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1996 - 2008


A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

Chapter 7, Arkaim: Marketing Wars



Admiral: "O'Sullivan, Keefe is detained and you will take over the Celtic Fairy job until he returns. He is arriving at JFK on Delta tonight. Figure out the time and be there. Keefe had several chances to hone his skills. You will probably have the same chance."

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: "Dismissed."

Keefe telephones Zhukov at his office.

Keefe: "Good morning please let me speak to Director Zhukov? This is his friend Kevin O'Rielly."

Man: "The Director is a busy man."

Keefe: "My advice to you is to tell the Director that his friend O'Rielly is on the telephone."

Man: "Hang on."

Director: "O'Rielly how are you? We have not talked in a long time. How is the family?"

Keefe: "Everything is grand. I have a favor to ask?"

Director: "Ask?"

Keefe: "The University wants to have Dr. Sorokova visit and give several lectures. They want to award her an Honoree Doctor's Degree for her research at Arkaim. This will be a great honor for Russia."

Director: "This sounds wonderful O'Rielly. When did you want her to come?"

Keefe: "I am returning tomorrow and was hoping that she could join me."

Director: "That is very short notice."

Keefe: "You know how stupid those academics are, everything at the last second? She can come later but I thought that it would be better to have someone with her? You know that New York City can be very fearful for people from other nations?"

Director: "I am sure that it can be arranged. What time does your plane leave the airport?"

Keefe: "Noon."

Director: "How will she know who you are and where to meet you?"

Keefe: "She can come into the VIP Lounge and if you want you can come with her. We have not seen each other for a long time."

Director: "I cannot come tomorrow but I will send her with my Colonel. He is a good man."

Keefe: "Grand Director, you will see that all the paperwork is in order on our end."

Director: "This will be a great experience for her and an honor for Russia. They will be their."

Zhukov hangs up the telephone and calls the Colonel into his office.

Director: "Colonel, call Dr. Inna Sorokova and tell her that her work at Arkaim is going to be recognized by a famous American University. She has to be ready to leave tonight for several weeks. You will pick her up and have her to the VIP Lounge at the airport by ten-thirty tomorrow morning. You will meet a friend of mine, O'Reilly. He will be her escort. Get all the paper work and give her enough money to live on for a month. This will give Russia the recognition and ancient connections that we deserve."

Colonel: "Anything else, Director?"

Director: "No, just get it all done. I know it is short notice, but you know those academics. Remember McCool?"

Colonel: "Yes, he has left Russia. I do not still know what that was all about."

Director: "Perhaps nothing? Maybe we are overly suspicious, but that is the nature of our job. Someday I will give you my theory, Colonel. But you will probably think that I am crazy? If anyone needs to check with me tell them to call."

Colonel: "Yes Director, I am on my way."



The airplane from Moscow to JFK is stuck on the runway in the snow. Finbar looks out at the storm and thinks to himself.

Finbar thinks.
    I will be late returning home because the plane is stalled here in Moscow. I cannot believe that it is taking so long to take off. I hope that everything is ok. When I came over to Moscow on the Russian plane, it was amazing. People just get up during the take off and landing. They don't close the above-cabin lockers on the plane. Stuff just falls out on the floor while the plane is taking off. They don't fasten their safety belts. The stewardesses talk very little to the passengers. Well, I got their and back in one piece. I enjoyed the experience, and the chance to see the Russian people on an airplane. They are friendly and independent. This shows me that a great deal of behavior is cultural. We begin to think that what we do is right and what others do is wrong.


Finbar calls an American medical expert on vitiligo.

Dr.:  "Hello, is this Dr. Frances Just?"

Finbar: "Are you the authority on vitiligo?"

Dr.: "Yes, I am interested in studying vitiligo."

Finbar: "My name is Dr. Finbar McCool. I have a woman friend in Russia who was on the beach in Bulgaria when Chernobyl went off. She has vitiligo and believes that it is from the radiation. Do you have any knowledge of this happening?"

Dr.: "No, I do not think that there is any direct relationship between radiation and vitiligo. Many people have received massive doses of radiation and they did not acquire vitiligo. There could be a relationship between a rash and severe sunburn coupled with the stress related to the incident."

Finbar: "Is there a cure for vitiligo?"

Dr.: "Yes, in some cases. A combination of a drugs and ultraviolet light has been effective."

Finbar: "Can this woman write to you for more information? Her name is Larissa."

Dr.: "I will know who she is. I do not receive many letters from Russia."

Finbar: "Do you have any information I could send to her?"

Dr.: "Send me a letter, and we will send you the information we have on vitiligo."

Finbar: "Thank you so much for the information. All the best."

Dr.: "You are welcome."

The Druid

Finbars Druid comes to visit him at his office at the University.

Druid: "How are you?"

Finbar: "My great Druid, I met a woman when I was in Russia. Nothing happened sexually, but emotionally, I fell in love."

Druid: "Women are women."

Finbar: "I am attracted to this woman."

Druid: "So, many people are attracted to many people. I have been attracted to other women in my life, also. It is a human drive. But Finbar to act upon it is something different?"

Finbar: "Why shouldn't one act upon it? Why can't people be happy?"

Druid: "Happy? What do you mean by happy?"

Finbar: "We have been taught that if you love someone, you can move mountains to follow that love."

Druid: "Why? For your ego? Women are women."

Finbar: "Do you mean to tell me that if you met someone that you fell in love with, you would not marry her?"

Druid: "I am not telling you what to do. I do not know what to do myself in life. I am not as smart as you think that I am."

Finbar: "I know, Druid, but if it was you, why not?"

Druid: "I would not act like a maggot and give up my family for another woman. Look at what you would have to give up? Five years from now you may lose everything again? You do not know how it will work out between this woman and you? You know what you have now. Do you want to have someone else raise your children? Women are women and men are men. Look at the pain you would cause others? Did you enjoy Russia?"

Finbar: "I had a great experience. I want to save Russia. The people are so beautiful. I am writing a marketing story. I have two other books in mind."

Druid: "Is the story about you?"

Finbar: "Yes, how can anyone write about anything that is not them in some way?"

Druid: "What is the woman like?"

Finbar: "She was constantly giving me a hard time. Everything I did she would criticize. I was attracted to her like few others in my life. We just could not connect. I believe that we wanted to but it just could not happen. Even though I think we both tried many times. Culture is a hard barrier."

Druid: "Why this one and not another?"

Finbar: "I do not know but the attraction was strong on my part."

Druid: "Is it still strong?"

Finbar: "I am sure that it was strong on her part, too."

Druid: "Finbar, of all the women in Russia you pick the one that has a hard neck. What is it within you that require this type of person? It is obvious. She does not want to pursue this relationship. She is a survivor."

Finbar: "I do not know. She is also a perfectionist. She likes things just her own way. She cleaned off the burners on the stove about twenty times in an hour the night when I was going to leave Russia."

Druid: "Grand."

Finbar: "I thought it might have been because she was beaten by her husband, and she was afraid of love. She may not be trusting because of this."

Druid: "That is possible but it always seems to be the best when you first meet someone. Besides it rarely improves. If you both do not have good craic in the beginning it seldom works out. Most men and women are on their best behavior when they first meet each other."

Finbar: "Maybe it is the vitiligo? The doctor I talked to about vitiligo told me that this disfigurement could cause psychological damage especially in women. She told me when I was about to get on the plane to return that her husband told her that I was to be killed by others but he would do it for free. He ended up with his throat cut with a high-powered rifle in his hand. How would he know that I was to be killed and by who?"

Druid: "I will check into this."

Finbar: "Do you think it could be true that there are others out to kill me?"

Druid: "I will let you know when I find out anything. Of course it could be true. You are a McCool."

Finbar: "Druid I have to go to a meeting. I will call you and let you know what is happening."

Druid: "I will be with you when you need me."

Finbar: "Thank you, Druid."

Druid: "I cannot tell you how many professional Russian women I know who have been beaten by their husbands. It seems to be quite common. The drink."

Finbar: "Do these women come to you because of their beatings?"

Druid: "No. They are often professionals and their husbands cannot compensate for this difference in success, so they fight. They are both locked in an endless conflict. The women want what the husbands cannot give, and the men want what the wife cannot give. Most of these marriages end up in divorce. They are just too far apart as people to continue. Add drinking, and you have big problems. Finbar, you and this woman will destroy each other. You are creative and anything but a perfectionist. You are an independent thinker. How do you think you will get along with someone who has an idea of what is perfect and wants to change you?"

Finbar: "Yes Druid."

Druid: "You are Irish and you are hated. When a person is productive he becomes a threat to the linear ones. If you are doing research that threatens your linear colleagues career then emotion takes over. It does not matter if the work is good or bad."

Finbar: "What should I do?"

Druid: "See Taoiseach."

Finbar: "Taoiseach? Why Taoiseach? He is not even in the University."

Druid: "See Taoiseach. He will make it clear to you."

Finbar: "Alright. I will do what you say."


Finbar calls the Taoiseach. The Taoiseach is head of all the clanns.

Finbar: "Taoiseach, this is Finbar McCool. The Druid suggested that I contact you."

Taoiseach: "Yes, what can I do to help you, Finbar? Your father and brother were good men. How are your mother and Uncle Sean?"

Finbar: "As tough as ever."

Taoiseach: "How did your father and brother die?"

Finbar: "Our family has had a bad dose of heart attacks."

Taoiseach: "So what does that say to you, Finbar?"

Finbar: "That means that I am at high risk."

Taoiseach: "It is very possible, what do you think?"

Finbar: "Very possible."

Taoiseach: "I talked to the Druid, and he mentioned that you would be calling. He told me about the threat to you."

Finbar: "That was nice of him."

Taoiseach: "Say nothing and wait for the attack. You still have your H9 I gave you as a boy? Have you had call to use it?"

Finbar: "Of course, I am never without it."

Taoiseach: "Start to carry your 45 for a few months. Don't worry."

Finbar: "I will take your advice."

Taoiseach: "All that we have come to value changes each instant. Value is the continual combining and recombining of three interconnected circles. The three interconnections are Form, Force, and Power. Business is a tricircularity of Form, Force, and Power. Businesses create and recreate Form and Force to attain Power."

Finbar: "I know, you have told me many times."

Taoiseach: "Form is only a definition applied to a method we call Force and a direction to attain power. If present resource designs can generate enough power and create enough value, what must you do Finbar?"

Finbar: "Resources must then be recombined to attain timing and distance."

Taoiseach: "Yes, my boy. Force drives present and future Form. Force is a sequence of cognitive actions that moves form. Form without Force does not exist in the universe. Perhaps an idea that has not yet taken a form in the mind has no Force. Force can only move a particular combination of Form for limited periods. Force is much more stable than Form. Individual and collective thoughts apply Force to Form. All combinations of Form and Force can have positive, negative, or neutral consequences. How do you know what the consequences are?"

Finbar: "Why are you asking me this again?"

Taoiseach: "Because you were destined to know?"

Finbar: "One never really knows."

Taoiseach: "Yes, call back again when you have time Finbar. Goodbye, Finbar. Let me know how it works out?"

Finbar: "All the best."


Finbar telephones the office of the Boston Bruins and asks for the Vice President of Marketing: "This is Jim Moran, Vice President of Marketing for the Boston Bruins. How may I help you?"

Finbar: "Hello, my name is Finbar McCool. I am a Marketing Professor. For the last five weeks I have spent time teaching in Russia, one thousand miles east of Moscow. While there I met a nine-year-old hockey player who loved the Boston Bruins. These children never heard of Harvard, but they've heard of the Boston Bruins."

Man: "That is very interesting?"

Finbar: "I am calling you to ask if there is something that can be done for this team or league by the Boston Bruins?"

Man: "Tell me a bit more?"

Finbar: "I promised the boy's father that I would send him a Boston Bruins shirt. I purchased one and sent it to the organization that sent me to Russia. They are going to send it over with the next American who goes to Russia to assist Russian business. They are very excited about this story of the young boy and the Bruins, and they want to connect with the Bruins to help these children in some way. They are a very loving group and I know with your great marketing skills, you can help them."

Man: "Yes, we will do something. We will contact Rose Morris, she will help you. Give the information to my secretary and I will call her today. You will let me know how it turns out?"

Finbar: "I will."


Finbar begins his first class after returning to the USA: "I am happy to be back in the United States. Let me talk about an idea that I shared in Russia. Form, Force, and Power marketing is the creation of a story that is valued by a targeted market. Every story that we can link to a product or a service is created by people. All stories are impermanent. Within seconds an item that you believe to be worth a great deal of money can change to be worth nothing. The same item that had great value can change when you simply switch locations in the world.

     The military has understood this for thousands of years. A weapon in the marketing wars that was successful on one day in one part of the world can be without value in an instant when faced with another story. Cold weather clothing has little value in the tropics. What is in fashion one day can be considered to be out of fashion the next. A designer dress worn just one time cannot be worn a second time. A computer that cost $5,000 can be replaced with another on the market, and it cannot even be given away.

     We all have to ask why and how are we able to get more money or less money for the same product. In Russia the Russians may want to purchase an item and believe that it is worth the price, but they do not have the money. What then? Even if the price were to be cut by 80 percent the Russian buyer is unable to make the purchase. Do you think that more advertising will make any difference? What about a better sales force? What about a nice office, a computer, a fax machine, a telephone, a cell phone, lunch at the nicest restaurants? Will any of these so called marketing tools work once the story fails to hold? Will anything work? Not much. Why? Because the illusion of the perception of a story in a targeted market has changed.

     The communists tried to stamp out religion and the Celtic people when they came to power. Stalin blew up a Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow and built a swimming pool over the land. Few people said a word of protest. The a flash Perestroika came to Russia the Cathedral was rebuilt in a twenty-four hours a day marathon. The story in this case had changed back. It took a century but it returned."

Student: "Dr. McCool are you saying that nothing has a value outside of the story? Is it just how much people can be convinced of a story and their ability to pay for that story?"

Finbar: "Yes. Think about it and write up your thoughts for next week. Your final exam paper will be for you to identify and find marketing stories that are used to conquer markets and cultures. I call them case stories in my book that you are using. If the targeted market does not respond to the stories that are told, then the story has become too obvious. This means that the same action may be viewed as invisible or obvious. If it is obvious it is not marketing? Read the entire book Marketing Strategy: A Storytelling Approach and think about this idea and we will discuss it more next week. I will help you. You do not have to agree with me, just present your argument in a way that supports or negates the following poem and a small section of my new book."

Obvious Marketing

The obvious is overstated;
the obvious is predictable; the
 obvious is difficult to appreciate. 

The obvious is known by all;
the obvious is fashionable; the
 obvious focuses on an image.

The obvious requires conventional resources;
the obvious is linear;
the obvious fosters specialization.

Finbar: "Now let us take a look at the book. Begin to read by yourself. If you have questions ask me?"


Q. What is business?
A. Business is an on going process of storytelling.
A. Every business tells and retells their story.

Q. What is marketing?
A. Marketing is a story.
A. Marketing is the current selected or non-selected story.

Q. What is a selected story?
A. The storyteller has some influence on the story that is told.

Q. What is non-selected?
A. The story moves out of the control of the storyteller.

Q. How is a story (marketing) told?
A. Through the reworking of old successful stories.
A. A story is the creation and telling from the infinite combinations of Form, Force, and Power?
A. Form is what is seen and unseen, known and unknown.
A. Force is DADDIE. Power is Timing and Distance.

Q. If the current story (marketing) does not work is it still marketing?
A. It is not marketing.

Q. Why?
A. Marketing must strive to assure the survival of the enterprise.

Q. If a story (marketing) is not successful, is it a failure?
A. If the story does not appear to succeed, then the activities of Form and Force are to be rethought and reassembled.

Q. How do you know any story (marketing) is true?
A. It is the value of the story to people not its truth.

Q. Why?
A. The combinations (Form, Force, and Power) of the story must appeal to the listener.
A. Control the story and rule.

Q. What about a story (marketing) that sounds too good to be true?
A. Be very careful.
A. Do not risk too much to find out the answer.
A. Pretend to believe everybody, even if you know they are lying.
A. When marketing is recognized it has failed.
A. Find the poet within yourself.

Q. Does working hard assure that a story (marketing) will be successful?
A. No. But it is better to get into the habit of hard work.
A. Most work hard and miss the connecting of Timing and Distance.
A. Demand must catch up to creation.

Q. If a story (marketing) is given for free is it still valuable?
A. It should be suspect but all can have value.
A. Pay attention because there may be over looked or reinterpreted value.
A. Yes, it may have great value.

Q. Does a successful story (marketing) bring joy and an unsuccessful pain?
A. Successes and failures in transferring the story bring both joy and pain.
A. One persons great story is another persons nightmare.

Q. Does every action and inaction tell a story (marketing)?
A. Yes.

Q. Does history have value to the story (marketing)?
A. Of course.
A. Historic awareness has been devalued because current society wants a trained non-educated workforce.
A. The great lessons are the repeated mistakes of mankind.

Q. How is history created for the current society?
A. The current culture creates all historic culture.
A. The dominant current culture makes any changes to support their position.

Q. Why?
A. To assure the protection of their current story.
A. The story represents the current culture to them.
A. The story is reinterpreted through the current culture.

Q. What is the value of common stories (marketing)?
A. Common stories bring groups together.
A. Common stories separate groups.
A. We know who is with us and who is against us.

Q. Does a successful story (marketing) bring joy and an unsuccessful pain?
A. Successes and failures in transferring the story bring both joy and pain. One persons great story is another persons nightmare

Q. Does every action and inaction tell a story (marketing)?
A. Yes.

Rusalka: Finbar feels a pain in his chest and his breathing changes. He sits on the floor and tells the students: "I have a pain in my chest, call security."

Within two minutes security is at the classroom.

Student: "Dr. McCool, security is here. They will get you to the hospital."

Finbar speaks to Detective Sheen as they take him to the hospital.

Finbar: "Call my wife and tell her that I am in the hospital."

Detective: "Don't worry. Finbar you will be all right. I will ride with you to the hospital and stay by you."

Finbar: "Thanks Meaghan."

They enter the emergency room and a Doctor comes to them.

Dr.: "I am Doctor Kennedy put him on the table. Connect the monitors."

They work on him for several minutes: "You are stabilized, Dr. McCool, are you alright?"

Finbar: "Grand. I do not think that this is going to kill me." At least I hope not. I have big plans for the future.

Dr. "Be quiet for now. We will take you to a room. Detective Sheen insists that she will stay with you."

Finbar: "It is not necessary for her to stay. I am a Celtic warrior." I hope I can act like a Celtic warrior. No visible sign of pain to be seen by anyone. Suffer in silence, Finbar.

Dr.: "You will be fine. She has orders to stay with you."

Finbars wife arrives in the hospital. The Doctor begins to talk to her: "We got him here in time, Mrs. McCool."

Wife: "I better call my husband's Druid. He will want him to be here."

Julia McCool calls the Druid and informs him about the heart attack. She tells him that Finbar is in room 1947. The Druid answers.

Druid: "I will come over."

Julia returns to Finbars room: "Finbar, your Druid will be right over."

The Druid arrives in a matter of a few minutes.

Finbar: "Druid were you already in the hospital?" Wonderful, I am so happy. He can help me through this ordeal.

Druid: "Thank you Julia for calling me. How do you feel?"

Finbar: "Grand, no problems."

Druid: "I do not know if I would be as brave as you?"

Finbar: "It is not bravery, but rather being oblivious to what happens to me. I don't see it as actually happening to me. It is amusing at one level. It is my turn to begin to fall apart." I am not too happy about this, but it is beyond my control.

Druid: "Detective Sheen and I are here, Finbar."

Finbar: "Druid, thanks for coming over. I am happy that my great Druid has come to see me."

Druid: "We are glad to be here."

The Druid looks at Detective Sheen: "Find out from the doctors what is actually going on. You can get information from people that others cannot get."

Finbar: "No one lives forever. Did you have a chance to read that article I sent you?"

Druid: "I have not had a chance to look it over. Please forgive me?"

Finbar: "Don't worry. It is not that important."

Druid: "You and I will have to go to Ireland together, now that you will have some free time from work."

Finbar: "Grand idea, I will think about it."

Druid: "I know you, Finbar. You will not want to go unless someone pays your way."

Finbar: "That's true Druid. Stranger things have happened to me in Russia."

Julia: "Finbar, I will make sure that you live a long life. We will let you rest now."

Finbar: "Thank you, Julia."

Julia motions to the Druid to leave the room.

Finbar: "Druid, stay for a few minutes?"

Druid: "Yes Finbar. I will not leave until Detective Sheen returns."

Finbar: "Just hang around a few minutes?"

Druid: "I will."

Finbar: "Women worry too much. They are always thinking that they are taking care of us."

Druid: "True Finbar, it was not a heart attack you had. You were poisoned."

Finbar: "How do you know this so soon?"

Druid: "I checked with a friend of mine in records at this great University Hospital. Detective Sheen has been investigating since your return."

Finbar: "How do you know it is poison? When I left Russia the last thing that Larissa told me was that I was going to be killed. I thought her husband was just trying to scare her. He ended up with his throat cut. Not too lucky, was he? Taoiseach told me the same thing in his way."

Druid: "I know."

Finbar: "Thanks, Druid. Are Uncle Sean, Mother, Julia and the children safe?"

Druid: "No, they want to kill you and your children."

Finbar: "This is hard to believe, Druid?"

Druid: "It does not matter if you believe. They are after you and anyone related to you. You are the warrior bard not just a bard. They must not let you live and pass it on."


The Taoiseach and two of his bodyguards enter the room.

Finbar: "Taoiseach, I am honored that you have come to the hospital."

Taoiseach: "The Druid told me to tell you. Yes, Finbar, you are the Celtic warrior bard."

Finbar: "A Celtic warrior bard?"

Taoiseach: "Your research is too close. They want you out of the way, one way or another."

Finbar: "Too close? You knew about the poisoning? Why would Uncle Sean not have told me I was in danger?"

Taoiseach: "That is why you survived. Because your Uncle Sean believed you were next and we were ready for them. What do you think, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I think that it is possible. Who the hell is after us?"

Taoiseach: "This has always been a rough game. Are you as rough as your other clann members?"

Finbar: "I do not know, but I am not going to let someone wipe out my family."

Taoiseach: "Suppose there is more than one? Are you the person with wisdom that we have helped from birth?"

Finbar: "What do you mean, we?"

Taoiseach: "What do you think, Finbar? A lot has been sacrificed for you to develop your invisible skills. It is your turn to take over the Celtic Circle."

Finbar: "What is the Celtic Circle? It is just the name I gave to my poems."

Taoiseach: "What do you think, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Why Russia and the Celtic Circle?"

Taoiseach: "There are two marketing forces at war with each other; one is the Circle and the other the Line."

Finbar: "So it is all true the Circle against the Line?"

Taoiseach: "What do you think? The Circle is us and the Line is still run by Caesars Imperial Rome."

Finbar: "Do you mean the Church?"

Taoiseach: "The Church has been a tool of the Line for thousands of years. That is why one Pope was killed and the other shot. They wanted to bring back the Circle. If they can kill a President, a Pope, shoot another a Pope and try to destroy a President then a marketing professor is easy prey. A warrior bard is much harder. Form, Force, and Power are all you will have to fight with.

    The Druid talked to me about it. Too close to the understanding that you have been searching to find. You asked a dangerous question when you returned from Russia that the Line cannot let get out."

Finbar: "What do you mean? I thought that the Russians and the Irish were the same? Why is that a dangerous question?"

Taoiseach: "I will tell you how to figure out why you are different. Why you had the pain in school when you were a boy. Why your work is not an international success. Why you are attracted to Russia and Larissa. Go back and restudy your Celtic history. The answer is there. Take your skills to the question."

Finbar: "I am a storyteller."

Taoiseach: "Your poems are the key to the Circle. Read your poem Celtic Circle: Kindred, to me."

Finbar: "How do you know about that poem?"

Taoiseach: "You're a famous poet."

Celtic Circle: Kindred

Kindred are responsible for each other; kindred help each other; kindred share in the joys of each other; kindred share the sorrows of each other; kindred protect each other.

Kindred teach each other; kindred laugh with each other; kindred trade with each other; kindred visit each other; kindred are kind to each other.

Kindred pay for the mistakes of each other; kindred benefit from the success of each other; kindred sacrifice for the future of each other's children; the kindred spirit is still with the Irish.


Finbar:  "My poems are about the Celtic Circle and the Irish." 

Taoiseach: "The Circle links the Russians and the Irish."

Finbar: "You mean Russia and Ireland are both Celtic?" That was what I thought.

Taoiseach: "Yes. I know that is what you have thought for a long time."

Finbar: "Why is this so unknown? Why don't we stand up?"

Taoiseach: "Because we lost, and the victor always writes the history books."

Finbar: "Why do you tell me this?"

Taoiseach: "Ireland, Russia, and many others are still fighting for the Circle, but many have forgotten what they are fighting about."

Finbar: "I cannot believe it? Would you tell me something else?" I will let them think I do not know but I have known this all my life.

Taoiseach: "Yes."

Finbar: "How can I prove this to our people?"

Taoiseach: "Just tell the story and people will understand again. Look at the development of the Celtic language and religion from Lake Baikal in Siberia both east and west. Lake Baikal is the largest and oldest freshwater lake in the world. Lake Baikal is just above China in Russia. Follow the Ancient Tea Route into Asia and also follow the Ancient Tea Route into Europe through Arkaim, or the Northern Route of the world."

Finbar: "Arkaim is the city that I visited on the Asian side of the Ural Mountains. It was very hard to get permission to go to Arkaim."

Taoiseach: "Why?"

Finbar: "This makes no sense. I thought that it was just the Russians and Etain gone nuts creating their own history."

Taoiseach: "What did the woman say that you gave the beads to on the street?"

Finbar: "Celtic-Arkaim-Circle."

Taoiseach: "Look at Arkaim as a stop on the Ancient Tea Route before the Celts crossed the Urals into Europe. Etain told you these things."

Finbar: "Taoiseach when I was visiting the National Museum in Ireland I was surprised to learn that people were in Ireland 8,000 years ago."  

Taoiseach: "What does that tell you?"  

Finbar: "Civilization is far older than we are told."  

Taoiseach: "Study the dispersion of Celts from 400 B.C. as the linear hierarchical Romans moved them westward, toward Ireland. Even a beginning military strategist will know that the dispersion of the Celts was north, south, east, and west."  

Finbar: "Why do the history books only discuss the Celts western movement and not their original movement around the Northern Circle?"  

Taoiseach: "Finbar, you are smarter than that. It is because of the total destruction of their Celtic enemy and now nationalism. Who do you think killed Olya's brother?"  

Finbar: "Olya's brother the Doctor?" It all makes sense. The enemy. What enemy?" Lets see if he tells me?  

Taoiseach: "We are all still a second class people to those that follow the Line."  

Finbar: "Oh my God. No one will believe this? They will say I am crazy."  

Taoiseach: "Yes, that is true. But, many Russians know the secret. Divide an enemy into separate nations and 2,400 years later the defeated will fight with each other. Some people will always continue to fight to rejoin what has been lost but with each passing year it gets harder to remember. Ireland and Briton are both Celtic. Why do you think Russia was shut down for hundreds of years?"  

Finbar: "Was it really Etain at Arkaim?"  

Taoiseach: "Of course."  

Finbar: "What happened?"  

Taoiseach: She was found by the Line to also have the gift. They wanted her dead. We thought Russia was a safe place for her. We put her to work at Arkaim."  

Finbar: "And Larissa?"  

Taoiseach: "FSB. She was to protect and watch you."  

Finbar: "Thank you, Taoiseach. You have given me a great gift. The fortune-teller told me that I was going to learn something about the Russians and the Irish. You're not saying that all the Russians are Celtic?"  

Taoiseach: "No, not anymore. But Celtic Russians have had and continue to have a dominant influence on Russian history. This is why Russia will still not be allowed to prosper."  

Finbar: "What do you mean? Why and who are after me?"  

Taoiseach: "You are one of the first to reconnect the Celtic Circle In thousands of years. It is even wider. Celtic time is circular not linear."  

Finbar: "That is what Etain told me."  

Taoiseach: "Perhaps this information will cause you pain? But perhaps you will now be happy?"  

Finbar: "I am happy. But, I don't plan to tell too many people."  

Taoiseach: "Why not?"  

Finbar: "The current Celts must also come to this understanding on their own. The entire culture may have to be recreated."  

Taoiseach: "I agree. After all, you were able to figure it out."  

Finbar: "Do you think today's Celts will succeed?"  

Taoiseach: "It's all there for them. Form, Force, and Power."  

Finbar: "How do you know this to be true?

Taoiseach: "Truth is in the story of the beholder. The Celts are no longer their own playwrights. They are no longer their own actors. They are no longer their own audience. They are invisible in their Circle. Many want this to stay that way."  

Finbar: "Will this change?"  

Taoiseach: "All is Form, Force, and Power."  

Finbar: "What is going on? Am I really in danger?"  

Taoiseach: "Very much so. The Druid will make sure no harm comes to you and your family."

The Taoiseach leans over and whispers in Finbars ear: I know that you know.

They smile and he leaves.

After the Taoiseach and his two companions leave the hospital room Finbar asks the Druid: "Druid what is going on? What have you found out?"  

The Druid looks at Finbar. He tells Finbar to touch his hand and they can then talk without being heard. Celtic mind to Celtic mind: "The Line has let it be known that you have two choices. The first is to be branded a chancer and live and the second is to bring out the truth of the Circle and die like your father, brother, the Russian Doctor, and many others before them."  

Finbar: "Who is after me?"  

Druid: "Those who have the power and those who are afraid you have reawakened the Circular sleeping giant. Your teaching in Russia was too good. Your connection of the Irish and the Russians across the tea route is too close. You may have tipped the balance of power. You must be disgraced by the Line so that what you have learned is devalued."  

Finbar: "Do you want this to happen?"  

Druid: "Some may say it is too big for you to take on. Sometime warriors must wait for the right moment."  

Finbar: "What is going to happen to Russia?"

Druid: "They are going to be crushed again by the Line."  

Finbar: "Do we take out the Line like they are taking us out?"  

Druid: "Of course. This has been a war for thousands of years."  

Finbar: "Should I stay at the University?"  

Druid: "The subtle path is your path. Of course."  

Finbar: "How will I identify who are in the Line?"

Druid: "They will identify you and come after you. They will do what it takes to keep our war a secret. Your poisoning was just the beginning for you."  

Finbar: "Can the poet beat the Leviathan of the Line?"  

Druid: "Yes, if the poet warrior cannot be found and remains invisible. The Line has lost their spiritual foundation since we were defeated three thousand years ago. Once the spiritual was lost the Line followers understood themselves to be a sentient being that must survive. The Line must be protected through all available resources, recruiting people to maintain itself and to gain power. The Line is an entity and has its own individual and collective thoughts.

    The Celtic people of the Circle must continue to fight in a way that is invisible. The people who worship the Line have never had control of their lives. The CEO and Board of Directors of companies have never had control of their corporations. The Line has always controlled them."


Finbar: "You are right. The Arthur C Clarke book adapted into the movie 2001 has come rushing back to me in an instant. HAL the ships computer overhears the humans discussing shutting him down. The humans were no longer serving HAL and were now a threat to HAL's survival. The computer fights for survival and begins to take over the spaceship. HAL kills the humans and in the end it is one Irish human Dave Bowman against HAL. The CEO's that are now running the corporation face the same consequence as the humans on the spaceship. Once the CEO and the crew are perceived as a threat to the Lines survival they will eliminate them. Optimal survival of the Line is and has been the only issue."

Druid: You understand Finbar.

Finbar: "The movie Ben Hur shows an example of corporate Rome at its heights. Ben Hur and his family are removed from society. His childhood friend sentences Ben Hur to be a galley slave. The reason for this action was to receive the praise of Rome and put fear into everyone. In the galley the Roman head of the fleet questions Ben Hur.  

The Druid asks: Did the author of the book know about the Line and what happened to him for writing the book? Why use the name Ben Hur and not Quinn in the story?"  

Finbar: "I do not know if anything happened to Major General Lewis Wallace for writing the book. He had seen corporate Rome in the Civil War. As a Scottish American he was well aware. The Roman Commander teaches Ben Hur Roman corporate philosophy when he tells him. "We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well and live number 41." If the Romans win the battle, Hur remains in the galley and if they lose he goes down chained to the ship. The Roman unchains him before the battle saves Ben Hur. Ben Hur returns this gesture of humanity by the Roman Lines man. Corporate Rome wins the battle and the Roman leader frees Ben Hur. Only Ben Hur escapes the galley to become part of the Line while the others are sent back to row."  

Druid: "Many know the game but few can tell. There are many who blindly follow the Line. They are encouraged to hate each other. This is how the Line keeps us weak. Divide the Line and we can conquer. Each of us is convinced that we are an individual, by the Line. They turned our Celtic strength into a weakness."

Finbar: "Is there any hope?"

Druid: "We continue. The King Arthur story reveals the truth to us. Arthur tries but the Line ultimately defeats him. Arthurs ideals are crushed by a lie against his best knight and wife. The Queen and Lancelot were lovers but not in the way that the Line portrayed them. It was never consummated. Their love was unrequited."

Finbar: "Why should we try if you know that you are going to lose to the Line?"

Druid: "Well Finbar, to have our story told to our people.

Finbar: Does Arthur win or lose?

Druid: For each to decide? The Line tells us that Arthur lost and the Circle tells us that we were born to try."

Finbar: "Where does my story of leadership Theory W fit with Arthur? His best friend and greatest Knight and his wife were supposed to be lovers. Would you call that a betrayal?"

Druid: "The Line hated Arthur and Lancelot. Arthur because he brought the Circle back and Lancelot because he was an outsider. They defeated them both through his son Mordred with a lie about Lancelot and Guinevere."

Finbar: "Yes, but do you think that the Line knew that they could use this to divide and destroy Arthur?

Druid: Of course. If anything were going on Arthur would have known and put a stop to it through his wife the Queen. I am sure that it must have hurt his feelings at one level but the sacrifice is one that we all must make. We must love and not falsely accuse. Arthur realized the weakness in us all and forgave them for the same love he had for them both. He also knew that if and when the three were to dissolve that it would be the end for him and his sovereignty. The King Arthur story is really our story, the story of the Circle. It could not be crushed even though they changed the story to support the Line. Our people will not let the story die."

Finbar: "Was Camelot in England?"

Druid: "No. It was at one of the nine centers of the world the Arkaim at Lake Baikal."

Finbar: "Avalon was supposed to be next to Camelot and it was said that it sunk into the sea."

Druid: Connecticut where you live is the location of Avalon. It did not sink it is still there. It sunk from our thoughts. Read the Nart Epics."

Finbar: "How did this story travel and change along the Northern Route?"

Druid: "Each Arkaim wanted to and could hold the position of Camelot. It is human nature to bring the center of the world to our self. Celtic belief allows for this. The Line then changed the story to destroy the Circle. The book 'Le Morte D'arthur' or 'The Death of Arthur' was written in the 1460s in England to try to get Sir Thomas Malory back into the graces of the Linear King Edward IV."

Finbar: "Druid is it because we fail to understand Form, Force, and Power that we keep losing to the Line?"

Druid: "There are countless examples where Form and Force move beyond human thoughts. Linear thought can do terrible things. When the linear destruction of the humans becomes evident to large numbers sometimes it is too late to regain control. Arthur could not stop the Line but the Celts could maintain his story through word-of-mouth."

Finbar sits up in bed and asks the Druid for the Celtic mind to Celtic mind.

Finbar: "What about the sword Excalibur? Did it come from a lake or mere? Did it go back to the lake when Arthur died?" 

Druid: "The Excalibur of Arthurs was put back into Lake Baikal but it was not a sword and it did not disappear."

Finbar: "What was it then?"

Druid: "The ring on your finger, the Celtic Circle of Form, Force, and Power is still our Excalibur. Excalibur is the nine circles in a circle that are in our symbol."

Finbar: "I know that you are right." 

Druid: "Everyone knows it Finbar. But no one has been able to face the Line and say it out loud for a very long time. The educational system and the mass markets are controlled. It is in the spoken story of Arthur that we tell. It all changes when you know that Lancelot and Guinevere were not untrue to Arthur. When you realize that those who follow the Line made it their truth using Mordred and Malory. The Celts would never have written the story down because that would be falling back into the Lines trap. Touch my hand and you will see all."

Finbar: "I see; my Da told me that falling back into the Lines trap occurred to us after World War II in the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia. Russia never escaped the crush of the Line.

Druid: "Take away the Circle from Form, Force, and Power and the world is different place. Humans are constantly manipulated by the Line to destroy the Circle but humans can put the Circle back into their lives. Get ready for the battlefield. Once you begin to move this story out you will face the firestorm of the Line. Just like those like Arthur who went before you. You are also alone and they want you dead."


Finbar Returns to His University. When Finbar enters his office the telephone rings: "Hello, is this Dr. Finbar McCool?"

Woman: "This is the President of Harvard University's office."  

Finbar: "Yes, how can I help you?"

Woman: "We would like you as a speaker at Harvard to the Leadership. We understand that you are a great poet and storyteller."

Finbar: "I do not think you have the correct, McCool. I do give talks, but this is the first time I received a call from Harvard."

Woman: "Don't be so humble, we will be proud to present your ideas to the Leadership Board. You are quite famous and have recently been the topic of discussion. We are having our Annual Leadership Board banquet six weeks from Saturday at Harvard. It is there that we would like you to speak. The Leadership will be there from all over."

Finbar: "I charge $25,000 plus expenses."

Woman: "That is fine."

Finbar: "I also want to give this year's commencement address at Harvard for another $25,000."

Woman: "I am sure we would be honored, I will check with the President and the Leadership Board."

Finbar: "Send me the details and an agreement along with $30,000 plus expenses. I calculate the added expenses to be $10,000. Send me $40,000 and if the check does not bounce, I will be there. If for some reason, I cannot come or you cancel I keep the money. If I cannot come you can reschedule. What the hell is up? How do they know who I am? The Line, the Line, the Line. They are the Line.  

Harvard calls back in a few minutes.

Woman: "Yes, that agreement sounds amenable, Dr. McCool. The President and the Leadership Board will look forward to both your talks."

Finbar: "Send the agreement and the money and you have yourself a speaker for your Leadership Board and commencement. Thank you for thinking of me."

Woman: "Good-bye, Dr. McCool."

Finbar looks at the telephone and thinks to himself. This is either a joke from one of my friends or the Line has found me again? I also have found them. Now we play. I will ask the Druid to let me take my Celtic fairy godfather from Russia along to Harvard.


Artist:  Vasnetsov A knight at the crossroads