Ask a Professor


How effective is the use of historical figures to brand a product? (example: Sam Adams beer)
It gives the impression that they product has been around a long time. If it fits with their story it is fine.

What is brand management?

Big companies have people that are responsible for particular brand that they sell. Again this supports their story.

What is brand equity?

I think it means the value that the brand has attained in the minds of the consumers. Rolex has a perception of being an expensive product. That has a value in particular stories.

Do you feel that generic brands for the most part are less than or equal to name brands of the same product?

I think they are essentially the same.

How strong is brand loyalty? Does sponsoring something such as a sporting event, athlete, etc really pay off? (example: NASCAR)

Only if it fits within their story. This usually happens because the CEO has an interest in that sponsorship. This is human nature.

How does brand loyalty effect major league baseball? For example what makes a person stay rooting for one team through thick and thin?

Childhood devotion. I would still be rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers if they had not moved.

How can a company make a successful brand even more successful?

Do a better job of connecting to a story.

Back in 1962 the Mets were created since the Dodgers and Giants moved to the West Coast, when they moved a lot of fans went with them. In response to this the Mets decided to have royal blue (dodgers) and orange (giants) to be their team colors. I was wondering if this has to do with brand loyalty and a try by the Mets to take some fans away from the Dodgers and Giants by associating them with the Mets by using each color to identify them. Since the Mets have both colors the people could possibly associate each team in the Mets, and it turn it would bring new customers (fans) to the new expansion Mets?
I did not know this but it would be a good idea to link with the other successful stories. When I was a kid the Met's fans where dedicated like the Dodger fans.

What are skills that make you a good brand manager?

Stick with the story.

How does a company establish brand superiority for example Louis Vinton and Channel? Why do consumers spend much more for those brand names?

It seems like I am repeating myself but it is the story. A brand that lasts can transfer that story to the next generation.