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Bank of America Credit Card

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away I canceled my credit card and was told I would be sent one the next day. I canceled on a Thursday and on the following Tuesday e-mailed the bank two times and it said they would get back to me. I then called Bank of America to see where the new card was. The person that answered said that the card would arrive in five to seven days. I said I was told the next day. He said it was 14.95 extra. I said I did not care I had bills to pay. Now he wants me to call and get a temporary card until my other one comes in the mail. I will do this and see how it goes.

Marketing Application INSTRUCTIONAL

Look at the extra time that this credit card error takes for me and the Bank of America. They will have to answer two emails and two phone calls. They will have to send me two cards. My guess is that the person that took my cancellation did not do the work involved to send me the card. If I were the company I would look into this and determine where they fell down. This may be an easy thing to fix. It also may be a bank wide issue or just a few individuals. Either way the bank should solve this for themselves. The added money they incurred for their actions is not efficient and could save them a great deal of cost.