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Ch 2 Millions of Red Roses.
Ch 3 Girl With Glance of Wolf.
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Ch 6 Moscow Does Not Believe in Tear.
Ch 7 Mysterious Town in the Clouds.
Ch 8 I Break Glass Like a Chocolate in My Arm.
Ch 9 Life is Impossible to Turn Back.
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1996 - 2008


A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

Chapter 6, Arkaim: Marketing Wars


At Military Base 421362AG. The location of Russian military bases are a guarded secret. Numbers and letters designate base names. The car arrives and is stopped at the gate. The guards recognize the Colonel and jump to attention.

Colonel: "Let us through. Issue a code 9 at once. Inform the Director that we are back from Arkaim. I will see him immediately. I want ten of C group to protect Dr. McCool and Sorokova. Get this done now. We will pull the car behind the gate and C group can take control. Have another ten from C group protect the Director in his office.

    No one is to get near or harm any of those I have just mentioned. If anyone tries, C may use any force required. I believe that we are all in danger. Any clearance for further action must be by the Director alone."

Guard: "Yes Sir. Drive through. I will call for C and issue a code 9."

A siren begins to wail on the base. Everyone is running around. Ten heavily armed special Russian military arrive within thirty seconds and surround the car.

Colonel: "Do not worry Dr. McCool, we are now safe."

Finbar: "Is this necessary Colonel?" This is like a b-rated movie.

Colonel: "Safety is better than surprise."

Finbar: What a line to have in the movie. "I agree. You are a military genius." A military arse would be more like it.

Colonel: "You three stay in the car and I will go report to the Director. I know he wants to talk to you, Finbar."

Finbar: "Inna, move the mirror so the driver cannot see me in the back seat."

Inna: "Why?"

Finbar: "Do as I say. I am going to kill him by sticking my H9 Celtic dagger into his brain. Then I am going to blame him for the murder at Arkaim."

Inna screams at the driver in Russian. She does not realize that he speaks English and works for the FSB.

Inna: "Driver, get out of the car now. I want to talk to Dr. McCool alone. Go talk with the soldiers."

Driver: "Yes."

Inna: "Finbar are you crazy? If you killed the driver they would put you in jail."

Finbar: "I don't think so. I wanted to make sure that the driver could not speak English. It is hard to remain calm if you believe that someone is going to stick a dagger into your brain. You spoiled it for me, Inna."

Inna: "You are crazy?"

Finbar: "What did you want to ask me Inna, before the Colonel came up on us before?"

Inna: "Yes, I want to know if you ever heard the words Form, Force, and Power?"

Finbar: "Of course Inna, this is my work on marketing and business storytelling. Why do you ask?"

Inna: "I had a strange dream that I was captured by an evil king and trapped in a cave. I could not escape for all my life. I dreamed that I died. After I died, this spirit came to me and said you did not have to die in this cave. I cried and said why did the spirit tell me this now that I was dead?"

Finbar: "Go on?"

Inna: "The spirit laughed and said you did not have to stay in the cave and die. All you would have had to do is repeat Form, Force, and Power three times. I was then awake repeating Form, Force, and Power. I was so happy to be alive. What does it mean?"

Finbar: "This is Celtic. It is really Form, Force, and the Unknown. I changed it to Form, Force, and Power two years ago. When was your dream Inna?"

Inna: "Two years ago?"

Finbar tells Inna about his dream: "I had the same dream but I was captured by an evil Queen. I took it as a sign to change Form, Force, and the Unknown to Form, Force, and Power. It represents my Celtic family ring. Maybe I heard it the other way from my Grandmother? I cannot remember.

    Inna you are a great actress. All my students have been exposed to the concept of Form, Force, and Power. Perhaps you heard it through one of them?"

Inna: "No, it was a dream like I said. I do not care what you think."

Finbar: "I am sorry for doubting you, forgive me. Now as you remember I also have a question for you? What is your birth date?"

Inna: "November first, Finbar."

Finbar: "You must not be my childhood friend Inna. I was born on May 1st the Celtic Beltaine Light Festival or first day of summer. I am sorry that I mistook you for someone else. November 1st is the Celtic Samuin or the first day of the Celtic year." She is Inna or really the Etain that I knew as a child and we were born on tghihe same day? Better to have her think I do not know.


Inna: "I have been trying to tell you this Finbar. Here is the Colonel. He will tell us about the Director."

Colonel: "The Director would like to talk with you both for a few minutes Finbar. He asked me to bring you to his office. The guards are there to protect the Director during this Code C."

Finbar: "I would be honored to see him again."

The Colonel takes Inna and Finbar to the front of the Directors office and tells them the Director will come and get them when he is ready.

Colonel: "Wait here and the Director will be right with you both."

Inna in a strange voice asks Finbar: "Do you hear that Finbar?"

Finbar: "Yes, it is two German Shepherds staring at us."

Inna: "Are they dangerous?"

Finbar: "Very, they are trained to kill. Don't be afraid, just make no moves. They must have been put here to guard the Directors office. The idiot left us here. Do as I say without hesitation. Move slowly behind me and take off your coat and wrap it around your left arm. When they attack you, let them have at the left arm and the coat. Make sure your hand is covered. One will come for me and the other for you."

Inna: "I am afraid, Finbar."

Finbar: "So am I, but I can overcome a few puppies. I hope I do not have to kill them."

Finbar looks at the dogs and repeats: "Stop now, stop now, stop now."

As Finbar begin to repeat the first, 'stop now' to the dogs they are preparing to attack. Finbar take his Celtic throwing stone from his pocket and stands between Inna and the dogs.

Finbar: "When the first dog jumps at my chest to knock me down I will move you out of the way. I will smash the dog in the head and let it hit the wall. Turn back for the next attack at once and repeat the same. Do as I say."

The dog jumps at Finbar's chest and Finbar takes his left arm and moves Inna to his left as he meets the dog in the air. As the shepherd goes by, Finbar smashes the head with the Celtic throwing stone, wounding the dog. The dog smashes into the wall from the force of the collision.

Finbar screams.

Finbar: "Around."

He turns to face the next dog. He is too late to dodge the dogs attack and the huge dog hits him in the chest knocking him into Inna, the wall, and the first attack dog. The Celtic throwing stone is knocked from his hand as he falls. The shepherd grabs Finbar's coat that has been wrapped around his hand and arm. Finbar is dazed from the attack. The guard dog is growling fiercely trying to break through to Finbar's neck for the kill. Inna screams and this scream brings Finbar back to his senses. Finbar grabs for his Celtic dagger that he put into his belt. One thrust to the throat and into the brain of the mighty shepherd. With the training of a lifetime the dog keeps up the attack. Finbar screams a war cry.

At that moment the Director walks into the hall with his two bodyguards. The guards shoot the dog in an instant and one guard goes to shoot the wounded dog while the other jumps onto the shepherd that is still on Finbar. The dog releases the grip on Finbar and turns on the new assailant grabbing the man right in the front of his face and ripping it off. The man screams in terror. The Director screams and jumps to save his wounded bodyguard. The first bodyguard jumps between the shepherd and the Director. The mighty guard dog grabs her by the neck in a death lock. Yelana manages to get her hand in front of her neck. Finbar reaches into her belt and grabs her knife. He shoves the knife into the back jaw of the dog and pushes as hard as he can. The death grip cannot be maintained. The dog dies. The Colonel runs in and jumps on the Director. They both hit the floor.

Director: "Dr. McCool this is Director Zhukov are you ok?"

No one speaks. At this time the room is full and Inna is carried out while Finbar and the Director are picked up onto their feet. Both men look at each other.

Director: "Bring Dr. McCool into my office where we can both clean up. Bring me a new uniform and get Dr. McCool some clothes. Call for the base Doctor. Did he get you good?"

Colonel: "I do not know?"

Director: "We will have the base Doctor take a good look at you. Inna seems to be unhurt."

The Director looks at the Colonel and screams: "Find out why this happened and let me know? Check on Stas and Yelana."

Colonel: "Yes, Director."

The two men move into the shower and throw their bloody clothes onto the floor.

Director: "I know that you will not believe me but I had nothing to do with this attack. I will find out and the person or persons responsible and they will suffer the same fate."

Finbar: "Yelana is a beautiful woman. She reminds me of the Celtic goddess Brighid daughter of Dagda."

Director: "So you see Yelana as a Celtic goddess? Tell me about your Celtic Brighid?"

Finbar: "Brighid is the goddess of wisdom and poetry. Her soldiers are called Brigands. The Christians made her into a Saint."

Director: "Now you see Yelana as a Saint? Russian woman make great wives. They are all Saints."

Both laugh for a long time and were happy to meet each other again as friends.

Director: "Yelana is unmarried. I will arrange for you to meet. I have heard a great deal about you since you came to your talk with the scientists. Your students are learning a great deal about marketing. Russia needs marketing."

Finbar: "I am not sure, Director?"

Director: "What do you mean, Dr. McCool? I thought that you were a great Professor of Marketing?"

Finbar: "I do not believe that Russia will follow its own form of marketing. The pressure is too great to copy us and change your culture. We are not evil; most are just convinced we are right."

Director: "I have never thought of the Americans as evil. Perhaps stupid but not evil."

Finbar: "We all have our stories to explain success or failure. The stories are never true but they are very important to our lives. No one can survive with another's story. Each story must be interpreted as a reflection of ourselves. The same story has billions of interpretations. Marketing storytelling is the connecting to the stories so that we think that we agree."

Director: "Are you also saying that one person's story can bring them pleasure while the same story can bring another person pain?"

Finbar: "Exactly. The trick to marketing storytelling is to tell the story in a way that brings something positive to other people. This allows them to own and use the product or service in a way that fits into their own story. The best are those that are linked to myths. Some stories are so far apart that the only solution is conflict."

Director: "Perhaps you would like to meet Yelana? That is interesting, Dr. McCool. As we both know who ever controls the story or myth controls the market."

Finbar: "Yes of course these are the real marketing wars, take diamonds for example. They only have value because of the story that has been retold since World War II. In a second the story can change and then diamonds could be worth less than sand. Even worse with the right story Russia would have to spend billions of rubles to get rid of them in a proper and safe way. This is either the best or worse example of the power of marketing. Diamonds are a joke on us all."

Director: "This is why I called you into my office. I plan to retire in the next year. I want to do something in business. What would you suggest that could help me?"

Finbar: "The easiest thing to sell is an established story. The diamond is easier to get thousands of dollars for than another stone that does not have the same created story. The problem with an established story is that those who control the story also control who can benefit from the story. Diamonds are without value but a story that is linked to diamonds is very valuable. Before I forget Director, I need my dagger and rock back? I would be happy to meet Yelana."

Director: "What is the story that sells the diamonds?"

Finbar: "Cinderella has gotten Prince Charming to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars or rubles worth of diamonds."

Director: "How?"

Finbar: "All little girls are searching for Prince Charming. Prince Charming has been linked to the purchasing of a diamond. The real princesses in the world get sapphires rubies not diamonds. The mass marketed princess want and gets a diamond."

Director: "The Russian military has developed a method to grow diamonds within days at a very low cost. Less than one American dollar for a perfect one carrot stone that would sell for 20,000 dollars in the USA."

Finbar: "I did not know that this was available? I have heard that it could be done but it was not cost effective. General Electric has been successful for years at creating diamonds."

Director: "We have many things is Russia that the American corporations do not want us to sell. I will arrange for you and Yelana to meet."

Finbar: "I believe that that is true. What about the DeBeers diamond monopoly in the world? They are not going to let themselves go out of business. As long as Cinderella keeps selling the masses diamonds they will prosper. They are probably the most powerful company in the world. Maybe they will pay you a fortune for this technology and keep it from the market?"

Director: "That is an interesting idea. I want Russia to be successful and my success to help Russia. That is what you told us in your talk?"

Finbar: "You are a great Director and now you will fight the marketing wars. You will find all you have learned will be just the beginning. Perhaps the Snow Maiden should sell the Russian diamonds? I will of course be a sounding board that you can talk about your thoughts with at anytime."

Director: "I know how important that is. As a leader we loose the ability to have someone to talk with that has no agenda but friendship."

Finbar: "It is very hard to find. Perhaps it is only our parents and grandparents that will do this for us?"

Director: "I think you may find that you can talk to Yelana? She also suffers from cognitive loneliness. I will show you our diamond lab on the base. We could give you one of the machines?"

Finbar: "How did you hear that term I made it up? Thank you. Perhaps you could give one to my University?"

Director: "You could be rich? You wrote a paper on it years ago."

Finbar: "My path is different. If wealth follows then so be it?"

Director: "I find your Celtic dagger both simple and effective. It is brilliant and easy. It is very Russian."

Finbar: "Perhaps the Russians are very Celtic?"


Director: "Thanks Finbar, I will send you back with Dr. Sorokova."

Finbar: "Thank you Director. I am glad we met. Do not forget the power of the Snow Maiden."

Director: "Me too."


Finbar goes and sits next to Inna in the military hospital: "So then, tell me more of your story of Arkaim?"

Inna: "I am tired. Dont you care if I was hurt?"

Finbar:  "So am I tired and how could you be hurt if you were protected by me? Please tell me your story of Arkaim?"

Inna: "Civilization began on the Northern Route from Lake Baikal in Siberia and expanded both Eastand West. People followed the path of the sun around the globe."

Finbar: "That seems possible? Do you think that they then moved south?"

Inna: "Yes, but others moved north. They met at locations such as the Mediterranean Sea, China, Mexico, South America, and Hudson's Bay to trade. It was dangerous for outsiders to wander too far north or south from their own Circle."

Finbar: "Were they all the same people that were dispersed around the world at an earlier time?"

Inna: "I believe so? I believe that the North were the same people with the same culture. The dispersion was not outward, but rather inward. As we moved closer together we became more similar than different. The story that life began in Africa and then moved out is supported by the Euro centered fools. They propose that life moved north toward Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Then to England, France, and Germany. The rest of the world did not have to make any sense to anyone."

Finbar: "So why is that such a big deal?"

Inna: "The story changes understanding. No one in power wants that to occur."

Finbar: "Have you found burial mounds in Russia?"

Inna: "Many mounds along the Northern Route."

Finbar: "Why would anyone really care if this were true or not?"

Inna: "The divine right to rule. Lose that right and you have another five thousand years of warfare."

Finbar: "We have already had warfare forever."

Inna: "No, warfare shifted from those within the great longitudinal Circles to those in the latitudinal sectors. Longitudinal warfare was never again emphasized with the advent of the latitudinal, separate, hierarchical, linear city and nation states. What you would call a shift in story or philosophy. Few today even know that World War II was fought in both the East and the West. The linear West probably saw it as two separate wars even when it was going on."

Finbar: "Were there dominate longitudinal states?"

Inna: "Not in the same way that you have come to think of it Dr. McCool. Just nine Arkaims around the great Northern Tricircle. The people of the longitude were more peaceful and willing to share."

Finbar: "What does this mean about the Russians, the Irish, and many others?"

Inna: "As you would say we are kindred."

Finbar: "When are you talking about in history?"

Inna: "Until the rise of the Roman Empire when Rome moved from south to north. Imperial Rome has controlled the story from then on. World War II was just another Imperial Roman War. The Imperial Romans, Germans, and Japanese against the Imperial Roman English, French, and Americans."

Finbar:  "Where were the Russians in this Imperial Roman war?"

Inna: "We were to be killed again by the Imperial Roman south and west and then isolated as communists. Stalin tried to gain favor with the Imperial Roman Germans and divide Roman power. Hitler did his job and attacked Russian imperialists. After the war Stalin was back at killing the Northern people with the help of the new Imperial Western Roman center (America). The only ones that would not play Roman Wars for imperial power with us because they knew the game were the Irish.

    Do you believe for a second that the American government did not know how many people Stalin was starving and killing? Why would they let this go on? They were happy that Stalin was focusing on our internal destruction. This allowed the Roman West to develop both economically and militarily. They think Stalin was only afraid of the H-Bomb. It was not that, he was paid off and told he was Caesar."

Finbar: "Why?"

Inna: "The Tsar Stalin was happy as Caesar. The Imperial Roman Americans would have bombed him off the face of the earth if he tried to attack them."

Finbar: "Why did he want to be Caesar?"

Inna: "They all still want to be Caesar. Rome still wants to wipe out the Northern Circle forever."

Finbar: "Why is there still so much trouble in Ireland? How does this fit?"

Inna: "To continue to erase the Northern Circle. Imperial Roman England was given Ireland by the Roman Church in 1171. In the last century millions that could not be starved were sent to America. They then had their cultural memory erased. I have told you too much. You will label me as crazy and then all will be forgotten."

Finbar: "Who wants the Northern Circle destroyed?" Oh my God, the Line of course.

Inna: "A lot of the interchangeable people in Imperial Rome."

Later with Inna: "Inna, I can say you are an interesting woman and you do remind me of my childhood friend. I will help you as I would help her, however I can. Do not forget that."

Inna: "I will not but you Americans talk more than you actually do."

Finbar: "I am a warrior and that is all I will say. Time will tell?"

Inna: "I will be leaving the base early tomorrow Dr. McCool. Perhaps we will meet again?"

Finbar: "If Timing and Distance are with us? Thank you for the great trip to Arkaim. I will not forget it."

Inna: "You are welcome. When are you leaving?"

Finbar: "Tomorrow morning I will be returning to the United States."

Inna: "Good night Finbar, I would like to still be your friend even if I am not your childhood friend?"

Finbar: "I will not let you down."


Finbar: "Larissa this is Finbar. Yesterday at Arkaim your husband was found dead. The police and the military are investigating."

Larissa: "I already heard. He was a bad man. I do not feel anything to hear that he is dead."

Finbar: "He was found with a high powered rifle in the woods near Arkaim. He was probably there to kill me."

Larissa: "You live a charmed life Finbar? He has done a great deal of harm to many people."

Finbar: "Was he FSB?"

Larissa: "You ask too many questions. How do I know who you are? Perhaps you are FSB or CIA or something else?"

Finbar: "Larissa it is so hard to communicate across cultures. Perhaps the life of liars we have lived cannot be overcome? I feel bad that we have both been so manipulated by our cultures. So much so that we cannot trust to love. Even as friends?"

Larissa: "What does it matter Finbar? Who cares? We live and we die. I have to go now. Thank you for calling me. I will see you when we drive you to the airport."

Finbar thinks: She is too much, too complicated, too Russian.

Finbar's Friend

In the afternoon before they are to return to the USA Svetlana comes to get Finbar by car to take him to see his friend Lev.

Svetlana: "Let's go visit Lev, Finbar? You have the carved plaque for him that says Turn Weaknesses into Opportunities. I want you to tell him that he should give money to build a new building that will help students to have practical business experiences. I will start the conversation, and then you tell him. We will then pick up Lyubov before we go to get Larissa in her office. I know you also have a plaque for Yefim. Lev has his own interpreter for you."

Finbar: "I will suggest this to him because I think it is a grand idea, but I do not like asking people for anything." People should be informed, not asked for money. It is a gift to be able to give.

Svetlana and Finbar enter Levs bank. The bank is beautiful and there are people everywhere doing business. The bank has six floors above ground. Lev has many armed guards and everyone has to go through a medal detector before entering.

Lev: "Welcome, Finbar. How is my brother?"

Finbar: "You have accomplished much more in your life than most of us born in the same year. It is a grand honor to have met you, and to have heard what you had to say to our students. I believe that you have changed many of their lives. For them to see what you have accomplished with such obstacles in your life is very inspiring. I will never forget your idea. It is hardest to be a strategist at home. I wanted you to have this plaque to remember our friendship."

Lev: "It is beautiful. I will put it up in my office."

Finbar: "I gave one to Svetlana that says Business is Love."

Lev: "You are right, Finbar, without the love of others, I would not be where I am today. So many people have helped me, and I feel I have a debt to repay. As you know, my parents died when I was young. I never met my father and I can hardly remember my mother."

Finbar: "I was lucky. I've had my parents in my life."

Lev: "My aunt and uncle raised me. They always told me that my father and mother loved people and loved Russia. I never forgot it. This kept me going when I felt all was lost."

Finbar: "I know that you are extremely independent. Svetlana told me you designed this building and oversaw its construction. You made sure that you were responsible for everything that gets done."

Lev: "Like you Finbar I know it is giving up power, but not control."

Lev takes Svetlana and Finbar into his huge office. The walls are covered in hard wood. Oriental rugs a conference table and chairs in the corner and a huge stature of a Russian woman with a sword held high in her hand on Levs desk. Lev asks them to sit and have some tea. Levs secretary brings in the tea. She is a woman in her early sixties. Very pleasant and well dressed.

Svetlana: "Lev, Finbar was telling us that he thought that you might be interested in helping secure a building for the development of this new program for the Institute? We want to have a small hotel that the students could run. We could split the profits, and you could put your business visitors in the small hotel. Isn't that correct, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Yes. But I came here today only to give you the plaque and to see you before I leave Russia. You are a grand businessman. Far better than I ever will be. You will make the right decision for Svetlana. If you want me to contact anyone in the United States for you, just ask? I expect nothing in return. Does the name Lev stand for lion?"

Lev: "Yes the lion is the guardian and the sun god. Tell me, why do you think that the Americans are afraid to invest in Russia?"

Finbar: "Lev, I speak with no authority but I can say that we have such a distorted image of Russia that I was afraid to come. Afraid I would be kidnapped and robbed."

Lev: "Are you serious, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Yes, the image of Russia, for some reason is being presented in the most negative terms. I don't think it is the American government or military. I think it could be some other countries that want to keep our countries apart. I believe that they want to develop their own markets and trade in Russia. I believe that Russia will have to hire a public relations firm to change this image in the United States. I will try to write an article in the Wall Street Journal that sets the record straight. Then I will know who is against the development of the Northern people. That group will attack the hell out of me." Why should I tell Lev about the Line?

Lev: "I have had the same thoughts."

Finbar: "Lev, the Americans are one of the most loving and caring people that have ever lived in the history of mankind. If this is really happening, they will not stand for it." Of course, it is happening. "We have a sense of fair play and the Russians are just like us. Especially the Irish Americans. As an American, I love the Irish and I love the Russians, and I know that the Irish will help you. I will talk to my Irish friends, and the Irish Catholic and Irish Episcopal priests when I return home. The game during this century has always been diamonds, oil, and gas. It is still the same today. Communism was a good excuse to not let Russia participate in these marketing wars. I don't know if the imperial powers want Russia to be in or out in the future. The game has been to keep Russia out, so that is probably how it will end up." This is a no brainier.

Lev: "Very interesting point of view, Finbar? I had not thought of that until you mentioned it to me just now? I thought it was for ideological reasons?"

Finbar: "The big question will be who benefits from the Russian resources? I hope it will be the Americans, because I am an American. My fear is that the imperial world will force another Russian Revolution to shut down Russian oil again. This is way out of my strategic sphere or understanding. After all, I bought gloves from the bazaar on one day for 30 rubles, and the next day I paid 50 rubles. That is funny and when I went back on the third day and told them, they still charged me 50 rubles."

Lev: "Finbar, we must remain friends. You are a great strategist and I know we will have the opportunity to work together in the future. Even though you were not too good on those glove sales."

Finbar: "Thanks, Lev."

Lev: "Yes, when we walk down the hall you see mirrors all around in the halls surrounded by marble."

Finbar: "Yes, I am sure that they are beautiful?"

Lev: "They are all two-way mirrors. The guards see everything."

Finbar: "Am I safe with you, Lev?"

Lev: "Of course, they are very well trained. Let's go to lunch, and I will show you around the bank. I like the plaque, and we will keep in touch."

Lev puts his arm on Finbar's back as they walk out of the office. Finbar sees a future gun battle in the hallway.

Finbar: "Lev, please let's go back to your office I do not feel well and I must sit down."

They return to the office.

Finbar: "Lev, you're going to be robbed in a few minutes. Alert your security immediately."

Lev: "You must be joking, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Lev do this now or you will die."

Lev: "Who is tough enough to kill Lev?"

Finbar: "If you do not alert your security, you will find out?"

Svetlana tries to change the subject: "Lev has been such a generous person to our school, and I know that he will continue. Maybe you could find some American investors when you go home?"

Finbar is determined: "You designed this entire building, Lev? The attack will be to take you hostage and get the money to be turned over to them. When they get the money they will kill you."

Lev: "There is no robbery and no one will kill Lev."

Svetlana speaks up: "We would like to have a program at the Institute for public safety, just as you do at your University Finbar."

Lev: "Wonderful idea. This could be very successful if it helps the students to get a job in the field. I have helped the Ural Institute of Business in the past, and I will continue to do so."

Finbar looks at Lev with a look that chilled Lev throughout his body: "Lev, do it now or Rusalka will take you."

Svetlana speaks up with some fear in her voice. She cannot understand Finbars insistence that the bank is to be robbed: "Thank you, Lev. You are a very good and beautiful man. We have to go and take Finbar to another appointment. You know he is returning home today."

Finbar screams: "Rusalka is here for you."

Lev picks up the telephone and announces to his head of security: "Possible bank robbery in progress. Seal off the building, now."

Finbar: "Lev, do you have any guns in your office?"

Finbar begins to push the big table in front of the entrance. Lev grabs an automatic machine gun from under his desk.

Lev: "Finbar stop. Perhaps it is you who have come to kill me"

Finbar: "You fool. Get ready to shoot at the robbers. Do you have another way in and out of this office?"

Lev: "I am not going to tell you anything McCool, you are probably CIA."

Finbar: "You fool. Call security again and see if they have shut down the bank?"

Lev: "Security this is Lev. Is the bank secure?"

Lev is told that there is nothing happening and security has returned to normal. Lev hangs up the telephone: "Finbar, you are a CIA agent, the bank is secure."

Finbar: "You fool. You poor fool. I can see the future."

Lev smiles at Finbar and begins to shake hands goodbye: "Finbar, let me know if I can help you with any business interests in Russia?"

Svetlana: "We must get moving if we are going to get Finbar to the airport on time. I will call you next week Lev."

Lev: "Who comes for Lev with Rusalka?"

Finbar, smiles and draws a Line in the air: "You will be dead within the hour. Sorry, I am sorry I could not help you?"

As they get into the car everyone can hear a running gun battle within the bank. Crowds are running out of the bank screaming in a panic.

Finbar: "Lets go, I tried. Perhaps he realized soon enough? It is out of my hands now."

Svetlana just stares at Finbar in amazement as they drive off. She is thinking of the fortune-teller and what happened to her husband behind the house. They pick up Larissa and Lyubov at Larissas office.


Svetlana: "What would you do differently in the corporations?"

Finbar: "I would keep the power away from a few individuals. You call them oligarchs. We have the same thing. I would have people learn more, and do more with less. This allows for efficiencies in the application of resources. The search is for the similar, not the different. Russia will fail if they follow the model that the West is trying to teach them. It is not because we are evil. It is just that this is what we know. All of the separating Western consultants will destroy you. Hire them and spend the money, but do not follow, or you will be like Igor. He was brave and loved, but he separated his army from the rest. Because of this, he was captured and the entire country was at risk."

Svetlana: "Very interesting, Finbar? The story of  is still with us to teach Russia, again. Will you help us?"

Finbar: "Of course. I had one of my students relate the story to modern Russia and business. He did a grand job. Igor had to learn this answer, just like this generation."

Lyubov: "You have done us a great service. All the others see the answer as external and you have taught us to look internally."

Svetlanas cell phone rings: "Finbar you have a phone call."

Lev "Finbar, my brother, you were right. I was a fool not to trust you. We have been enemies for so long."

Finbar "I fight another enemy, Lev. Every best wish to you."

Svetlana "What did Lev want?"

Finbar "That was Lev; I guess he figured it out in time?"

Svetlana "Finbar, did you fall in love in Russia?"

Finbar "Yes Svetlana, I did and I will never forget."

Svetlana "That is nice to hear."

Lyubov, tells Larissa about the fortune-teller. She then directs the conversation to Finbar.

Finbar: "Remember how she told you that there was a woman in Russia? Do you think that it was Natasha? She is so young and beautiful."

Finbar: "Well, I never told her that I knew that she loved me. The poor woman, she will now have to live with the pain of unfulfilled love. Will you ask her tomorrow if it was her that loved me?"

Lyubov: "Of course, Finbar, I will."

Finbar: "Thank you, Lyubov."

Svetlana: "What else do you want us to do? Can we come to your house this summer?"

Finbar: "I told you many times, yes. I would be honored. What about you, Larissa? Do you think that you may come to the United States in the future?"

Larissa: "I do not think so. I do not have the money and I was there last year."

The snow is coming down hard. The traffic to the airport is slow.

Finbar asks Larissa: "Do you think the plane will take off in this snow?"

Larissa: "Of course, Finbar. This is Russia."

Finbar: "Will you all wait with me, ladies, until it takes off?"

Lyubov: "Of course, Finbar. Thank you for all you have taught me. You are my great teacher."

Finbar looks at Larissa: "Life is change. Don't you agree, Larissa?"

Larissa: "Yes."

Finbar: "The police again. They are everywhere checking on people. Even in a snow storm."

Lyubov: "I am interested in the Celts. I did not know much about the Celts until you started to teach me, Finbar?"

Finbar: "It was hard for me to learn. My Druid keeps teaching me the three pillars of Form, Force, and Power. Change comes from Imbalance."

Svetlana: "I do not believe that men know what love is. Even Celts."

Finbar: "I agree, Svetlana, at least where I am concerned. I think a person can understand love from a base of any religion. I also think that to learn about other religions and philosophies helps us to learn more about love."

Lyubov: "Do you want to return to Russia?"

Finbar: "I do not know. I would, of course, come back if they paid my way again and I believed that I could help. I plan to write a love story when I return home. I want to teach marketing storytelling without teaching. My love story can help to teach people that Form, Force, and Power and marketing are individual, clann, and universal."

Svetlana asks in a perplexed tone: "A love story?"

Finbar: "A person in Russia suggested that I try and I will."

Lyubov: "You know, Lyubov means love. I believe that a story is a great way to teach people about business and marketing storytelling. That would be great. Would it be fiction or nonfiction?"

Finbar: "Both."

Svetlana asks Finbar: "Well, did you fall in love in Russia?"

Finbar: "The Celts believe that love that is unexpressed is the most sincere."

Larissa: "You are married, Finbar."

Finbar: "Yes, one cannot control ones emotions, only actions."

Svetlana: "That is true, Finbar. Many men have loved me, and I them. I have remained faithful to my husband because we trust each other."

Finbar: "Who knows what the future will bring, Svetlana? What do you think, Larissa?"

Larissa: "I never think of love. I just want to help my son."

Finbar: "Your son is an adult. Do you think that you are supposed to sacrifice for him after he is an adult?"

Lyubov: "Russian women give so much."

Larissa: "Yes, Lyubov, Russian women give and men take."

Finbar: "We will never know each other. Men and women try but it is so hard. Do you think that Russian women are capable of love for a man with all our weaknesses and inabilities?"

Larissa: "I have seen so many of my married friends, who were both nice people, fall out of love in Russia. The men all remarried within a short period to younger women. They seem happy. The women are glad to be free of their husbands."

Svetlana asks Larissa: "What about your girlfriends? Are they happy?"

Larissa: "Yes, I think so, Svetlana. I think that American women have it easier than Russian women. They get better settlements with their husbands when they get divorces."

Finbar: "That is very true for American women. The states have a campaign to ruin men. American men have to suffer in silence."

Larissa: "Russian women suffer in silence. They get very little or nothing. They just get work and pain."

Finbar: "Most people suffer in silence, Larissa. Women may be mistaken about men. Men are more alone than women. Perhaps these men are attracted to younger women because these women are young enough to still believe that love is possible? The men may be old enough to understand the value of love. They may still be searching, even though their first wife was unable to find love with them. These younger women may make a great deal more effort to love a man. It can be done don't you think, Larissa?"

Larissa: "Finbar the great actor. What can we believe?"

Finbar: "I am the playwright, the actor, and the audience. Each of us is all three. We are alone. It is Celtic philosophy."

Lyubov: "Here we are at the airport."

The airport is big. The snow has not yet been removed. Men and women are shoveling the sidewalks. The airport terminal is old and dirty. Security checks people as they enter the building. Checking is done at random. Young men are almost always checked. Bald men in black clothes are also checked. The checking is done in a polite way. The police come up to the person. They salute and ask for their documents. In Russia everyone must have his or her documents at all times. They either have an internal passport or an international passport. The international passport is not that difficult to acquire.

Finbar: "Let's get out of the car and go in. I am off to the United States, ladies. Love is complicated, and it will not be understood in a ride to an airport in Russia. Do you think it can be done, Larissa?"

Larissa: "I do not know. I once loved, but that was long ago."

Finbar: "Perhaps you will again, if you can find a man who will take the time to bring it out in you?"

Larissa: "Perhaps?"


Finbar: "It seems like yesterday that I arrived in Russia. Life goes by so quickly. I have been happy in Russia."

Lyubov: "Do you want me to translate the diagnosis that you got at Lake Uvildy?"

Finbar: "No, grand Lyubov, I will go to the doctor, when I return home. She is Russian and will translate it for me."

Larissa: "What is this diagnosis that you are talking about? I never heard of this before."

Finbar: "It was interesting, Larissa. The doctor at Uvildy put this pen like device around my ear. In seconds, they had a computer printout on my health. Of course, it is in Russian. This technology was developed for the Russian military. It is derived from Asian philosophy. It is impressive. I think it could be a big winner for the Russian medical industry."

Larissa: "I never heard of this before. It sounds unbelievable."

Svetlana announces: "Follow me everyone and we will go to the VIP lounge."

Finbar: "I am sad to be going home. I will miss you all. Here is a poem for all of you."

S Lyubov'yu

With love, I came to Russia; with love, I met your people; with love, I learned from your children.

With love, we shared food together; with love, we played together; with love, I visited your homes.

With love, I will miss you all; with love, I hope you will miss me; with love, we can help each other.

Svetlana: "We will also miss you. Perhaps we could come this summer to visit your university."

Finbar: "It costs a great deal of money to come to the United States. Once you get to my house, it will cost you nothing."

Lyubov: "We want you to come back to Russia."

Finbar: "If I can learn and help others in the process, I would be only too happy to. If I could be helpful, I would return. I would return for love. Right, Larissa."

Svetlana: "We will try to find you another assignment with our organization. You were very successful with the Business Institute."

Finbar: "If I could help a large company in Russia in any way, I would also be honored? You have copies of my new book. Please show or give the books to anyone that you believe will benefit. This will give them an idea of the Form, Force, and Power approach to business and marketing."

Finbar looks over and sees the same man that was outside the flat the night of the fight. The man looks at Finbar: Is this my killer? Doesn't seem too tough to me. I will give him a chance to kill me right here. This is going to be fun. I will fix his ass right now. "Ladies, I have to go to the toilet. I know where it is. I will be back in a few minutes"

Svetlana: "Do not be long; the plane will begin to board in less than a half hour."

Finbar reaches under his coat that is laying over a chair in the VIP Lounge and pulls out the H9 and puts it into his hand facing up under his right sleeve. He picks up his juice container and removes more of the top so that the juice is spilling out: "I never got used to these cardboard juice containers in Russia. I will finish my juice on the way to the toilet."

Finbar gets up and staggers slightly in an expression of intoxication or perhaps weakness: "I must be getting old?"

He walks slowly to the door and never looks at the man in the chair: I am going to kill this rat right in front of the whole Russian Army.

While going out the door to the toilet Finbar turns the dagger so that it is facing down but sitting high in the palm of his hand.

Finbar thinks: This guy likes to sneak up and cut throats. I will make it easy for him. He either knew that jerk or he is a very quiet killer. Good, this bathroom is large. Should I take him when he walks in or let him in and then take him? I will take him as he walks in. Eyes with the juice and then dagger into the throat. I will stand facing away singing a song. What should I sing? Too slow for this guy. He requires a faster rhythm to kill him. Ok, I like the song. 

Finbar begins to sing and waits for his kill: "Row, row, row, your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream."

The man walks slowly into the room: "McCool do not kill me. I saw you take your dagger from your pocket. I am your Celtic fairy godfather."

Finbar smiles but keeps singing.

Man: "Is that the rhythm you think it will take to kill me, Finbar? I was friends with your brother, he also like to get into a killing rhythm."

Finbar keeps quietly singing.

Man: "Come on Finbar, who do you think took out the husband with the rifle?"

Finbar: "Turn around and walk away. If I see you again I will let you have it right there. Tell your pals."

Man: "You academic jerk, you got it backwards. I am here to keep you alive."

Finbar: "Thank you but do it at a distance."

Man: "All you McCool's are stubborn sons- of- Banshees."

Finbar: "Back off and prove it. Who is Inna and what is her name?"

Man: "Etain."

Finbar: "What is her other name? Is she safe? Why was the CIA after her?"

Man: "Her third name is a secret she only knows by her. The CIA was never after her."

Finbar: "Then who?"

Man: "You know, I do not have to tell you. The same ones that are after your Irish arse."

Finbar: "Why are they after me?"

Man: "You academic ivory-tower idiot. Because you know, just like Etain knows. A great many people want you shut up for good."

Finbar: "Perhaps you are one of them? Who killed my brother?"

Man: "The Line."

Finbar: "What was my brothers other name?"

Man: "Are-echta."

Finbar: "What was his third name?" 

Keefe: "Only he knew that."

Finbar: "Grand, if you are here to save me then turn around and let me kill you? This way I can be sure."

Keefe turns around and faces away from Finbar.

Finbar: "face into the bathroom and if you have any prayers say them now."

Finbar leaves the room with Keefe facing away and returns to the VIP lounge.

Svetlana: "What took you so long, Finbar? We were beginning to worry."

Finbar: "I was just thinking of my wonderful trip and how kind you have been to me."

Lyubov: "Please remember our agreement, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Of course, Lyubov."

Larissa the serious one, tells Finbar: "Put your luggage on this scale. They want 60,000 rubles for the extra weight."

Finbar: "I paid nothing when I flew into town and now 12 dollars."

Larissa: "Do not worry. You will be reimbursed when you get back to America."

Finbar: "I am glad that I gave some of my things away or the cost would have been higher. What do your think, Larissa?"

Larissa: "Yes you are lucky."

Finbar: "Lyubov, do you think everyone liked their carved plaques?"

Lyubov: "Yes, of course."

Larissa: "My plaque has a defect. I want another."

Finbar: "Warrior princess, as I told you, I will give the one I gave to you to the Druid. I will have another one carved for you the way you want. Ladies, what do you think the Druid will think about the plaque? Do you think the dark spot in the plaque caused by a knot will bother the Druid?"

Svetlana: "Of course not."

Finbar: "I agree. Larissa did not see the beauty in the plaque at first. I don't want to be responsible for causing any unhappiness."

Larissa: "Finbar, you are so naive."

The other two women look at Finbar with a smile.

Finbar: "I know that I am. It is a moral choice. I choose to take this position in my life, why not?"

Lyubov: "Do you mean to say that you understand and you choose to act like you do not understand?"

Finbar: "Of course, why shouldn't I? If one understands and reacts negatively, then all is lost. You have no chance to develop the relationship further. Life is Imbalance, and these relationships can be improved. You may not be interpreting what is happening correctly."

Larissa: "Do you think you are being honest with people?"

Finbar: "Yes Larissa, transfer is never direct. Everyone sees things through their own experiences. It is never the same. If the person chooses not to respond, it is not you, but rather that person's interpretation of you. You cannot easily change people. Only through story do you have a chance. Each has to change themselves. If they choose to be your enemy because of this interpretation, then best to never let them know that you know. Then, you have the strategic advantage because the person does not know what you know."

Larissa: "That is fine, but do you really believe that this is fair?"

Finbar: "Yes, Larissa, because then I am treating people in a way that is positive rather than negative."

Larissa: "Is everything you say a lie, then?"

Finbar: "Just the opposite. It is all true, because I choose to believe that it is true. If I choose to see you as beautiful and intelligent, is this not better than the alternative? People do not easily excel when subjected or driven by the negative."

Larissa: "The plane is leaving, Finbar. Finbar, can I talk to you alone for a minute?"

Finbar: "Of course Larissa."

Larissa: "My husband called me after you left and told me he was going to kill you at Arkaim. You know that many of my friends have been killed. He told me that he also heard that you know too much and that they were going to try to kill you, but he would do it for them for free."

Finbar: "Why, do you tell me this now?"

Larissa: "Because you are a good man, and I love you."

Finbar: "Who are they?"

Larissa: "They call themselves the Line."

Finbar: "Larissa, I love you. I will not let them harm you. I will take them down. It is my destiny."

Finbar returns to the group: "All the best to you all."

The group: "Goodbye, Finbar."

Finbar: "Goodbye."

Group: "Goodbye."

Finbar: "I tried my best for all of you and you all tried for me. What more can we ask of each other?" I feel strange both leaving and coming. Each is awkward for me.


Artist: Vasnetsov Knightly Galloping