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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away.



Chapter 9, Arkaim: Marketing Wars


The time has come that the Shining Ones are to take power away from the Line. The group is on there way to Harvard University to the meeting with the Leadership Board. It is at that time that the transfer is to take place. Keefe, Finbar, Yelana, and Etain.

Keefe: "Finbar you drive up to Harvard with Yelana and I will go to the hotel with Etain. We will register in the hotel and then leave to stay in another location."

Yelana: "Do not even go to your room. It may be set up for a bombing. The Line is going to make a move both before and after the meeting."

Finbar: "I agree Yelana. Do you have another location set up already?"

Danann: "I will let you know when we get there."

Yelana: "Has the car been checked for bugs?"

Danann: "Yes, and also bombs. We may be attacked on the road. If so we must be ready."

Etain:  "What weapons do we have with us?"

Danann: "The easiest way is for them to come in three cars one behind, in front, and on the side. Then, they will stop us and make sure we are found dead along the road."

Finbar: "Yelana, isn't it good crack being Cath milidh?"

Yelana: "So far, Finbar."

Danann: "I will drive and Finbar, you stay in the back with Yelana. This way, Etain will be on the far side of the attack."

Yelana: "Finbar, I can feel them coming. I feel three cars and a truck."

Etain: "I feel it also, how much time do you estimate?

Yelana: "Six minutes or less."

Keefe: "Pull over now and we will face them in the woods. We have our equipment in the trunk and in the middle of the back seat under the blanket."

Yelana: "Should we leave the car on the side for them to find?"

Keefe: "Of course, I will leave the key under the drivers seat mat. Start reciting now. Etain you are with me."

Etain: "Yes, Danann."

Finbar:  "I am Finbar McCool son of ........you must stop now..."

Keefe "Let's move through the woods and I will go into town and get a ride for us."

Etain: "How long do you think it will take, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Two hours or so. You wait here, out of sight, and I will come back to pick you all up. The signal for ok will be three toots on the horn and then the lights on and off three times."

Keefe: "No, Yelana should go into town. The Line does not know her. If the killers catch on and ask questions, she will not be suspected."

Yelana: "You are right, Keefe. How much cash do we have with us? The three of us each have $9000 in cash, in twenties. We should be able to get a ride for less than that."

Finbar: "Yelana, Form, Force, and Power to you. Do not forget your H5 Celtic dagger. No one that interferes must survive but let those live that you can trust."

Yelana: "How can I know who to trust?"

Keefe: "Use the tips of all your fingers and touch them repeating your own Cath milidh words. You will then be able to see into their futures and if they will betray you. If you see this kill them, make it look like an accident. You know how to do that, don't you?"

Yelana: "Why do you ask? Do you want me to kill you and show everyone here for this insult to me?"

Etain: "Yelana, Keefe meant no harm. He trusts you. You are one of us."

Finbar: "That is right, isn't it Keefe?"

Keefe: "Grand."

Yelana: "I will be back as soon as I can."

Yelana walks through the woods to reach the closest town.


A car stops next to Yelana as she is walking toward the town. I man is in the car alone. He smiles and asks her: "Hi beautiful, can I give you a ride?"

Yelana: "No thanks it is such a nice day, I thought I would walk into town for a change."

Man: "I will give you a ride and perhaps we can get to know each other?"

Yelana: "What do you mean by that, Sir?"

Man: "You are a beautiful woman and I am a handsome man. We belong together."

Yelana: "Are you asking me to marry you?"

Man: "No. Just to have some fun."

Yelana: "Then I must decline your fine offer of a ride and continue to walk into town."

The man pulls a gun from under his coat: "Do you see this gun? Get into the car."

Yelana: "Sir, I do not want to hurt you. Please go on your way."

Man: "Get into the car or I will shoot you where you stand."

Yelana: "Alright Sir if you insist, but I must warn you again that I do not want to hurt you. Do you live around here?"

Man: "What difference does that make to you, beautiful?"

Yelana: "I would not want to be seduced by a local person because he may tell everyone in town."

Man: "Don't worry, you are mine now."

Yelana: "Again, I must tell you that I do not want to cause you any harm. If you are caught you will be arrested and put in jail. I also have some very tough friends that will hunt you down wherever you may go."

Man: "Don't worry you will like it."

Yelana "May I give you a kiss Sir, to see if I like the way you kiss"

Man: "You must be crazy, but alright."

The driver rolls down his window all the way and points the gun at Yelana. He is about to shoot her when she hits him in the head with a fighting stone and knocks him out cold.

Yelana: "This car is mine now and you will not see tomorrow."

Yelana pushes him over onto the passenger side and gets into the driver's seat. She turns the car around and heads back to get the others. Three honks and three headlights on and off.

Etain: "Yelana, that was fast."

Yelana: "This man is evil and I had to knock him out."

Keefe: "Get in and let's go on with our journey. We will all put on rubber gloves so we leave no fingerprints. If he comes to, hit him in the head again. If he dies, we will have to run his car into a post so it looks like an accident. If he lives, he will wake up in Boston. Check his identification to see who he is."

Yelana: "He is an American police officer from Durham, New Hampshire."

Keefe: "Then we will have to make sure that he does not make it. He is good at identifying people and he will have some influence on the Boston police. See what he will do in the future."

Yelana touches the Durham police officer to look into his future: "He will betray us to the Line if he lives. He is a very bad man. He has raped and murdered many innocent people in New Hampshire. The Chief hates him but is afraid he will also kill him."

Keefe: "If he wakes up, we will be nice to him before we sacrifice him. We may need him. Let’s get back to the turnpike and on to Boston."

The rest of the trip to Boston goes without incident. They are now in downtown Boston.

Yelana: "Ok, I will let you all off here on this corner and then smash our friend into a telephone pole. I will meet you at the hotel."

Keefe: "No hotel, go to the Boston Yacht Club and look for a 54 foot sailboat with green sails. Then walk over and knock three times and do it two more time with three knocks."

Yelana: "Whose sailboat is it?"

Keefe: "Let us surprise you, Yelana."

Yelana lets the trio out and then gives the owner of the car another smash in the head with her Celtic fighting stone. He is dead. Yelana drives around the corner and heads for a telephone pole. She jumps out onto the ground as the car smashes into the pole with a great noise. The police officer flies through the front window from the force of the impact and ends up on the ground in front of the car. Yelana gets up and begins to walk back away from the crash. Her clothes are ripped from her contact with the road. She begins to hear a crowd gathering around the car and its occupant. Yelana looks up and Finbar is in front of her.

Finbar: "You know I cannot let my favorite Celtic-Russian down. I have a coat for you to put on and we will catch a cab to the sailboat. Keefe and Etain went on in a taxi. I thought it would be better if we broke up into couples."

Yelana: "Thanks, Finbar. Nice to see that you care for me."

Finbar: "I do care for you and always will. When we are rejoined with the Tuatha De Danann, we will always be together as warriors of the clann."

Yelana: "I know, we will Finbar."


Finbar:  "Cab, Cab, Cab."

A cab stops in front of them and they both get into the back. Each careful not to be seen in the rear view mirror. Each holding on to the other: "Boston Yacht Club, please."

The cab driver begins to talk: "Do you have a boat at the Yacht Club, Sir?"

Finbar: "No, we are just going over to take a look at the boats."

Cab Driver: "Do you want me to wait for you?"

Finbar: "No thanks. We will find a place to eat after and then return home."

Cab Driver: What about Anthony's Pier 4? I know the bartender Adiz Manuka. The Yacht Club also has a great place to eat but you have to be with a member to get in."

Finbar: "We will find something. I see you are Irish by your taxi license?"

Cab Driver: "Yes, my grandparents on my mother's side were born in Ireland. They got married and came to Amerika when they were in their early twenties. My father met my mother at the Parade and it was love at first sight. Both my mother and father are professors at Harvard."

Finbar: "What fields are they in?"

Cab Driver: "Irish literature and Irish myth."

Finbar: "Do they work tomorrow?"

Cab Driver: "I do not know?"

Finbar: "Give me their names and home number and I will contact them at home tomorrow night. Tell them I have a project for them both. Tell them to make sure that they are home because the project must begin the next day. I will call them when I get a chance and explain what I need. If they are not at home when I call, they will be out of the contract."

Cab Driver: "What does the contract entail?"

Finbar: "Just tell them tir Na n-Og."

Cab Driver: "I know what you are talking about. The Other World of the Celts. I know the stories."

Finbar: "What is your Celtic name?"

Cab Driver: "I have no Celtic name."

The taxi driver breaks into a great laugh.

Finbar: "I am sorry I asked?"

Cab Driver:  "Do you have a Celtic name?"

Finbar: "Tell your parents that I asked you, what is your Celtic name and for them to be home when I call."

Cab Driver: "Yes, here we are at the Boston Yacht Club."

Finbar: "Do as I have told you young man. Here is twenty dollars for your fare."

Cab Driver: "Yes Sir."

Finbar: "If you fail, I will find you and give you one hell of a trouncing. Stay on your own side of the pale."

Cab Driver: "You can count on me, Sir."

Finbar: "We will see, through your deeds and not your talk. This conversation must remain only between your parents and you."

Cab Driver: "It will, Sir."


The Boston Yacht Club is huge. Sailboats and powerboats are together.

Finbar: "There it is, Yelana."

Yelana: "I think you are correct, Finbar. Do not forget the knock, three-threes."

Someone comes out of the boat and looks at Finbar and Yelana as if they are at the wrong boat: "What can I do for you two?"

Finbar: "We are here to see the Captain of this boat. Why do you ask?"

Man: "We have a wise guy here, do we?"

Finbar: "If what you mean by wise guy is that I am wise, I take no offense?"

Man: "You have it backwards, I mean to offend."

Finbar: "Well Sir, I am sorry to hear that remark given to me is offensive. Will you get your Captain for me?"

Man: "Make me?"

In an instant the man on the boat was in the water and Finbar and Yelana are on board.

Finbar: "Hello, Captain are you on board?"

No answer. The man is now on the dock and he moves toward Finbar and once again he is in the water.

Finbar: "The next time is your last time, Sir."

Man: "I will get you, you son-of-a-bitch."

Finbar: "Well, have your way, come at me again and it will be your last."

Man: "You do not scare me. I am going to tear your head off."

Finbar: 'When did you arrive in port? Perhaps, I have the wrong boat?"

Man: "That is none of your business."

A voice from the other dock rings out: "Perhaps, you have the wrong boat Sir?"

Finbar looks up and it is Senator Quinn: "You may be correct ma'am. This poor man has fallen into the water and I was just helping him to get on board."

Finbar whispers to the man: "Get out of the water and keep quiet. You're a brave man to protect your boat. Next time, start out more friendly or you may run into the wrong person? Now tell me that you are sorry for talking to me in such a tone and it will not happen again to anyone else? Then all will be forgiven."

Man: "Sorry."

Finbar: "Well, thank you again for your kindness to me. I am sorry that I selected the wrong boat. I will keep looking for the correct boat."


Senator: "Perhaps we can help you find the boat that you are looking for Sir?"

Finbar: "That is very kind of you ma'am."

They both walk to the next dock and reach the Senator.

Senator: "Finbar the Bard, the dreamer, only you could select the wrong boat."

Finbar: "Senator Quinn, this is Yelana."

Senator: "Nice to see you Yelana, you are very beautiful. Perhaps beautiful enough to turn the head of our Finbar?"

Yelana: "I hope so, Senator."

Senator: "Finbar is my Bard not yours."

Yelana: "Please Senator, let’s not quarrel on our first visit, even if it is over Finbar?"

Senator: "Alright you are correct, and you have my apology. Come aboard. Finbar, Keefe made the same mistake, but he then saw me sitting on the stern."

Finbar: "The great Keefe?"

Senator: "Yes."

Everyone begins to laugh as the boat begins to leave the slip and moves out to the open sea.

Senator: "That guy sure is nasty. He would make a great member of the Line."

Finbar: "If he was we would have to send him to his Other world."

Senator: "Yes, Finbar. Here is the information that we have compiled on the Leadership Board of Harvard and their last four Presidents. Here is how they have done their dirty deeds."

Finbar: "What about the genetic disease center the Line has developed? What are we going to do about that?"

Senator: "We do not want to blow it up because of the possible release into the air of uncontrollable viruses. We will try to change their research to more productive and positive ways to assist nature. Things are very bad and the environment is going to collapse."

Finbar: "Yes I know, Senator."

Danann: "When this happens, billions of people will die."

Etain: "What about us?"

Danann: "We also will die along with the billions of others. The greed of the Line has put all of our lives on the edge of the Other World. All that is required is a little shove and we are gone."

Senator: "Finbar, did you tell the Line that you wanted a fire going when you begin to speak and then, while you were speaking, for it to be put out and restarted?"

Finbar: "Of course."

Senator: "All is in place. I plan to come to the meeting myself. I will be outside the door and once the transfer has begun, I will come in."

Finbar: "Is the U.S. Military ready for the transfer?"

Keefe: "The members of the Circle will assume command at the moment of transfer. The Line tried like hell to get the Circle out of the military after the so-called collapse of the former Soviet Union. The Line must be given credit for their evil. Their treachery to human kind seems natural for them. They are machine people, not humans."

Senator: "You and Yelana bunk up in the V-berth. Tomorrow night will bring on a new year and a new age. There will be a new calendar tomorrow and the year will be 6930."

Finbar: "I am tired and will go to sleep now. What about you Yelana?"

Yelana: "I will also join you, Finbar."

Keefe: "We will put into a port north of Boston at 4:32 and a car will be waiting to take us to meet the Line. The Celtic Warrior will then return to the Boston Yacht Club for us to escape. Good night to all."

Finbar: "Yelana, I am amazed the Senator put us both in the V-berth."

Yelana: "She can tell how I feel about you."

Finbar: "I feel the same about you Yelana but we are Cath milidh and tomorrow is the transition day. The world will be back to the way it was and should be."

Yelana: "I will not tap my fingers on your head Finbar and do not do the same to me. I do not want to know what happens."

Finbar: "Do not worry Yelana, nothing will happen but good overcoming evil."

Yelana: "Finbar, it is not that simple. You are the Bard but for the rest of us, it is not that simple."

Finbar: "I know it is not that simple, but why not?"

Yelana: "The Senator was right. You are a dreamer and that is why I love you."

Finbar: "You are also a dreamer and I also love you."


Keefe: "Wake up Finbar and Yelana. It is time to have lunch. We let you both sleep because it will require all of our senses to take on the Line."

Finbar: "Yes, mother Keefe."

Keefe: "We will be at the dock in a few hours. We have two cars waiting. Both cars will have diplomatic plates and be driven by a member of the Circle."

Finbar: "That's grand."

Danann/Keefe: "Oh yes, both cars are bullet and bomb proof. We do not expect the transition by the Line to be without a fight. They just do not think that way."

Finbar: "That is the way it always has been so why should it change now?"

Keefe: "The new day will begin shortly after we arrive at sundown. The transition must be made between sundown and sunrise. I could never figure out why the Line wanted the new day to begin at midnight."

Finbar: "It is because they are solar and they want the highest point during their day to be when the sun is the most highest."

Keefe: "Ok, Finbar the scholar, why the new year on January first for them?"

Finbar: "Again it is solar. That puts the highest point of their year at June fifteenth. This way they could shift the year away from nature to the machine. The linkage was then lost to us."

Keefe: "I knew that Finbar, I just wanted to see if you knew."

Finbar: "Oh, what a tester you are Keefe."



The Celtic Warrior sailboat reaches its destination.

Captain: "Celtic Warrior to dockmaster."

Dockmaster: "Dockmaster to Celtic Warrior, please switch to channel 18 now?"

Captain: "Celtic Warrior to Dockmaster."

Dockmaster: "Dockmaster, what can we do for you captain?"

Captain: "We would like to dock for one perhaps two days."

Dockmaster: "How long is your craft?"

Captain: "Fifty-four feet."

Dockmaster: "We charge six dollars a foot per day."

Captain: "That is grand, we will pay for the first day and then decide. We plan to go out for a sail after we eat. Where should we dock?"

Dockmaster: "Someone will come on board and guide you to your slip. Pick them up at the gas dock as you come in to our marina."

Captain: "No. We will stop at the gas dock and then you can give us directions to our slip. Do you have a restaurant?"

Dockmaster: "Yes, Captain. We have a restaurant and you can dock her yourself."

Senator: "Finbar you and the others go to the restaurant and we will come after the boat is secure. Our cars should be here at three pm This gives us an hour and a half to get ready. Bring your gear and we will put it into the cars when they arrive."

Finbar: "Yes, Senator."

Senator: "Captain, pay cash for the night at this marina and when we leave you return to the Boston Yacht Club. Wait there until we return before the sun rises. Be ready to set sail at any moment. Post a guard at the front and back of the restaurant while we eat."

Captain: "Yes, Senator."

The gas dock went smoothly and the four left the boat to go to the restaurant followed by two guards. The Senator, Captain and the others remained aboard and securely docked the Celtic Warrior.

Senator: "After you pay Captain, return the Celtic Warrior. Keep two men on board. Be ready for an attack at any moment. This is why I want you to leave this marina as soon as we get into our cars."

Captain: "Yes, Senator."


They enter the restaurant to eat.

Senator: "Etain, you are a quiet girl. Don't you ever talk?"

Etain: "Yes, Senator."

Senator: "You know what the Line wants to do to you and Finbar"

Etain: "Not exactly?"

Senator: "They want Finbar's head on a stake, and you as the bride of their leader. They will kill you after you have a child with the master of the Line."

Etain: "I already have children in Russia."

Senator: "Danann, see that her children are protected."

Keefe: "They are protected."

Senator: "What about Finbar's ex-wife and his children?"

Keefe: "They are also safe."

Senator: "What do you think about their plans for you, Etain?"

Etain: "I am an archaeologist."

Senator: "When the takeover occurs, you and Finbar must have a child together. This is the prophecy. How were your months together alone? Did anything happen to bring about the prophecy sooner?"

Etain smiles and says nothing.

Danann: "Etain you will not be at the meeting as yourself. Yelana will take your place as Dr. Sorokova. This will give you some added protection. Yelana, when they ask you about your work and your findings, just say that you prefer for all to hear at the same time. Etain will be one of your doctoral students that you have brought along with you. We will also be met by the Shanachie to record this transition."

Finbar: "I will be happy to see him again."

Senator: "The Shanachie will be there as a representative of your University because of this honor they are giving to you. He will be the Secretary of your University. He will present them with a gift of a story for the occasion. Ask him to speak right as the fire is being put out. When the new fire is lit then you begin the transfer. I will be outside in the car."

Finbar: "What about the virus and that whole thing, Senator?

Senator: "All will be revealed as timing and distance come together. Do you have what you all require?"

Finbar: "When should I give them the reports?"

Senator: "When you feel it is optimal. All of you should expect the Line to do anything to destroy you so that you will not be surprised. They will sacrifice themselves if they have to. Our cars are here, let’s go. Finbar, please pay the bill?"

As Finbar pays the bill the waitress asks him: "Did you hear about the fires at Harvard?"

Finbar: "No, I did not? Is it bad?"

Waitress: "Four or more buildings are on fire."

Finbar: "Is anyone hurt?"

Waitress: "No one has been informed. It just broke on the news."

Finbar: "Well, I hope no one was hurt?"

Waitress: "Thanks for the tip, Sir. I hope all was satisfactory?"

Finbar moves next to the Senator before she gets into the car: "Senator it appears that the Line is taking no chances. They are destroying several of their buildings at Harvard. This will probably spread throughout the Ivy League."

Keefe: "That means they are not sure that they can hold on to the power and they have moved their headquarters. Finbar run back to the Celtic Warrior and check on the computer transactions from Harvard over the last week and where they went? Tell the Captain to contact the Admiral. Code C. This is a clever trap. Come back with the answer."

Finbar returns in five minutes.

Finbar: "Yes."

Senator: "The Line cannot pass up the chance to destroy you and Etain. Give them a call on your cell and ask if the fires have postponed the meeting for tonight."

Finbar telephones the President’s office at Harvard: "The meeting is still on."

Senator: "Did you talk to the same secretary as before?"

Finbar: "She is out for the day."

Senator: "Tell the Captain to leave immediately with the Celtic Warrior for Pilot's Point Marina in Westbrook, Connecticut and wait for us to return. When you come back, we will be on our way. I expect the entire Harvard campus will be destroyed by fire before this day is over. I expect that the rest of the Ivy League is also in flames. I told you the Line would do anything."

Etain: "Why would the Line burn down all their fortresses?"

Finbar: "They do not need them now and they can play the innocent victims. They are good at that game. Who do you suppose they can blame? So many possibilities. The Americans will be looking for blood. It matters not whose blood it is. The Line will tell them who to destroy."

Etain: "That seems crazy, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Brilliant is more like it. We only have nine hours to make the transfer."

Yelana: "Once they realize you are not going to fall within their trap they will try to contact you and send their killers."

Finbar: "That is grand Yelana but we still have to face the Line and not just their killers. When they call I will tell them that we are going to release each of their folders to world media. This should bring them out. They still have not gained full control over the world media and education, just the United States."

Yelana: "Are you sure that it will work?"

Finbar: "Yes, because they understand treachery and deceit."

Senator: "When they call tell them you have decided to betray the Circle for money and power. You want to have assurances that they will not go back on their word. You will also turn over Etain to them as part of the deal. This is why they must all come. Their hatred of us will make them believe that you are a trader and you will sell out your people."

Finbar: "I do not like this idea. We can see our agreement to meet them at Harvard did not work with the Line. I fight, I do not betray."

Keefe: "You are right Finbar. We will go on with the transformation with or without the Line. We will let the Shining Ones take care of the Line."

Finbar: "Senator, Etain and I will go in one car and you and Danann in the other."

Keefe: "Absolutely not. Etain is with me. I do not want Finbar and Etain in the same car."

Finbar: "Who are you to make that decision?"

Keefe: "My job was to protect, and I know my job."

Yelana: "It makes more sense to separate Etain and Finbar."

Finbar: "The Senator will pick up the Shanachie. He will not be safe waiting at Harvard."

Yelana: "That makes sense."

Senator: "I want Etain with Keefe and me. I agree with Yelana. Etain will come with us."

Finbar: "Etain, Yelana and I are together."

Senator: "Finbar, do you challenge my authority?"

Finbar: "No, not at all. This is not a question of authority. I want both Etain and Yelana with me at this point. Please Senator, do not make this into a big deal?"

Keefe: "Finbar, the Senator is Tara and what she says goes."

Finbar: "I follow no one, so what I say goes. I also want nothing to do with this car. Get our things from the trunk. We will meet you at my office in the University. Ask security to let you in. This will give us plenty of time to think about the Line. Driver, take this car back. Senator, we will be off and you pick up the Shanachie. Yelana does not like these cars."

A moment of tension then begins. The Senator and Keefe are not happy to let Etain go with Finbar and Yelana.

Senator: "Ok Finbar, we will meet you at your office. Perhaps you are right?"

The two cars drive off with Keefe and the Senator to get the Shanachie from Harvard.

Finbar: "I have to make a telephone call, ladies. I will get us a ride. Hello, did your son tell you and your wife about our meeting last night?"

Professor: "Yes, he did."

Finbar: "I need you and your wife to help us."

Professor: "Yes."

Finbar: "Can you and your wife drive up to the Shady Harbor Marina and pick us up? There are three of us. We then need to talk to you about the place where the three continents come together. Tonight I want you and your wife to come with us."

Professor: "Why?"

Finbar: "I am Cath milidh and this is transition time. Come or do not come but do not say you are coming and not keep your word. You know what must then happen."

Professor: "We will come. It should be less than an hour for us to get to you. How will I know you?"

Finbar: "I have two beautiful women with me and we will be at the restaurant."

Professor: "We will be driving a green Toyota Camry."

Finbar: "All the best."

Finbar turns to the two women.

Finbar: "Ladies, we have a ride. They will be here in one hour."

Etain: "Finbar, can I talk with you alone for a few minutes?"

Finbar: "Of course, Etain."

Etain: "Finbar forget about the Line. They have destroyed themselves. We must assume our own power."

Finbar: "I agree Etain, give me some suggestions."

Etain: "The answer is still Arkaim and as you know one of the Arkaims is close to here."

Finbar: "You never told me the exact location?"

Etain: "You should already know, Finbar?"

Finbar: "I do know and I always knew. I was taken there many times with the Druid. The Line that controls Yale wanted to make sure that they controlled Arkaim so no one would find anything."

Etain: "This is where the transition must take place and you and I fulfill our destiny."

Finbar: "We will leave the Senator and Danann at my office and continue without them."

Etain: "You also know that he will be waiting for us. Yelana should stay behind."

Finbar: "Yelana comes."

The car with the two Irish professors arrives at the marina.

Finbar: "Here they are with our ride. Let's go to the Festival of Samuin. A new year comes again at midnight and we will be there for this one. The Americans are out trick or treating. While the message continues, the meaning has been lost."

Etain: "Yes."

Finbar: "Etain, I will not include Yelana if I believe that it is something that the Tuatha De Danann does not want. We will see?"

Etain: "Grand."

Finbar: "Hello professors head for New Haven, Connecticut and Yale."

Professor: "Yes, Sir."

Finbar: "Better we do not share our names. Your son tells me that you are professors in Irish history and Irish mythology."

Professor: "Yes we are."

Finbar: "Have you ever heard of the Line?"

Professor: "No, what is it?"

Finbar: "Have you ever heard of the Circle?"

Professor: "No, what is it?"

Laughter follows from them both.

Finbar: "How on earth did you manage to get jobs at Harvard as Professors? They want to make sure that nothing is published which reveals our way. How come they hired the both of you? Very few Irish are allowed in academia."

Professor: "We played stupid. They thought that we were two of the stupidest people on the planet. For this they paid us a good salary and gave us all kinds of awards of achievement."

Finbar: "How could you stand it?"

Professor: "I was told by the Druid that it was important and someday we would be essential to the clann. This also prevented them from placing two Line members into our jobs. They thought it better to have two stupid Irish people because we could never find anything and write it down."

Finbar: "It was smart of them to have a husband and wife team."

Professor: "Yes, that way they thought that they controlled us both. We have played our parts well for a lifetime."

Finbar: "Head down I-95 toward New York City. I will tell you when to turn off."


Finbar: "Turn off here at I-91 and get off at Exit 3. Go up to Whitney Avenue and take a right turn."

Professor: "The whole place is on fire. They are not letting anyone exit here."

Finbar: "Keep going to Hamden and then come back down Whitney Avenue. We will get through that way."

The car reaches its destination.

Finbar: "Pull in here and turn the car around and go back home."

Professor: "Go right, here?"

Finbar: "Yes. The three of us will get out. Thank you for the ride. You will be rewarded. Yelana, take your things and hide down here in the woods. Anyone that you sense has Etain in their car, stop and kill them all. Take Etain back to Russia and put her back to work at Arkaim."

Yelana: "Yes Finbar."

Finbar; "Etain if you are returned act as if nothing happened. Only tell the secret of Arkaim to your children when they are old enough to keep quiet."

Etain: "Yes, Finbar."

Finbar: "Yelana is Cath milidh or battle champion of the clann. Her job is to make sure that no harm comes to you. Yelana, trust no one inside the Circle. There are those who will always sell out."

Yelana: "What about the Senator and Danann?"

Finbar: "No one. Follow your own Circle."

Yelana: "Nothing is going to happen, Finbar."

Finbar: "Etain, if Timing and Distance is not with us then, we fight another day. Yelana, get ready using Form, Force, and Power three times. If by some chance Etain and I are captured kill me. I am already dead. The Line is clever. Just look at these fires that they started? They have some good strategist with them but we are the Shining Ones. Tonight is the Line's night to fall. If we get separated meet me at the 9:00 Sunday service at St. Andrew's Church in Madison, Connecticut. This is Avalonia."

Yelana: "I will do as you say, Finbar."

Finbar: "Stay here at the bottom of the hill. I do not have a Celtic Circle ring for you but here is my Celtic Circle talisman that I carry. I made myself out of a silver dollar. It is very powerful and will help you guide yourself."

Yelana: "Finbar a kiss good-bye?"

Finbar: "Of course my grand Cath milidh."

They both kiss tenderly: "Etain, let's begin to walk up to Arkaim. It will be great to be there with you."

Etain: "Finbar, I am afraid."

Finbar: "Well Etain, me too. I do not want to let down the hundreds of millions who have died for this moment. This is our fate. We will go with the rhythm of the universe."

Etain: "How far is it Finbar?"

Finbar: "Not too far. We will also get one hell of a view of the fire. Do not let the fire distract you. Do not even look toward it."

Etain: "Why not?"

Finbar; "The fires are a diversion and we must not be diverted. The Line are masters of diversion."

Etain: "I understand."


Finbar and Etain are talking as they walk in the darkness. The smell of smoke is everywhere.

Finbar: "I should have guessed that this was Arkaim a long time ago, Etain. Of course, it is easy to figure out."

Etain: "I knew that you would immediately make the connection if you were one of the Shining Ones. If not, you should not have been told. That is why I remained silent."

Finbar: "That is good to hear Etain. I am happy to see that you are careful with your sharing of information. This trip up the mountain has to be a trap. The Line knows what is going on and they must try to stop us before the opening occurs."

Etain: "Then why are we walking up the road for all to see?"

Finbar: "Traps work both ways. I do not think Caesar will face us? That is not his style. He is too clever to take the chance that we will kill him. Our meeting with the Tuatha De Danann must take place now, tonight."

Etain: "Finbar, do you know that we had to study about the geography of Connecticut in class in Russia? Connecticut is one of the most interesting geological formations in the world."

Finbar: "Do you know Etain that if you were to ask anyone who lives here in Connecticut they would be totally unaware of this fact?"

Etain; "Why?"

Finbar: "The Line had to make sure that no one would be able to make the connections that we know. This is why they moved Yale to this location. To keep watch over Arkaim and to make sure that no research would ever reach the surface.

    Anyone who attempted any hypothesis that linked the Celts was just told that these findings were early indigenous people from the last four centuries. The Yale Line experts then labeled them radicals. Who could argue with this? I know this geological history Etain but would you go over it once again for me?"

Etain: "Are you serious, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Of course, this will make the time go by as we walk into the traps."

Etain: "Connecticut is divided into two terrains. These terrains were once open with oceans and landmasses from Proto North America, Africa, and Europe. Between Europe and North America was the sub-continent Avalonian terrane. The mass had a great collision and what was previously thousands of miles of land and ocean was crushed into a hundred miles. Europe and Africa move off while the Lapetos Ocean and part of the Avalonian terrane sub-continent remained connected to the North American continent.

Finbar: "I knew this part Etain, where is the place where the remains of each are currently formed?"

Etain: "This area we are at they call East Rock. It is where the Avalonian terrane sub-continent meets the Newark Terrane and the Central Valley Great Crack. The Lapetos Ocean just like the Hudson River remained and did not move creating this separation. Lava filled in the space and created the great fault line that goes up into Maine, which is the current Connecticut River Valley. The Connecticut River takes a turn just above here but the fault line continues right to us. This is a guarded Line secret."

Finbar: "I know Etain, we are trained and not educated today. The information is easily available but only the few know enough to even look. The Line will take care that this information is not widely disseminated.

    Connecticut can be one of the most earthquake prone places in the world when the shift takes palace on the mid Atlantic ridge. The movement of plates is about the same speed as the growth of a human fingernail. Since Columbus the Atlantic Ocean is about thirty feet wider. No one talks about the shift that will occur. This has been kept from the population because the Line does not care about the lives of people. The people are only parts of machines to be replaced.

    Etain, Connecticut has tried to reduce its population in the last ten years by getting rid of any incentives to move here. They have also made it almost impossible for a Connecticut business to compete. In their minds this has been easier than causing a mass panic or attempting to rebuild the infrastructures to with stand earthquakes."

Etain: "Are you saying that the Line has some kind of conscience?"

Finbar: "No, where it counts, it has been earthquake proofed. Why put good money into this project. I would not be surprised if our Line University Yale chooses to move to a safer location. The Government will be forced to help them all. When they move, then you will know that you should also move. Like the snakes in China that move out before an earthquake hits."

Etain: "The world is quite a place and the fight for survival is endless. The fires will probably prompt Yale to move."

Finbar: "Stop, there is the Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial, move into the bushes and let's wait and watch."


Finbar and Etain are in the bushes.

Finbar: "Look around and see what is happening before we move to the center of the Celtic Circle in Arkaim for the transfer of power."

Etain: "It is difficult to breathe up here because of all those fires."

Finbar: "Keep low and it will not be so difficult. The heat of the fire may actually cause the ancient volcanoes to erupt again. All this was volcanic and to have this heat so concentrated on this spot can transfer high temperatures and cause an eruption."

Etain: "Finbar, I know that."

Finbar: "Of course you do."

Etain; "Look over there, do you see a person?"

Finbar: "I cannot tell."

Etain: "Let's move over and see what it is."

Finbar: "Of course it is probably a trap for us."

Etain: "Remember you said traps work both ways."

Finbar: "Stay by my side. If we get separated up here meet me behind the War Memorial. If we get separated entirely, meet me at St. Andrew's Church in Madison, Connecticut at nine o'clock on Sunday."

They both moved toward the light of a small fire. Sitting there is an old man looking into the fire. As the two approaches the old man continues to look into the fire.

Old Man: "You both have finally come, as it was foretold."

Finbar: "What do you mean, we have come?"

Old Man: "We all know what I mean. Welcome brother and sister of the Circle, it has taken 153 generations for you both to come to Arkaim. I never thought it would happen, but we have come each year and waited. We have always put out the fire and started a new one."

Finbar: "I do not know what you are talking about old man."

Old Man: "Come and sit by my fire with me Shining Ones?"

Finbar: "We will sit by your fire, but we do not think we are Shining Ones."

Old Man: "Look at my ring on my right hand and tell me what you see? What is the color and what are your colors?"

Etain: "I can see no color in your ring. Can you dear?"

Old Man: "Look at my ring again?"

Etain: "Yes, I can. It is green."

Old Man: "Now look to your own rings, what color is there for the two of you?"

Finbar: "My colors keep changing."

Etain: "So do mine."

Old Man: "Count the number of changes, count the number of changes, count the number of changes."

They both say out loud: "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine."

Looking again at the old man. He is gone.

Etain: "Where did he go, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Back. The path is now open to the other world. Hurry, put out this fire and we will start a new one. No matter what happens, we must build this fire together. Keep focused on building and lighting the new fire. The Line will not want this to occur."

Finbar and Etain look up.

Finbar: "Hello, Danann. You have come?"

Danann: "Yes, I have come for Etain and to kill you, like I killed your brother."

Finbar: "Keep working, Etain. You are a big talker, Danann. You did not kill my brother."

Danann: "Have it your way, Finbar. Etain, stand away from the fire and come to me now. Go and get into the car."

Finbar: "I knew Caesar would send someone because he has always been without honor. You are also without honor for taking his place. You know what is going to happen to you if you return with Etain? But have no fear, you will not be returning to Caesar. Etain you must follow Deirdre if we fail."

    Deirdre was condemned at birth for her beauty. She was to marry King Conchobhar. Deirdre loved Naoise. Deirdre, Naoise, and his two brothers escaped to Scotland. The King tricked them to return to Ireland and killed the men. Deirdre refused to marry the King and killed herself.

Finbar reaches into the fire and picks out a log that is burning red-hot and moves toward Danann. He whispers to Etain.

Finbar: "Follow me with a fire stick and together we can kill Danann. Go for the head and eyes. Do not stop for a second."

Danann throws a javelin at Finbar as he moves. Finbar stops, and the javelin flies in front where he would have been had he not stopped. Danann showing no emotion grabs his automatic H&K 9 mm from under his jacket. Finbar, hurls the fire stick at Danann. Danann moves for an instant and the two are locked together.

Danann: "You will be far easier to kill than your brother. He was a man and you are a coward."

No reply from Finbar as they both continue to roll on the ground. Etain begins to hit Danann with her fire stick. Danann catches on fire and screams.

Danann: "You will burn with me Finbar, you coward."

Etain keeps hitting Danann in the head with her fire stick. Danann and Finbar are now on fire but Danann's face is destroyed. Etain's fire stick goes out.

Finbar Screams: "Stick!"

Etain turns to find Finbar's fire stick and returns driving the stick into Danann's eyes.

Finbar Screams: "Go back and build the fire."

Danann: "You are a coward Finbar, and you are going to die at my hand."

At that moment Finbar smashes Danann in the head with his Celtic fighting stone. No sound comes from Danann and the fight continues. They are both engulfed in flames. Neither showing any signs of breaking their grip on the other in an attempt to save their life. Finbar, then calls on the Shining Ones.


Finbar: "Help me to defeat myself and overcome evil, help me to defeat myself and overcome evil, help me to defeat myself and overcome evil."

Danann, then disappears and Finbar is left on the ground with no burns. He gets up and runs back toward Etain and the fire that she has just started. Finbar dives at the fire and lies on top with his back on the fire.

Finbar: "Etain jump onto me now."

Etain jumps into the fire on top of Finbar and they embrace and kiss. Finbar then rolls with Etain off the fire and puts out their burning clothes.

Finbar: "Come. Do exactly what I say. Have no fear. We are protected."

Finbar moves toward the thirty-six foot obelisk on the cliff. He grabs her hand.

Finbar: "Close your eyes and we will both push on this monument until it is over the cliff."

A rumble begins as they are pushing.

Etain: "It is an earthquake, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Close your eyes and push. Think of all those who have been sacrificed, ask them for help."

The rumbling continues as the Shining Ones push. They both begin to shout.

Finbar and Etain: "Warriors of the past help us now, we fight with you. Warriors of the past help us now, we fight with you. Warriors of the past help us now, we fight with you."

The monument begins to move while continuing to stand erect. The monument is rapidly moving toward the cliff. When the monument reaches the side of the cliff it falls forward and over the side with its point first. The monument then just stands there at the top of the cliff.

Finbar: "Etain, jump with me onto the bottom of the monument as it goes. Have no fear."

The monument begins to move down the cliff. Etain and Finbar are on as it begins to fall. The monument then stops in the middle of the cliff.

Finbar: "Etain this is where we get off. Put your right hand in mine and strike the rock with our Celtic Circle rings together. Form, Force, and Power."

An opening appears in the mountainside and they both jump into it. The monument then crashes to the ground. Finbar and Etain find themselves in an ancient cave. Finbar takes off his belt and puts the loop around his right wrist.

Finbar: "Etain, follow me and hold on to the belt. We will move together in a rhythm. Make your own rhythm with mine. If I fall, let go of the belt. Have no fear. I will place my hand on the wall and we will move forward."

Etain: "Finbar, look our Celtic Rings are glowing to create enough light."

Finbar: "Keep going we are not done with the Line yet. That is what I thought. It is a vent to one of the Line's underground centers. These are clever people. This campus is really two campuses. The one above and the one below."


Yale University is a strong hold of the line.

Etain: "This cost a great deal of money and time to construct. When did they begin?"

Finbar: " During the great depression. It was done with the knowledge that the steam heat was to be moved underground at Yale."

Etain: "In Russia it is moved above ground."

Finbar: "When the Line first came here hundreds of years ago. They knew about the natural caves. That secret fraternity they are always talking about at Yale must be one of the early entrances into the caves."

Etain: "No, I did not know about a secret fraternity."

Finbar: "Well, we may be running out the front door of it right onto the campus."

Finbar pulls out the air vent and sticks his head through. The corridor is well lit and smoke free. They enter the corridor.

Finbar: "I do not see anyone, so let's look for their computers. The clever ones moved all their information to the casinos. Perhaps, we can send a Celtic virus into the main computer from this one?"

Etain: "They cannot be that stupid as to leave the computer network open."

Finbar: "Confidence makes people do many things, Etain."

Etain: "Where are the people?"

Finbar: "Working or gone. They probably do not think the fire department will find the other Yale University."

Etain: "I hear a machine coming. Sounds electric."

Finbar: "Etain, move into this turn, when they come around I will kill them."

The machine moves around the corner and Finbar jumps like a lion on top. He instantly sees that the machine is a security probe and he smashes the lens in a second. Pointing to Etain he holds his figure to his mouth to tell her to say nothing.

The probe continues to move as before. Finbar points to Etain and tells her with sign language to follow and say nothing. The probe moves to a door and stops. An elevator opens and the probe enters. Right behind it are Finbar and Etain. The door opens and a computer complex, bigger than the one at NASA, is in front of them. The room has about fifty men and women working diligently as if they are stockbrokers on Wall Street. Not one person notices the addition of two new people in the room.

Finbar: "These people must be super computer nerds. They are so caught up in their work, life has dropped off around them. The Line gets to select the best of the Ivy League. Find a work station and we will sit down together."

Finbar looks straight at his computer and asks the person to the right.

Finbar: "I forgot my log on code. What is it?"

Without stopping for a second the person tells Finbar the code.

Etain: "Are these people human, Finbar?"

Finbar: "They were at one time."

Finbar looks at the screen and asks the person on the left: "What is the download code to send information to the main computer?"

The person just repeats the code and Finbar types it in.

Finbar: "When I push enter hold your ring next to mine on the screen. Ok, put your hand in mine and hold your ring flat on the scream and now I push enter."

Nothing happens. Finbar asks the person next to him why it does not work.

Finbar: "I pushed enter and nothing happened with the code you just gave me?"


Person: "Push enter and hold down the capitol L key at the same time."

Finbar: "Again Etain, Form, Force, and Power Rings on screen, enter, and the Capitol L."

The main screen in front lights up and announces on every screen that a virus is headed in the direction of the main computer and they have 30 seconds to destroy the virus.

Finbar: "Here is where violence takes over."

Finbar grabs his Celtic fighting stone and begins smashing the keyboards in the room. No one moves and they just keep working: "Etain run to the main console and start pulling out connections."

A voice comes over the computers: "Hello Finbar and Etain welcome to the University. Please fill out an application form for admission. The form will be on your screen in three seconds. Do not forget to include your parent’s financial aid figures."

Finbar: "Keep pulling and I will keep smashing."

The computer speaks again: "Finbar we have something to show you. Look at the screen."

Finbar does not respond or look.

Computer: "What do you see, Finbar? You know who I am Finbar, and what I am capable of doing to anyone?

Finbar continues to smash away.

Computer: "You think you are a warrior of the clann but you are not, you are a coward."

Finbar keeps smashing and moving.

Computer: "You think you are chosen to save the clann but you were chosen by us to destroy the clann. You are performing to our exact expectations. When you were in the hospital we put a control device in your brain."

Finbar keeps smashing.

Computer: "Finbar, you think this is spontaneous and not planned. Your life is a failure. You are the destroyer of the clann."

Finbar: "Etain come here now. Take your ring and place it on my left temple and mine will be on the right. Destroy the control device and destroy the Line. Destroy the control device and destroy the Line. Destroy the control device and destroy the Line."

Computer: "You Celts are so stupid, no wonder you continue to destroy yourselves. It so easy because of your arrogant independence. So, so easy."

Finbar: "Etain, did I ever tell you what a genius Caesar is? He is the greatest warrior that ever lived. Let me give you just a few of his more outstanding deeds."

Caesar; "Speak louder, Finbar?"

Finbar: "Of course Caesar. Where too begin?"

Caesar: "Come Finbar we both know the battle of Alesia in 50 BC is a good place to start. I crushed you Celtic swine without any Roman losses. So, so easy. We have his skull upstairs."

Finbar: "That is true, no one could have done the same. You were magnificent. Go on tell us more?"

Caesar: "The St. Patrick illusion was great theater. The Church of the East was in Ireland in the first century after we killed Christ. Then Patrick and the power of Rome enter the original Celtic Christians gave in at Synod of Whitby in 664AD."

Finbar: "That must have been a good trick?"

Caesar: "Those are the breaks, poor Finbar. I know you recreated and wear your original Celtic Clann Cross. You are fighting a losing battle. Nobody cares they will believe anything we tell them. They do not even know of 24kt. No Celtic warrior ever wore 14 or 18kt gold. The Roman Christians just had the power to take over the Celtic Christians. They do not care."

Finbar: "I especially liked when you had Pope Adrian IV turn over Ireland to England. That has caused almost a thousand years of pain on both sides. How brilliant and they were both Celtic peoples."

Caesar: "Oh you know Finbar, divide and conquer, oh so easy, again and again. It is funny that you people are so stupid. Celtic England breaks with Rome and Celtic Ireland sticks with Rome."

Finbar: "Etain isn't Caesar a wonder? I also liked linking Hitler with the Celts. Simple brilliancy."

Caesar: "Only you could appreciate this Finbar, you are one of us. We killed thirty million of you."

Finbar: "So now Celtic Germany goes after Celtic Russia and Europe I am sure your good friend Stalin was trying to kill more of the Celts than their diluted German counterparts."

Caesar: "Yes, Stalin was one of my favorites. He would believe anything. He actually thought that he was Tsar. Come Finbar these are past glories. Current and future glories are always the most fun."

Finbar: "Well who are you going to blame for these fires? The Roman Catholics, the Christian right, the Russians, the Chinese, or the Muslims?"

Caesar: "I was thinking of blaming you and watch to see how you liked being one of the most hunted people on the planet."

Finbar: "Caesar, you would not do that. It would be out of character. You like to see millions die at each other’s throats. It would be only a short victory to blame me. Did you also kill the son too?"

Caesar: "Finbar you think you have tricked me and the virus has hit the casino computers. No laws, no taxes, no people. Just me and the computer. Better now than later. You know that Caesar would always have a backup. Guess where Finbar? I will give you a clue, Arkaim. You will not be able to stop me. I am the computer. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that I am driving your University out of business."

Finbar: "To get rid of me of course? Why not just a simple plane crash and the son is gone."

Caesar: "Finbar, you are clever. We think the same way."

Finbar; "Not as clever as my father and uncle. You must still be trying to destroy the Internet and its circular format?"

Caesar: "We will gain control over the Internet shortly, just a minor set back."

Finbar: "So that is why you burned down the Ivy League to force the government and the delusional Ivy League to upgrade and gain control over the Internet?"

Caesar: "Finbar you are gifted. Imperial Rome is more powerful than ever. I control it all. We will catch you Celtic animals."

Finbar: "We still fight Imperial Rome. We are not beaten."

Caesar: "You know Finbar, none of the Line Universities or their want-to-be fools will hire you. They have been given the word. We are just squeezing your University more and more each year until they just will one-day collapse. You are all so pathetic."

Finbar: "I knew that eighteen years ago."

Caesar: "How long do you think it will take to totally destroy your University and along with it, your tenure?"

Finbar: "Were you behind 9/11?"

Caesar: "Why should I tell you Finbar?"

Finbar: "Because you are such a genius and you would like to have this known."

Caesar: "You are correct. I am a genius. I am also genius enough to not tell you anything. I have evolved to the understanding that I do not have to get credit for my actions. I do not want any credit for destroying your University."

Finbar: "This has not been so easy for you. No one in your stupid Line can understand Form, Force, and Power or we would be out of business the next day. Etain, run to the elevator."

Caesar: "Do not worry Finbar, I have not had as much fun in centuries. You are the first to cause me to change my plans. I do read your books and articles even though I do not allow the others to. I did not like your Russian Friendship Language Cards. People must not be able to communicate. When you get off the elevator turn left and go through the fraternity and out the front door. I am trying to get a signed copy of your Marketing Strategy: A Storytelling Approach. I like the question and answer format for myself but not for my followers. They must not think too much. Was the rejection by the Journal of Marketing (JM) cruel enough? They do what I tell them, if they know what is good for them."

Finbar: "I thought they were all blind reviews. E-mail me your address and I will send you a signed copy. I saved the rejection letter from JM so I can remember what I am fighting for."

Caesar: "Just leave us alone and I will get you ten articles published in any journals. Take your little Russian girlfriend and I will get you a tenured position in the Ivy League University of your choice."

Finbar; "Caesar send me an e-mail."

Caesar: "Oh yes Finbar, you do not know I break into your computer each day. I get all your correspondence first."

Finbar: "Any suggestions Caesar for getting my work out there without your help?"

Caesar: "You mock me Finbar?"

Finbar: "If you were so confident you and your group would allow the Circular to be heard?"

Caesar: "It has worked against you Celts for thousands of years of not knowing. Stop to take a look at the walls when you are in the Skull. You will see some of your own quotes. Did you really expect for Yale University to give you an honorary doctor’s degree for your poetry? They are so far behind your thinking that they cannot understand a word. Let them play Finbar they are my sheep but you and I are warriors in combat and I wish you the best effort."

Finbar: "I also wish you the best effort Caesar. There can be no other way to fight."

Caesar: "I will be sorry to see you defeated Finbar. I will have you destroyed before you are able to find the next Arkaim."

Finbar: "I will be sorry to see you defeated Caesar once and for all. You know how close we came this time. My uncle and father still have you on your knees. That must put the fear in your Line network. If you did not think we had you this time then you would have not burned down the Ivy League."

Caesar: "Oh how you Celts think so much of your efforts. We will gain much from the burnings. Perhaps you forced us to move a head of plan?"

Finbar: "Caesar keep planning, the battle goes on, the battle goes, on the battle goes on. When you go you have no one to take your place. When the head goes the body dies."

Caesar; "I have thought that you would be my successor?"

Finbar: "We will Caesar. Your linear days are numbered."

Caesar: "I control the great unwashed. Professors like you are finished. Students are now brainwashed to only respond to our choreographed mass education messages. When you teach students they do not understand because you are not an actor reading our prepared scripts."

Finbar: "Tell me about Iraq?"

Caesar: "We are just taking back what is ours."

Finbar aims his Celtic Circle ring at the digital image and shouts: "Form, Force, and Power. Form, Force, and Power. Form, Force, and Power."


Finbar and Etain run to safety. They are now out of the secret Skull fraternity and on the street in New Haven. Many buildings are up in flames. They move through the firefighters and police toward Finbar's University.

Finbar: "Etain, do you want to help me find another Arkaim where Caesar has the back up files?"

Etain: "I want to go back to my research in Russia. This is my home for now. Finbar, go back to your students and tell them the stories that will help then to take control of the Internet from the Line and their followers. Forget the back up files they mean nothing when compared with giving Form, Force, and Power to your students. Your students will tell others. You must begin to pass it on to those who will follow us. You heard Caesar; he is destroying your University. Help the students that still come to learn other stories. Their story, their future, their humanity. I also know that you are well aware of where all the Arkaims are to be found?"

Finbar: "I expect to return and fight Caesar. I will make my University a great Circle for freedom in the face of the Line’s deceptions. The time is short where students will have a real professor without a script."

Etain: "Finbar, you and I already know where the Arkaim is where Caesar has moved his records."

Finbar: "It is simple?"

Etain: "You must fight to give students an education that is not controlled by actors and robots."

Finbar: "Yes I do know. The Great Palace in Petrodvorets under the statue of Hercules."

Etain: "Yes, we Russian Celts know the deception and that the statue is not Samson but Hercules. Tsar Nicholas and his whole family were killed by the Line to assure that the secret was safe. The Tsar tried to destroy Caesar and the Line in Russia. They got him first."

Finbar: "Russia continues to suffer to protect this secret. I will go where form, force, and power take me."

Etain; "Finbar, tell me who has more power the warrior or the bard?"

Finbar: "There is no question, Etain."

Etain: "I knew, I just thought I would ask."

Finbar: "Do you want Yelana to watch over you in Russia? You are still of great value to the clann and our future."

Etain: "I would prefer the General, at this time."

Finbar: "So that is how it will be my childhood friend. I always loved you for your kindness to me."

Etain: "I loved you because you were free. I have excellent accommodations, lots of money, and the ticket home, thanks to the Line. There is another who loves you now."

Finbar: "May you be safe from every harm."

Etain: "May the gods make smooth the path before you."

To be continued in the next book.
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Russian Painting Victor Vasnetsov Battle of Slavs and Scythians