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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away I purchased a used Blackberry on E-Bay. From the first second I could not understand and figure out how to simply send and receive a call. After months of frustration I decided to solve some of the most pressing problems for me. I ran into a brick wall trying to get the answers from Blackberry. Blackberry appears too be just for those in a corporation that can afford to pay for the training and the answers to figure out the most simple answers. They also push their customers back to their providers like AT&T and Verizon.

Corporate Head Office
Research In Motion
295 Phillip Street
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3W8

tel: (519) 888-7465
fax: (519) 888-7884

For contact information for other RIM offices, please visit RIM.com.

Please Help
December 15, 2007

Dear Blackberry

I purchased a blackberry 7100G on Ebay.
I need help. I cannot figure out what to do. It is so difficult for me to use this phone.

I want to have the telephone only. I do not need anything else at this time. I want to disable the password so I can just pick up the phone and make a call without having to continually type the password.
When sending or receiving a call I do not want to always have to find and push the speaker to hear the person talking to me.
Is this possible?

I will put this message and your reply on my website as an example of marketing.

Do you think that this response fits with my inquiry?

from BlackBerry Support <help@blackberry.net> hide details 7:11 pm (1½ hours ago) December 17,2007
reply-to BlackBerry Support <help@blackberry.net>
to dmorris432@gmail.com
date Dec 17, 2007 7:11 PM
subject Re: Please Help ; RQST00004475274


Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support wondering if RIM funds any kind of charitable foundation.

Please visit the Research In Motion (RIM) philanthropy web page for more information on submitting an application for consideration:


We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you again for contacting us.

Kind Regards,,


BlackBerry Customer Support
Research In Motion Limited
NA Toll Free: 1-877-255-2377
UK Toll Free: 0808 100 7466
Europe: +44 1753 558400
Worldwide: +1-519-888-6181
Email: help@blackberry.net
Web: www.blackberry.com

Hello David,

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Customer Support regarding your new BlackBerry 7100 smartphone.

We have determined that you purchased your BlackBerry product through one of our carrier partners. Your service provider fields general queries and provides technical support for all BlackBerry smartphone-related issues and can act as your first point of contact in these matters.

You may also have the option to receive fee-based support directly from Research In Motion, the manufacturer and wireless experts for the BlackBerry solution. If you would like to learn more about this option, please dial the appropriate telephone number below and enter option 3 in the phone menu to be routed to BlackBerry Customer Care.

David. if your organization has subscribed to BlackBerry Technical Support Services, please contact your IT department and have one of your named callers contact BlackBerry Technical Support.

Note: BlackBerry Technical Support Services is an annual subscription program providing software maintenance and technical support services for your BlackBerry solution. Named callers are personnel within your organization who are authorized to contact our support staff. For more information on BlackBerry Technical Support Services, please visit:


All BlackBerry smartphone users have free access to the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center. The BlackBerry Technical Solution Center provides a repository of support information, documentation and frequently asked questions, with enhanced search capabilities so you can easily search for and find the BlackBerry support information you need. Please visit:


Thank you again for contacting us David and hope you enjoy your new BlackBerry smartphone.


BlackBerry Customer Support
Research In Motion Limited
NA Toll Free: 1-877-255-2377
UK Toll Free: 0808 100 7466
Europe: +44 1753 558400
Worldwide: +1-519-888-6181
Email: help@blackberry.net
Web: www.blackberry.com


My guess is that as long as corporations and individuals are linking their story with using and owning a Blackberry their business model will continue. If Blackberry is prospering with this business strategy then what can I say. A person like myself is just stuck in pain.

Of course a company like Blackberry wants to protect its corporate and consumer markets from secondary markets using their own products. I may be so misinformed about Blackberry that what I am saying is even incorrect. It is almost a secret society. It may work for them?

The biggest challenge is when market power is attained by a company in areas out side of their product there comes an arrogance that usually leads to a hard fall. This fall comes if the company cannot block competition from the market. You decide.

December 17, 2007 Response from Blackberry and Marketing

This is very typical of requests that come back from many companies. There answers are just returned with little real interest in solving any problems. Particularly for single buyers.

Solving problems costs money. If a firm can cut back on solving problems they make more money. Is this good or bad?

I gave my Blackberry away and got a new cell phone.