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Bausch & Lomb
A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away on May 18, 2007 Bausch & Lomb recalled their product called "RENEW", a contact lens solution because some people got an eye infection. This can lead to blindness. Now what is Bausch & Lomb going to do with all the recalled product? The company is probably self insured so all the costs of the recall are covered. Next what about the product itself? Will they sell it off in parts of the world that have less impact on the firm if a customer is injured.

I just find it almost impossible that these products would be destroyed and not sold again by someone. You have to be extremely careful of the language used by companies in marketing. Recalled does not mean destroyed or never to be sold again. The language used in marketing is extremely precise. The meaning of every word is well thought through. Their goal is to transfer one meaning while also allowing them great freedom of action. Marketing and public relations have become an art form of changing meaning in the minds of the masses.

Marketing Application INVISIBLE

Recall does not mean destroyed products. Companies can resell themselves or sell to resellers. Insurance companies can sell off products to buyers. For example cars from the New Orleans floods were cleaned up and resold.