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1996 - 2008



A long time ago and a short time ago.
In a place both near and far away.

Chapter 3, Arkaim: Marketing Wars


Larissa: "Pasha has been sick but he wants to finish your class."

Finbar: "This happens all the time." Does she just show an interest in me to get her son through my course? I am sure it has happened many times in the past. I have been used before and I will be used again. If so, this is painful. "Pasha, what do you want to do for a final paper? It should take you about thirty hours of time and teach you something important in marketing."

Pasha: "I don't know what to do?"

Finbar: "If you cannot think of something, I will decide for you. What is a famous Russian story that you all have to read as a child?"

Pasha: "What do you mean?"

Finbar: "There must be a story that every Russian knows. Think of a story that you had to read as a young person. It is probably viewed by you as a fairy tale."

Pasha: "A Song of Igor's Campaign is a story I have not read since I was a child. That book is just a story. What does it have to do with a marketing course?"

Finbar: "Larissa is this one of the more famous stories of Russia? Did you have to read it as a little girl? Did your parents and grandparents read about Igor?"

Pasha: "Yes, it is a classic Russian story."

Finbar: "Good, Pasha what grade do you expect from the course?"

Pasha: "A five."

Finbar: "A five? That is an A in the United States. You know that the exam is due tomorrow? I gave all the questions to the students for them to answer last week. I will give you a warrior's test because I feel you are not ready to take the test tomorrow. If you fail you will let us all down your mother, father, grandparents, and teacher. Are you interested? It is your test but it is important to all of us for you to succeed. Most important it is your test, so you should make the decision."

Pasha: "Yes, I am interested."

Finbar: "You give me your word that you will try your best?"

Pasha: "Yes."

Finbar: "Then it is settled. Read the book again about Igor and then write a one thousand word paper for me. Describe the story to me. You will be my teacher about Igor. Tell me how the story relates to modern Russia. Then, tell me how the story relates to Russian business and marketing."

Pasha: "Igor has nothing to do with modern Russia and Russian marketing."

Finbar: "Perhaps, but I think you will be surprised. When can you turn the paper in to me? You also will have to discuss the book with me. I want to be sure that you have done the work. Most of all I want to learn."

Pasha: "I will do it."

Finbar: "Then I will trust you and give you a five tomorrow before you turn in the work. This is a great test for you. We are all counting on you to perform. Larissa, you are not to help him or interfere in any way. It is just between my grand student and his teacher."

Pasha: "Alright."

Finbar: "When do you expect to finish this assignment?"

Pasha: "Tuesday, at nine o'clock in the evening. I am going over to my girlfriend's now. I think she has a copy of the story."

Finbar: "Pasha, that is grand. I leave Wednesday. I want to talk to your mother about a business possibility. You can stay and listen, but at this time it is just talk."

Pasha: "No, I am going."

Finbar: "Could I use the bathroom?"

Larissa: "Yes, it is the second door."

Finbar: "No, I mean the toilet."

Larissa: "The first door."

Finbar opens the door to the toilet: "This is amazing. Look at this! This is the most beautiful toilet that I have seen in Russia. Where did you get such a beautiful toilet? The design, the way it flushes, the height, it is a miracle. Why don't others have a toilet like this one?"

Larissa: "You never stop teasing me?"

Finbar: "I am serious. I didn't know that anyone had such a nice toilet. I thought that they were all a disaster. I don't know why the Russian men let the toilets be so disgusting. The women deserve better bathrooms. The women should insist on this change. The American women would not let this happen." Such beautiful women and children, their bathrooms are such a disaster. "What is that noise outside? It sounds like fire crackers or gun fire?"

Larissa: "Get down Finbar, Pasha turn off the lights. Get down now. Pasha look out the side of the window and see what is going on?"

Finbar: "Do you think it is dangerous?"

Larissa: "It can always be dangerous in Russia. What do you see Pasha?"

Pasha: "Two men lying on the ground. I think they are both dead. Many people are crowding around now. Can I go down and see, Mama?"

Larissa: "No. Stay here and get away from the window."

Pasha: "Don't treat me like a child."

Larissa: "Do as I say, now. They just don't care. Russian men are fine until they get into their forties and then they seem to fall apart. The life expectancy for a man in Russia is fifty-six and for a woman, into their seventies."

Finbar: "Why?"

Larissa: "Drinking, smoking, poor job safety, violence, and depression. They seem to give up after they are in their thirties. The young people are the hope of Russia. The older men have given up."

Finbar: "As a man, I know the feeling. I have wanted to give up many times in my life. We men expect so much from ourselves and when we do not achieve this fantasy, we get depressed and then we return to the primal hunt. This happened to my father at the end. It happens to a great many Irish men. It has happened to me at different times in my life. For some reason, I have overcome it each time. Don't ask me why. I fear that I will fall down and not overcome it. Irish and Russian men seem to be fragile in this area. Do you think that the shootings were done by the Russian mafia?"

Larissa: "You are so naive."

Finbar: "What about your father, Larissa?"

Larissa: "My father is very independent. He has always been nice to my sister and me. He worked hard all his life. He is disappointed in the changes that have occurred in Russia. If he were young today he would be rich. I think that bothers him."

Finbar: "What about your mother?" They always say look at the mother and that is what the daughter will be like.

Larissa: "My mother is a wonderful woman. She worked hard all her life to make a family for my sister and me. She was happy to raise our family. My father worked day and night so we spent most of our time with our mother and grandmothers. Do you want to flag down a car to go home"

Pasha: "Nothing to fear, Finbar, mother and I flag down cars all the time. It is safe if you are careful."

Finbar: "Ok, Celtic warrior men, Finbar and Pasha, and Celtic woman Larissa away. When in Ireland, do as the Irish do."


Pasha: "Let's go across the street, Finbar and Mother?"

Larissa: "Come on, let's cross now?"

Finbar: "Grand, I am a Celtic warrior."

Larissa stands with her arm out and one second later there is a car. I cannot believe this is happening so fast. Larissa tells the driver no. Another car stops Larissa tells the driver fine and we get in.

Larissa: "Get in the back with Pasha and I will sit up-front."

Finbar: "Ask him what he does for a living, Larissa?"

Larissa: "He is a coal miner."

Finbar: "Unbelievable! Tell him I am an American teacher and ask him if his father and grandfather are miners? Does he like being a miner?"

Larissa translates the driver's answer: "He says it is a nightmare."

Finbar: "Ask him why?"

Larissa: "He says that he has not been paid in more than six months."

Driver: "I work everyday and get no pay. I work all night driving this car to try to survive. There is no unemployment in Russia because people work and they don't get paid. Would this happen in the United States?"

Finbar: "I don't know. I am sure it does but we now call it slavery. I believe that this will change for the better in Russia. In the depression, people worked for very little money. Many people starved to death. Many men killed themselves so that their families could survive on their insurance. People fought over food and just about everything else. It was a rough time in our history. This period is not often talked about today in the United States. Many people saw communism as the answer. They suffered for this belief. It happens everywhere, and those who face it go through a great deal of pain. It is as old as time. I heard that the coal mines are running out. Is that true? Why don't you get another job?"

Driver: "I don't think they are running out. I cannot get another job. There are no other jobs. Some day the mines will be prosperous again and I will have a job. This is all I know, mining."

Finbar: "Are the mines safe? Do people get killed?" I know that the mines are running out, but why should I destroy his hope for the future with this information?

Driver: "All the time. It is very dangerous. People get hurt and killed every day. I have seen much in the mines."

Finbar: "Larissa, is this true?"

Larissa: "Of course. You are always teasing. You cannot be this unaware of what goes on around you? Here is your stop. Finbar, don't forget to call me when you get into your room. Write down the license number and remember it if I do not get home."


Finbar telephones Larissa: "Larissa, I am home safe, and I see that so are you. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I enjoyed getting to know you better tonight. You are a wonderful person and a credit to your country."

Larissa: "I also had a very nice evening. You are a good man even though you are unaware of a great many things."

Finbar: "I will learn with your help. Maybe I could come over tomorrow night and visit you for my next lesson?"

Larissa: "What do you want? What do you want from me?"

Finbar: "Just a friendly conversation."

Larissa: "Call me, Finbar?"


US Navy Command

Commander: "A message from Keefe, Admiral."

Admiral: "Let me have it, get me my C code book from the safe.

The message is translated.


Admiral: "That Keefe is tough."

Commander: "Yes I know Admiral, he is our best killer."

Another Class

Finbar: "Welcome, my great Russian marketing warriors. Tonight I will show you how to overcome competition. It has always been the same story. It always will be; it never changes. Companies do not sell products or services. Form, Force, and Power story marketing is the continual creation and destruction of a story to a targeted market. This change in the creation and destruction of value created through a story is constant. Value is created one individual at a time. Value is your Form, Force, and Power investment in everyone. This leads you to your targeted market. It also helps your targeted market become part of your story.

    The present American marketing model strives to stabilize and preserve value in a targeted market. These functionaries believe that this can be accomplished by isolating marketing from stories. Their marketing is reaction to a stimulus. It just does not work, because they have failed to incorporate a broad range of human experience into the discipline of marketing. The age-old question in business is still the same. Why do some businesses gain and sustain while others do not? It seems so easy, and yet very few succeed.

    We have taught many to believe that business is the selling of products and services to customers. The modern business scientists study the customer's behavior and in an attempt to find the secret formula that will lead to a reaction called purchase. People have the potential to be all that their mind can conceive. We each experiment with different forms of self throughout our lives. Firms that have lost power (the ability to apply resources) are unable to compete.

    Marketing as a separate function was an American phenomena developed before World War I by a group of people who had no understanding of why the USA was so successful. They wanted to control the masses. Unfortunately, what we all do is impermanent and new stimuli must be connected to a purchase. Economists have misunderstood this because their worldview is organized to hold resources constant. They insist that this consistency must be fair. They create an ideal world and then argue this based on reason. They live in a dreamland. It is all emotion."

Student: "What does this mean?"

Finbar: "The economists create their own ideal world and then measure everything against that perception. It is crazy but they have taken control of many peoples' thinking. Too bad for all of them they can predict nothing and they are useless. They are a success in supporting a worldview about business that no one can figure out or duplicate. This world does not even and never will exist It is their story.

    A business can only be successful when it can connect the individual with a greater power. The secret is to keep changing and adapting your core story and resource configurations to open the person to an understanding of what it is to be human. Well, grand Russian marketing geniuses, will you? Yes or no? Are you up to it?"


Finbar: "Well perhaps you can learn marketing storytelling from King Leonidas.  Xerxes, King of Persia in 480 BC, was attacking Greece. Greece was divided into city-states and they were unwilling to unite against the Persian invasion. King Leonidas of Sparta took 300 Spartans to face 100,000 Persians at Thermopylae. The Spartans were successful because they assembled their resources in a way that gave them market power. A Greek betrayed Leonidas and showed Xerxes a way through the mountains and behind Leonidas. When this occurred Leonidas chose to die rather than escape. My own view is that he should have escaped so that he could fight again. I also believe that Leonidas knew that his final victory would be his destruction. This story would rally the Greeks to fight.

    Each of us is Leonidas on his way to Thermopylae to face Xerxes. All businesses constantly face overwhelming obstacles. Few will be willing to help because people cannot agree to help each other. It takes a great deal of wisdom to face such overpowering odds. The wisdom of the sacrifice for another."

Student: "Dr. McCool what does this have to do with Form, Force, and Power storytelling marketing in Russia?"

Finbar: "Class, why was Leonidas able to face Xerxes?"

Student: "He was fearless."

Finbar: "Yes but many a fearless business person is out of business. Leonidas was able to put himself into a position where he had FFP. He was selfless. We all have to do the same. When things change and competition gets behind us we can stay and be destroyed or change to a new Thermopylae. Without FFP you cannot face competition. With it, you can make money. Business requires a fluid selfless approach to all configurations. It is the difference between poetry and the restricted control of truth. Divide up into groups of three and write down resources that can give a business FFP."

Larissa: "Do you want to walk around the class?"

Finbar: "No, let's wait to see how they do without me for a few minutes. True management is the giving up of power, but not control. Class if you require my help, let me know? Then take a break after you make your lists. When you get back from your break divide into the same groups and discuss what you have to do for Russia to attain and sustain tribal power."

Larissa: "I enjoyed class tonight."

Finbar: "Grand, I have a business idea for you and me. We can talk about it after class. I would like to come over for a few minutes."

Larissa: "Will you talk to Pasha again? I believe that he enjoys your company. He wants to finish your class even though he has been sick."

Finbar: "I help all my students. It is my life. I will see you in an hour and a half. Meet me out front."

Finbar: "You know my work better than most because you have attended my classes."

Larissa: "There is no money in Russia. People will cheat you and they will not pay. It is very difficult to consult in Russia. How would you find your customers? How could you convince them that you were worth the money?"

Finbar: "Larissa, you and I must figure out a way to make this happen. I have just published a book on marketing and storytelling. We may be able to get several articles in Russian business newspapers. This way, I will succeed because I must publish as an academic anyway. We will target the biggest companies in the country. Maybe they will consider me an expert. This may be a way to become well-known."

Larissa: "Finbar, I still think that you should write a love story. This is such a big market both in Russia and in America. I could translate it into Russian for you."

Finbar: "I told you that I am an academic. I would like to write a love story, but I have been afraid to try. Perhaps I will try when I go home? I will write a love story about you and me. However you and I end up in our relationship, I will write about it. We will be the story. We can have our own love story."

Larissa: "That's crazy, I don't love you? You and I have no love story to be told to anyone."

Finbar: "Well, I think highly of you. Perhaps, you will change your mind and fall madly in love with me, and I with you?"

Larissa: "You are always teasing? You do not even know me and you are married."

Finbar: "Well, the Celts say that the greatest love is that which is unspoken and unfulfilled. I know you, because as I told you, you look like me. I was serious when I told you this."

Larissa: "I trust you."

Finbar: "That's good and bad. I feel like a loser at one level. You're a beautiful woman, and I have not tried to put the moves on you. A part of me would like to grab you and kiss you madly. Another part is afraid."

Larissa: "Well, that is what I expected, for you to remain a gentleman."

Finbar: "Thank you, but I am disappointed in myself for my failure to give in to my emotions. It is only an Imperial Roman story that the Celts believed in free love."

Larissa: "Monday is my fortieth birthday."

Finbar: "Grand I will take you out to celebrate at a nice restaurant."

Larissa: "No, I cannot celebrate my birthday because it is bad luck when you are forty. I cannot celebrate on that day."

Finbar: "Ok, then we will not celebrate; we will just go out to dinner."

Larissa: "We could go to a nice place, but it would not be for my birthday. I just cannot celebrate on that day."

Finbar: "Larissa, whatever you want. This will make an interesting twist in the love story. I only have one hundred dollars left. I don't want to spend more than eighty dollars when we go out."

Larissa: "I will pay my own way."

Finbar: "If I have enough money, I will pay. If I don't, I will borrow some from you. Then I will pay you back. Just like I did for the trolley bus the other day. Give some thought to a business in Russia? I will give some thought to a love story. I will try to write a poem for you for your non-birthday. My grandmother Helen Locke Sperry was a great poet so I hope it is in my genes. I am off to begin a new career as a writer of love stories and poetry. I go to the secret city tomorrow. I will call you when I get home."

Larissa: "Take care of yourself. You know that few people are allowed to go there. Even Russians cannot go to the secret city. Call me when you get back to your flat tonight. I will think about business with you although I do not think I am a business person."

Finbar: "If I can write love stories, you can run a business. Goodbye, partner." Does she think that the secret city is unsafe?


Finbar is standing outside of his flat at 6:30 a.m. waiting to go to the secret city. Russia has many secret cities. Each secret city was designated for a different research area such as missile production or atomic weapons. Very few come or go to secret cities. A car stops with a driver and a very beautiful woman. She gives him a big smile and asks him if he is Dr. McCool.

Finbar: "Yes, I am Dr. Finbar McCool. Yes, I have my passport and my visa. This visit should not cause any problems for anyone? I just want to be helpful. Thank you." Here goes James Bond invited to the secret city. How did this happen? Who would believe it?

Woman: "Get in the car, please? It will take about an hour to get to the meeting, Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "What do you want me to do? Wasn't Lyubov coming?" I hope I am not being kidnapped. "How do I know that you are who you say you are?

Woman: "We want you to speak to a group of Russian scientists about Form, Force, and Power. We have the brains, technology, and the workforce in Russia. We need to learn more about your approach to marketing storytelling, and business. If we do not apply our energies in the right direction, we will lose a great deal of money. We need to talk to the great Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "I am honored and will try my best. That is all I can promise. I hope that I can help?"

Finbar gets into the back seat of the car with the woman. She smiles again.

Lena: "My name is Lena. We have heard a great deal about you. We had one of our people in your class. She told us that you are a special teacher."

The car leaves the city and travels through the countryside. The road is small and surrounded by woods. There are many birch trees on both sides of the road. Russia is known for birch trees. Very few cars are on the road even though it is early morning.

Lena: "Here we are, Dr. McCool. Say nothing. I will do all the talking."

They come to a guarded gate. Several soldiers with automatic rifles are at the gate. Finbar hears the barking of the German Shepherd guard dogs. The soldiers are very serious and one puts his hand up to stop the car. They all turn to focus their attention and rifles at the car. A large concrete wall surrounds the entire secret city.

Lena: "This is Dr. McCool, the famous American marketing professor. He has clearance to be here today. Call the Director for verification."

The guard returns to make a call. All eyes are on the car and the three passengers. The guard returns to the car and asks to look in the trunk. The driver gets out and opens the trunk and gets back into the car. The guard then stares at Finbar for several seconds. Finbar smiles politely.

Guard: "Go through."

Lena: "I will be your interpreter, Dr. McCool. You will speak for about forty-five minutes. Then take questions."

They drive up to a large building with two armed guards at the door and Lena smiles and tells Finbar that they have arrived. Lena is a tall beautiful Russian woman with long black hair and blue eyes. She is in her thirties. Stunning and sophisticated. She is almost as tall as Finbar.

Finbar: "Lena, I am glad that you are going to be my interpreter. If someone says anything that you think is not too complimentary about me, let me know? Do not hold back. My goal is to do my best. If you do not help me, I will not be able to help your people as well as I would like. Please, we may never meet again but you are important to my success today. If you cannot understand me just tell me to slow down a bit. I will understand."

Lena: "Yes, Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "Please call me Finbar. "Oh my God, Get thee behind me Satan. The women in Russia are beautiful beyond my comprehension. That lying American media that showed only ugly Russian women.

A well-dressed man in military uniform meets Finbar and Lena at the door. He has many medals on his uniform. He is about Finbars age a bit shorter with more gray hair.

Lena: "Finbar, this is Director Zhukov."

The two smile and shake hands.: "I am happy to be here and I hope I can be of help in some small way."

The Director answers in perfect English.

Director: "We want to learn from you."

They walk up stairs into a large conference room. Everyone instantly stands up when they enter the room. Finbar, Lena, and the Director sit in the front. There are all kinds of technical equipment in the room for communications. Large screens and satellite hook ups to transfer information. Everyone in the room has a computer. There is a video crew to tape the discussion. There are two translators to translate in real time. The Director motions for them all to sit.

Lena whispers to Finbar: "It is a great honor to you for the Director to be at the meeting and he will introduce you to the group in English. This is a sign of respect for you. I have never seen this before."

Director Zhukov stands: "Today you have an opportunity to change your country. You are the best scientists that we have in Russia. Your success is critical to our future. We are happy today to have the famous marketing professor, Dr. Finbar McCool to share with us. His approach is different from what our universities are now teaching in marketing. You are the elite and you must hear the truth for Russia to prosper. Business and marketing in Russia must be compatible with our Russian soul or we will become a colonial raw material supplier. A closed satellite hook up is connected with the President and his top staff. Select business leaders have been assembled and will also take part. Are the hook ups connected Colonel?

Colonel: "Yes Sir."

Director: "Let me introduce to you Dr. Finbar McCool, Professor of Marketing at the University of New Haven."

Everyone smiles and claps as Finbar gets up to speak: "Thank you for inviting me. I am glad to be here to talk to you about the Form, Force, and Power storytelling approach to marketing storytelling and business. To be honest, I believe that you know as much about this approach to marketing and business in Russia as I do. The wisdom of Form, Force, and Power marketing storytelling and business is to be found right here under your noses. If I can teach you to look to yourself for wisdom, I will have taught you what I know.

    How many of you think that you are a scientist? Why do you think you are a scientist? The number of science courses you have taken? Because someone pays you to say you are a scientist?"


Finbar: "I never learned anything in science throughout all my schooling. I do not believe anything that they say or do in science is true or of real value to any society. How many think that is possible? Could everything that you have learned be a lie? An illusion created to destroy your nation, my nation, and the world?"

No one says a word and they just stare in disbelief. All eyes are on the Director. He keeps smiling and paying attention.

Finbar: I should be use to this by now? "If any of you think you have learned anything in science, then Russia is doomed. Russia cannot afford to have scientist and business people that think they know anything. This is ego at its worst. Western science of which you have fallen into the same trap has confused and created an insurmountable obstacle for American business by searching for what they call form and function. When our scientists refer to form and function they understand each form to have a particular function or functions. For example, we think a table may have multiple functions but within limits.

    This simple idea has limited Western scientific perception and has concealed the creative applications derived from Form and Force. I will tell you the secret of Form, Force, and Power that is far different from form and function. It is in the Book of Ballymote and the secret of the Ogham. Form and function will be your death. When one is convinced that a particular form has a limited number of functions, then their world becomes smaller, separated, hierarchical, and linear. Your symbols of form and function become your immutable god Function must never limit form and form must not limit function. They are not god. When Form has an infinite number of possibilities it becomes larger, circular, and nonlinear. This simply means that you must stop limiting yourselves through your current thinking of a ubiquitous god called science. How and what you think controls you and locks you in a prison. If you limit yourselves to believe that the American view of marketing will save Russia you will be overcome. You have chosen to follow a false god called American marketing. If you practice the American view of marketing you will be overcome. All proposed forms of marketing are not god."

Director: "What do you mean, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "Everything that we teach and say in marketing in the United States is a lye, a fabrication, a joke. If you knew what marketing really was would you tell others? You are doomed just like most American businesses are doomed. Doomed to a life of individual greed and consumption. A drone, slave, the walking dead. The masses follow the marketing god without question."

The Director stand and claps his hands. The others follow.

Finbar: "The question today is not does anyone understand marketing? If your answer is yes, who are they? What do they want? What do they know that you know and cannot see? Marketing as a symbol was stolen from us and used against us. Used to destroy and enslave us. Yes us. Who are us? We are the people of the world who are not restricted to the idea that the symbol is the truth. Real truth is beyond the symbol. The people of the Circle also have our truth imbedded in our stories and symbols. Russia and the Russian people are of the Circle just like my people the Irish. Why do you think we both have been so hated for eternity?

    Learn from all others but then create our own symbols that have been taken from us. Our stories have been robbed, changed, and marginalized. Every Christmas Disney comes out with a new marginalized story to destroy our childrens future. Our stories linked to our symbols are represented in our products and services. I hope that I will be able to transfer this secret to some of you? I do not speak for you but let me give you three examples from what I believe to be your own unique stories and symbols. Remember these are our truth."

Finbar tells three stories to the group.


    "Story one is that great wisdom is found within the Russian people. You have spent a fortune in the education of your people and have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. Far greater that in my country.

    Let me tell you about Anna. Anna sells bread in the lobby of the building in which the Institute is located. Every day hundreds of business students walk by her to learn about marketing. The United States government and the Institute spent thousands of dollars to bring me here to teach marketing. The greatest example of a story applying Form, Force, and Power marketing storytelling is the selling of bread in the lobby.

    How do I know this? I asked her to teach me about marketing? She has taught me a great deal about how to be successful with Form, Force, and Power storytelling in Russia. What does she know that others do not know? Selling bread or selling anything requires the same circular thinking skills. I do not mean the same ritual or linear sequence but the understanding that wisdom is everywhere. When we know this, we can then begin to learn from others. The linear stories and symbols can only rely on experts as part of a hierarchy. This does not mean that you think of people like Anna as some type of scientific experiment but rather a fellow human with something to offer you. If you see her as a divine gift to help you your life will change. I can learn from you and you can learn from me. I wrote a poem to share this idea."

Celtic Circle : Every Person

Every person can teach us to love; every person can teach us to care; every person can teach us to give; every person can teach us to smile; every person can teach us to help others.

Every person can teach us to be compassionate; every person can teach us to grow; one person can teach us to sacrifice; one person can teach us to be diplomatic; one person can

teach us to pray.


Every person can teach us to work; every person can teach us to be positive; every person can teach us to heal; one person can teach us to lead; every person's life can make a difference.


Finbar: "How do you get this knowledge from others around you? It is extremely easy to do but most followers of a particular god never figure it out. Did you tell your grandmother that she was unable to teach you through stories because she did not have a Ph.D. in storytelling? We were born emerged in stories. Could your grandmother change the story without you thinking that she was stupid? Business is just a manifestation of your grandmother's stories. It is your grandmother that has set you on the path of success not your degree in science. This may sound silly to a bunch of scientists. Develop your own products and your ideas from your stories of self, family, community, country, and the world. If you do this you will be successful. The better you get at this the more successful you will become. If your actions and thoughts are for the good of others, then others will respond. Did your grandmother tell you these stories so you would harm others? Turn your weaknesses into opportunities. Your grandmothers and mother told you stories to help you to live together and help others. Anna is your grandmother.


    Story two is right on your ruble coin. It is everywhere for you to see. In my own life I have seen things for years but really did not see. Can you even not see your own stories? When you look at the ruble, there is an Eagle with two heads. One faces the East and the other West. This message is still a current story or symbol for modern Russia. The Tsar took this symbol from Caesar. One of your so-called weaknesses that can be turned into an opportunity. Through this symbol and story you are told that Russia is a land corridor that can continue to be developed for trade. You connect the world through Russia from Asia to the bottom of Africa . If you put your minds to your symbol you can take that trade through to Canada and the entire continent. Fast trains can move people and cargo any where in the world. Your nation links it all. The story to the eagle symbol has power for you. It is not my story but yours. The possibilities for this symbol are endless. If you think the symbol only opens one possibility then a linear god controls you.

     Russian cities along this line can become industrial hubs to move Russian products into this transportation system. Russia has been a part of the Tea Route or Old Post Road for thousands of years. It came right through here. I never knew about the Tea Route until I came to Russia . It was a symbol that I was not allowed to learn by our linear god. Russian businesses can be encouraged to develop major industries along this corridor. It could be envisioned as one huge circle around the globe. Orders for products could be moving through this circle to completion. Major service industries can also be developed in current Russian cities to support this industrial corridor. Heavy industry can be developed closer to your markets. Industrial corridors have opened up many countries and improved standards of living since mankind developed. The Tea Route is your industrial corridor. It is your gift, your history, and your story. You need to return to the land for your bounty to provide your products and services. Products can be moved much faster than by sea and much more effectively than by air. With the current world crises air travel may give way to new forms. This has been your story for one hundred thousand years and now you have forgotten.


    Story three is Russian cold weather This can be a great benefit to Russia by developing industries that are prosperous in cold weather. The cold weather is your gift. The Russian roads are terrible. Why? Because you did not embrace and benefit from your own stories. Your own symbol has been used against you. By who? You. You are fortunate to have the extremes of weather. Figure out how to build roads in this type of climate and design and produce all the equipment you require to do the job. The Russians know how to keep warm in cold weather. We do not. You can develop the warmest, best-designed clothes in the world. Build your buildings for extremes in climate. Build cars for extremes in climate. Develop paints and other materials for extremes in climate. Use the cold to refrigerate your food and heat your homes. Use your story to your advantage. Expand your symbols; do not make them into linear gods.

    Sell and perfect these products in Russia first. You scientist can discover these new products and turn them over to Russian industry for production and sales. Employ your own people in your own industries. Once this is successful in your own nation, sell these products and services to those areas of the world that have similar extremes in climate. Most of this work has been done for you already. Just look around. The Japanese are searching the world for those creative minds that have been solving story symbol problems. They then buy these companies and the knowledge. Five years later the Japanese have developed an entirely new industry on these innovative ideas. This is one of the story symbols of Japan . They sell these products first in Japan and then in the rest of the world. The Japanese have become their own competition as other countries are stuck defending their old linear god and its limitations. Become your own competition in Russia .

     Russia has what it takes to be successful. Highly educated people, the location, and the climate. Do not try to transfer another nations' technology to your stories and symbols. Take their technology and rethink it into your own stories, products, and services. Directly transferred technology makes money for the transferee. Changed technology makes money for those who make the changes when they build on their stories. Others will tell you that your stories are your weakness. You and I have the same choice that everyone else has. How do we want to live our lives? Your grandmother has given you what you require to help others. I am here to give you some suggestions of how to use your own stories.

A few years ago we were supposedly enemies. The enemy is always the fear of success. This god of fear manifests single solutions. I have faced this enemy all my life. Fear of success is the toughest enemy we all face each day. You also have the fear of success because you must know that you cannot succeed with the stories and symbols of others. These are the people who do not think of life and the world like you and me. Those who want their symbols to become your truth. You and I are the same; we have the same fears. face the monster, do not let the linear gods of the Western view of science and marketing destroy you. Do you want to die as your own person or die as a manipulated excuse for a scientist? I heard before I came that one of your so-called secret cities was thinking about making pots and pans from aluminum. If you design and make them for your food and stoves you will fail. I would not give my dog water from an aluminum pan. It is toxic. Is that want you want? Is this what you believe is the connection between science and marketing? Look to your stories and you will prosper. I will now take questions from the audience."

A man gets up and asks a question: "Do you believe that the current American marketing ideas will transfer to Russia ?"

    "Well, if you are talking about Form, Force, and Power yes. This is not the dominant thinking in the USA . Resources must be combined, not separated for a company or nation to be successful."

Finbar: Next question?

Woman: "Do you have any advice for us to help us decide on new product development?"

Finbar: "Transfer what you know, with the knowledge gained from others."

A question from another scientist: "What happens when others do not follow or disagree?"

Finbar: "Do it yourself."

Next question: "We do not have the money."

Finbar: "Do it without money. Do it at a level that costs almost nothing. Help each other succeed. If linear outsiders support you, it is their story that will rule. I was just in a village where a man had a unique design for a Russian bath. He is right here next to you; this invention could turn into a huge business opportunity. Are you such linear scientists that you cannot see what you have under your noses? You live in a secret city. In myth this is a mysterious place in which all good things are found. Live your myth. Thank you.

The Director stands and tells Finbar that the President has a question.

Putin: Dr. McCool thank you for your talk today. We all learned what we already have known. This can be the most difficult thing for humans to do. We must stand with our stories and symbols and not get caught in turning these stories and symbols into marketing gods. Do you think it is important to learn the stories of others?

Finbar: This is the difference between wisdom and training. To know only our own stories is to be trained. To understand the universality of what it means to be human is wisdom. When you can do this others will incorporate your products and services as part of their own.

Putin: How can this be done without imposing our stories on others?

Finbar: Do not impose but work with others to help them solve their challenges through their own unique stories and symbols. You cannot sell your cold weather products to those at the equator. You can participate and help them find the products and services that are part of their story.

Putin: What if their stories conflict with our stories?

Finbar: Enter their story to help them find their answers.

Putin: What if their story is at war with our story? They see us as trying to destroy their story and way of life.

Finbar: Begin with areas that people are willing to share.

Putin: For example?

Finbar: If anyone that has listened to this talk today sees this as my story and not theirs it will be rejected. Any changes that these scientists bring forth must be their own. Very few if any will link what they do with this talk until they attain the wisdom to move beyond their story to the universal. When this happens they can share with the others of the world who have followed the same path through their individual and ethnic life."

Putin: This is a very few people in every society.

Finbar: The difference will be that those who now control the individual and ethnic stories of the linear masses through individual greed will give way back to sacrifice for others. It is the timeless movement from adolescent to adulthood and the stories our grandmothers have taught us from birth. This is why the linear must destroy our stories so we can never become adults. We consume as children all our life.

The Director stands as they clap and then tells Finbar.

Director: "Thank you Dr. McCool for your great talk. Please accept this small gift of an Ural Mountain mineral candlestick holder as a token of our appreciation?

Finbar: What you have given me is a story, not a candlestick holder. The value of this story to you and to me is translated into how well it is told and what it can mean to me. Link it to the myth it can mean one ruble or one hundred thousand rubles. The meaning to me is that you have given the gift to me. The meaning that will encourage those to buy is in what the product symbolizes. The linear god wants the symbol to have only one meaning to all. Storytelling allows for individual meaning. It is as simple as the poet in us all. Link it to the fairy tale the Stone Flower. It is right there for you. It is your story.

Director: Would you meet privately with some of us after lunch?"

Finbar: "I would be honored. I will help you anytime that you feel that I can be of value. Thank you Lena for helping me today."

After the meeting they all go to the car for Finbar to return home.

Director: "Thank you again. You are the first American that we have had to our city."

Finbar: "Why all the secrets in this city now Director?"

Director: "Behaviors are hard to change, Dr. McCool. Your talk may have taught us to begin to learn from other secret cities. There are many who do not want to change."

Finbar: "No one likes change Director, especially me. We will not do anything different until we find our self within any change. So it is then not a change, it is still each of us within the story. This is why we must link to our stories to incorporate change."

The car leaves the secret city and drives Finbar back to his flat.

Lena: "Here we are Dr. McCool, take care of yourself. There are few who share so easily. Have you ever heard of Arkaim?"

Finbar: Lena I share because no one can take my story because our stories are us. What ever I think I said no one heard it that way. Yes two times a Muslim woman kept repeating to me Celtic, Arkaim, Circle after I gave her some prayer beads. A friend of mine also mentioned it in passing. Is it real?

Lena: It is an ancient city near here. We would like to give you the gift of going to Arkaim. This should be of special interest to you because of your Irish heritage. It is a secret that has been kept from the Irish.

Finbar: "This would be interesting to me, Lena if it is no trouble. What does Arkaim have to do with my Irish heritage?

Lena: "I will make the arrangements and contact you Dr. McCool. You will be the first outsider to see Arkaim. It is not easy to go there because we do not want people disturbing the artifacts."

Finbar: "Well, if it works out, grand and if not, I can see many other wonderful things in Russia . It sounds like Arkaim is the real secret city?"

Lena: "Yes it is very much so. Good-bye and thank you again.


FSB Colonel: "Director, McCool told our agent that he gave the beggar woman prayer beads and she said to him Celtic, Arkaim, Circle. He also said he heard the name Arkaim for someone else. Director Zhukov wants us to show him Arkaim. Do you want him to go?"

FSB Director: "Yes of course arrange it, but have his every action on video with sound capabilities to hear what he says. Tell him we are making a documentary film."

FSB Colonel: "I will my Director."

FSB Director: "Did he mention the shooting outside of the girl's flat?"

FSB Colonel: "No Sir."

FSB Director: "We still do not know who those two men were. They were both armed. Do you think they were there to kill McCool?"

FSB Colonel: "Yes, whoever killed them were professionals. Were they ours?"

FSB Director: "I do not think so?"

FSB Colonel: "American?"

FSB Director: "I am not sure yet, but two less out of the marketing wars? McCool acts like he has not a care in the world.

FSB Colonel: "What training he must have received as an agent?"

FSB Director: "I agree. Keep digging. I wonder why Zhukov would want to have McCool see Arkaim? He must have his reasons."


Finbar telephones Larissa when he gets back from the secret city.

Finbar: "Larissa, I have to go to Lake Uvildy for three days." A tough break. Time seems to be against us.

Larissa: "Be careful with the gang of five. Nadia, Svetlana, Lyubov, Phedel, and of course you, Finbar."

Finbar: "I have been to Lake Uvildy two times before and had a great time. To be honest, I wish I could get out of going this time and spend the remaining time I have in Russia with you."

Larissa: "My son and I are going away for a few days with the people from the office for a party. Call me when you get back?"

Finbar: "All the best."

The car arrives at Finbars flat with his three friends and the driver to go to Lake Uvildy.

Finbar: "Hello, the gang of five is together again and we are off to Lake Uvildy. We are going to have a grand time. How can one American be so blessed to go off with three of the most beautiful, intelligent, and greatest dancers in the world? It must be divine intervention? I have prayed for this day."

Svetlana: "Our plans are to go to the sauna, swimming, shopping, and eating. It is too bad you are not going to be here in the summer because Lake Uvildy is so beautiful."

Finbar: "You know, the first time I went to Lake Uvildy, I thought that I was going to have my brain removed and my identity changed." I guess I know them well enough to tell them the truth.

Svetlana: "What?"

Finbar: "After Lyubov met me at the airport, we avoided security with that beautiful Russian military officer. I could not figure out why no security? Lyubov then took me to my flat in the top of this old building. We had to open three padlocks to get to the flat on the top floor. The locks to the floors were huge and only opened from the outside. I thought I was imprisoned. I thought that the mafia or the FSB had taken me prisoner. Lyubov gave me a few apples and told me to be ready to go to Lake Uvildy the next day. I was then picked up by Lyubov and Phedel and driven out of the city.

    We came to this estate. I was then told to say nothing as we went through the guards. We went up into a hospital floor where people had their faces covered with some kind of mask. I thought that I was going to have my identity changed. I was scared to death."

Svetlana: "You are kidding us?"

Finbar: "No, I was afraid until you all took me to dinner. I then figured if you were going to feed me, I was safe."

Lyubov: "We are so sorry."

Finbar: "I am not telling you this, Lyubov, as your weakness, but rather mine. The images that I had created for me in the United States about Russia have been negative. This is my weakness, not yours. I am glad I had a chance to know the difference in my life. The police again. They are everywhere."

Whenever the Russians in a car see the police they pretend to put on their safety belts. When the police are past they take them off.

Finbar: "I am afraid to put my safety belt on in Russia."


Finbar think: What a rejection of authority and hierarchy the Russians have? Just like me, and guess who, the Irish.

Svetlana: "How come you have such young children Finbar and you are fifty-three? Is this your second marriage"

Finbar: "Well, Svetlana, it took me all those years to figure out that you had to have sex to have children. No one ever told me. One day my father took me aside and told me the facts of life. I was shocked; let's see, I was thirty-six."

Nadia: "Are you serious Finbar? Is that why?"

Finbar: "I don't know, Nadia? The years just drifted by."

Svetlana: "Let's listen to music? I brought some of my favorite tapes. This is a famous Russian love song. The soul of a Russian woman is love. The love of children and family. We dedicate ourselves to this love."

Finbar: "So, Svetlana, Russian women would have a difficult time leaving their families and moving to the United States?"

Svetlana: "Yes, of course."

Finbar: "Do you other women agree with this?"

Nadia: "Yes."

Lyubov: "Of course."

Finbar: "What about our great driver, Phedel? Ask him if he agrees?"

Phedel without expression: "Women are women."

Finbar: "That is true? I never thought of this before? Do you ladies think that men are men?"

Nadia: "Russian men do not love. They seem to not care about women."

Finbar: "Nadia, American women would probably say the same thing about American men. This is a universal struggle between men and women. When you all come to visit me, my wife and her friends will fill you in on how bad American men can be. We are as bad as any men on earth. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

Svetlana: "Can we stay at your house?"

Finbar: "Of course. I will be your Phedel when you come to the United States. You will have to adjust to going slowly in a car. I will not go shopping with any of you. I cannot stand to go shopping with my mother or my wife. They look at every item five times over, just like you Russian women."

Svetlana: "We are just trying to get the best buy."

Finbar: "I think I've heard that somewhere before, Svetlana! Are we going to stay with Daria's parents again? I have a necklace for each of them. We have done this in my kindred with Celtic Circle rings. If you are too dependent on your right brain you put the ring on your left finger and the right brain gives way."

Lyubov: "What is a Celtic Circle ring?"

Finbar: "Lyubov, the ring is the Celtic symbol for Form, Force, and Power. We have had fourteen of them made by hand already in my kindred. We all wear the same rings no matter where we are in the world. My wife, mother, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews all have a ring. We just got one for my cousin Patty before I came to Russia."

Lyubov: "Are they expensive?"

Finbar: "Yes. They are made from 24kt gold, keeping with the Celtic tradition of higher gold content. There are very few in the world that can get one of these rings. My father and Uncle Sean got them from their kindred in Ireland. I was afraid to wear it to Russia."

Lyubov: "It is a very familiar design to me, Finbar. Why were you afraid?"

Finbar: "I thought that I would be robbed of my ring in Russia. Now I know better. Next time I will not be so afraid. I am happy I decided to wear the ring. It is very powerful.

They all ask to look at the ring.

Finbar: "I cannot tell you how much joy I have had seeing my kindred wearing this Celtic Circle ring. Do not put it on without my saying some special words. It can mean death. I bought Daria, her mother, and sister the same necklace in the city. This will give them the idea of a common piece of family or clann jewelry."

Svetlana turns around in the car: "That is a great idea to give the three women the same piece of jewelry. Why will we die if we put on the ring without your words?"

Finbar: "It is a clann secret. My kindred are so spread out and this reminds us all of our connection with each other."

The car passes through the small village that is at the entrance to Lake Uvildy. There are just a few houses and what appears to be an out door shopping area where a people are selling things. The car drives through a huge open gate onto the grounds.

Nadia: "They are expecting us and we are here."

Finbar: "Yes, Nadia, we are all going to have a great time."

Lyubov: "Finbar remember the woman at the bazaar, she was staring at your ring. I thought that she was going to have you robbed."

Finbar: "I did not notice. I thought it was strange of her to say Celtic, Arkaim, and Circle to me."

Lyubov: "She also said another word. It is possible that there is some connection to these three words?"

Finbar: "Who knows?"

Lyubov: "It was strange?"