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Ch 1 Little is Not Many But Many is Not Little.
Ch 2 Millions of Red Roses.
Ch 3 Girl With Glance of Wolf.
Ch 4 The Only Iceberg in the Ocean.
Ch 5 Tsar of Silence.
Ch 6 Moscow Does Not Believe in Tear.
Ch 7 Mysterious Town in the Clouds.
Ch 8 I Break Glass Like a Chocolate in My Arm.
Ch 9 Life is Impossible to Turn Back.

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1996 - 2008



A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.


Chapter 5, Arkaim: Marketing Wars


Finbar telephones Larissas flat: "Hello, Larissa. Is the great Russian scholar ready for his test?"

Larissa: "He is not home at this time but I do expect him. Come over. I am making that soup I promised."

Finbar: "Come down stairs in a half hour to get me."

Larissa: "I will send Pasha downstairs to meet you."

Finbar thinks: I am on my way over again to see Larissa. This time I hope she lets me in the door before I freeze. We have a strange relationship. I do not know if the vitiligo has affected her ability to love another. It is perfectly reasonable, but the pain for her must be tremendous. Worrying about possible death from radiation and the effects of disfigurement. When will it end? Where will it hit next? Mouth, arms, genital area, legs, hair, face, everywhere! I feel bad for people that have pain that they do not bring upon themselves. There is so much pain without us creating it for each other.

Pasha: "Hello, Finbar. I am ready for my test."

Finbar: "Good man. I want to buy some juice. Can you take me to get some?"  

Pasha: "It is just down the street."

Finbar: "Hello, Larissa. Am I supposed to wish you happy birthday today?"

Larissa: "Yes, thank you, Finbar."

Finbar: "I am sorry I did not get you a present for your birthday only your non-birthday."

Larissa: "Stop teasing me?"

Finbar: "I called my friend and he told me he did not know of a connection between vitiligo and radiation. He did think it was possible. He will help you. I will give you his number. He is a great man and a very good thinker. I trust him implicitly. It is up to you to call him."  

Larissa: "I will try."

Finbar: "Well, I want you to just translate what Pasha tells me. Do not add or subtract. Promise?"  

Larissa: "Yes."

Finbar: "You're going to put liver in the soup? I hate liver."

Larissa: "Too bad, it is only made with liver. You will not even taste it. Pasha does not like liver, but he eats it."

Finbar: "I really do not like liver."

Larissa: "You will not taste it."

Finbar: "I don't want to be the linear American, but I have never liked liver." I hate liver. I hate the thought of it.

Larissa: "Liver is important to this recipe. You are in Russia."

Finbar: "I hate liver, but I will try it. Do you know how many times you have cleaned off the burners on your stove since I walked into the flat?"

Larissa: "No."

Finbar: "About ten. What a perfectionist! I am much more flexible as a person."

Larissa: "This is me."

Finbar: "I know that this is you, but this is me. I do not like liver."

Larissa: "Try it?" 

Finbar: "Grand. What happened to Pasha?"

Larissa: "He just took the dog out, and he will be right back."

Finbar: "Did you give any thought to our conversation yesterday"

Larissa: "Not much. If it will be, fate will make it happen."

Finbar: "I brought you some of my things that I thought you might like. I have a beautiful navy lamb's wool sweater, a sweatshirt with my University name and a green Irish towel. I have not seen towels like this in Russia ."  

Larissa: "I have nice towels that I purchased in the United States."

Finbar: "Well, you don't have a green one, do you? Green is Irish."

Larissa: "You are the strangest person I have ever met. In Russia we do not like used things. We would never wear a used sweater or sweatshirt. This is not thoughtful of you to do this to me. Do you think I am poor?"

Finbar: "That is also true in Japan. I did not mean any disrespect to you. In the United States, I have received used gifts and given used items to millionaires. It is nothing. I even advise marketing students and professionals to practice giving away items that they no longer want. It is a good way to practice Form, Force, and Power marketing by finding the right person to give your unwanted items. If you give something to someone that does not want it, then you have made a mistake in identifying a targeted market. It is a great way to improve your Form, Force, and Power skills and help others.

   In Ireland, at the bus stop a person will throw out a coin. Everyone will stare at the coin, but no one but an American will pick it up. I picked up a ruble coin the other day, and the person I was with was surprised. It is just my culture. I mean no disrespect. I do not mean to say that I think you are poor or anything like that. I don't want to take too much back home in case it gets stolen."

Larissa: "You think that the Russians will steal from you?"

Finbar: "No, I was thinking of New York City , not Russia . Give them back if you don't want them. I will give them to Lyubov. I gave her many things like this, and at least on the surface, she seemed to think it was alright."

Larissa: "There you go again asking for things back. You are not like anyone I have ever met."

Finbar: "Come on Larissa, I don't want to go tomorrow either. I never think of you, but I will miss you."

Larissa: "Pasha is back now."

Finbar: "Pasha, tell me the story of Igor? Do you have your paper?"

Pasha: "Yes, it is in Russian. You said that it was alright."

Finbar: "I remember. Give me a copy and I will show it to Lyubov tomorrow. You know that I had to tell Lyubov about our deal. I could not have done it without her support. I don't even know what your name looks like in Russian. I have done this type of assignment with students many times. I always write it on the bottom of all my course outlines that this type of assignment can be done. It is not unusual to have a special assignment and it has nothing to do with my friendship with your mother. It is my teaching philosophy. I gave you a five already. I will tell you what you actually deserve as a grade when we are finished. It is between us and no one else."

Pasha: "I understand."

Finbar: "Tell me about the book 'A Word About Igor's Troops?' When did he live? What did he do?"

Pasha: "Igor was a warrior, and the head of a small tribe in early Russia. He was brave and loved by all his people. Igor wanted all the princes and heads of tribes to drive the Polovtsy people out of Russia. He pleaded with them to unite their forces and attack the Polovtsy army. They refused to defend Russia. They could not decide who would lead the army. Igor was determined and he took his troops and attacked the Polovtsy himself."

Finbar: "Sounds like Leonidas, Pasha?"

Pasha: "Igor was brave, and he was a great strategist. He won the first few battles with the Polovtsy. Then he began to lose because he did not have enough troops and supplies to win. He lost the battle and was captured by the Polovtsy. All the troops ran when they saw Igor captured. The other princes, at home in Russia, could not believe that Igor could be defeated. Realizing that they had defeated Igor, the Polovtsy began to attack the other princes. They believed that they could now win because the Russians were not united and in addition they had defeated the great Igor. All of the Russian land would be theirs. Igor was convinced that he should escape from the Polovtsy. At first he did not believe that it would be noble for him to escape but he was told that the Polovtsy armies were defeating his people and that he was needed at home. Igor did not know how he would be received when he returned home not only because he had lost, also because he had been captured. He escaped and returned home in triumph. All of his people, and the other princes of Russia were glad to have such a brave and chivalrous person return safely."

Finbar: "Is that where the story ends?"

Pasha: "Yes, the book that I read ends at this point."

Finbar: "Does Igor return and win back the land and drive the Polovtsy out of Russia?"

Pasha: "Yes, but that is in a different book."

Finbar: "Grand. What does this have to do with modern Russia, modern business in Russia, and Form, Force, and Power?"

Pasha: "Igor was a noble person. He wanted what was best for the entire country. He wanted the country to unite and drive out its enemies. The people in power could not agree on what to do, or who would lead them. Igor led the way for the others through his bravery and deeds. He was honorable and fearless, so he attacked the Polovtsy on his own. He did not have enough resources to win this battle. He was defeated and the entire nation realized that if Igor could lose, so could everyone else.

    If they could not unite all resources behind a common story, they would be defeated and captured, just like Igor. When Igor escaped and returned home, everyone believed that he could unite Russia and drive the Polovtsy from our land. We are still fighting the same battle, within Russia today. We must unite to accomplish what we want as a nation. All of this fighting and working against each other will make us weak. If we become too weak, we will be vulnerable to attack and destruction. We must remain united and strong."

Finbar: "Why?"

Pasha: "To save Russia."

Finbar: "Good. Now what about business?"

Pasha: "Business and Form, Force, and Power are the same. If people cannot work together to save the business, it will be defeated by competition. Even if you are brave and fearless, you can be defeated. To be brave is not enough. One must unite all resources to overcome competition in business. If the people are not behind you, you will lose. But if you show that you are sincere and that you have their best interests in mind, even if you lose, they will follow you. Igor should have won his first battle and then returned to reunite the others to come back again. He got too self-confident. You will lose if you stay and fight with limited resources. As you said in class, wait until you can win. Find your own Thermopylae ."

Finbar: "Wow! What a great job, Pasha. Great job! You are as good a thinker as I am now. Wonderful! You now know something that 99 percent of the business people in the world have no clue about. You know you can learn about business from these great stories that are a part of every society."

Pasha: "Yes, I do. It is amazing to me. I never thought I could learn from this children's story?"

Finbar: "It was also amazing to me when I figured it out. You will be successful in your life if you can relate the past to the present and future. Isn't Pasha absolutely brilliant, Larissa? I would have never guessed that Pasha would learn so much from this assignment. He is a very perceptive thinker. A story is linked to a symbol and a symbol to a product or service."

Larissa: "I agree. You are a great teacher. Thank you. Igor was recognized in the United Nations in 1994 or 1995. They called it the Year of Igor."

Finbar: "I never heard of Igor until I talked to Pasha. He has been my teacher. I hope I can do the same for my own children?"

Larissa: "You probably already have."

Finbar: "I hope so. We often don't live long enough to find out. Like Igor, I, too, want to help my family, friends, community, nation, and the world. Like Igor, I charged off to do battle. The enemy is stronger. I too must return and get the support of my troops. I am going up for promotion to a professor when I get home. I too, have those who do not want me to gain power in the school and the field. I too, have enemies who want to destroy my ideas. This is common, the world over. There are always people that do not want others to be successful. Modern Russia has theirs. Enough said."

Larissa: "Don't worry, Finbar. You worry too much."

Finbar: "That's true."

Pasha: So the story is Igor and what is the symbol?

Finbar: I would say unity. The product or service in this case is the nation of Russia. To be strong you must work together.

Pasha: How could this be used in marketing storytelling in Russia?

Finbar: "If a product was successfully marketed using the story of Igor the customer would equate national unity with driving a car or drinking a soda.

Pasha: This can be used as a form of manipulation to get someone to buy a product?

Finbar: Yes the conquer tries to change our stories to their benefit. Stories become our economic prison. This is why stories and meaning are so important to a culture.

Pasha: Are you trying to tell us to sell our cereal using Igor?

Finbar: When this happens the society is changed. A society cannot let their stories loose their great messages. The concept of sacrifice for others cannot be changed to individual greed.

Pasha: How can we stop it?

Finbar: You now know the impact of trivializing and changing Russias stories on your future. What will you do with this knowledge?

Pasha: Fight.

Finbar: How?

Pasha: I do not know?

Finbar: They are many and we are few. Form, Force, and Power can change the tide. Start in your own life to not be manipulated into purchasing products that only have the additional value that marketing is creating.

Pasha: What products?

Finbar: The list is endless, cars, electronics, diamonds, computers, clothing, gasoline, and food are examples.

Pasha: Are you saying do not buy these things?

Finbar: I am saying do not buy the products that are highly differentiated in price. The added value is not real. The additional costs will not help you.

Larissa: "Pasha is going over to his girlfriend's house. He will walk with you that far."

Finbar: "Grand, Larissa. Well I have enjoyed our friendship. I will check on the vitiligo for you. You and I can co-publish articles in Russian. You translate them and get them into Russian publications. We will be famous. I will try to write the love story you talked about. I believe that may be a more subtle way to teach people about marketing through a story. I'm amazed that the teachers in the field are unwilling or unable to try creative new ideas. They expect creativity and new product development from everyone but themselves. They just keep teaching and doing it the same way, destroying everyone in their path."

Larissa: "It is unbelievable?"

Finbar: "Tomorrow I am going to Arkaim with a woman who is one of the Russian experts on Arkaim. Let's go, Pasha. I will call you when I arrive home tonight. I am sure you will be wonderful to me on the phone."


A loud banging begins on the outer door and a man is screaming Larissa's name and other things in Russian.

Larissa: "It is my husband Aleksandr. I am afraid that if he finds you here he will try to kill us both."  

Finbar: "Tell him to calm down and he can come in. Tell him you are here with both Pasha and an Irish American. He is welcome."

Larissa: "He says that he is going to kill us."

Finbar: "Tell him that this is unnecessary. Does he want his son to see this? Would he let Pasha go without harm?"

At this moment Finbar takes his Celtic dagger out of his pocket and opens the salt on the table and pours a handful into his left hand. He moves the table back and changes the position of his chair to face the door.

Finbar: "Do you think that he is serious Larissa?"

Larissa: "Yes, he has killed many people and now he is going to kill us."

Finbar: "Tell him you are going to open the door to show him that everything is grand."

Larissa: "I am afraid, Finbar."

Finbar: "So am I. Pasha go into the toilet and lock the door. Open the door Larissa."

A tall man moves into the room with a rage on his face. Finbar is seated with a smile. The man says something to Larissa and then punches her in the face. She goes flying across the room blood everywhere.

Larissa: "He is going to kill me, help." 

Finbar: Tell him I do not want to hurt him or have him hurt any of us."

The man turns and glares at Finbar, who is smiling sitting in the chair. Dagger and salt ready Finbar moves his Celtic Circle ring on his right hand to touch his left hand.

Finbar: "Larissa, repeat what I say in Russian. I am Finbar McCool son of Patrick, grandson of Feargal, great grandson of Porigh. You must stop now. You must stop now. You must stop now."

The two men look straight at each other: "Tell him that this is an old KGB game and it will not work. I wish him no harm as of this moment and want him to leave. Tell his boss at the FSB that this will not work."

Larissa screams the words in Russian to her husband. He screams back at Finbar.

Man: "You are CIA and here to take Pasha and Larissa from Russia.

Larissa pleads with Finbar: He is not FSB Finbar, this is my husband. He wants to kill us all."

Finbar: "Tell him this trick is not going to work and I wish him no harm. Tell him if he wants to kill, then begin with me?"

The man runs toward Finbar still in the chair. Finbar stands and throws the salt in his eyes. He keeps coming and Finbar pushes him to the side and onto the table. He puts the dagger into his throat just enough to begin the blood flowing and yells.

Finbar: "Stop, stop, stop. Tell him, he does not have to die today, stop, stop, stop? I will let him up and help him out of the door. Yes or no?

The man shakes his head slightly up and down, yes. Still blinded by the salt Finbar removes the dagger from his throat and places it in his kidney area and pushes. They both walk to the door. Finbar turns him around and smashes in his face with his Celtic fighting stone. Blood is everywhere. He begins screaming as he is running down the stairs.

Man: "I will kill you."

Out of the door is a crowd of people, but one man catches Finbar's eye. Larissa tells the crowd that this was just a misunderstanding and all is well.

Finbar: I must be going and I will call you when I get back to my flat."

Finbar looks at the man and smiles. The man in the crowd smiles back.

Finbar thinks: Do I know this person? I will keep an eye out for him again?

Pasha and Finbar leave the apartment building: Was that your father?

Pasha: Yes it was my father.

Finbar: I am sorry you have to see the dark side of your father.

Pasha: It is not new.

Finbar: You must try to forgive your father and not follow that path.

Pasha: That is what my grandparents tell me.

Finbar returns home: "Larissa, I am home safe again. How is the nose? Is it broken? Do you have anything to say to me now that you are safe again?"

Larissa: "Finbar, what can I say?"

Finbar: "Don't you think that is grand that I am going to get to visit Arkaim?"

Larissa: "Be careful, no one goes to Arkaim."


FSB Director: "Someone tried to kill McCool tonight. Observers say that he was Larissa's husband. He broke into the flat. McCool threw him out but he looks like he could be trouble for us. I do not know if he is CIA?"

FSB Colonel: "Why would the CIA want to kill McCool?

FSB Director: "So the clann blames it on us. Easier to blame us than anyone else. It is perfect."

FSB Colonel: "Are you sure it is not one of us working for hire?"

FSB Director: "Did you get photographs of him?"

FSB Colonel: "Yes Director, they are here. Do you recognize him at all, Director?"

FSB Director: "Yes he is a fool. It is her husband. He will do anything for money. I am surprised that McCool got away unharmed. He will not give up."

FSB Colonel: "Should McCool still go to Arkaim?"

FSB Director: "Yes that will get him out of town and we can investigate. Who is going to take him?

FSB Colonel: "The Colonel, a driver and Dr. Inna Sorokova."

FSB Director: "How did she get picked to go?"

FSB Colonel: "No idea, Director."

FSB Director: "Find out. Do you know her? I want you to be the driver of the car."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director."

FSB Director: "Call the fellow who discovered Arkaim and send a car to pick him up.

FSB Colonel: When Director?

FSB Director: Now. Bring him here to see me."

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director.

FSB Director: I will contact Director Zhukov and arrange for you to be the driver.

FSB Colonel: "Yes, Director."




Commander: "Communication from Keefe, Sir."

Admiral: "Keefe does not stick to the rules. It is too dangerous for us to make any contact with him. He is one of the best and we will just have to trust that he can keep McCool healthy for another few days. Destroy this paper now."

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: "Dismissed. Wait a second, go to a pay phone in the city and call this number and ask for Sean. Remember the number and then destroy it. When you talk to him, ask him what type of marketing he teaches. If he says Circle, then tell him that his nephew is visiting the place of the three rivers tomorrow. Then hang up."

A car drives up to Finbar. The driver, Colonel, and a woman are in the car.

Colonel: "Good morning, Dr. McCool. We met at the city with Director Zhukov."

Finbar: "Good morning, Colonel."

Colonel: "This is Dr. Sorokova, she is an expert on Arkaim and has agreed to come and help make your trip more interesting. We are doing a documentary film on Arkaim, so there will be a film crew out there for several days."

Finbar: "You look just like a friend of mine. Have you ever been to the USA?"

Dr. Sorokova: "No, Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "Please call me, Finbar?"

Dr. Sorokova: "If you wish."

Finbar: "Please. I am so happy that I have been given this experience during my visit to Russia. It will be very interesting, I am sure."

Dr. Sorokava: "Would you mind if I slept on the trip out to Arkaim, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "Finbar."

Dr. Sorokava: "Finbar, I had to work very late last night and I am very tired."

Finbar: "What is your first name Dr. Sorokova?"

Dr. Sorokova: "Inna."

Finbar: "That is a beautiful name. Is it a Russian name?"

Inna: "Yes."

Finbar: "I only knew one other Inna when I was a young boy, but she was Irish. She was born on the same day as me but she was so much smarter than I was. I could not believe that she was friendly to me. I could never understand why she thought that I was smart. She would give me a magazine article to read and then listen to my assessment. I could not understand why she did this for me. She was the only one who treated me as if I were intelligent.

    I went back to my class reunion after many years, just to see what happened to her. They told me that she had committed suicide. She came into town several years earlier telling her friends that they were after her. She wanted her birth certificate. Her friends said she was dressed in several layers of clothes. She then left town and someone got a message that she had died.

    This was one of the most shocking things that ever happened to me in my life. I still cannot believe that this is true. I wish that I could have helped her. I blame myself in some strange way. I should have married her."

Colonel: "So the American is a romantic?"

Finbar: "I may be but I do not even know what it means, Colonel?"

The Colonel asks Inna: "What do you think, Dr. Sorokova?"

Inna: "Romantic feelings are a very powerful force, Colonel."

Colonel: "I am a realist. I do what it takes to survive. What about you Dr. McCool, would you do anything to survive?"

Finbar: "I do not know, I suppose so? I have never had to make any choices like this in my life."

Colonel: "You are lucky, professor. Everyone must face this day. In Russia, we face it everyday. You Americans live in a television bubble. You are all drugged on the stories of consumption that control television."

Finbar: "I agree Colonel; I knew nothing about Russia when I came here that was even close to my experience. I thought that I was educated but I realized that I was just a trained dog just a trained robot. If a lie is repeated long enough it becomes truth."

Colonel: "You can thank the Nazis and Stalin for that one, Dr. McCool."

Finbar: "Hitler and Stalin got the idea about propaganda from us. Edward Bernays and a group influenced the Americans to enter World War I using what they later called public relations. That is what American marketing has become. Just repeating lie after lie and sooner or later we fools are supposed to buy the product. Marketing now calls it science, not propaganda."

Colonel: "Why not let it just be the way it is Dr. McCool? Why do you try to have marketing or anything something else? Your views are just as much of a lie to those who believe they are free to consume."

Finbar: "I do not know it is just me? I am different. Perhaps I just cannot support their lie? I am not one of them. I take a different path. I wished that I could go along everyday when I was younger. I just could not figure out why I was different? I still wish that I could see their lies as truth. I think I would have been much happier? Why should I have to face this pain and loneliness?"

Inna: "Destiny. Perhaps your young friend who died saw this in you?"

Finbar: "Thank you Dr. Sorokova, but I have no clue of what my destiny may be."

Colonel: "Perhaps, you will learn today?"

Finbar: "Perhaps, Colonel?"

Colonel: "You may not want to know your destiny, Dr. McCool"

Finbar: "Few ever know. Perhaps no one ever knows? Destiny is probably created for us and we just go along with the new lie or story? Do either of you believe in destiny? Do either of you know your destiny?"

Inna and Colonel: "No, we are Russian. We live and then we die."

Finbar: "Yes I know. I have seen this attitude before in Ireland."


Arkaim is in the shape of a circle The car stops and they get out and start toward the opening gate. Archeological digging is everywhere. Finbar has a strange feeling when he puts both feet on the ground.

Finbar: "I have never been to an excavation before. This is very interesting Dr. Sorokova. Teach me something? Begin anywhere. Where is the front of Arkaim? Which way does it face? Colonel do you want to walk with us?"

Colonel: "Yes, of course I am also interested."

Finbar: "Grand, are you afraid the film crew will do any damage to the excavation?"

Dr. Sorokova: "Yes, they will be closely supervised by government officials. We do not want valuable information from the past to be ruined."

Colonel: "I agree. So much of the past has been lost."

Dr. Sorokova: "Arkaim is one of the oldest cities in the world. We have known about Arkaim for many years because of aerial photography but each year we find more evidence that it is even older. The Soviet Union was interested in Arkaim but when it collapsed most of the interest is now from Europe, Asia, and America."

Finbar: "What do the Russians think of that?"

Inna: "We just want them all to spend their money digging away and finding nothing."

Finbar: "Have they found anything?"

Inna: "Each group fights about what they find and what it means. They only see what they want to see. They are all caught up in their own story. Everything is to just support their version of life."

Finbar: "Then, it does not matter what they find?"

Inna: "It does to us because we had our own story to protect in Mother Russia. Now we have lost our story and we search for another."

Finbar: "What will be the new story of Arkaim Dr. Sorokova?"

Inna: "Whatever we make it. Perhaps, whatever those in power make it is more accurate?"

Finbar: "Well tell me some of your thoughts?"

Inna: "As a scientist, a Russian, or a human?"

Finbar: "As a human."

Inna: "The evidence shows Arkaim as a part of an early Northern Circular route around the world. Man has used this Northern Route between Asia and Europe. The route extended into and through your country. Your center was at the western side of your Rocky Mountains. That Center was also called Arkaim."

Finbar: "Why don't you publish this?"

Inna: "Journals also protect their story. If there was ever a journal that could move beyond their cultures story I would publish it in there?"

Finbar: "You are correct. No one wants to see their stories challenged. Only the other person's stories."

Inna: "This story of the Northern Route would force changes that many groups and nations will fight to keep a secret."

Finbar: "Yes, it could."

Inna: "Well, if they cannot keep the story a secret the separators will all have their individual evidence to separate the nine Arkaims. That is why they dig."

Finbar: "Perhaps there are hundreds of Arkaims around the Northern Circle of the world?"

Inna: "Yes, Dr. McCool that is what I believe as a human."

Finbar: "Do you know where they all are?"

Inna: "Yes, and so do you."

Finbar: "How would I know this?"

Inna: "Because, I just passed along the information to you."

Finbar: "Why tell me, Inna?"

Inna: "I do not know? I have told no one else. Perhaps because you too have moved beyond your culture's story. You see what I see."

Finbar: "Tell me where the seven other Arkaims are Inna?"

Inna: "I will tell you if you tell me something?"

Finbar: "What can I tell you?"

Inna: "I will let you know?"

Finbar: "Lets discuss Arkaim?"

Inna: "Arkaim was discovered in the summer of 1987 by Gennadii Borissovich Zdanovich on an archaeological expedition. The expedition was from the Chelyabinsk State University. We currently believe that this Arkaim is 3700 years old. We are in the South Urals where the rivers Utyaganka and Bolshaya Karaganka flow into the Ural River."

Finbar: "Do you know Zdanovich?"

Inna: "Of course, he is a great man who you Americans have also never heard of. As you can see Arkaim is shaped like a huge circle. There are several excavated rooms that are divided. Within each of these large rooms is a pit, a well, and a fireplace. They produced metal objects here. The city is stone and timber. It is shaped like your Washington, D.C. I wonder where they got the idea for your nations Capitol"

Finbar: "This is very interesting to me? What is this about the Northern Trade Route?"

Inna: "Don't they teach you these things in American schools?"

Finbar: "Perhaps they do but I never heard of it until now?"

Inna: "The theory is that humans circled the globe at different latitudes. Of course with your English brainwashing you think that the movement of people was longitudinal. This is true for you because your history and archeology must support your Greek and Roman worldview. There have been several American archeologists discovering burial mounds and then coming to the brilliant conclusion that these are the lost Amazon Women of Greek Mythology. These people are pitiful."

Finbar: "If you have another view, why don't you put it forth and refute their thesis?"

Colonel: "You must be joking Dr. McCool. Millions of dollars to support one view and a few rubles to argue another point of view. Let them have their fantasy. These people are way beyond help."

Finbar: "Well what do you think, the great Russian expert, Dr. Sorokova?"

Inna: "What does it matter? Why do you ask questions like this? I am showing you Arkaim as I was asked to? Am I also supposed to be your teacher?"

Finbar: "Yes, why not? A teacher is a teacher."

Inna: "I am a scientist."


Finbar looks at Inna and she feels that he is acting in a strange way.

Finbar: "Inna what is going on? How did you end up here?"

Inna: "Finbar, do you know Arkaim is monitored so that anyone who comes on this land can be seen and heard?"

Finbar: "I think that is a great idea Dr. Sorokova. Arkaim is too important to history to allow some jerks to ruin it. Do you think that the trail into Arkaim leads into the city from Asia and then moved across the Urals into Europe?"

Inna: "We know that there was also a trail or road both north and south from Arkaim. The technology that your country used to spy on us can now be used to determine ancient road networks. The Americans tell us that they will help us with this question. So far no action just American talk."

Finbar: "If you want Dr. Sorokova I could write a letter and ask them to speed it up so that the research can go forward?"

Inna: "The Americans do not want to help with the research of Arkaim. They just want to get their own results to be able to change the story to suit themselves."

Finbar: "Dr. Sorokova, perhaps you are correct but many Americans, just like in all countries, want to learn more stories than there own. Fewer each year but they are still there."

Inna: "A new story can be painful. A story can kill. A story can topple nation states. A story can change enemies to friends and also friends into enemies."

Finbar: "The story of others is rarely, if ever heard. It cannot even make it from one generation to the next. For example, World War II has had its story changed at least four times in my own lifetime. I also believe the same story is not ever heard from one person to another. Even if the people are from the same family."

Inna: "Why not?"

Finbar: "It is never the issue of truth but who controls the story."

Inna: "What are you talking about Dr. McCool? Are you saying that there is no truth?"

Finbar: "There may be truth but it is not relevant. Few if any, care. We just want to control and support our own stories. For fifty years my story of Russia was control for me. I had no other reference. I am supposed to be one of the educated of my society? Trained yes, educated no. Trained just like you were Inna."

Inna: "Finbar, how do you get a story to change in your favor?"

Finbar: "Most of the great religions and political movements changed the story by beginning with the disenfranchised. The best-disenfranchised groups are usually found in the young and the poor. That is why marketing has become so powerful in the US. They focus on the young and the poor."

Inna: "I do not understand?"

Finbar: "The story controllers are geniuses, diabolical but true geniuses of the world. To change American culture after World War II they had to create fear of the outsider and then tell new stories to the disenfranchised."

Inna: "Russia was good for them to create outside fear? How did they do it for the young?"

Finbar: "Individual pleasure and consumption had to become the religion and ideology of the young. The great minds thought this would avoid the old mass conflicts over land, religion, and political ideology. I am supposed to be a high priest over this new improved worldview called consumer marketing."

Inna: "You do not sound like you are one of the high priests to me? You are criticizing them."

Finbar: "'I am a high Bard of marketing but with a different story. They must try to destroy my story to maintain power. I made it through priesthood (tenure and promotion) before they knew that I had a different story to tell. I did not even know that my story was different. I should have been weeded out when I was in high school with the rest of the Irish."

Inna: "Why don't the Irish figure out the different story?"

Finbar: "The brilliance of the new story is its power over the young and poor to personalize. We are all alone and unable to function together. I was not in any group that could complain about the current story. If I was not successful it was my fault as an individual, not the story that they proposed."

Inna: "Do you believe this, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Why should I have a right to complain about my position? It was supposed to be my group of white males who had it all? If I did not achieve individual success and pleasure, it was only my fault. I was alone and separated with all my failures. If you would take me up the trail that you believe leads out of Arkaim, I would like to look down on the city?"

Inna: "What about the Colonel?"

Finbar: "He is not my Colonel."

Inna: "Alright for a few minutes."

They walk for a time away from Arkaim. Finbar stops and turns to Inna.

Finbar: "Inna, do you think that we are monitored out here?"

Inna: "I do not know but it could be?"

Finbar: "Inna, let's sit down by this birch tree, I do not feel well? You can tell me your story of Arkaim."

Inna: "We should call the Colonel?"

Finbar: "Sit beside me in case I faint?"

Finbar reaches over to Inna grabs her on the breast and kisses her tenderly. She pulls away.

Finbar: "Now what the hell is going on Inna? We will keep kissing while you tell me."

Inna: "What are you talking about Dr. McCool? Take your hands off me."

Finbar: "Don't you know who you are? You are the Inna that I was talking about in the car? The Inna that I should have married."

Inna: "You are crazy?"

Finbar: "Inna, what happened to you? Was the Line after you? What happened?"

Inna: "I do not know what you are talking about? I was born and grew up in Russia."

Finbar: "Don't be afraid. I am Finbar McCool and I will protect you with my life. We have known each other since we were children. We were born on the same day. We are kindred from the same clann. What have they done to you?"

Inna: "I do not know what you are saying?"

Finbar: "You were born in the United States and grew up with me. Inna, why are you working in Arkaim? How did this occur? When did it begin for you?"

Inna: "I was awarded this honor because I had an aptitude toward archaeology at an early age."

Finbar: "Are your parents alive?"

Inna: "No they died when I was young."

Finbar: "Can you remember them?"

Inna: "No."

Finbar: "Do you have any relatives in Russia?"

Inna: "No."

Finbar: "What are your earliest memories?"

Inna: "Just of school."

Finbar: "Do you ever dream of another place or another time?"

Inna: "Sometimes?"

Finbar: "How did you come to be here today? Who asked you?"

Inna: "I was sent by my Institute."

Finbar: "Were you ever asked to go here with others in the past"

Inna: "Yes."

Finbar: "Any foreigners?"

Inna: "No, I prefer to work alone or with a small group from the Institute."

Inna: "What have you found out about Arkaim that would be of significance to the world?"

Inna: "Just what I told you, people were here before we had previously thought. Of course, the nine Arkaims I found on my own."

Finbar: "What else, Inna? Life is strange and to meet you here is very strange? I do not think that this could have happened by chance?" What the hell is going on? "How did she figure out the idea of nine Arkaims?"

Inna: "I do not know what you are talking about? You are crazy. We must get back to the others."

Finbar: "Ok Inna, I will play the game. We can return to the Colonel and Arkaim."

Inna: "Dr. McCool, you are just suffering from the loss of your childhood friend. It is not me."

Finbar: "How did you figure all this out about Arkaim, Inna?"

Inna: "It just made sense to me? It just came in a flash of understanding."

Finbar: "When, Inna?"

Inna: "The first time I came here."

Finbar: "Was there someone with you from outside the Institute"

Inna: "No, but there was an old woman sitting by the side of the road."

Finbar: "Did you talk to her?"

Inna: "Yes, I gave her some flowers that I had with me."

Finbar: "What did she say?"

Inna: "An old rhyme Celtic, Circle, Arkaim."

Finbar: "What did it mean to you?"

Inna: "Nothing, just an old woman talking about nothing."

Finbar: "She could have been a banshee. Did you hear a cry of mourning that night? Were her eyes red? When I told the Druid about your suicide he said that you were now safe. I thought he meant safe in Avalon?"

Inna: "You have a Druid?"

Finbar: "So do you, Inna." Ok, I will play. "Do not forget that I will protect you. Have you ever met the Colonel before?"

Inna: "No."

Finbar: "Inna, say nothing about this conversation to anyone or I believe you will be in great danger. I had a beggar woman say the same thing to me in the city."

Inna: "I will not tell anyone because I do not want to be embarrassed kissing a stranger in the woods."

Finbar: "I am no stranger, but tell no one about your thoughts of hundreds of Arkaims. This has been a strange day in my life. Perhaps I will find my destiny as you suggested. Together you and I are going to find out what is going on here?"

Inna: "I hope so, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar reaches into his pocket and puts on this Celtic Circle ring. Inna grabs his hand and looks with amazement.

Inna: "Where did you get that ring?"

Finbar: "My kindred."

Inna: "This is a symbol that we found here at this Arkaim. It is also the symbol of the nine Arkaims. Take off the ring and put it back into your pocket. I will show you the symbol carved into several rocks. None of the diggers have had any idea of what this symbol means. I inquired about it a few times and was told that it was nothing. It was just a inconsequential symbol of some kind."

Finbar: "Who told you that?"

Inna: "The head of the project at the Institute."

Finbar: "Did you tell that person about the nine Arkaims? Be very careful of that person, Inna."

Inna: "He is my husband."

Finbar: "Did you say anything to him about your thoughts?"

Inna: "No, I could not prove it so I just kept quiet."

Finbar: "Say nothing especially to him or I believe that he will kill you."

Inna: "My husband kill me?"

Finbar: "Yes."

Inna: "You are quite a storyteller, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Do as I say or they will kill you. I will protect you and get you out of Russia."

Inna: "Who are they? Your CIA and our FSB? I do not want to get out. I have my work."

Finbar: "Show me this symbol at Arkaim but do not mention or point to it. Just ask me a question about American television. Have you ever heard of the Line and the Circle?"

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Inna: "No, what does it mean?"

Finbar: "I will tell you, Inna."

They walk back to the Arkaim and as they enter the central gate the Colonel is running toward them.

Colonel: 'Where were you two? I have been looking for you both for several minutes."

Finbar: "Should I refer to you as Colonel, or mamma?"

Colonel: "Dr. McCool, I am responsible for your safety. We have just found a man in the woods with a high powered rifle and his throat cut."

Inna: "Does this have anything to do with us?"

Colonel: "I do not know, perhaps he was after the film crew's equipment. Criminal behavior is out of control like in the United States since we became free. Do you want to take a look at the body, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I would prefer not to? I do not like to see anyone who is dead." These people are scoundrels.

Colonel: "The brave American hiding from death, or perhaps life?"

Finbar: "I feel safe when you are around, Colonel." Goof.

Finbar: "Dr. Sorokova lets look around and show me some more of the findings at Arkaim? I have not seen enough."

Inna: "Anything that we find of value we catalogue and take back to the Institute for study."

Finbar: "Of course, that makes sense Dr. Sorokova."

Colonel: "I will find the two of you later. I want to do some more investigation into this murder. I will see if it was captured on video. We should leave right after that because I must guarantee your safety."

Finbar: "That will be fine but do you think it has anything to do with us?" You chancer.

Colonel: "It does not matter. It is unsafe and we should go. The American government will raise hell if one of their professors gets injured."

Finbar: "Has this type of thing happened before at Arkaim?"

Colonel: "Many come to steal what ever they think has value. If we catch them, they are punished. This person was punished before we caught him."

Finbar and Inna walk through the front gate of the city and begin to walk slowly around the site.

Finbar: "Is there this much murder in Russia, Inna? Since I have been here four people died."

Inna: "I think so. People will kill to survive. A great many are now profiting by killing. There is more killing in your country. We see it on our television. Tell me about America television is it better than Russian television?"

Finbar: "I am against American television. It has been used to destroy the Irish of our society." Now the world. Can we sit down here for a few seconds, Inna?"

Inna: "Why don't you sit on this rock? You can brush it off and not get your pants dirty?"

Finbar: "I will do that."

The blood runs from Finbar's face as he looked at the symbol carved in the rock. At that moment an orb or ball of light shoots overhead.

Finbar: "It is beautiful this time of day." This is amazing. First Inna and now our symbol? What is going on? "How long do you think this old rock has been sitting here?"

Inna: "Most say four thousand years. It could be ten or twenty thousand years, perhaps even one hundred thousand years. Everyone has their own story as you would say Finbar."

Finbar: "Are there any other places to sit at Arkaim?"

Inna: "If you get tired there are eight more good spots to sit within the larger circle of Arkaim. They are part of the intercircle of Arkaim. Each has a different colored stone. When seen from above they make a triskele. Your ring has a red stone. Under this Circle the stone is blue. I believe that the nine Arkaims are found through an ancient color-coding like the rainbow. Here comes the Colonel."

Finbar: "What about other places in Russia Inna?"

Inna: "Two or three more. Each Arkaim has nine intercircles and within that nine more. The tricircles are enclosed within the larger outercircle of Arkaim. I believe that this represents the world and its points of connection to the universal."

The Colonel reaches them: "We should leave now, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "That is grand, Colonel. I enjoyed the visit and meeting Dr. Sorokova." What a candy arse. This type makes everything into a big deal.

Colonel: "We will take a different route home."


body is sitting on the side of the road next to the car. Finbar, Inna, and the Colonel must walk by to get into the car. Finbar does not look.

Finbar:  "Do you do this all the time; just put a body by the side of the road? We cover our bodies in the United States."

Colonel: "I want this body brought back for more investigation. Do you know him Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "I know very few people in Russia."

Finbar looks and then with a pause.

Finbar: "This person, I do think that I know? He came to Larissa's flat and threatened to kill us both. He said that he was her husband. I told him that this was an old KGB trick and to leave. I asked him to leave and he did." Who on earth could have killed this jerk? Probably the FSB for getting his arse kicked.

Colonel: "Perhaps you killed him, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "I do not think so?" You horses arse. "You better think of looking elsewhere for your killer? Perhaps it was you Colonel? But neither of us have a drop of blood on us."

Colonel: "We will investigate and let you know if we need a statement about this man and the event that happened to you."

Finbar: "I would be more than willing to help." I wonder what is going on?

Colonel: "Driver, take another way home and get the machine gun for me from the trunk. Arm Dr. McCool and Dr. Sorokova with pistols. I will sit in the back with Dr. McCool. Dr. Sorokova will sit in the front with you. Stop for no one and be alert to traps such as fallen trees in the road."

Finbar: "Is this necessary, Colonel? I am just a Marketing Professor. Who would want to hurt me?" Several, I suppose?

Colonel: "Dr. McCool can you use a gun?"

Finbar:  "Of course I could try?"

Colonel: "Let's hope we do not find out on the way to the base. You both must stay at the military base until we can figure out what has happened. If the dead man was the jealous husband, he is no longer a danger to you Dr. McCool. Someone cut his throat. He did not commit suicide like your childhood Irish friend. Maybe you have one of your Irish fairies protecting you in Russia, Dr. McCool?"

Finbar: "I hope so, and I will ask them to protect the rest of you too."

Colonel: "I don't believe in your Irish fairies."

Finbar: "That disappoints me Colonel. I am just a Marketing Professor here to do my best. The fairies do what they want. Russia also has their fairies and gnomes. Didn't your grandmother teach you that?"

Colonel: "I am sure that the Director will want to meet you again when we get to the base. Dr. McCool he enjoyed your talk at the secret city."

Finbar: "That would be a great honor. I would also like some time with Dr. Sorokova to learn more from her."

Colonel: "If Dr. Sorokova wants to she is welcome to spend as much time as you wish. This is a free country."

Inna: "Of course, I will be as helpful to Dr. McCool as I can."

Finbar: "Thank you, Dr. Sorokova. I have already learned a great deal from you."


Artist: Victor Vasnetsov Song of Prince Oleg