almost all of us including your professor."

Student: "These are just childhood fantasies?

Finbar: "Not so? The story is with us and talks to us for all our lives. The story is there to teach us something that your culture values. What does it teach us? To buy toothpaste? To buy expensive clothes? To get a university degree? My own idea is to have you feel as a child that winter is beautiful and a gift. The Snow Maiden sacrifices herself for the love of people with her destruction and the melting of the snow. Without this sacrifice spring and its bounty would not come to us. The Snow Maiden is a very important symbol of our continued survival. Because she has ice in her veins it is her love that allows the water and spring to return. So the Snow Maiden is very important to you Russians. What will you do with this understanding of her importance to the people of Russia?

    When marketing links the Snow Maiden with a product or idea she is telling you that both the product and her are there to help you to survive and prosper. If this connection is at a level that is not obvious then you will make the connection in your mind between the Snow Maiden and the product or service. She is better than a great athlete or a rock star because she has a meaning derived from the joy of childhood for you."

Student: "Is this fair?"

Finbar: "No. But it is effective. This is why you must protect your stories from the exploitation of consumption? When the Snow Maiden is linked to a product she looses her message of sacrifice for you and becomes a means for attaining individual greed through consumption."

Students: "What can we do?"

Finbar: "You must use the Snow Maiden to help Russia and Russian business while keeping her original message. Do not let others use her to enslave you. See you next time. Write down an example of marketing as a story. Bring it with you the next time. Look at everything that goes into each story."

Students: "Good-bye professor."

Finbar: "Good-bye class. Larissa, thank you and perhaps next time?"

Every one leaves and Finbar returns home alone with his driver. This time Finbar has a new driver. The car is full of nude photos of women every where. On the ceiling the dash board the seats. The driver looks like a person that has been around and knows the underside of Russia. Finbar decides to say nothing help direct the driver to his flat. Finbar thanks the driver and goes in.


Lyubov and Finbar are in the office the next day: "Let's go to the bazaar today, Lyubov?"

Lyubov: "Let's go now? There are two bazaars in the city. Which do you want to visit?"

Finbar: "Both if we have time."

Lyubov: "We can do it. Do you want to walk or take a trolley? Finbar did you know that the driver yesterday was FSB?"

Finbar: "Let's walk, Lyubov. How far are they? Why a FSB driver?"

Lyubov: "This is Russia. One is close and the other is far. The first bazaar is in Lenin Square."

They leave for Lenin Square. The statue of Lenin is about fifty feet high and stands over the mammoth square. The bazaar is set up five days a week from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. Then everyone must leave and they clean it all up for the next day.

Lyubov: "Here we are, Finbar."

There are about three hundred booths. Food from the farm, clothes, boots, hats, toilets, rugs, nuts, coats, cassettes, and the ever-present beggars. The beggars are Muslims. They are filthy and have their children breast-feeding while they sit all day on cardboard. They have their children chase the people from one begging mother to another asking for money.

Lyubov: "Stay by me Finbar, because you can be injured at the bazaar by some of these people."

Finbar: "Grand Lyubov."

Finbar stops at a Muslim beggar woman sitting on the ground.

Finbar: "Excuse me, Miss? Lyubov, translate for me to this woman."

Lyubov: "Finbar, do not talk to her. It is dangerous. We may be killed. She is dangerous."

Finbar: "Tell her what I say. This is for you, Miss. A great Muslim scholar gave it to me. He gave it to me, and I have never taken it off. It is worth nothing in money but it was given with love to me and I give it to you with love."

Finbar hands the woman prayer beads that he takes from his neck.

Lyubov: "Finbar, let's move? I am afraid."

Finbar: "She has become linked to the myths as a symbol of evil in Russian society. The wicked witch who eats children. I will show her my Instant Language Cards. That will work."

The woman just looks at Finbar. He smiles and they continue to move through the bazaar.

Finbar: "I do not know if this gift will help her, but the prayer beads helped me when I received them from my friend? Lyubov, I would like to find a Russian military black Navy officers coat. They are wonderful and I am sure they would sell for a great deal in the US. Let's see if any are around the bazaar? What a story I can tell my students of my heroic adventures when I return wearing this coat?"

Lyubov: "A military hat will be easier than the coat."

Finbar: "Lyubov, look at these gloves? They are great. They are hand sewn with warm lining. Ask her how much?"

Lyubov: "Ninety rubles or about three dollars."

Finbar: "Here is my money. Please buy me three pairs?"

Lyubov: "Three pairs?"

Finbar: "Sure. These are beautiful; do you want a pair, Lyubov?"

Lyubov: "No thank you."

Finbar: "Don't forget that if you want something, say yes. If you say no, I will believe you. These gloves are great. I think they would sell for ten dollars retail."

At the bazaar these women stand in the cold all day and sell their items. Many of them work for someone else and get very little money. If they make money, they may be beaten and robbed at the end of the day. It is a tough life and hard story.

Lyubov: "Finbar, let's move on."

Finbar: "God, you are right, but it is an interesting place. Let's go to the other bazaar."

The second bazaar is huge. Hundreds of booths. They sell everything that you can dream of. Parts of old houses, fur coats, flashlights, food, furniture, radios, TV's and junk. It is very exciting. Thousands of people walk around through these little pathways between each booth.

Lyubov: "Stay with me, and if we get separated, meet me back at this spot."

Finbar stops to look at the fur coats.

Finbar: "Excuse me, Miss, how much is that fur coat?"

Lyubov: "Finbar, let's go, these are gypsies. They are dangerous. They will surround us and rob us. Let's move into another section of the bazaar away from these women."

Finbar: "I know they also steal children. Alright Lyubov. Let's have a signal that means danger? If you or I feel danger then we will say a word that just has meaning to us. The Celtic word will be nemed or sacred. If you think there is trouble then you say nemed and I will do the same."

Lyubov: "Great idea, Finbar. Are you sure you are not a CIA agent?"

Finbar: "Of course I am. They just don't know it? I am a secret agent for Form, Force, and Power storytelling. I try to teach and be kind to my students at home in secret. If many of my colleagues knew this they would want to destroy me. It is tough being a secret agent for marketing as a story and not robotic training machine called professor."

The bazaar has a section with just Russian Chinese.

Lyubov: "Here we are in the Chinese section of the bazaar."

Finbar: "I love the Chinese. They are the greatest workers in the world. Let's ask them if I can buy a GO game in Russia. Hello, Irish American. GO game?"

Chinese man: "No understand."

Lyubov: "Let's go, Finbar."

Finbar: "GO, GO, GO, GO they will understand. It is my fault. I am not explaining it well enough. Do you have a pencil? The games we play are a mirror into our beliefs."

Lyubov: "Yes, Finbar?"

Finbar picks up this piece of paper off the ground and draw a GO game board and pretends to play. A crowd gathers around Finbar.

Finbar: "This is what the game looks like and here is how you play?"

Chinese Man: "Yes, yes, yes, GO. No Russia, China game."

Finbar: "Lyubov, this is one of the greatest teaching games in the world. When a young Samurai became of age, he was given a sword and a GO game. The Go game teaches them Circular thinking. I would like to just teach GO in my marketing classes. I could really get results."

Lyubov: "Let get back to the Institute for class tonight?"

Finbar: "Thank you for bringing me to the bazaars."

Lyubov: "I enjoyed it with the great Irish American."

Finbar: "Let's cut through the Lenin bazaar and see if the Muslim woman recognizes us and is wearing the prayer bead? Tell her the Irish Warrior wants her to be successful."

Lyubov: "Here she is no beads that I can see?"

The woman looks at Finbar with a stare that says that she actually sees him. She does not see anyone all day.

Finbar: Hopefully, this will help her or someone else in their lives. It is in God's hands, or Allah's, as she would say. I am happy I know my Imam. He has been a joy in my life. So has my friend. They are loving kind people who are a joy to all in the world. How many people have their own Imam, Druid, and Priest? I am a lucky Irish boy. Lyubov please tell her that God will help her."

The woman looks at Finbar with red eyes and says in Russian: "Celtic-Arkaim-Circle, Celtic-Arkaim-Circle, Cath milidh."

Finbar: "Lyubov, what is she saying to me?"

Lyubov: "She is saying Celtic-Arkaim-Circle and some word Cath milidh. I do not know what she is talking about. Arkaim is one of the oldest cities in the world and we consider it the center of the universe. It is six hours south of the city. No one can go there without a great deal of effort. I never hear the other word Cath milidh?"

Finbar: "Every nation wants to think they are the center of the Universe. This is human nature. Tell her thank you."

Lyubov: "Why did you give her those beads? She will not appreciate them and just try to sell them."

Finbar: "I wrote a poem that I believe to be true."

Celtic Circle: If You Want

If you want people to give to you, you have to give to them; if you want people to love you, you have to love them; if you want people to be kind to you, you have to be kind to them; if you want people learn from you, you have to learn from them; if you want people to work for you, you have to work for them.

If you want people to praise you, you have to praise them; if you want people to thank you, you have to thank them; if you want people to trust you, you have to trust them; if you want people to be honest with you, you have to be honest with them; if you want people to understand you, you have to understand them.

If you want people to change for you, you have to change for them; if you want people to buy from you, you have to buy from them; if you want people to help you, you have to help them; if you want people to remember you, you have to remember them; what you want, you must continue to give to all others.


Lyubov: "Yes, Finbar but it is hard?"

Finbar: I know."

Lyubov: "We must return to the Institute now?"


The FSB photographed Finbar giving the prayer beads to the beggar and then returning to talk to her. The Director is given the photographs.

FSB Director: "Pick up the Muslim beggars and interrogate them. I want to know what he gave her. Pick up anyone that is connected with her. I have to know."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director."

FSB Director: "Let me know what you find out, immediately."

Several FSB agents move in and arrest the beggar woman and everyone in the bazaar who is Muslim. Their children are left alone. A Muslim man appears assembles the children and quickly leaves.


Larissa and Finbar are finishing another class.

Finbar: "Wherever you go and whatever time in history you are in, the relationship among people is the same. The Americans try to make it different for each circumstance. This is just not true. The relationship among people is the same in Russia as it is in the United States. I don't care who you are, or where you are from."

Larissa: "This is impossible?"

Finbar: "It does not matter if you are old or young, fat or thin, black or white, Hindu or Muslim. It is still the same. We all assume three clann roles, a hundred times each day. These roles can change in an instant. The roles are leader, trusted follower, and support staff. We assume one of these roles at all times. If you miscalculate which role you are in, you will suffer the consequences. When it is time to be the leader, you must lead. When it is time to be a trusted follower, you must follow. When it is time to be support staff, then you must support. I have friends who will not participate in anything unless they can lead. This causes disruptions and people then spend more time determining role clarification than doing their jobs.

    In every group, you will be tested. At first, this test will be simple and non-threatening. Make no mistake it is an important test. If you pass this test, then you will be given more tests. When you fail your first test, your career will then stall at that level within that group.

    A good leader will keep you, but you will not excel after that point. This is true for everyone. When the lion comes down the path, I will stand in the path. When the lion jumps to kill me, you throw the spear and kill the lion. At this point, I do not want to hear that you have not had enough training. I do not want to hear that you are a member of the lion savers' society. I really do not want to have you throw the spear at me, and have the lion coming at the same time. Then, how do you get the chance to throw the spear? Would I put Larissa there, today?"

Student: "No."

Finbar: "Why not?"

Student: "You do not know her. You do not know if her story is correct?"

Finbar: "What has to happen first?"

Student: "She has to prove herself to you. That she is to be trusted and that she knows how to do the job."

Finbar: "Here is a poem that I wrote that may explain the warrior's life."

Celtic Circle: The Life of the Warrior

Celtic warriors give selflessly to the clann; Celtic warriors must always support the tribe; Celtic warriors must follow the leader; Celtic warriors must know when to lead and when to follow; Celtic warriors must struggle each day to live the warrior's life; Celtic warriors do not feel intimidation from external enemies; Celtic warriors must only overcome the enemy within themselves.

Celtic warriors keep their word; Celtic warriors think strategically; Celtic warriors learn from others; Celtic warriors prepare and let the enemy come to them; Celtic warriors take a long view of victory; Celtic warriors teach the their stories to the young of the tribe; Celtic warriors are trusted with the life and death of the tribe.

Celtic warriors must know themselves; Celtic warriors must know others; Celtic warriors fight when they can win; Celtic warriors use all their resources to win; Celtic warriors are only defeated or beaten when they give up their story; Celtic warriors use their enemies against each other; Celtic warriors stand there when others run; Celtic warriors understand life as a circle; Celtic warriors look for no reward except the continuation of the tribe.


Finbar: "I call this Theory W. You can get more information by looking up my books and articles. Lets take a break."

Larissa: "Very interesting, Finbar."

Finbar: "Well, are you going to take me somewhere tonight?"

Larissa: "I am tired. I have had a long day."

Finbar: What am I doing wrong? "That's grand, no problem. But I hope you know that I am not trying to do anything but enjoy your company. I just want to have some fun."

Larissa: "You only see me as a means of having fun? How crude of you."

Finbar: "Please don't read anything negative into this request. I just want to enjoy your company. Just talk. I spend my days talking to people through an interpreter. I need to talk directly to someone. I cannot think of a more beautiful human being to be talking to than you. All men are not your ex-husbands." If she says no, the hell with her. It is like she is at war with me. She must have been hurt in her divorce.

Larissa: "Alright, Finbar, we can go out for a few drinks. Meet me in front of my flat an hour after class ends. I have to get ready. Do you know where I live?"

Finbar: "Yes, I remember."

Larissa: "Will you be safe walking over?"

Finbar: "Of course, I am a warrior of the clann. We are all Celtic warriors. See you an hour after class. I will be off and running. Be in front of the apartment."

Larissa: "I will be there, Finbar. The break is over now."

Class Continues

Finbar: "Welcome back class. I will tell you the sailboat story. Think of life as the wind. Your business is a sailboat. To get to where you want to go you have to utilize the wind. The wind can move slowly or at hurricane force. Can a sailor control the wind? No, the sailor can only respond to the wind. We cannot control life, we can only respond.

    Three people in a eighteen foot sailboat can capitalize on the wind. A crew of none in a 90-foot sailboat still utilizes the wind. The three people in the eighteen foot sailboat may not move as fast or cannot withstand the same wind conditions as the 90-foot sailboat. Each captain must wait until the wind is favorable for him or her to go sailing. Even the largest sailboats with the most highly trained crews can sink if they do not respect the invisible wind. Any size sailboat can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    The boat is Form or what is known and unknown by the captain and the choices that the captain makes are Force. This is how Form is organized from all that the captain knows and does not know. If Power or the Timing and Distance of the captain are better than a chance and Form and Force are in balance with the wind the boat moves toward a destination. If the Form that the captain selects through Force is not better than chance, the consequences can be standing still, moving, or sinking.

    Your sailboat is around, above, and below you in an invisible tricircle. Form and Force have created your tricircle to attain Power for you. When the sailor has the wind they have momentum. Your choices in response to the invisible momentum, determine your movement of Form and Force. It is the selection of thoughts within your tricircle and brings the thoughts of other people into your tricircle that separates captains.

    Whether you have been successful or have failed, Form and Force must be constantly changed to respond to Power or Timing and Distance. All is established and changed in an instant. The sailor cannot fall asleep for too long. The wind (Form) is never the same. Even if it were, (Force) is not. I want you to think of what you have learned up to this point in class and try to figure out. Can you make any connections to this class and marketing in Russia?"


The officer reports to the Director on what they have found during the investigation of the beggars.

FSB Colonel: "Director, she has told us what we want to know. Should we kill her?"

FSB Director: "What did she say?"

FSB Colonel: "She said he gave her a string of Muslim prayer beads and told her that they came from a great man. He wanted her to have them."

FSB Director: "Is that all? It may be some type of code to connect the Muslims with the Circle. Strong enemies create strange allies."

FSB Colonel: "She kept repeating Celtic-Arkaim-Circle and Cath milidh. What does that mean, Director?"

FSB Director: "Let her go, but follow her. Tell her we made a mistake. Bring her to me first and then leave us."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director."

FSB Director: "Miss we are sorry for the delay. What do you mean by Celtic-Arkaim- Circle and Cath milidh?"

The beggar woman with her red eyes looks at the Director: "Director, everyone knows what that means."

FSB Director: "Well tell me what you think it means?"

Woman: "It is just an old nursery rhyme that the gypsies say for good luck."

FSB Director: "Why would you as a Muslim be repeating an old gypsy rhyme? Do you think that your God would want to hear you saying this rhyme?"

Woman: "It does not mean anything Director; it is just a rhyme that people like to say over and over."

FSB Director: "Thank you, you may go."

Woman: "I am free?"

FSB Director: "Yes."

The beggar woman and the others are released.

FSB Director: "Colonel look up the term Cath milidh and let me know immediately. She looked like she has been crying forever."

FSB Colonel: "Yes."

He returns in an hour.

FSB Colonel: "Cath milidh is the battle champion of the Celtic clann. He is without equal and very dangerous to those outside of the clann."

FSB Director: "Do you think that McCool is Cath milidh?"

FSB Colonel: "I think that Muslim woman may have thought so."

FSB Director: "I think you may be right? We will see. Perhaps it is also a Muslim term? Check into it more."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director."

FSB Director: "Do this as fast as you can but still keep searching."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director."


Finbars flat is on the top floor of a Russian trade school. Some days there are a few people in the building and other times there are many students and teachers. His room is on the forth floor. The door to his floor and the second and third floors are locked with a huge pad lock from the outside each night. There is no way out if there is a fire. The woman at the front door has to unlock three pad locks to let him in or out of his flat. Because there is no one else in the building the lights are shut off on all the floors and one breaker is on for his flat. 

    Everyday a maid comes to clean his flat. At 7:20 am the locks are removed from each floor. Finbar then eats breakfast in the kitchen on the first floor each morning. The first day when he was locked in and the lights shut off he thought he was a prisoner. He then realized that the Russians are not that concerned about fire safety and the exiting of buildings. Finbar plans to visit Larissa and goes down to the first floor to exit the building. He stops to talk to the Russian woman at the entrance and tell where he is going and when he will return. This is his first time alone and on the streets. The weather is freezing.

Finbar: "I am going out." I will point at the numbers on the clock for her. I hope that I can tell her when to expect me back to my room. "Goodbye." She is such a beautiful person. Such a nice elderly woman. Look at the door to this building. Unbelievable. What a strange way to make a door. So, off I go. It's cold out, but it is great to be alone outside for a change. Look at all these people walking around. Men, women, children, and their dogs all out and walking around at eight-ten at night. They do not seem to be afraid. I could not do this in Boston without fear. Look at the little shack-like places that sell cigarettes, liquor, and of course, juice. These people work hard to just get by.

    The police again. They are everywhere. Day and night. This keeps things under control. Which way should I go? Cross here or go the other way? Better go the way where there are more people on the streets. Better wait for those cars. They will run me over. Then what would happen? Would they figure out who I was? Look at that statue of Lenin, big and powerful. It is unbelievable that I can recognize a person who died before I was born. I will cut across this square. Now down under the street in a tunnel. I hope it is safe down there. Maybe I should have gone the other way. It is a great idea for pedestrians to avoid traffic in the center of the city. Down and up the stairs, another block or two.

    People are trying to sell something everywhere. They work day and night. Here I am. I will just wait out here as we planned. What if she doesn't show? How long should I wait? It is difficult to call her because the phones only take certain tokens and no one knows where to buy them. It's just unbelievable. I should have dressed more warmly; I don't want to freeze to death out here to just talk to a person in English.

Larissa finally opens the door to her building.

Finbar: "How are you, Larissa?"

Larissa: "Have you waited long?"

Finbar: "Your man has been here for forty-five minutes. Grand." Thank God she showed up at all. I did not want to wait here the entire evening. "In the United States we try to come on time." But in Ireland, thats another story.

Larissa: "It's your fault. You misunderstood what time you were to come."

Finbar: Say nothing. You will be a better person for it. "Where do you want to go? I don't want to spend a great deal of money." A nice safe place that is reasonable in price. We are going to have a great evening.

Larissa: "There is a hotel bar that is nice. Do you want to walk or take a car?"

Finbar: "Let's walk." We can spend more time talking and it will not cost money. It is a shame to just talk to someone alone that we have to spend money. Should I walk fast or slow. Should I take her arm? "How far is it?"

Larissa: "About twenty-six minutes."

Finbar: "Let's go. Is it safe out here at night?" Are we going to get jumped, attacked, robbed, kidnapped, shot, arrested, or something else?

Larissa: "Of course it is safe. You are always teasing. Are you afraid? I thought you were a hero?"

Finbar: We cannot seem to get on the same wavelength? "Of course I am afraid. Strange country, strange feelings, strange times." But, I have my Celtic dagger with me. Heroes have fear. "Tell me about your husband? What would he say about your divorce?" Is she out of her mind? Did he get rid of her? Did she treat him in a loving way? Was she the problem? Were they both equally at fault?

Larissa: "What is a Celtic dagger?"

Finbar: "I will show you if you first talk about your husband."

Larissa: "He is out of my life and my son's life. I do not want to talk about him."

Finbar: "That seems strange that he does not see his son. Don't you think it is important for a father to bond with his son?" Strange? She does not want to have the father in the son's life. I wonder why?

Larissa: "No, he has his grandfather. There are also other men who he likes and trusts."

Finbar: "I did not know if you knew that in the United States we are just starting to say that fathers are important in the development of children." The intellectuals knew it all along but they wanted to destroy the American family and kindred groups.

Larissa: "I know all this. I do not want his father in his life. He beat me."

Larissa: "He beat you up? Yes, my father was very mad. He wanted to kill him. He could not believe that anyone would do this to me. My face was all swollen."

Finbar: "Wow." This is too bad. People are rough on each other. "I am sorry for both you and your husband. It must be painful. Do you think you are over it psychologically?"

Larissa: "No, not yet. Maybe someday I will be able to trust again?"

Finbar: "I hope so. You are so young and beautiful. It would be a shame for you to not be able to love again." Complicated as it may be. I would like to help her. Can anyone help someone over come this trauma? Especially when it has done them such harm. I just do not know, but I hope so.

    Do Russian women who get divorced have a good opportunity to remarry? In some cultures it is not easy to find another husband."

Larissa: "Yes, it is done all the time. Many of my girlfriend's husbands have been killed."

Finbar: "Killed, what for?"

Larissa: "They refused to go along and they were killed."

Finbar: "What about your husband? Is he in danger of being killed?"

Larissa: "No."

Finbar: "Why not?"

Larissa: "You ask too much."

Finbar: "Then, I hope that you will find love again. Is it safe to be out here in the dark?"

Larissa: "You are always teasing me?"

Finbar: "You keep saying that. Perhaps you are right. After all you and I look the same. Maybe we have the same personalities too, even though we have lived different lives in different parts of the world." I seem to have worked myself through my pain so far. She can do the same. Maybe I could help her?

Larissa: "Here is the hotel. It looks like the lounge is closed. Let's go in and see. Yes, it is closed. There is another place a little way from here. It use to be a nice place. A little rough, but I liked it. It is run by the Hungarians."

Finbar: "The Hungarians. Let's look and if it is not a safe place, we can leave." I would hate to have the evening end before it begins. "Are they in the Russian mafia?"

Larissa: "Finbar, you are such a child."

Finbar: "I guess I have been protected from life."

In the restaurant Larissa and Finbar have a small meal.

Larissa: "Finbar, what do you want to do with your life?"

A very long pause: "It is not that I don't want to tell you but I am thinking. I want to sit on a rock and have the world come to me to learn."

Larissa: "Sit on a rock? That's not for me. I told you I want to travel. Do heroes sit on rocks? Sounds like you are lonely?"

Finbar: "I have acquired everything I want materially, three times over. There is little else I want to acquire. I would like my children to be successful as human beings. I feel that if I were to die today I could say that I was ready. Not that I want to die? My work is out there for someone to find. My new book is a success. My brother died at forty-five."

Larissa: "What did he die of?"

Finbar: "A heart attack. All my relatives are gone. I know I will be alone when my mother and uncle die. By alone I mean that a great deal of my life has been erased with their deaths. They knew me when I was younger. It will all be gone. My mother worries that I will change her history when she dies. I will try not to, but we all see each other differently than we see our self. I think I see you differently from the way you see yourself. I see you as talented and beautiful but I don't think that is the way you view yourself."

Larissa: "I was happy when I was young. I do not know if I can love again?"

Finbar: "Larissa, is it the idea that you cannot accept that life is the Imbalance of Form, Force, and Power? I have trouble conceding this to myself? Yes I am very lonely. I call this type of loneliness that I experience cognitive loneliness."

Larissa: "I understand it, but I don't want it to happen."

Finbar: "Do you think you could leave Russia and your family, friends, and son?"

Larissa: "No, my son is my life."

Finbar: "Don't you think he wants a life of his own? Don't you think he will get married and have his own family?" Unless his mother destroys him?

Larissa: "Yes but until then, he is my life. I would do anything for him."

Finbar: "A mother's love knows no bounds." Can you be trusted to love another with such a commitment to a son? "I know what you are talking about. I will tell you a poem that I wrote for my mother. I based it on the old Italian proverb the mother is the family."

Celtic Circle: So Goes the Mother

So goes the mother, so goes the family; so goes the mother, so goes song; so goes the mother, so goes faith; so goes the mother, so goes poetry; so goes the mother, so goes wisdom; so goes the mother, so goes love.

So goes the mother, so goes the community; so goes the mother, so goes artistry; so goes the mother, so goes enterprise; so goes the mother, so goes talents; so goes the mother, so goes harmony; so goes the mother, so goes happiness.

So goes the mother, so goes the nation; so goes the mother, so goes delight; so goes the mother, so goes healing; so goes the mother, so goes reconciliation; so goes the mother, so goes beauty; so goes the mother, so goes the world.


Larissa: "Your poem is so true. My son has no future in Russia. I am afraid for him. He is so young."

Finbar: "We are also afraid for our son. Many believe that we could also have a revolution in the United States." We have too many people who are unhappy.

Larissa: "Do you hate the blacks?"

Finbar: "No, but the Line has encouraged them to hate us. It is disastrous when this happens in a society. It can get out of control in an instant. Did you read the book or see the movie 'Doctor Zhivago' by Boris Pasternak?"

Larissa: "No."

Finbar: "No? I cannot believe it? I know it was not accepted in Russia when it came out in 11000. It was seen as an attack on the Russian Revolution. That movie changed my thinking. I wish I could write such a great story. It showed the collapse of Russia. I see the story as universal. I fear the same for the United States. Zhivago was a doctor and a poet. He loved two great women. They were decent people, just caught up in it all. The only ones that survived were those that got out of Russia. It was bigger than anyone. That's what bothers me.

    No matter what they did it was all too big. Only his poems and their story survived because of a single writer. In the movie someone asked Zhivago what he wanted to do and he said, live, just live. I know it's just a story, but let's see if the movie is available in Russia? It is not an indictment of Russia, but rather the pain that social disruption causes in people's lives. Where do you expect to get the money to travel?"

Larissa: "Well, I do not ever want to live on a rock. It sounds cold?"

Finbar: "Larissa, don't you think we all live on a rock?"

Larissa: "No, you're strange."

Finbar: "Celtic princes, I am sorry that you do not understand. It is a metaphor."

Larissa: "I understand, Finbar."

Finbar: "Lets you and I go into business in Russia, selling my Form, Force, and Power storytelling marketing storytelling? Remember we talked about it?"

Larissa: "People here will cheat you."

Finbar: "So, let's try, Larissa? I will give you the article to translate into Russian. Please do this as soon as possible."

Larissa: "Alright let's try, who knows where it will end up?"

Finbar: "Grand. I will give it some more thought. Marketing is so simple that no one can figure it out."

Larissa: "We will see if I can figure it out?"

Finbar: "I will teach you right now. Take a plain piece of paper (Form) and look at it. How much is it worth to you? How much is it worth to someone else? Would you have to pay someone to take the piece of paper away for you? What about free? One penny or perhaps two pennies.

    When the piece of paper is transformed into a value for someone else (a target market) the possibilities are finite. The value of the piece of paper, whether it is five cents or five million dollars, is created through Form, Force, and Power. A change in value of any item (up or down) can occur any second in time. A painting by Rembrandt understood to be worth millions can become worthless by finding it to be a fake. A story that it is a Rembrandt is worth millions."

Larissa: "What are Form, Force, and Power?"

Finbar: "I will go into it some other time using other examples. It is a way to keep telling the story and assessing the impact of the story. Form is everything that is known and unknown. Force is how we organize Form, and Power to link with Timing and Distance. FFP is represented in 6 + or 3 or 693. Tell me about your father and mother?" I don't want to get too deep. "What did your father and mother do for a living?"

Larissa: "My father was in construction. He built large projects. My mother raised my sister and me. It is getting late and I have to work tomorrow. We better go soon."

Finbar: "No problem. Do we walk or get a cab?" I cannot seem to connect with her. I cannot figure out why?

Larissa: "Cabs are dirty and cabbies are rude. We will flag down a car."

Finbar: "No way, it can't be safe to flag down a car? I'm not that crazy? Let's take a trolley bus? I would never get into a strange car in the United States, especially with a woman."

Larissa: "Alright. But we will have to walk to the trolley stop."

Finbar: "That's grand. We are off again."

Trolley Bus

Finbar and Larissa walk for several blocks and stop at a trolley bus stop. There are only a few people waiting.

Larissa: "Are you cold, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Yes, I am. I didn't think it would be this cold. Next time, I will dress warmer. Look at how many people are trying to make a living on the street at this hour of night in this freezing cold. It is amazing to me. These are the real capitalists of the world. When I came back the other night from the Ilmeny Museum, there were hundreds of people sitting by fires on the side of the road selling soda. They have these roadside fires to keep from freezing to death. Is this our trolley bus?"

Larissa: "No, let's take a car?"

Finbar: "I cannot believe it is safe to just get into a car?"

Larissa: "Of course it is safe, Finbar. These people work all day for no pay and then drive around all night to try to survive."

Finbar: "Let's take a trolley bus. I do not have change enough to pay. Will you pay? I will pay you back."

Larissa: "Here, let's get on?"

The trolley bus is full. It looks just like the trolley in the movie Dr. Zhivago. We see Zhivago in the beginning and the end on the trolley bus. Lara is there both times. The first time he does not see her and next time he tries to reach her and dies.

Larissa: "That man is staring at your ring, Finbar."

Finbar: "I see it but do not worry, he does not want it. I can tell he has the fear."

Larissa: "How do you know? Fear of what?"

Finbar: "Dying."

Larissa: "You are such a storyteller."

Finbar: "He will get off at the next stop. He feels the fear."

Larissa: "I do not believe you Finbar? The man will not get off at the next stop."

Finbar: "That is alright, Larissa, you are probably correct.

Larissa: "Are you a romantic, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I wish I could be? Don't forget that I will pay you back for both your fare and mine. I would like to see the world again as a romantic. Perhaps I will again?"

Larissa: "Here is my stop. Get off and I will get Pasha to go with you in a car. It is safe. We do it all the time. Come up and we will get him. You see Finbar we are standing and the man is still sitting. He is not going to get off here."

Finbar: "Yes I see. You must be a good judge of character, Larissa. How many floors up do we have to walk?" At least there are lights in the hall.

Larissa: "Six."

Finbar: "Wait for a few seconds Larissa I want to see if he gets off at the next stop?"

Larissa: "What is wrong with you Finbar?"

Finbar: "I do not like those with black hearts. They must be faced. I will wait and see. You may go if you like."

Larissa: "I will leave the door open and I am on the sixth floor. Come in after you have had your silly American intrigue."

Larissa leaves and down the street comes the man from the trolley bus. Finbar moves back into the darkness and waits to see what he is going to do. He stops and pulls out a pair of binoculars and points them at the sixth floor flat. Finbar walks up next to the man and grabs his binoculars and smashes him in the face, breaking his nose and knocking out one eye. The man runs down the street screaming.

Finbar: "Ouch!" I hope I can make it up these stairs and look healthy at the end. Look at these doors made out of unpainted plywood. This is the high rent district in the center of the city? "I am coming, slowly but coming. Two doors, for security. Larissa, do you need both of these doors?"

Larissa: "Yes, come in and put your coat here. You know Pasha? Did you find your evil man from the bus?"

Finbar: "No, but I did trip and cut my hand and got some blood on my coat."

Larissa: "The brave American tripped and hurt himself?"

Finbar: "How are you, Pasha? Where were you today? I was looking for you in class."

Pasha: "I have been sick. I have a fever. I have to take medicine three times a day for a week."

Finbar: "Well, if you feel better, perhaps I will see you tomorrow in class?"

Pasha: "Yes, I will try."

Finbar: "Your mother tells me you are interested in joining the American Army? I don't know if it can be done. But, I do think that it is possible. I will check on it when I go home, if you like? Why the American Army and not the Russian Army?"

Pasha: "I believe that they are more professional."

Finbar: "What do you mean professional? I never liked the military when I was young. The Vietnam War period was difficult for many Americans. As an adult I have changed my mind. I have spent a great deal of time as an adult writing and studying the way of the warrior. This has changed my mind. I have learned a great deal from this research. Perhaps my negative feeling forced me to study the life of the warrior more closely?" The Vietnam War was just an excuse to kill the Irish.

Pasha: "They are well trained. I want to be in the Special Forces, like in the movies."

Finbar: "I believe that it is a very small group of people who are that well trained. When I was your age, I wanted to be James Bond. I played the album From Russia with Love out of my dorm room all winter long. Could be just the way young men think? I thought that I wanted to be a secret agent for years. I wanted to do this for all my young life. Now, I am a secret agent for good. I want to help people to live a happier life. I want to help people to learn the path of Form, Force, and Power and not go through the pain I went through. To do this, I have to be a secret agent of kindness in an environment that thinks that kindness is weakness. I am happier doing this than the James Bond way of trying to help people."

Pasha: "I want to join the American Army. They are professional."

Finbar: "I will try to help you. I will send the information to your mother about the United States military."

Larissa: "Finbar, you Americans talk big but when you leave it becomes difficult to do what you promise. Pasha, we have to take Finbar home. We will flag down a car. He is afraid to get into a strange car."

Larissa: "This flat is cold."

Finbar: "How do people get a flat like this in Russia?"

Larissa: "We had to stand in line and apply for a flat. It would take up to fifteen years to get a flat. Some flats have to be shared by two or three families. Each has a room, and then they all occupy the same toilet and kitchen. This can be a disaster for everyone, if they do not get along."

Finbar: "Could you move if you did not get along?"

Larissa: "Only if one of the family members is a drunk and has a gun. Then the authorities can get you out of the agreement. Short of this, it takes years to get or change a flat. We had a three-bedroom flat when we were married. After the divorce we sold the flat and split the money. I then bought this flat with two rooms, a bath, and a kitchen. This is a good location in the city. Right near the center of the city. People can buy and sell flats as they wish today."

Finbar: "Who controls the heat? How are the apartments heated?"

Larissa: "Flats not apartments? A central heating authority controls the heat. We do not control the temperature. Would you like to talk to my son?"

Finbar: "Sure. It would be an honor. Before I came to Russia, Pasha, my great Druid or teacher came to my house. He told me to always consider these three things, compassion, sacrifice, and diplomacy. He said if I could remember these things I would have a wonderful trip and life. I was so impressed I wrote them down and put the words in my wallet. Well, my advice to have a successful story is the same advice given to me by my great Druid. A business should show compassion for all people. Those in business should always put themselves in the position of the other person. They should understand that to succeed in business, they must be a benefit to those they serve.

    We are always trying to say in the United States that everything should be win-win. My Druid taught my family that it can never be win-win. It always has to be the sacrifice of lose-win. The child must be allowed to win. It is the role of the parent to allow the child to win. No parent wants their child to lose because they want them to win. This is the same as in business. The business is there to serve the family, community, nation, and the world. Your mother and father and all your relatives want you to have a successful life. You have to win so that the family will continue. If you are destroyed or destroy yourself you destroy your entire familys future. You have a responsibility to do the same for your children."

Pasha: "I understand."

Finbar: "I hope so. I am telling you a secret of the world. To allow others to win you must sacrifice a great deal. In business this can mean long hours, low pay, criticism, and much more. If you can see this as a sacrifice these obstacles will not destroy you. Think of how your mother sacrifices for you? I tell you as a parent that you will never really know this until it is your turn as a parent. I did not comprehend this when I was your age. Enough of this, do you want to be a businessman?"

Pasha: "Finbar, I do not know. I see all these people working hard for nothing in Russia. My friends who do very little work make a great deal of money."

Finbar: "Diplomacy is to always speak in a way not to offend the other. I know money is important. What type of business do you think you would be interested in?"

Pasha: "I do not know? I am young."

Finbar: "I never knew and I still don't know. The people my age who knew what they wanted to accomplish in life were much more successful than the ones who did not. There was a study that verified that people with goals accomplish more. Did you ever hear of Yale University?"

Pasha: "No."

Finbar: "That is grand to hear. We all think that what we do is so universally important. Few at Yale would believe that they are unknown in Russia. That means that you know my university better than Yale. That is the reason why compassion, sacrifice, and diplomacy are all our jobs. It cannot be left to another who everyone may think is more worthy. Could I please have more tea?"

Larissa: "Pasha, speak English. It is good practice for you. If you want to go in the American Army, you will have to know English."

Finbar: "Pasha, the United States Army applies my marketing storytelling technique to get recruits. However, we are rarely aware of its impact. How we have come to believe what we hold as truth is often created for us. How did you learn English as well as you have?"

Pasha: "From the CDs and the movies. I love the American movies."

Finbar: "In the United States we believe that a great deal of the music and many of the movies have done our culture great harm. They have contributed greatly to destroying my Irish culture. Many millions of people are now concerned. This is why I started to go back to church with my kindred. I did not want my daughter and son to be destroyed by these negative forces. I hope we can turn it around as a nation before we are destroyed by the Line?"

Larissa: "Do you want some cut up apple? Who is the Line?"

Finbar: "Thank you, great Larissa. They are the group that will do anything it takes to make money and maintain control over us."

Pasha: "Are you rich?"

Larissa: "Pasha, you should not ask people these things."

Finbar: "No, I have always worried about money all my life. I have material things but I could lose it all in two months. This is one reason why I have come to the conclusion that it is better to give. What you have given cannot be taken away. Even if the other person gives it away or loses it. It is still a memory. It is part of the Celtic idea that life is Imbalance that your mother likes. If you cause some good, then good moves on within your lifetime. Who knows where it will end? The Line controls through debt."

Larissa: "I just want to be happy."

Finbar: "Is it a car that will make you happy? Larissa, how much does the car you want cost."

Larissa: "Seven thousand dollars."

Finbar: "Can you get a loan and pay it off with interest?"

Larissa: "No loans. The interest rates are 30 percent or more."

Finbar:  "Wow! This type of thing has happened in many countries. The rates will have to come down. Who is doing this to Russia and for what end? I don't believe that the American people actually are aware that this is going on. Americans have a sense of fair play. I will try to write an article in the Wall Street Journal when I go home unless the Line controls them. I will try to let the Irish Americans know. They are loving and they know about long term pain."

Pasha: "Are you Irish?"

Finbar: "I am of Irish heritage. I am an American, born after World War II. I taught at a top University in Ireland several years ago. As you know, the Irish are supposedly locked in a religious struggle between Catholics and Protestants. My Irish friends and I do not see it that way."

Pasha: "How do they see it, then?"

Finbar: "As a joke against both groups. I believe that it becomes a way of life that is difficult to change. Each terrible act on both sides keeps it going. It will go on until they either kill each other off or change their thinking. Some progress is being made but it is slow. In my lifetime we have hated the Germans and Japanese. Then we loved them and hated the Russians. Now we love them all and hate some other groups. Perhaps this is just a weakness in all of us. Hatred is controlled by the Line, we are very stupid."

Pasha: "Do the Americans hate us?"

Finbar: "Not at all. Americans as a whole are also a loving group of people. We have our jerks, just like all other countries. If you come to the United States you will be treated just fine. As I have said the images of Russia have been and continue to be distorted. But people are people. More tea?"

Larissa: "I have been there and I found the people to be just fine. Everyone was kind to me."

This is the Russian love song Millions of Red Roses sung by a Vietnamese woman. I got the song on Google Video. Almost all of the headings in Arkaim: Marketing Wars are taken from Russian movie titles. The Russians are a poetic society. It is my belief that they are also Celtic. This book reveals this and much more to the world.

Artist Vasnetsov Snow Maiden