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Ch 1 Little is Not Many But Many is Not Little.
Ch 2 Millions of Red Roses.
Ch 3 Girl With Glance of Wolf.
Ch 4 The Only Iceberg in the Ocean.
Ch 5 Tsar of Silence.
Ch 6 Moscow Does Not Believe in Tear.
Ch 7 Mysterious Town in the Clouds.
Ch 8 I Break Glass Like a Chocolate in My Arm.
Ch 9 Life is Impossible to Turn Back.
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1996 - 2008





A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.

Chapter 8, Arkaim: Marketing Wars


Call From Ireland. The telephone rings again and Finbar answers: "Finbar McCool this is Senator Jillian Quinn of the Irish Parliament. You may not remember me but you were my son's professor when you were in Ireland. Are you on a cell phone or a cord phone?"  

Finbar: "Of course I know you Senator. The phone is a cord telephone."  

Senator Quinn: "Can you meet me in Dublin tomorrow? I will have my son meet you at the airport. If he is not there, return to your home on the next flight."  

Finbar: "What is this all about Senator?"  

Senator Quinn: "I would rather discuss business in person. You will be picked up at 3:33 p.m. your time. A person will pick you up and come with you. I believe you met before at an airport in Russia."  

Finbar: "My Celtic fairy godfather?"  

Senator Quinn: "Yes, he is the best we have."  

Finbar: "Who are we?"  

Senator: "I will talk with you tomorrow after you arrive."  

Finbar: "How long should I plan to stay?"  

Senator: "It is difficult to say."  

Finbar: "Just come along and we will be glad to see you."

A knock at the office door and in comes Keefe with a big smile: "Remember me? Are you ready to go Finbar?" 

Finbar: "Go where?"

Keefe: "To meet with an old student of yours."  

Finbar: "What is the student's name?"  

Keefe: "Patrick."  

Finbar: "His other name?"  

Keefe: "g."  

Finbar: "Let's go then. I have to go home and get my passport."  

Keefe: "You do not need it. You will be riding compliments of the US Navy."  

Finbar: "How many others will come along?"  

Keefe: "Etain and the Druid are already in Ireland and I have three of my people coming with us. They are at the airport now."  

Finbar: "Are you armed?"  

Keefe: "Yes."  

Finbar: "Do you have any extra pistols in your car?"  

Keefe: "No."  

Finbar: "Then, I must stop off at my house for a few seconds."  

Keefe: "We do not have time, Finbar."  

Finbar: "I will drive my car home and this will not take too much longer. If this is a trap, I am going to put one big one right between your eyes. I will not go without my 45 notebook, if you get my meaning." What does this guy think that I am? I do not trust anyone.  

Keefe: "I am never with out my notebook. Perhaps you should carry yours around with you more often?"  

Finbar: "Grand, follow me home and then we will be off. Do you have a driver?"  

Keefe: "Yes."  

Finbar: "What is your name?"  

Keefe: "Keefe."  

Finbar: "What is your first name?"  

Keefe: "Danann. Do you know what that means?"  

Finbar: "Yes. So I was not too far off about you, Danann Keefe? What is your other name?"

Keefe: "Cath milidh.  

Finbar: "I should have known."  

Keefe: "Let's get to Ireland ."  


The airplane lands in Dublin and taxies to a remote runway for VIPs. Keefe tells Finbar.  

Keefe: "We do not have to go through customs because you are under the diplomatic protection of the US government."  

Finbar: "Where is the person who is supposed to meet us here, Danann?"  

Finbar steps back and pulls his 45 pistol from his belt.  

Finbar: "We must return to the USA at once. If you refuse I will shoot you right now in the back." This guy is a member of the Line.  

Keefe: "Finbar, what time did they expect us to arrive?"  

Finbar: "You tell me?"  

Keefe: "Three p.m. but it is only 2:43. So do not shoot until three."  

Finbar: "Grand we will wait back in the plane."  

Danann: "If I were to just raise my hand Finbar, you will be shot down that second."  

Finbar: "The moment you move your hand I will empty this into your head." I will take out this so-called Cath milidh.  

Keefe: "Finbar, you have it backwards we want to keep you alive. Put the gun down by your side and we will wait on the plane if you wish. If he does not show up in fifteen minutes we will immediately take off. I also have my orders. Here he comes in the black car."  

Finbar: "You are right Keefe; let's wait a few seconds until he arrives."  

Patrick: "Dr. McCool nice to see my great professor again."  

Patrick gets out of the car and gives Finbar a big hug. As they hug Finbar whispers.  

Finbar: "If everything is ok then ask me about Form, Force, and Power.  

Patrick: "Dr. McCool, I still remember your lectures on Form, Force, and Power."  

Finbar: "Thank you, Patrick let's get going."  

Patrick: "The Druid and Etain are with mom."  

Patrick: "Mom wants Keefe to come with us. He has proven himself many times to our clann."

Finbar: "Keefe, sorry." Not really.  

Keefe: "Grand, Finbar I would expect you to be careful. I have killed three people, so far to keep you healthy."  

Finbar: "Three. Who? I can guess one, but the other two I am not sure. I hope that one of them was not Olya."  

Keefe: "She was killed by the Line to shut her up because of her brother. They could not take a chance that she would pass on any information to you. I thought they would let her go once you left. They just kill us when they find us."  

Finbar: "Do we do the same?" Let's see what Keefe says?  

Keefe: "Of course, we are still at war. Your brother was one of our best. We were out together many times after the Line. When I find out who got him it will be a happy day for me."  

Finbar: "He was my brother so I must be the one."  

Dannan: "If I can, Finbar. If I can. Most of the time there is no time to wait. Timing and distance you know. The other two were outside of Larissas flat."       

Finbar pays no attention to Keefe and asks: "Patrick, how far is your mother from here?"  

Patrick: "About forty-five minutes."  

Finbar: "What about our guns?"  

Patrick: "Just say nothing."  

Finbar: "Grand."


The car drives down a street with many houses made of brick. The senators house is very nice with a big lawn, trees. and a swimming pool. There is no evidence of any security.  There are only two cars in the driveway. The Senator comes out to greet Finbar.  

Senator: "Finbar, grand to see you again."  

Finbar: "Thank you, Senator Quinn it is always my pleasure."  

Senator: "Did your trip go well?"  

Finbar hugs the Senator and whispers:  "Grand, no problems. I have kept our relationship to ourselves Senator."

Senator: "Danann, is everything secure?"  

Keefe: "I will check, Senator"  

Senator: "Finbar, Etain, and the Druid are here and waiting to see you. We wanted to have this meeting because the Line has identified both of you. Your call from Harvard was also received by Etain."  

Finbar: "I will bet I charged more."  


Senator: "Finbar, there are several people in the room you may not know. For security, there will be no introductions of anyone and do not reveal who you know."  

The door opens and there is a large table with comfortable chairs. There are nine people sitting at the table. Finbar recognizes four: the Druid, Etain, Taoiseach, and Patrick. The Senator takes the chair at the head of the table and begins to talk to all.  

Senator: "The two Shining Ones have been identified by the Line. We have hard data that they are going to attempt to kidnap them both and turn them into Line robots. This must not happen. Suggestions?"  

Member: "How did they find out?"  

Senator: "We are not sure, but there is the possibility of a trader that informed them. For now we are not accusing anyone."  

Member: "What would be the impact of the kidnapping and the turning of the two Shining Ones?"  

Senator: "It could postpone our return for another three thousand years. The prophecy must be fulfilled now."  

Finbar: "What is the prophecy?"  

The Senator asks the group to touch each other to use the Celtic mind method for security purposes.  

All hear: "The Circle will be linked by two Shining Ones, a boy and a girl born on the first day of the Celtic year. They are to be born into the same village. They will grow up and then be separated until the time is right for their reunion. One of the Shining Ones will be of the linage of the Western Celtic Circle and the other the Eastern Celtic Circle. They will be united and as warrior bard storytellers and reveal the truth to our people. This truth will be told and all will then know. The Shining Ones will be attacked by the unbelievers and the Tuatha de Danann will protect them."  

Member: "Is this the time?"  

Senator: "Well kindred, the two Shining Ones have been invited to the Line's stronghold, Harvard University . We must be prepared to take over and regain our rightful power from the Line."  

Member: "Do we have some kind of a plan?"  

Senator: "No, planning is not our way. We move with the flow of life. That way the enemy cannot prepare."  

Finbar thinks: Grand Senator, I agree.

Member: "You must be aware that the Line is going to do all within its power to stop this from happening. They also know the prophecy."  

Senator: "Once in motion, it cannot be stopped. The Lines power will be no more. It all has to be changed in 90 seconds."  

Member: "Senator, do you think it can be done?"  

Senator: "Not without the help of the Tuatha de Danann."  

Member: "Will they help?"  

Senator: "If Timing and Distance are aligned."


A call goes into FSB headquarters.  

FSB Officer: "Director, we have the Senators house under surveillance."  

FSB Director: "How many have gone in and come out?"  

FSB Officer: "Nine went in and no one has come out."  

FSB Director: "Was one of them McCool?"  

FSB Officer: "Yes, Director."  

FSB Director: "Anyone else you recognized?"  


FSB Director: "You heard my question?"  

FSB Officer: "Director Zhukov is one of them."  

FSB Director: "You two make sure that nothing happens to him. Use any means to keep the Director safe. Understand? Guard him with your lives."  

FSB Officer: "Yes Director."  

FSB Director: "Let me know if anything changes?"  

FSB Officer: "Yes Director."


The meeting continues at the Senators house. The Senator speaks applying the Celtic mind to mind.  

Senator: "The Line is on to the two Shining Ones and we believe they plan to kill them both. They have both received calls from one of the Line strongholds and have been invited to speak to the Leadership Board. This is a message to all of us that they know who the Shining Ones are and they also understand their importance to the Circle. None of us will be safe and to have called this meeting may have been a great error on my part."  

Member: "Senator, should we actually remain at this location or move to somewhere else?  

Senator: "Danann, the protector of the clann has advised me that the Line may be somewhat afraid of attacking a Senator's house in Ireland."  

Another member: "Why couldn't they just say in the press, that it was an extreme arm of the IRA?"  

Senator: "Because the IRA knows what really has been going on. They know it is the Line who has done the damage to Ireland . They are well aware that this has never been a Christian issue. It has always been Celtic."  

A member speaks up: "I do not believe this, Senator."   

Senator: "If you could figure it out what makes you think that the IRA could not do the same? I know that they also know the secret and we have had many discussions how to stop the troubles. The Line will not let the troubles stop. They have wanted to destroy us for fifty thousand years."  

Member: "Senator that is an exaggeration."  

Senator: "Are you then saying that I am lying? If you are, leave now, and Danann will drive you to the airport."  

Member: "No, I am not my great Queen of Tara. My most humble apology."  

Senator: "See me when the meeting is over."  

Finbar thinks: He is going to get his arse kicked. What a jerk talking to the Senator that way in front of the group.  

The Senator continues: "Finbar we heard that. Plans are for fools and the Line. We are not planners but we do prepare ourselves through Form, Force, and Power. Plans can be taken and given to the enemy. Nothing can be planned. Any fool can make a plan, but only those with the gift can foretell. We can make a plan but life can change it in an instant. Isn't that right Finbar?"  

Finbar: "Thank you, Senator." She must have learned this from Patrick.  

They all laugh.  

Druid: "We will ask the Taoiseach what he sees?"  

Taoiseach: "I see violence against this house. It will come tonight. I see many dead. This will bring the war between the Line and the Circle into the consciousness of all the people of the Circle. An army will come to Ireland . Scientists and the military of the Line will lead this army. Their job will be to kill us all and blame the deaths on an outside force. A genetic disease that will just kill those with Celtic genes. In an instant the world will rediscover the Circle and all its members. All the ancient members of the Northern Route will begin to die everywhere."  

Senator: "Is there a vaccine?"  

Taoiseach: "Yes and no. Yes, if we can stop the Line. No, if we cannot."  

Senator: "How can they be stopped?"  

Taoiseach: "With the help of the Tuatha de Danann. The Shining Ones will not let us be wiped from the earth."  

Senator: "Is the disease already created?"  

Taoiseach: "No, but they are very close."  

Senator: "Would they use it?"  

Taoiseach: "Absolutely. The Line is crazy with hate.  

Senator: "Where is it being created?"  

Taoiseach: "At the stronghold that Finbar and Etain are going to give their talk."  

Finbar: "Who is funding the research?"  

Taoiseach: "The Line controls the stupid American government's research."  

Finbar: "Why?"  

Taoiseach: "They do what they are told. We must return to our ancient wisdom to stop the release of the Celtic  genetic death. If we tell the world will just laugh and say that we are crazy." 

Etain: "We must blow up the location and kill all those involved in the research."  

Taoiseach: "Three hundred to six hundred people?"  

Senator: "The other option is to imprison them all for life as enemies of humanity. If any nation were to get hold of these people they could wipe out the rest of the world."  

Druid: "Why so many as five hundred? In most cases it is only a very few that actually know. Why not take control our self and wipe out the Line once and for all? There are only six plus or minus three key people. We could kidnap them and put them to work for us."  

Taoiseach: "There is another way and that is to assume the leadership of the stronghold and terminate all research or change the emphasis to a more productive application."  

Druid: The Line will never give up the stronghold. All their records and communications center are there. I am sure they have backup systems at the other so-called Ivy League."  

Taoiseach: "Druid, most people will do a great deal to save themselves from life in prison. When it gets rough, few will stand."  

Etain: "Senator do you think that the Line will attack us here?"  

Keefe: "I hope so."  

Member: "What do you plan on doing? Are we going to shoot it out with them? Are there enough arms in the house to withstand an attack?"  

Senator: "Danann is in charge of our protection. He is well trained and has the gift of seeing danger before it happens. I would prefer that we did not go into any security issues at this time. One never knows if there is someone within any group who will pass on information. Let us just say I intend to get a good night's rest and each of you will receive specific instructions that only you must know. Perhaps Finbar will sing us to sleep with some of his poems and songs?"  

Finbar: "I will do my best Senator." Does she want me to do my poems or is she just teasing?  

Senator: "Of Course I do Finbar. Dismissed, we will meet for a late supper at 8:10 . In the meantime enjoy the grounds and the house and enjoy each others company. If you do not know the person who is here, do not ask them any personal questions that may reveal anything that you should not know. If anyone asks you personal questions that you do not know, let me know."  

The Celtic mind to mind is ending: "Will the person that I had asked to stay, please wait until everyone goes? All of you refer to me as Senator only."

Members: "Yes, Senator."  

The Senator looks at the frightened man: "Do not ever challenge me again in front of the clann. If you do I will have your head cut off and stick it on a post at the Line stronghold. Am I clear?"  

Member: "Yes."  

Senator: "Be on your way, and all will be forgiven."  

Member: "Thank you, Senator."


Senator: "Danann let me see you in the other room."  

Keefe: "Yes, Senator."  

Senator: "Close the door and I will turn on the music so that no one can hear. Speak into my ear with your hands over your mouth. I will do the same to you. Let us sit down. Danann, are we ready for the visit from the Line?"  

Keefe: "Yes, I have checked and everything in excellent working order."  

Senator: "How many are coming?"  

Keefe: "Ten to fifteen."  

Senator: "How many cars?"  

Keefe: "Two or three."  

Senator: "Do you require any help or backup? I know you are good but this may require help from your counterpart in the IRA clann."  

Keefe: "What about Finbar?"  

Senator: "It is too dangerous; we cannot afford to lose him."  

Keefe: "His brother was as tough as they come and I believe that Finbar also has the gift of the Cath milidh."  

Senator: "Danann, it is your call."  

Keefe: "He almost got me two times, so I know he has the gift."  

Senator: "It is your call."  


Keefe: "Finbar can I talk to you for a minute."  

Finbar: "Yes, Keefe." What does he want now?  

Keefe: "Step into my office."  

Keefe opens a closet door: "This is a closet, is this some type of joke?"  

Keefe: "No, the walls have eyes and ears."  

They both walk into a small dark closet: "Before I close the door you talk to me with your hands over both sides of your mouth and I will do the same. Speak as softly as possible. I have a flash light so we can see each other."  

Finbar: "Ok.  I will play. What do you want, Keefe?" Keefe the mysterious.  

Keefe: "I am expecting a visit tonight from the Line. You and I will take care of it for the clann. I told the Senator that you were good enough and I could use the help."  

Finbar: "How many and when?"  

Keefe: "I expect ten to fifteen and two or three cars."  

Finbar: "Just you and me against fifteen Line killers?" That is a great idea.  

Keefe: "Sure Finbar, if you do not want to come, I will do it myself."  

Finbar: "How could I not come?" You arse.  

Keefe: "Alright come with me to check security. Do not say anything Finbar about the Line coming tonight to anyone."  

Finbar: "Grand, I understand."

Keefe: "Let's see if all is in order. I have to check the pool."  

Finbar: "The pool?"  

Keefe: "I will show you. This may look like a friendly house but in reality it is quite unfriendly. I will show you the unfriendly aspects of this property first. If you were going to attack us where would you come from? Where would you park your cars? Could we do something that would make you make the decision to park in one place rather than another?"  

Finbar: "Why not?"  

Keefe: "Could we force you to make a decision for three cars?"  

Finbar: "That is tough, but it could be done. It depends how confident they are?"  

Keefe: "There will be no guards on patrol. No sign of readiness. We will just look like the stupidest, easiest kill that they ever had. What then Finbar?"  

Finbar: "What weapons do we have here?"  

Keefe: "Fire, air, and water."  

Finbar: "Come on Keefe, no more games. Tell me your thoughts?"  

Keefe: "I have no plan. I will try to lure them into my traps and then it is up to timing and distance and a return to Form and Force. You know this, or at least that is what you teach."  

Finbar: "I am sure that there is no one better than you at FF&P, Keefe."  

Keefe: "Let's start with water. Then I will show you the air and fire."  

The two men walk around the property and the house together for about an hour and thirty minutes. During the walk neither are smiling. They both know the game: "Keefe you did all this? You thought of this? Where did you learn such things?"  

Keefe: "The Celtic ways have been with me since birth."  

Finbar: "I understand the same for me. But for some reason, I was always kept out."  

Keefe: "You did not understand why you were kept out?"  

Finbar: "Yes, I do now, but it always hurt at a deep level."  

Keefe: "Well you are not out now, so do not forget who you are and what you have to do. These fifteen are nothing compared to what you will have to face when you and Etain face the Line. You two will face them for the thousands of years of ruin of our people."  

Finbar: "How do you know this?  

Keefe: It has been foretold. Your brother told me."  

Finbar: "My brother?"  

Keefe: "He was also Cath milidh."  

Finbar: "Really, I did not know." Why let him know anything, I do or do not know?  

Keefe: "Let's get ready for the visitors. Meet me back here in ninety minutes."  

Finbar: "See you then."  

Keefe: "I will have the electricity disconnected in the house and shoot out the street lights so all remains dark."  


Commander: "A message from Keefe, Admiral."  

Admiral: "Let me have it, get me my C code book from the safe."  


Admiral: "That Keefe is going too far. He has his orders to keep us out of it until the moment of transfer. If he screws this up, we can all be in trouble."  

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."  

The Admiral is just staring out the window: Anything else, Admiral?  

Admiral: "Nothing, just thinking about the days I was a young man. Dismissed."  


Finbar and Keefe are waiting outside the house for the Line to come: "When do you expect them, Keefe?"  

Keefe: "Within a few minutes. Are you afraid Finbar?" 

Finbar: "Yes, I am afraid that you will not hold up your end."  


Keefe: "We will select fire, water, and air in response to their attack applying Form, Force, and Power."  

Finbar: "I fight alone and in my own way."  

Keefe: "Grand."  

Two cars move down the street and come to a stop in front of the house. Both men began to say the same but each has different names. Each spoke out loud and without fear. They place their Celtic Circle ring hand from their left hand to their right hand to join the Circle.

Finbar: "I am Finbar McCool, son of Patrick, grandson of Feargal, great Grandson of Porigh. You must stop now. You must stop now. You must stop now."  

The transformation to Cath milidh is now complete for both men. The rest of the fight would be fought without thought of what to do or the consequence of any action or non-action.  


Twelve men in black fully armed fighting gear jump from all four doors of the two cars. They immediately begin to run to surround the house. Two have hand rocket launchers. They all have automatic weapons and side arms. They can all talk to each other through headsets. They have helmets with visors.  

Finbar and Keefe are on each side of the house just out of sight. They both begin to throw javelins at the moving men in the dark. A javelin can easily penetrate any bulletproof vest. Before the attacking men are aware that they have opposition, four of them are dead.  

Finbar drops back from his position and crosses into a wooded area to the side of the house. He then gives a terrifying scream. The rest of the intruders immediately fall to the ground and begin to shoot in the direction of the scream. Keefe moves around behind the shooting men and simply walks over to the one closest and cuts his throat. Keefe then backs up to a tree and picks up his bow and arrow and begins to shoot the men as they continue to fire at Finbar. Keefe kills two of them with arrows in the back before one of the men turns and sees three of his fallen comrades.  

Finbar has been on the move and is now behind each car. He uncovers and throws water bottles filled with high-octane gasoline into the first and second cars and runs across the street behind both cars. He is now standing behind a tree with a bow with several arrows with a cloth drenched in gasoline. He places the arrow in the bow and then lights the first arrow. Finbar moves out from the side of the tree and fires the arrow into the first car. The first car catches fire in seconds. Finbar moves behind the tree and is lighting the second arrow when a rocket hits the tree. He falls forward with the bow and the flaming arrow in his hands. Keefe sees that Finbar is now visible to all the remaining visitors. The first car is a blaze and the whole area is lit up like it was daytime.  

People from the surrounding neighborhood begin to run toward the car that is on fire. They are in their nightclothes and do not realize what is going on. The men then shoot wildly into the crowd of people and in a panic they run.


FSB Director: Yes this is the Director.  

Stas: "The Director is under attack. From twelve attackers five or six are dead. They are facing just two men from the house. The attackers have killed about ten people from the neighborhood. Men, women, and children, Sir."  

FSB Director: "We now know that these people are not Irish or Russian. Even the crazy ones do not kill women and children. Nothing is to happen to the Director. He is to be safe at all costs. You and Yelana are in no way to be taken alive. Destroy all identification, save the Director, and bring him to the boat at point A."  

Stas: "Yes, what about McCool?"  

FSB Director: "Save him as long as it does not interfere with the Director's safety."  

Stas: "Yelana will not let McCool die because she owes him from the dog fight."  

FSB Director: "Tell Yelana the Director first and ok for McCool. Do what you have been trained to do. Now."  

Stas gives Yelana the orders: "Stas get your sniper rifle and kill the rest of those women killers. I will make sure that Finbar and the Director are safe."  

Stas: "What about the other fighter?"  

Yelana: "Kill him if he gets in the way."  

The first shot rings out and an intruder drops back with a bullet in the middle of his face. He falls with out a sound. Another shot rings out and a second intruder receives a bullet in the side of his head. He is able to scream for a second and then falls dead.  

Yelana rushes to Finbar and grabs him by the belt and begins to pull him behind cover. Finbar dazed, grabs her by the throat and with his left hand and in his right hand a Celtic dagger heading for Yelana's heart. With her exceptional intuition as a fighter she releases her hand on Finbar's belt and smashes his right arm in a way that it could not move. Pain writhing throughout Finbar's body he redoubles his effort on the grip on her throat. Yelana then smashes Finbar right in the balls with such force that the grip is released.  

Yelana: "Finbar, Yelana, Yelana, Yelana. Finbar, Yelana, Yelana, Yelana. Finbar, Yelana, Yelana, Yelana."  

Finbar: "Yelana the Russian hero. What is..."  

Yelana: Shut your Irish mouth and help me pull you behind cover unless you want to die together."  

Yelana yanks Finbar behind cover. They both lay there for a second and Finbar grabs her and kisses her with a kiss of passion unknown to both. Yelana respond but in an instant stops him: "The Director, is he safe?"

Finbar: "Everyone left the house this afternoon. Yelana, the Irish also can build tunnels."  

Yelana: "My orders are to save you and get out of here before the Gardia arrive."  

Finbar: "What about Keefe?"  

Yelana: "He is expendable." 

Finbar: "No he is Cath milidh. I have to stop him and bring him out of the transformation or he will kill you. I do not want to see him dead. We need him. How many are left?"  

Yelana: "I do not know?"  

Finbar: "Who is with you?"  

Yelana: "Stas, he is killing them with his sniper rifle."  

Yelana: Tell Stas to stop helping us now. Keefe and I cannot be helped. We are Cath milidh."  

Yelana waves at Stas to stop and crouches back.  

Finbar: "Your precious Director is safe now, you two get out of here."

Yelana: No, I stay with you Finbar."  

Finbar: "You cannot or we will have to kill you both."  

Yelana: "You are an ungrateful bastard, Finbar."  

Finbar: "This is not a normal fight it is an ancient battle and we must stay and kill or be killed. Get out now."  

Yelana moves back and Stas and her leave Finbar and Keefe to face the rest.  

Finbar repeats you must stop now, you must stop now, and at the third he is once again transformed into Cath milidh. Keefe is on the run to the back of the house. The rocket launcher is now aimed at the front of the house. The rocket is released into the front door and the house explodes in a ball of fire. The three men now begin to run for the remaining car for their escape. Keefe is knocked over by the explosion and is crawling toward cover.  

One of the Line spots Keefe and points the rocket launcher toward Keefe. Finbar is back with his bow and burning arrow in his hand. He fires at the man with the rocket launcher and the arrow goes into and through the intruders back. The other two begin to run for the car in fear. Keefe stands and begins to run toward them with a warrior scream. Finbar begins to also run toward the fleeing men with a warrior scream. The two intruders split up and now begin to run away from the car and into the woods. Finbar and Keefe follow as if in another world.  Both Cath milidh pull from their pouch around their necks their Celtic Fighting Stone and begin the chase. The running intruders turn and begin to fire wildly at their individual foe. They missed because they were still over come with fear. Each Cath milidh come closer to their intruder. Closer, closer, closer with rock in hand.

Keefe is the first to strike the enemy in the head. He falls into a pile and Keefe jumps onto his shoulders. He begins to strangle him then grabs the limp body and begins to carry him back to the house. Once at the pool, he throws the body in to drown him.  

Finbar catches up to his quarry and smashes him in the head. He knocks him out and also begins to carry him back to the house. At the moment they reach the pool, Finbar strangles him and then throws him also into the pool. Keefe and Finbar look at each other and they turn to run away. They will meet again.  


Commander: A message from Keefe, Admiral."  

Admiral: "Get me my C code book from the safe and then leave me alone until I call you."  

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."  



A coded message arrives at FSB Headquarters.  


Reports in the media. The front page of the Dublin Times the next day. Senator Quinn's house exploded because of a leaky gas main. We are all thankful that the Senator and none of her family were home at the time. There were several injuries in the neighborhood from flying debris from the explosion. We will keep you posted as we find out more information.  

New York Times. Nothing is written about the incident in Ireland.  American Television. Nothing said about the incident in Ireland.  Boston Herald. The Leadership Board of Harvard met today to discuss new building and research initiatives. The atmosphere seemed more solemn than usual as the board members emerged from the meeting. They would give no statement about Harvard's future plans.


Telephone call three days later after Finbar returns to the University.  

Woman: "Hello, Dr. McCool this is Harvard University calling to confirm your talk with the Leadership Board. We are all excited to hear your valuable insights on the circular."  

Finbar: "Thank you, and I will do my best."  

Woman: "That is all anyone can do. We will pick you up at the airport. Someone will have a sign with your name on it."  

Finbar: "I always prefer to take a cab."

Woman: "That will be no problem. Have the cab take you to your hotel and then let us know that you are here and safe. Will you be alone?"  

Finbar: "I will probably bring one of my Doctoral students to give him the experience."  

Woman: "That is a wonderful idea. Call me if you have any questions. Oh yes Dr. Sorokova of Russia will also be speaking at the meeting. Do you know her? I can send you her Vita if you would like one."  

Finbar: "I do know her. We met briefly when I taught in Russia. But please send me the list of all the audience members and their accomplishments. It is always best to know your audience."  

Woman: "Of course will you need any equipment for your talk"  

Finbar: Yes a microphone, overhead, plenty of water and ice, and give each member a nice University of New Haven pad and pen to take notes. Get the pads and pens before I arrive. Make both the pad and the pen the color green."  

Woman: "Anything else we can get for you, Dr. McCool?"  

Finbar: "Yes, three more things. I want a computer with access to the worldwide web and a good color copier that is connected to the computer. I also want you to attend the meeting. I must have a room with a fireplace. The fire must be going when I arrive and begin to speak. When I begin to speak the fire must be put out and a new one immediately restarted."  

Woman: "I am not sure that would be allowed for me to attend, Dr. McCool."  

Finbar: "Tell the chair person of the Leadership Board that I want you there and no excuses. You are also to receive a pad and pen. I have an inclusive personality. The fire must be done the way I have outlined."  

Woman: "Good-bye Dr. McCool."  

Finbar: "Good-bye." Until then.


Finbar sits back in his chair.  

Secretary: "Dr. McCool, there is a woman here who wants to talk to you. She says that you are friends. Do you have time?"  

Finbar: "Of course send her in."  

Yelana enters the office: "Yelana, it is a pleasure to see you again. I want to thank you for your help the last time we met."  

Yelana closes and locks the office door. She also closes the blinds. She then moves toward Finbar and sits on his lap giving him a big kiss.  

Finbar: "Yelana, what are you doing?"  

She gives him another kiss and begins taking off her blouse, continuing to take off his shirt and pants: "Finbar, I love you. I have loved you since you saved me from the dogs. I want to be with you. I want to be a part of your war."  

Finbar: "What about your obligation as the Director's bodyguard?"  

Yelana: "The Director is well aware of my love for you and he would never stand in the way of love. He is Russian."

Finbar: "Yelana, I am human and this puts great pressure on me. You are a beautiful woman."  

Yelana: "Finbar, love me now. Finbar, love me now. Finbar love me now."

Finbar and Yelana  swirl into a other world of love and joy: "Finbar I want to be with you and the others."

Finbar: "Yelana, it is not for everyone. Your bravery is not in question but your being a clann member is not an easy thing. Especially to be one of the warriors of the clann. If you try and take the test and fail you will die or go insane. So do not take this as something that means that you are not brave. You must be beyond bravery. You must be selfless."  

Yelana: "Finbar, what will this mean about you and me?"  

Finbar: "You and I will be linked beyond space and time. This will also be true of you and the others that are warriors of the clann."  

Yelana: "How many are there?"  

Finbar: "I only know of two and I knew one other who is still with us in spirit. There are not too many who try who make it through the test, so I do not encourage you to do this. It is not necessary. You have your life in Russia and as an important person to the Director. This would have to be forsaken. No one asks you to do this but I ask you not to do it because I do not want to see you harmed by the power of the Circle."  

Yelana: "The Circle will not harm me Finbar because I am one with the Circle."  

Finbar: "So let it begin. Go for a walk in the woods and then come back and see me."  

Yelana: "That is it, Finbar?"  

Finbar: "That is it. I will be here when you return."  

Yelana: "Do I need anything?"  

Finbar: "You either have it or you do not. Yelana, I ask you once more to reconsider?"  

Yelana: "No Finbar."  

Finbar: "Form, Force, and Power to you Yelana. Form, Force, and Power to you Yelana. Form, Force, and Power to you Yelana."  

Yelana leaves the office and walks out onto the campus. It is mid afternoon and there are many students around. Playing on the lawn, going to classes, and enjoying the day. Yelana walks toward the wooded area that is behind the University. She begins to enter and walks forward looking to the right and left. The birds are singing and the woods are quiet and except for Yelana footsteps on the ground. The fog roles in and it is difficult to see. Yelana hears a growl behind her and turns. To her amazement she sees a wolf pack with more that twenty wolves staring and moving toward her. In an instant she is terrified and begins to run for her life. She can hear the pack closing in on her. Yelana's heart rate is at the breaking point. She can and would face twenty men but twenty wolves frightened her. The shepherd attack rushed through her mind and she began to give in to the possibility of death.  

Yelana stops, grabs a large stick and turns to face her death with a scream. As she turns she sees that the wolf pack has gone somewhere into the fog. She stands in amazement and wonder at what happened. Where did they go? Were they waiting for a better time to kill her? Had they changed their minds? Yelana turns and continues to enter the woods. Now she was far into the forest and is not sure of the way out. She had been trained for this so this was not a fearful situation to be in at that moment.  

Yelana comes to a rock cliff and begins to climb. In the background she hears a siren continuing to wail. When she is almost to the top of the cliff, the ground begins to move. It is an earthquake. She knows that the whole cliff will fall. Yelana desperately tries to get to the top before the cliff falls and takes her to her death. The fog makes it more difficult to find hand and foot holds but she has climbed many times and is at ease when climbing. This time, the earthquake gets worse and large stones begin to separate around Yelana. She clings to the wall in a desperate attempt to hang on to the spot that she was positioned. To stay, move up, or fall ran through her mind. Move up and move up now. She moved forward and reached the top and as she does the quake stops. She had made the correct decision and is safe. Perhaps there would be after-shocks but for now, she was safe. 

The aftershocks hit and Yelana is thrown into the air and begins to fall into the fog and the roar of the after-shock. All of a sudden she screams.  

Yelana: "This is not real, this is not real, this is not real."  

She laughs into the falling abyss. In a second, she was standing at the entrance of the woods. The campus is alive with the noise of students. She had survived and was now a warrior of the clann. She felt the responsibility and could see it all as if it had been a part of her life.  

Yelana walks into Finbar's office and Finbar smiles and asks: "Did anything happen, Yelana?"  

Yelana: "No, nothing happened. Why do you ask?"  

Finbar: "No reason. Yelana, lets take a walk?"  

Yelana: "That would be great. It is a beautiful day."  

Finbar" "Yelana, I do not like to talk inside when it is such a beautiful day. Lets go for a walk to the library? You are now Cath milidh of the clann. I will need your assistance at a special event."  

Yelana: "Of course, Finbar."  

Finbar: "I will keep you informed. There are some things that you should know as Cath milidh. In the beginning the transformation occurs when you repeat something three times. If danger is present you must give the other the chance to stop. Say your name and that you are the daughter of your father, grandfather, great grandfather and tell them to stop now. Do this three times in a row. If you are attacked without you saying this it makes no difference you are Cath milidh. You will begin to see into the past and the future. You always fight alone. This does not mean that others cannot assist but you fight alone. As Cath milidh your analytical mind is shut down. Go with the flow. Do what you do without any thought. The analytical mind paralyzes all thinking. This is why the Line wants the analytical to dominate, so that all humans are without personal strength.

    You now have three names. Your own, a Celtic name known to others, and your own name known only to you. Celtic thinking is in triads or threes. Our symbol of Form, Force, and Power is three of three or 693 six plus or minus three. This will give you Celtic Power. Those who are not with us just think of triads as threes and not 693. This is our secret. You can wear the Celtic Circle symbol now. You are one with us. We are one with you. We are together."   

Yelana: "I knew this before you told me. Finbar."  

Finbar: "That is why you did not die during the test. But those who only know go insane, and cannot be Cath milidh.  Knowing only the triad is still just analytical and they still are afraid to shut down the rational until it becomes 6 + or -3. Some of us refer to them as the living dead. That is why you and I must fight alone."  

Yelana: "Yes Finbar, the living dead are dangerous because they are not to be trusted with Form, Force, and Power. They talk, but do not perform with any consistency. Do any of the members of the Line know about shutting down the analytical mind?"  

Finbar: "I hope not. They make their linear plans and try to carry them out. Once we break their plan we have broken them. So, for the first few seconds the Line members are fearless and confident. This is the time to break their plan. Some of the smarter ones have a backup plan or two which makes three. The plan ultimately is their destruction because the analytical mind cannot control all the billions of variables until they transcend to the Circle and 693. We always encourage them to plan, plan, plan. Look at all their books, courses, and efforts they put into planning. Especially at the so called to top colleges and universities. The fools follow.

    They cannot help themselves because they are destroyed, as humans, through the myth of being able to control variables. They all think that they are little gods. Little gods fall apart with confidence even when they think it is 693 rather than 6 + or -3. They cannot believe that it is this simple."  

Yelana: "Yes Finbar and the Lines power is that each little god blames themselves if the plan does not work. They are destroyed by their own number system and replaced with another little god. It is all just Timing and Distance. When the little gods get placed, the position is the issue, nothing else. They are just gamblers throwing the dice of life.  

Finbar: You are to stand with Cuchulainn against the Line. They will go to any extent to kill us to save their world."  

Yelana: "Kill you, Finbar?  Why you? Who else?"

Finbar: "Because Etain and I were born on the same day at the same time and the prophecy is that we are chosen to turn power back to the Circle."  

Yelana: "Does the Line know this prophecy?"  

Finbar: "Yes they do, and they were told by one of those inside the Circle."  

Yelana: "Do you know who?"  

Finbar: "No, and I do not care because we too, cannot control all the variables. The person or persons will be revealed in time."  

Yelana: "What will happen to them?"  

Finbar: It depends on when we learn and what we do at that moment. All has been already revealed to you, Yelana. Just let your analytical mind go. Come to the library tomorrow at three in the afternoon. Inform the Director. Just say that you have found the path. He will understand and make the arrangements for your career change.  

Yelana and Finbar meet Keefe at the library: "Yelana, you remember Danann?"  

Yelana: "Yes, we have seen each other."  

Finbar: "The three of us and Etain must face the Line stronghold and force them to relinquish power to the Circle. They know what we are going to want to accomplish and I am sure that they are making several plans to stop us. Etain and I have been invited to speak to the Leadership Board."  

Keefe: "They will want a show that ruins the both of you if they fail to kill you both, Finbar."  

Finbar: "All the news and television media Line slaves will be there to see the spectacle. It will be interesting how they package their show and how they will portray you two. Probably, religious fanatics out to destroy the world. That seems to work for them?"  

Danann: I believe that it will have to be a grand show and religious fanatics are getting too much press. Lets give them some credit for wanting to take us out and out for good."  

Finbar: "A sacrifice is always exciting for the mob. The media press loves to create and glorify monsters. It makes good copy to have the person all chained up in their orange uniform with several guards glaring. Especially when they have to walk into the room and be chained to the chair."  

Yelana: "You two have a morbid sense of humor. What do you suggest? Walk right into the door and then see what happens?"  

Finbar: "Of course, Yelana that is exactly what we want the Line slaves to believe. You will be outside to kill anyone who tries to take us from the outer parameter of the building."  

Yelana: "Does that include the American police, the American Army, and other government officials?"  

Danann: "You can request that they stop first or tell them the folly of their actions. If they fight none are to be left alive. I do not wish this to happen. It will depend on Timing and Distance. I want you to go to Harvard and set up the place so an army cannot defeat us."  

Yelana: "Where am I going to get the materials?  

Danann: Just ask the Chieftain for what you want and when you want it. I will inform the proper American authorities to stay away."  

Yelana: How will I know him?  

Finbar: "He will find you. Danann did you get the profile on the Line members who are attending the meeting"  

Danann: "Yes, and what a story that these profiles will tell. More than we ever suspected."  

Finbar: "Is all the information ready to be put on the Internet into the websites that we have opened?  

Yelana: Yes, it is all in place but Timing and Distance must be with us."  

Finbar: "Do we have our people at each of the Leadership Boards family locations in case we have to take them captive?"  

Danann: "Yes, Finbar."  

Finbar: "Danann you will be with Etain. Yelana, you are with me."  



Commander: "A message from Keefe, Admiral."  

Admiral: "Get me my C code book from the safe? Get this oral message to the Chief. Top secret hand delivered."  

Commander: "Yes, Admiral."

Admiral: The Chief is to only receive this message. No one else.  


Commander: "Yes Admiral, I am on my way."  

Admiral: "Go armed, and go with God."


Artist: Russian Painting Victor Vasnetsov. Three Bogatyrs.1898. I saw this painting in Moscow. It is very big. Almost life size.