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Ch 8 I Break Glass Like a Chocolate in My Arm.
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1996 - 2008




A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both

near and far away.

Chapter 4, Arkaim, Marketing Wars


The five go to Volodyas flat on the Lake Uvildy property to spend the night. Volodya is a plastic surgeon at Lake Uvildy. His oldest daughter Daria is in Finbars class. Volodya has a wife and younger daughter. When they arrive at the flat they are greeted with dinner and drinks. A new person Olya that Finbar has not met is also there waiting. All go and sit in the living room with food and drinks. Olya is about sixty, big, and strong looking with blond hair and blue eyes. She is dressed nicely with her own bottle of Mataxa in one hand. She wants everyone to drink with her. She asks Finbar to have a drink with her. When he refuses she starts to laugh hysterically at him.

Olya: "Hee Haw. La, La La. E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E E-E-E-E-E-E-E we must have a toast for the great American. Come on, drink it all down."

Finbar: "What is she saying, Lyubov?"

Lyubov: "Try to drink something. If you don't, she will think you rude. Take it and leave it on the table."

Finbar: "I just don't like drinking."

Lyubov: "Do it, Finbar."

Olya: "The great American is afraid to drink?"

Finbar: "I am a fraidie boy. You are right."

Olya: "Come on, Finbar. E-E-E-E-E-E-E E-E-E-E-E-E Ya Whooo have a drink with Olyaaaaaa!"

Finbar: "Ask Olya, if she was born in the area?"

Olya: "E-E-E-E-E-E-E E-E-E-E-E-E-E Aha Aha finish the drink with Olyaaaaaa."

Lyubov: "I will not tell you what she is saying in Russian Finbar."

Finbar: "Tell Olya that I am fluent in Russian and I just have an interpreter for status." Should I say something nasty back to her? No, remember the Druid; compassion, sacrifice and diplomacy.

Olya: "Eah eah whooooooooooooooo."

Finbar: I will give it back to her. "Olyaaaaaaaaaaa wooao wooao wooao, the greatest Russian woman. I know such a beautiful and loving woman, as you would not force someone to drink. A woman with your kindness and sincere love of all people would not say or do anything to hurt my feelings. Whhhoooooo wooao Olyaaaaaaaaaa."

Olya: "Finbar, you are a kind man to say this to me."

Finbar: "Olya, it is only your kindness that I am reflecting."

Everyone keeps laughing as Olya and Finbar talk back and forth.

Olya: "Finbar, when I was in school, I would scare all the boys. If they gave anyone any trouble, I would beat them up."

Finbar: "What a way to show your feelings, Olya?"

Olya: "You come with Olya around Lake Uvildy and everyone will be afraid of you. I run all the eating places and I am respected by everyone."

Finbar: "Did the gang tell you that I was afraid the first time I came here to Lake Uvildy?"

Olya: "Olyaaaaaaaa hears everything."

They all laugh.

Finbar: "Tarzan, or should I say me, Finbar, does not believe danger at Lake Uvildy any more. Aaaaaa aaaaaaa."

Olya: "You come with Olyaaaaaaa anyway. I will get you a room in the resort. I will make you Russian pancakes tomorrow morning. Let's go."

Finbar: "Charge. Eeeeeeeee aaaaaaaa."

Finbar and Olya are leaving to go to his guest room suite at Lake Uvildy.

Finbar: "Please tell Olya it would be an honor to escort such a fine person. I only want the pancakes tomorrow if Olya joins me. Let's go off to Lake Uvildy.

There are no lights and it is dark outside Volodyas flat. They take a shortcut down a hill with many rocks. Olya holds onto Finbars arm as they walk down the hill.

Olya: "Olyaaaaaaaaaaaaa and ddd Finbar gooo oo, aaaaaaaaa aaaaa."

Olya slips and Finbar grabs her before she falls. Olya just keeps walking holding Finbars arm and singing. Finbar sees Olyas future.

Finbar thinks: I am lucky I could hold her up. She is big and strong and all I need is to have her get hurt. That is no way to make friends. Should I tell her to be careful of the ice?

Pointing to the room, Olya hands Finbar the key.

Finbar: "Thank you, Olyaaa. See you tomorrow morning at 9:00 for breakfast."


There is a knock on the door. A woman is at the door. She is a woman who works in this particular guesthouse at Lake Uvildy: "Olya no come here. Eat now."

The woman gives Finbar a tray of pancakes: "These pancakes are great. Tell Olya thank you."

Another knock at the door. Finbar opens the door and sees Lyubov: "What happened to Olya? She sent the pancakes but she did not come? Let's find her?"

They go to Olya's house on the property. The house is small with clothing out on the close line. The items on the close line are frozen solid.

Lyubov: "This must be her house, Finbar. I will knock. This looks like her clothes on the line."

Olya comes to the door.

Finbar: "Olyaaaaaaa."

Lyubov: "Olya tells me she got up at four this morning to prepare the pancakes. She says that you saved her life last night."

Finbar: "All I did was hold her up when she was falling on the path."

Lyubov: "She says that you are a gentleman and you saved her life."

Finbar: "Tell her that I cannot think of anyone's life that is more worth saving. Tell her to stay off the ice this time of year. What is she crying about?"

Lyubov: "Russian women are emotional and very caring to their family and friends. Her brother. He was a doctor on a ship in the Russian Navy and he died. The American Navy loved him and they flew him back to Russia on an American Navy airplane with full honors."

Finbar: "The Americans?" I wonder what really happened. Was he a double agent? Did he help the Americans in some type of medical emergency? Who knows? Life is strange. "What do you think happened, Lyubov? Was he really brought back by the Americans?"

Olya: "Yes, the body was allowed back into the country and he was sent by train to Lake Uvildy. He was buried here at Lake Uvildy with full military honors. Both American and Russian soldiers were there. All the top people in the country came to the funeral. He was a great doctor and a great man of the world."

Finbar: "Please tell Olya that he must have been a wonderful man because he has such a loving and caring sister. Our family members are a reflection of all our lives."

Olya: "The Americans made sure that my brother was given a beautiful burial. I love the Americans for this. I will always love the Americans."

Olya continues crying:

Finbar: "That is true of all Americans. We are a kind and loving nation of people. I am glad that this is obvious to the Russians. I also believe that the Russians are just as loving."

Olya: "I could not come at 9:00. Finbar. Did you like my pancakes?"

Finbar: "The best I have ever had. No one ever spent six hours making me pancakes before. Thanks. See you tonight at 8:10 with the gang at the bar, Olyaaaaaa. You are kind to me and I will not forget. I will send you an ancient Irish Clann Cross when I get home for your kindness. I will send several of them to my friends in Russia."


Lyubov and Finbar leave Olya.

Lyubov: "We will go over to see Volodya today so you can see the youth mask procedure that is done here at Lake Uvildy."

Finbar: "Grand, Lyubov. I told you when we first came here I did not know what to expect when I saw the people with those masks on. I was told not to say anything when we went through the guards to Volodya's office. Then we all began to walk down the hall. No one said a word to anyone else." Here we are again.

The entire hall is covered with beautiful wood paneling. The floor is entirely carpeted. Each door is massive with a big brass doorknob that pulls down to open and close. They once again walk through the door and begin to walk up three flights of stairs. As they reach the top of the stairs, it now looks like a hospital. They walk into an office and see Volodya sitting at his desk. There is another doctor in the room. The room has a bathroom and a small room that has a refrigerator, teapot, and cups. On the wall is a picture of the owner of Lake Uvildy.

Volodya: "Welcome, Finbar. We want you to see what we have been doing here in Russia. Many years ago an American doctor discovered a procedure for making people look younger. This American doctor died and his work was then continued in Spain. Dr. Zolotrova went to Spain and learned the technique for doing the youth mask treatment. He then returned to Lake Uvildy and perfected the procedures. We perform all types of plastic surgeries at Lake Uvildy but we are famous for the youth mask. Thousands from all over the world come here each year to have this procedure. I will show you before and after pictures."

Finbar looks at the photos: "How is it possible to make people look so young without surgery? Is it dangerous? You should use a fountain of youth Russian fairytale or myth to market Uvildy. You know the story of the princess at the bottom of Lake Uvildy would be perfect." It does not seem possible that it can be safe, but who knows?

Volodya: "How do you know that story? We have developed technology to accomplish this procedure with great success here at Lake Uvildy. The long term effects are minimal."

Finbar: "Your daughter told it to me. Do the Americans know about this procedure?" I find it hard to believe that the Americans don't know about this procedure? I suppose that it is possible Americans have not heard of this procedure? We like laser surgery.

Volodya: "Yes, they have tried to copy our techniques but we are far ahead. Doctors from all over the world come to Lake Uvildy to learn. Today, we have a doctor from France learning how to handle severe burn victims with our technology. We are more than willing to share our knowledge with the world. We are doctors and we do not see medicine as a business."

Finbar: "So, you would share your knowledge given to you by the Princess of the Lake with the plastic surgeons in the United States?"

Volodya: "Yes, we are doctors and we want to help all people."

Finbar: "How do you do this procedure, Volodya?"

Volodya: "It takes several days to perform the procedure. There is very little pain involved for anyone. We monitor our patients closely through the whole process. We are recognized the world over for this procedure."

Finbar: "If you give me the information, I will give it to a friend of mine who is a plastic surgeon in my hometown. I cannot promise that he will be interested, but I will try."

Volodya: "Thank you, Finbar."

Lyubov tells Finbar: "The doctor will do a cleaning procedure on all our faces. This procedure should be done several times but he will do it for you just this one time. This will be a good experience for you."

Finbar: "Thanks Lyubov, I think this is grand. Ask Volodya if he will look at my eyes to see if I need plastic surgery."

Volodya: "My medical opinion is that you look younger than you are, but we can do your eyes if you would like."

Finbar: "How much?"

Volodya: "Two hundred dollars. The procedure would cost thousands in the United States."

Finbar: "I have to see how much money I have left. I will let you know tomorrow." Do I need a face-lift?

Volodya: "Let's take a tour through the Lake Uvildy Center. We have something special to show you."

Finbar: "This resort is beautiful. I've never had the money to go to a place like this in my life. Thank you for the opportunity."

Down long carpeted halls up another set of stairs brings them to a door. This door is guarded, but they walk right through. Inside is a female doctor sitting at a computer. There are comfortable couches and chairs around the room.


Volodya: "Finbar, this is our super secret technology. Computer-aided dermatrography was developed for the Russian military at great cost. We received this technology after Perestroika."

Finbar: "If you think I should know about this technology I will stay, but I can leave? I do not want to do anything that would not be appropriate while in Russia. I do not want to be that famous linear American."

Volodya: "Come on Finbar, and do not worry so much? Here we are. This is Doctor Shimko. She is a specialist in this technology."

Doctor Shimko: "Just sit down, Dr. McCool. We will not hurt you."

Finbar: "My bodyguard, Lyubov, will not let anything happen to me." I feel safe when she is with me. "Come on, Lyubov, protect me?"

Lyubov: "I will not let them hurt you, Finbar."

Finbar: "Thank you, my godmother." I hope we are friends enough by now that she will not let harm come to me?

Doctor Shimko: "Just sit here in this chair in front of the computer. This is a pen-like device and you will not feel the slightest pain. I am just going to run it around your ear."

Finbar: "My ear, ouch!"

Doctor Shimko: "Are you alright?"

Finbar: "I am just kidding, Doctor. Are you watching, Lyubov?"

Dr. Shimko: "We are done."

Finbar: "That only took a few seconds. Tell me about what you are doing." I cannot figure out what they are doing!

Dr. Shimko: "This technology was developed from ancient Chinese medicine. We found the ear to be the most accurate indicator of health. The Chinese think of the ear as a baby in a fetal position."

Finbar: "Yes, I know about this assessment process, but I had no idea that it could be this sophisticated. In the United States we are just beginning to understand the value of Chinese medicine. It took my lifetime for the doctors to admit that it had value. Science is a narrow-minded master in the United States."

Dr. Shimko: "This technology was developed for the Russian military over the last twenty years. Russia put the top scientists in the nation on this project. A soldier can be diagnosed in seconds. This then gives the doctors the knowledge of where to look for problems. It saves time, is non-invasive, and we have found this technique to be very accurate."

Finbar: "So this technique just identifies organ systems and if these organs are functioning in a normal range?"

Dr. Shimko: "Yes, exactly. This is my full time job. I do these assessments as a specialization."

Finbar: "Can I get a printout in English?"

Dr. Shimko: "No not yet, but we are working on it."

Finbar: "Why don't you sell this technology to the world? You can link it with the Princess of the Lake or use another character in the marketing story."

Dr. Shimko: "The center has decided to keep this technology for the time being. When patients come to Lake Uvildy, we give them an initial assessment, and then we help them to return to normal. As the patients progress we continue to monitor them through this technology."

Finbar: "What a grand idea. I believe that you could sell hundreds of millions of these machines. Individuals would want such a technology in their homes. I am sure Russia has many more products to sell in the world markets"

Dr. Shimko: "Looking at your printout, Finbar, it tells us that you are not in that good health. You need to exercise more. You have several systems that are not functioning in the normal range. When you go home to the United States, see your doctor. We will give you this printout to give to the doctor at home."

Lyubov: "I will translate it for you, Finbar."

Finbar: "Thanks, Lyubov. You are always thinking of my welfare. What areas does it say I should be aware of"

Lyubov: "The blood flow in the brain is not in the normal range. The lungs, stomach, and the urinary systems are also not in the normal range. Have you been exposed to radiation?"

Finbar: "No, not that I know of?"

Lyubov: "What about heart?"

Finbar: "No."

Dr. Shimko: "Don't worry, Finbar, but just take care of your health. The rest of you can also have the test if you like. Volodya will go over anything that you are interested in discussing. He is a great doctor and he is familiar with this technology."

Finbar: "Lyubov, that was extremely interesting and this technology could be worth a fortune to them."

Lyubov: "That's why the guards. The people here showed you this technology because you are special."

Finbar: "Thank you. My assessment is finished and now it is your turn, Lyubov."

Lyubov: "I am done, and now we will go to the sauna. We will drop you off at your room. You can still go to the sauna if you would like."

Finbar: "No, I have some work to do. I should go back and do the work while it is fresh in my mind."

Lyubov: "Wait there for us. Do not leave the room. Then we will go to the night club to see Olya at 9:00."

Finbar: "Yes, Lyubov."


A knock at the door and it is the same woman who came with the pancakes it trying to tell Finbar something: "What is it? Do you want me to leave the room and go to the bar?" I will go over even though the gang told me to stay until after their sauna. Olya is here, but none of the others.

The bar is similar to many in the USA. Nice tables and chairs with a band playing happy music. There is a dance floor and many people are dancing and enjoying themselves. The bar is full of people. Finbar sees Olya and goes over to her sitting at a table drinking vodka.

Olya: "Finbar eat, drink, Olya, yes?"

Finbar: "Yes Olyaaaaa."

Olya introduces Finbar to the other two people at the table: "Yana, Eugene, Finbar."

Finbar: "Nice to meet you."

Yana and Eugene are interesting people. She is very friendly and sharing. Eugene is quiet and reserved. They are younger than Finbar. They both are well dressed and seem to be having a good time dancing and eating with Olya. Yana is tall and pretty with long hair.

Olya: "Finbar, Olya dance? Here comes the rest of the group."

Lyubov: "We were looking all over for you. Why did you leave the room?"

Finbar: "Lyubov, a woman came to the door and I thought she was telling me to meet you here."

Lyubov: "Please don't listen to women at the door again. We do not want to lose the great American marketing professor."

Finbar: "No problem." Women.

Svetlana: "Let's all go to the back room with Olya?"

Finbar: "Food, champagne, and dance, what more could we ask for? The guards are asking everyone to leave. Do we have to go?"

Olya: "Olyaaa pays them. We will stay and have fun."

Svetlana: "Finbar, this is Raisa."

Finbar: "I met her outside and I thought she told me she had twenty children. I could not believe that she was old enough to have twenty children. Very unusual woman? Does not say much, but striking.

Svetlana: "She has brought twenty children to Lake Uvildy to go swimming in the indoor pool."

Finbar: "I thought she was the mother of twenty children."

Woman: "That is kind of you. Nice to meet the great Irish American."

Finbar: "The pleasure is mine. Svetlana, dance?"

Finbar and Svetlana go to the dance floor.

Svetlana: "Let's go? It is getting late. We will walk you back to your room and then we will go back to the house. Tomorrow night we will have dinner in the village."

Finbar: "Yes my General, Svetlana."

Olya: "Olyaa find a ring like yours in my brother's things. What does it mean?"

Finbar: "I do not know. Let me see it sometime?"

Olya: "Someone broke into my house and took the ring, but I remember it well. His stone under the symbol was purple not red like yours."

Finbar: "I do not know Olya? If I find out I will let you know?"


The three women come to Finbars suite the next day and pick him up to go to dinner in the village outside of Lake Uvildy.

Svetlana: "Time to go to dinner, let's go! We will walk over to the house."

It is a dark and cold night. The roads are made of dirt and some gravel. They meet Volodya in front of his flat and all walk together.

Finbar: "You carry my flashlight to lead the way. Natia and Svetlana hold my arms, and we will whistle the Bridge Over the River Kwai song. As I told you, my uncle would whistle this all day as he was developing computers. Deda da da da da da da. Deda da da da da da da. Deda da da da deda da da da. Da daut da daut da da. Over and over again. Lyubov and Volodya are walking faster than us. Let's speed up the song and then our pace."

The road is full of holes. No lights anywhere to help us to even see five feet in front of us. Each house has a dog in the yard that barks as we go by. Each house has a fence around the house with a huge locked gate.

Finbar thinks: I thought we were going to have dinner in a restaurant. It seems we are going to go to someone's house.

Svetlana: "This is it, let's go in? This is Dr. Finbar McCool, a marketing professor from America."

Finbar: "We met last night at the night club with Olya. It is Eugene and Yana?

Yana: "Welcome to our home. Let Eugene and I help you with your coats and shoes."

Finbar: "This house is beautifully done. The woodwork is beautiful. The carving is exceptional." This is a very nice house?

Yana: "Eugene is a builder. He built every bit of this house by himself. These are our children, Natasha and Andre; our other son is at the Institute. Come into the living room and sit down. Dinner will be served in a few minutes."

Finbar: "This is a beautiful table and that wall cabinet is one of the best I have seen in Russia."

Wall cabinets cover the whole wall. They have drawers, closets, and places for China. Not too many closets in Russian homes. Just wall cabinets: "Eugene made them himself."

Finbar: "He is so talented." But he doesn't talk much?

Yana: "Let's begin to eat?"

Svetlana: "This is a wonderful meal. Let's go around the table and tell what we think love is? Finbar, you start."

Finbar: "Ok, Svetlana, love is an illusion. When we think it is there, it is gone. When we think it is not there, it is there. I wrote a poem I will share."

A Russian Woman

Stop-start; come over-maybe; I am busy- if you want; I am forced to be strong-I am gentle; you have no manners-it is cold in here;

I need  time, I want the best for my son; I don't want my parents to die. time; What do you want? What do you want? Tell me!

All my friends are  divorced-my sister is happy in her third marriage; I don't care; I don't have to know. What is it? Tell me!


Nadia: "Love is a poem."

Svetlana: "Love is family and friends."

No answer from Yana. Svetlana comes to her rescue.

Svetlana: "We will return to you, Yana."

Lyubov: "Love is painful."

Eugene: "Love is a good job."

Svetlana: "Where is Yana? She must be in the kitchen. I will go get her."

Finbar thinks: Why is Svetlana trying to put the pressure on Yana to answer the question about love?

Svetlana: "Come in. You did not get a chance to tell us what love is"

Yana says nothing. Lyubov speaks up: "Well, don't worry. We will not pressure you to give an answer. The men go into the kitchen and have a cigarette while the women talk."

Finbar: "Eugene, is it ok to smoke a cigar in the house?"

Eugene: "No problem, smoke."

Volodya speaks to the men: "Let the men have their time? Call in Andre to be with the men. Come in with your papa and the other men? You are a man now. You are nine years old."

Finbar: "How long did it take you to build this house?" This is such a nice idea for the little boy to come in, with the men. It must have taken one person more than a year.

Eugene: "It took me four months."

Finbar: "You work fast. Lyubov told me you were a builder in one of the republics."

Eugene: "I built factories, and then we had to leave. We came back, and I have not been able to find work. My brother and I would go to the north for six months each year. I would make a great deal of money, and I then returned home to the family. This is now all gone. No jobs. No money. If it were not for my wife working at Lake Uvildy, we would be starving."

Volodya speaks after the men have smoked a cigarette.

Volodya: "Let's go back in with the women? Ladies, we are back for dessert. Yana is a great cook and I am sure her desserts are wonderful."

Yana: "We grow all our own food each year."

Lyubov: "Yana is a fortune-teller. She read Svetlana's fortune and it all came true. She will read yours if you like."

Finbar: "Are you sure it is safe, Lyubov?"

Lyubov: "I will protect you, Finbar."


Yana and the others are sitting around a table. She gives Finbar a deck of cards to shuffle: "Finbar, shuffle the cards for me?"

Finbar: "Like this?" I probably did a poor job of shuffling?

Yana: "That's fine."

Finbar: "Where did you learn this?" I wonder how good she is at this?

Yana: "From a woman in the Republic. I studied with her everyday. We enjoyed each other's company."

Finbar: "How long did it take to learn?"

Yana: "Two years. Then she told me I was better than she was. I plan to stop this because I am a Christian. I must stop doing this."

Finbar: "I don't think it interferes with the church. The church has always had a mystical component."

Yana begins to read the cards and talks to Finbar: "You have a gift from God. You are a self-made person. Most of what you have gotten you have gotten through your own drive and this gift from God."

Finbar: "That is exciting to know." I am glad that she is telling me this. Even if it is not true, it sounds grand.

Yana: "I see a woman in your life. She loves you, and you love her. She will be true to you. Your wife loves you. Both women love you."

Finbar: "That is exciting." That is unbelievable. No one knows my feelings. I have said nothing to anyone. Even Larissa.

Yana: "You will go back to your wife. The woman and you will communicate. A man will help you both. He will give you some information that you already know. You must be careful of your health. I see danger. If you want, you can have a great deal of money. Be careful of radioactivity. Be careful of violence."

Finbar: "I heard that yesterday about my health. Radioactivity, I don't know?" My health must be an issue. I don't know about the radioactivity. The woman who loves me is interesting? Violence what does that mean?

Yana: "Your daughter, waiting for you. She loves you. She will turn out to be a great person. You have nothing to worry about with her. You will be asked to change careers. Do not be afraid because it will work out. You have had an easy life. You have many enemies who know you, but you do not know them. Be more careful."

Finbar: "That's nice to know." But, I think that is not true? The more successful that I become, the more people are critical. I can use this as a barometer of how well I am doing.

Yana: "The woman loves you, and you love her. I cannot do any more. It is too noisy."

Finbar: "Is there more?" I do not want to have it end. Perhaps she is trying to not tell me that I am going to die?

Yana: "I cannot do any more. I must stop doing this."

Yana reaches toward Finbar's hand and touches it. Instantly Finbar sees Yana being beaten by her husband many times: "Does this mean that you see something bad Yana?" Please tell me?

Yana: "I just cannot do any more."

Finbar thinks: I wonder if she sees me dying or sick? She does not know that I also see her.

Yana: "When we were in the Republic, we had money. Eugene was a building engineer. He built factories. This all changed. We became very frightened for our safety. Many people were being killed. They put up posts for miles and hanged Turks on them. They began to kill Russians. Eugene wanted us to go, while he would stay to make money. They began to drug their young men and tell them to go out and kill Russian women and children."

Finbar: "Russian women and children?" That is painful. People are cruel to each other all over the world. The dark side is with us all.

Yana: "Yes, we were frightened because a person who was our friend during the day might come to kill us at night. We were allowed to leave with just what we had on our backs. We lost everything, our home, furniture, clothes, everything."

Finbar: "You're lucky you got out. Many in the history of the world never can get away. The hard part is to respond to other people's pain. How did you pick this village?"

Yana: "Eugene was born here and his family lives here. We came back with nothing and they took us in. Eugene and his brother would go north to find work. That has ended this year. He came back and built this house. He is a great builder but he can find no work."

Finbar: "What about Eugene working at Lake Uvildy? This would give him a chance to make some money. Lake Uvildy would be better than nothing."

Yana: "He does odd jobs at Uvildy, but they do not need a man with his skills. They call him in when they have a big problem."

Finbar: "I had no idea that this is happening? My education has been so controlled. I will try to let the Americans know. Russia has taken back, perhaps millions of people from the republics. What a strain on the system. This alone could bring down an economy."

Yana: "We all came back with just our lives and we get no help."

Finbar: "Is this is because Russia has no money?" Yana also has suffered under the tyranny of Eugene. I will save the fair maiden.

Yana: "No help, only from the family. We have lost everything and it is difficult to rebuild our lives."

Finbar: "If I can help you, let me know?" I don't know what I could do for her. I don't want to promise what I cannot deliver, and I don't want to sound like I am important. I do not have much power to help?

Lyubov changes the subject: "Let's go in and play some boys and girls games?"

Finbar: "I have not played games like that since I was in elementary school." I am apprehensive to hear what the games are?

Lyubov: "You will be blindfolded, and then try to find the clothespins on someone from the opposite sex."

Finbar: "I am shy. I am just a baby."

Lyubov: "Find the clothespins, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I don't have the nerve. I am unable to play this game. I don't want to sound like a fraidie boy, but I am."

Lyubov: "Alright, you do not have to play. Just watch. Volodya and Nadia will play."

Finbar: "They look like they are having fun? I have lost track of the innocent fun of youth."

Yana: "It is getting late and Eugene and I must go to bed."

Finbar: "Before we go, I would like Eugene to show me the house and how he built the outside to withstand the cold. Eugene is very skilled with his hands. Everyone surely knows this."

Finbar and Eugene go outside and begin walking around the house. Finbar stops Eugene at the back of the house. Finbar makes a gesture of pounding his fist into his hand: "Eugene hit Yana."

He pounds his hand again: "No."

Finbar pounds his hand again: "Eugene no."

Eugene looks at Finbar and spits into his face.

Finbar: "Eugene no Yana."

Finbar pounds his fist again in his hand and looks at Eugene. Eugene grabs a pipe off the ground and moves toward Finbar. Finbar smashes him in the nose with his Celtic Fighting stone. Eugene's nose is flattened. Blood is everywhere and Eugene begins to cry and go into a rage. Finbar pounds his fist again.

Finbar: "Eugene no Yana."

Eugene comes again at Finbar. Finbar breaks Eugenes right arm and right leg.

Finbar: "Eugene no Yana."

Eugene cannot move. He is laying on the ground in pain: "Finbar will go and get help."

Finbar runs around to the front of the house and shouts that Eugene has tripped in the dark and is hurt. Yana screams and they all run to Eugene. They come upon Eugene and say to him in Russian.

Yana: "Eugene, Finbar said that you fell in the dark? Let us help you into the house."

They all pick up Eugene and carry him into the house.

Finbar: "Looks like he has a broken leg and arm. He also must have smashed his nose when he fell. He will require medical attention."

Yana runs next door to the neighbor and asks for the car to drive Eugene to the hospital. The neighbor and Yana are back with the car.

Finbar: "Yana, tell Eugene. These kind of accidents can happen anytime. He will be fine."

Yana tells Eugene in Russian and Eugene spits again at Finbar: "Tell Eugene that I think that he may have a brain concussion because of this type of behavior. Tell him to calm down or he could injure himself much more severely. I could go in the car with Eugene in case he tries to harm himself?"

Eugene puts his arm up as if to say no. Finbar helps Eugene into the car and says in Russian:  "Remember our talk, Eugene?"

All the guests: "We will be going. We are so sorry to see that Eugene is injured."

Finbar says to Yana: "We will see you again tomorrow to make sure that Eugene is ok. Thanks for a grand evening and the fortune telling."

Eugene is driven away to the hospital.


Lyubov comes in the room the next day: "Let's go over to the main building? I was told that the Ural Mountain jewelry is being sold over there today. Svetlana is there."

Finbar: "I want to get something for my mother. The amber necklace I bought from them broke."

Finbar walks up to the table where he bought the amber necklace.

Finbar: "Remember us? We were here a few weeks ago?" Now we will see how they handle customers.

Man: "The Irish American?"

Finbar: "Yes. Everyone loved the gifts I bought from you. Do you have more of those pins?" I will purchase three or four more. They were a grand price.

Man: "Yes, but they are more money today."

Finbar: "Why?" I am not going to pay more. "The amber necklace I bought broke." Maybe they will lower the price if the other item broke?

Man: "Give it back, and we will give you another."

Finbar: "No, I left it at home and I will have it restrung by my Irish friend. I want it done with silk not fish line. I still love it."

Man: "We only have a few of the pins left, so we are charging more."

Finbar thinks: This is amazing to me? Maybe they think that I should pay more money because I am a rich American?

Svetlana: "Finbar, would you like one of these paintings made out of ground stone from the Ural Mountains?"

Finbar: "No, Svetlana." I don't want to spend money for something that I really don't want.

Svetlana: "The Institute wants to buy you something to remember us by. Don't be difficult. Let us know what you want?"

Finbar: "Just your kindness is enough." Perhaps I should let them give me a gift? It may be unfair to not let them."

Svetlana: "You have given so much to so many people, and we want to do this for you."

Finbar: "If I see something I like, I will tell you."

Lyubov: "I wish I could give you a gift like that, but as you know, my husband and I have very little money."

Finbar: "Lyubov, you have given me a great deal and I can never repay you."

Lyubov: "I will think of something to give you. You are coming to my house for dinner after we return from Uvildy?"

Finbar: "I don't think I can make it?"

Lyubov: "Finbar, you promised last week?"

Finbar: "You're right. I will come. Let me apologize, I forgot."

Lyubov: "Volodya and you will go swimming and then we will go back to the city."

Finbar: "Grand." I am off to the pool with Volodya.

The pool is indoors and the walls are covered in white marble. It looks to me like a pool in a Roman bath. Both jump in and begin to swim around.

Finbar: "Grand pool."

Volodya: "Float, Finbar?"

Finbar: "You are better at this than I am."

Volodya: "Let's go back home and eat and then you are off to the city."

Finbar: "That was fun, Volodya. Thanks."


All the friends return to Volodyas flat.

Volodya: "Today is the anniversary of Oxana's father's death. She is upset, so understand that it is just a woman's nature."

Finbar: "I understand. Hello Oxana, we had a great swim."

Oxana: "More tea, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Yes, thank you."

Svetlana raises her glass to make a toast: "Today is the anniversary of Oxanas father's death. Let us remember him with a moment of silence."

In a choked voice crying Oxana: "Yes."

Finbar: "Your father must have been a wonderful man. He must have been proud of you and your family."

Oxana leaves the room crying. Everyone is quiet. No one wants to start the conversation. Volodya is the first to speak.

Volodya: "Women are emotional, that is what makes them special."

Oxana returns to the table and sits down and begins to talk: "I have been training Daria's boyfriend to be more caring. Men are generally uncaring about a woman's feelings. I am trying my best to train Daria's boyfriend so she does not suffer as a wife when she gets married."

Finbar: "What a great idea! Suppose he does not marry her, would you feel that you have wasted your time?"

Oxana: "No Finbar, he will be loving to another woman."

Finbar: "Men do not want to be uncaring, but we just do not know what women mean by love. I believe that men and women see love as something different. We believe it is doing our job and supporting our families. We just do not understand women. I believe men want to be loving and caring but do not know how. Svetlana, what is the matter? Why are you crying?"

Svetlana: "That love song is beautiful. Russian women are very sensitive. We are always trying to help our men to understand this."

Volodya: "I agree with Finbar. We just do not understand what the women are saying to us. We want to be loving, Oxana."

Oxana: "You are always working Volodya, and we have less and less time the older we get."

Volodya: "That is true Oxana, but I am working this hard for the family. You know I love you all. I will try to improve. Please forgive me if I have hurt you because of all my hard work?"

Svetlana: "More tea for anyone?"

Finbar: "We saw all your early pictures the other day. When you were an army nurse and Volodya was an army doctor. You were both so young. I could see why you fell in love. You have raised two beautiful daughters and I invite you all to come to my house for a visit. I would like Vera to write to my daughter as a pen pal. I wish that I could have had a pen pal in another part of the world when I was a young man."

Smiling, Oxana: "That would be a nice idea."

Finbar: "Did you make this special salad, Oxana?"

Oxana: "No, Volodya's mother made it. She is a great cook and makes a great deal of the food that we serve."

Finbar: "You are a genius. My mother fought with my father's mother about food for a lifetime. My grandmother was always saying that my father looked thin. My mother would feel hurt over this. You have solved this by letting the mother-in-law send food. Your mother-in-law then feels needed, wanted, and productive. This is brilliant! Did you realize this before?"

Oxana: "I knew it before we were married."

Finbar: "This is grand to hear. I am going to tell my mother when I go home. I will tell her she can cook for us. My mother will not like to hear this because she does not like to cook. Your mother-in-law is from a generation that valued cooking for the family."

Oxana: "Does your wife cook?"

Finbar: "I think so. I am not home that many evenings in the week. I eat out most of the time. When I am home my wife buys cooked food and brings it home. She works everyday. There are very few days where we all sit down at the table together."

Oxana: "This is what we are becoming. Everyone working day and night and no time for the family. We have to take the good with the bad. We do not like all that has happened in Russia with the family."

Svetlana: "Phedel is here to take us home."

Svetlana invites him to sit down and have some lunch before we go back to the city.

Finbar: "Goodbye, to all of you. I have enjoyed my visit to Uvildy and especially getting to know all of you. I will send you ancient Irish crosses when I go home for all your kindness to me."


Finbar: "Well, Svetlana, how long will it take to get home?"

Svetlana: "One and a half hours. Tomorrow night we can go to the house of a friend of mine who is a very successful businessman. I called him to make the arrangements. They are remodeling their flat, and they are anxious to meet you. They want you to over look the mess."

Finbar: "I am sorry that I cannot go. I have other plans."

Svetlana: "Other plans? Then we can make it Tuesday night?"

Finbar: "I am sorry I have plans for Tuesday night, also."

Dead silence in the car: "Are you available during the day?"

Finbar: "Yes, but I must be back to my flat by 4:50. I want to visit my friend, Lev, before I leave. I have a present for him. He was born the same month and the same year as I was. His father was killed in the war, and his mother died when he was five. His aunts and uncles raised him. He has risen to become the owner of the largest business in the city. You remember he was a guest in my class. It was amazing to both of us the similarity of thinking between us. We communicated on a verbal level even though we could not speak each other's language."

Lyubov is the first to notice that there is something wrong with the car.

Lyubov: "What is wrong with the car, Phedel? We are stopping."

Finbar: "Oh, no. Will anyone help us way out here?"

Svetlana: "Not likely along this road."

Finbar: "What about the police? Will they help us?"

Lyubov: "The police do not help stranded cars. They are police."

Finbar: "Lyubov, how far are we from the city?"

Lyubov: "Svetlana believes that we are about fifteen miles away."

Finbar: "I did not wear my warm clothes to walk fifteen miles in the winter." I don't want to freeze to death out here in the middle of nowhere.

Lyubov tells everyone not to worry: "Phedel is good at fixing cars."

Finbar: "I hope so? He has been out there for a half an hour and the temperature is dropping."

Not one of the three women seems to think or show the slightest feelings that anything is wrong. It seems like it is nothing at all.

Svetlana: "Do not worry Father Frost will not harm us. This is Russia, and we are Russians. We are used to getting along in this type of weather."

Finbar: "Grand Svetlana, do any of you ladies know where I can buy a Russian Orthodox cross? I have seen one that looks exactly like a Celtic cross. This makes me think that the Celtic people were in Russia."

Svetlana: "I do not know, maybe at the church? We will check for you tomorrow morning."

Finbar: "Svetlana, I have been trained from birth not to worry about things in the same way that the Russians have. As an American I worry more than the Russians. As I said before, the Irish and the Russians are alike. They act alike and even look alike to me.

    The Irish and Russians are very similar. They have both suffered for a long period of time. This may have caused a similar cultural development within the two countries."

Phedel gets the car going. It drives very slowly and if it goes too slow it stops. The car comes to a police guard area where all cars have to go slowly by the police. The car makes it through and they are not stopped. They arrive at Finbars flat. Before Finbar gets out of the car.

Lyubov: "Finbar, I will send a driver for you at 5:40 to come over for dinner."

Finbar: "I will see you then. All the best to the gang of five. Thanks for a grand trip, and thanks for your comment on the Irish and Russians. I will miss you all when I go home." We finally made it. I cannot believe that I would be glad to be home. I have to meet Lyubov for dinner, but I also want to get together with Larissa later on.


Finbar thinks: I will go outside the building and wait for Lyubov. It is cold outside, but I do not mind waiting. The trolley buses are going by and car after car move along the road. The trolley has tracks down the middle of the street. Sometime a car tries to cross the tracks. They just don't care where they cross. I would not do this with my car.

Many people are walking by. Women walk holding onto each other's arms.

Finbar thinks: I am able to do this with the women from the Institute but I would have a hard time doing this at home, even with my mother. This is part of our Victorian overlords influence. We were once free to express feelings.

A car pulls up and Lyubov smiles at Finbar: "Finbar, this is Alexi. He is a friend of mine. He will be driving us to my flat."

Finbar: "Nice to meet you, Alexi." The two of them are sitting in the front seats. I will get into the back.

Alexi is tall and thin and speaks English in a broken but appealing way.

Lyubov: "My whole family is waiting to meet you. My husband, sisters, children, and Alexi will join us."

Finbar: "This will be wonderful but I have to be back by 9:00 tonight." To go over to see Larissa. She throws me out about 10:30 because she has to go to work the next day. I also want to get going because I am walking home. The later at night I leave the more dangerous it can be walking the streets alone. Although I believe that the streets are safer in Russia than in many cities in my country.

Lyubov: "We will get you back on time. I have some bad news for you Finbar, Olya drowned yesterday. She fell through the ice on the lake and by the time they found her, it was too late."

Finbar: "That is terrible, she was a very kind person. Does she have any living relatives?" I saw this but said nothing. How could I stop something like this?

The car makes a grinding sound every time the steering wheel is turned. A very loud noise.

Finbar thinks: Here are the police again. I hope he does not have to make a turn or they will pull us over. He is now turning and there is the noise. The police are looking but they let us go by. That was lucky. This car is a wreck. I hope we make it.

Lyubov: "No she does not. She will be buried next to her brother at Lake Uvildy."

Finbar: "I am sure she would have liked that, I will say a prayer for her. I wish I could have helped her? Life is so short."

Lyubov: "Yes it is. Here is the building. We have an elevator, and we live on the third floor."

Finbar: "It is great to live on the third floor. You don't have to walk up too many stairs, but you can still stay in shape."

Two doors with the outside door made from plywood. Lyubov's door has a walking space between the doors. Her inside door is quite nice. It is made of wood. Larissa's two doors are right next to each other. Her inside door is made of steel. The space between doors wastes space for the rest of the flat.

Lyubov: "This is my husband, Ivan, my sisters, Natasha and Lyudmila, my daughters, Tanya and Raisa. You, of course, have met Alexi."

Finbar: "I am honored to meet all of you. Tanya, your mother tells me you are newly married. Congratulations."

Tanya: "Thank you, Finbar. My husband is sick. He is in the hospital, he should be out in a few days."

Finbar: "That's too bad. I hope that he will be well soon. He is a young man."

Tanya: "We have been married for six months and he has just been drafted into the army."

Finbar: "Is he happy about that?" I know that he is not happy because Lyubov told me he was very unhappy at the prospect of the army.

Tanya: "No, he thinks it is terrible. The army is not the place to be today."

Finbar: "I was against the army when I was young but now as I get older, I think the military is important. I met Svetlana's son. He was drafted and he is doing just fine. I think he even likes it there. Lyudmila, you are a college professor. What is your research interest?"

Lyudmila: "I am an economist. I am interested in studying the differences between a command economy and an economy without these controls."

Finbar: "Do you think that there is any economy in the world that is not a controlled economy?"

Lyudmila: "Yes. I do not think that the American economy is controlled."

Finbar: "Lyudmila, I say this with love. I am sure that I know very little about controlled or command economies in the way Russia has interpreted the concept. But, don't you think all economies are controlled. I think the differences are in the types of controls. It is like saying that families should not be controlled. The family should be the model for the development of a nation. Your family is a microcosm of what I am talking about. Such love, such beauty."

Lyudmila: "Perhaps you have a point. My sister is reading your new book. I would like to read it when she is finished."

Finbar: "Then we may write an article together, after you read the book?"

Lyudmila: "That would be a great joy."

Finbar: "The joy would be all mine. The man who had the intelligence, charm, and ability to marry Lyubov, Ivan. I have heard so much good about you that I feel that I know you. I appreciate your sacrifice in allowing Lyubov to spend so much time helping me while I am in Russia. It is very kind of you."

Ivan: "We are all happy that you have come to Russia. Sophia has just come. She is Natasha's daughter. Natasha is also a teacher; an elementary school teacher."

Sophia is very beautiful. Striking in her simple beauty. She radiates and lights up the world anywhere she goes. She is single and in her early thirties or late twenties.

Sophia: "How are my handsome uncle and two beautiful aunts?"

They all beam.

Ivan: "Sophia, we are so happy that you could come today."

Sophia: "I would not have missed the chance to spend time with all of you and to meet the great American Marketing Professor whom my aunt speaks of so highly. Welcome to Russia, Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "Call me Finbar, please?"

Sophia: "How do you like Russia?"

Finbar: "I love Russia. I have learned so much and met such wonderful people. I have been the most creative that I have been in years. I wrote a poem for Lyubov and all Russian teachers. I hope that you all like it." I really wrote it for her but it is appropriate for all teachers in Russia and perhaps everywhere? "Here is the poem for you, Lyubov."

A Russian Teacher

Shall I tell them what I think? No!
I will create my own reality;
I will see beauty in what others do not see.

I will see value in what others do not value;
I will save myself and thereby save others;
I will save my family and thereby save others.
I will save my students and thereby save others;
Through this small contribution the ripples will begin;
I am a teacher.  

Gift to Lyubov, a Teacher
Finbar McCool

Lyubov: "This is beautiful. Thank you, Finbar. You are an artist."  

Sophia: "Great job. This was nice of you."

Ivan: I can see why my wife thinks so highly of you. The professor is a great poet."

Lyubov: "Thank you."

Finbar: "Thank you. It is my hope that all of you understand that this poem was written with love for all of you. All three sisters are teachers. You have all given so much of your lives to help students."

Ivan speaks up. Ivan has gray hair. He is handsome. He is dressed in a casual way. He seems to always have a smile on his face. His hair is gray and is a little heavier than Finbar: "Let's go into the dining room and have dinner?"

Finbar: "This is a beautiful dinner. Thank you to all of you. Ivan, Lyubov told me that you have studied the war in Chechnya? Would you teach me something about what has happened? I only know that there was a terrible incident where a hospital was taken over and everyone was going to be killed. I don't know what happened."

Ivan leans forward with a serious look on his face: "We have had more people killed in Chechnya than in Afghanistan. We have an army with three million troops and they are supposed to only have 300,000. None of us can believe that we could be that ineffective. The largest army in the world is now embarrassed: Yeltsin gave it all away. Russian pride has been challenged. We should fight to get back what we have lost. Putin is now trying to get it back."

Finbar: "Wars are always different for those who are at home and those who are there. How many people are you talking about?"

Ivan: "No one knows. We have heard 20,000 but we think it is much more. Perhaps 100,000 Russians killed."

Finbar: "I have not heard a word about this in the United States. We are so protected from the truth by the mass media. One of my students at the Institute lost his arm in Chechnya . What else can you tell me?"

Ivan: "Our troops did not receive the equipment that they needed to win. Tanks sat on railroad cars and never got delivered. Supplies did get sent. The strategy that we use is not working."

Finbar: "We found out, in Vietnam , how a small group of people can do a great deal of harm to a large army. I heard it is all about oil. We may find this out again in Iraq ?" Of course it is about oil. Linear fighters cannot beat nonlinear fighters.

Ivan: "Yes, oil refining. There is a giant refinery in Chechnya . Both sides have left the refinery untouched. Everything else is destroyed. They both want to have the refinery when it is over."

Lyudmila: "Ivan, you are always complaining. Why don't you listen to a woman's point of view? We should have gotten out of these republics. Yeltsin wanted to build Russia and work together with these countries for the benefit of all."

Ivan: "You professors are always preaching about getting along. Russia must be strong again. We are tired of getting stepped on by everyone. This would not have occurred ten years ago."

Lyudmila: "You are always arguing without any real knowledge about anything. We cannot go back to the way we were in the past."

Ivan: "Men and women are not supposed to live like this, Lyudmila. We were much happier when we were in the jungle. We are not supposed to dedicate our lives to just working. To work so hard in life is not human. People who want to change us into machines have created this for us. We are not machines, we are not robots, we are people."

Lyudmila: "Ivan, work is important and it is part of our human nature. People want to work. The Russian people must work themselves out of their present economic decline. It will not be easy, but without work we will fail. I am an expert on planned economies."

Ivan: "Fail to do what, Lyudmila? Just look at the lion. The lion sits around and all the lionesses hunt and take care of the young. They hunt when they need to and the rest of the time they enjoy themselves."

Lyudmila: "Women work hard and they expect men to also work hard. Finbar, what do you think? Is work part of our human drive or is it a creation of modern society?"

Finbar: "What a question? Let me say that I don't think that we will ever know which point is correct. My own view of life is circular. This means that I would think that both points could be correct. As humans, we are complex. I do not believe that there is one answer to anything within this world. It is all philosophy. It is just the story and way I choose to live my life."

Lyubov: "Bravo, Finbar, you did not take sides. You are a genius."

Finbar: "This is how I think, Lyubov. I believe that we should learn to accept that there are many answers to all questions in life. As my friend tells me, this even goes for my ideas."

Lyubov: "Finbar, let's go into the other room and sing and then we can come back for dessert? My sister and husband have argued for years over just about everything, but they love each other. The academic against the working class."

Sophia: "We love them both, and our lives would be empty without them."

Ivan: "Sophia, you are an unusual young woman. We all love you, too."

Lyudmila: "Yes, your college professor aunt agrees." 

Sophia: "Thank you, Uncle Ivan and Aunt Lyudmila."


The party all goes into a room with a piano. Raisa begins to play the piano and sing. She asks us all?

Raisa: "Does everyone know 'Yesterday' by Paul McCartney?"

Raisa plays and they all sing in English.

All singimg: "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...."

Finbar: "Beautiful song. You all sang the song in one of the most interesting ways I have ever heard. Please play some Russian folk songs?"

All the people begin singing a beautiful sad Russian song. They all know the words to every song that Raisa plays.

Finbar: "Beautiful, grand, wonderful, an honor for me to be here."

Sophia: "Let's dance, Aunt Lyudmila?"

Finbar: Beautiful young woman. I cannot believe that anyone could be so beautiful. She is young and I believe that she could be a model or a movie star. "Sophia, where do you work?"

Sophia: "In a bank."

Finbar: "You're not a teacher like your mother and your aunts?"

Sophia: "No."

Finbar: "Would you like to travel to the United States?"

Sophia: "No, I love it in Russia."

Finbar: "Well, you are a beautiful young woman and I am sure that you will be successful wherever you live."

Lyubov: "We all love Sophia. Let's go back and have dessert."

Finbar: "Should we sit in the same seats as before?"

Lyubov: "Yes, Finbar."

Finbar: "Look at all this food. Who made the cake? I just love it."

Lyubov: "More, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Lyubov, I believe that your daughter Raisa, the famous choir conductor could be a singing sensation. Her voice is marvelous and the Russian melancholy is obvious. She should begin by recording popular Irish songs in Irish, English, and Russian. I cannot emphasize enough that her singing is absolutely beautiful. If I had the connections, I would sign her up in a second. She has great stage command and radiates love and charm to an audience, a great gift."

Ivan: "We always knew that Raisa was exceptional. What about it, Raisa? Would you like to try something like this? You are young enough, and you can always return to choir conducting."

Raisa: "Thank you, papa."

Finbar: "I have to leave, but I want to thank you all for the honor that it has been to know your family."

Lyubov: "Alexi will drive you home. I will go with you to make sure you do not get lost."

Finbar: "It is not necessary. If he can get me to the Lenin Statue, I can show him the way."

Lyubov: "Russian women are strong and we get our way. I will come."

Finbar: "Grand, strong Russian woman."

In the car they discuss future plans.

Lyubov: "We must write together. I will help you to get published in Russia. I can translate your writing, and I will get it into Russian journals. Almost any Marketing Professor would like to co-author with you. Through my sister, I can get you connected."

Finbar: "I would like to do an article with Svetlana and Larissa. Then I will send you an article or two. I did six before I came to Russia . I sent them to a friend to see if he wants to publish them. I know he will only take one or two. I will rework the others for the Russian business market and send you a few to try. I would like to help you to make more money. It is tough to live on a teacher's salary. I think that you will do better in a business with me. I trust you and know that you will be honest with me. Of course we will get it done. Thanks for the ride home. It is terrible about Olya. Why was she out on the ice?"

Lyubov: "Who knows, Russia is a strange place these days?"

Finbar: "Goodbye, Lyubov and Alexi. See you tomorrow morning."

Lyubov: "Thank you for the poem."
Artist: Vasnetsov  The Magic Carpet