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Chair For Bank Tellers 1/08

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor was visiting his Doctor. At that time a person was a bank teller asking the Doctor for a note to have a chair. The teller had to stand the entire day and the only way to get a chair was to give the bank a letter from a Doctor that the teller required a chair.

The Doctor was willing to write the letter but advised the person not to ask for a chair. The Doctor began to tell the patient that the banks that do this will often take this request for a chair to extremes. They will put in the persons file that the person had fitness issues. These banks would even go as far that if someone were to be laid off they would select the employee that had requested a chair.

Marketing Application Tribal

In my view this is the worst of corporate thinking but I have experienced the same type of thinking many times as an employee. Perhaps it is an abuse of power? Perhaps it is to keep costs down?  It may be a test to see what type of employee you will be in the future. Will you be an employee that will go along or create waves. Do you speak up for what you believe to be right or will you remain silent?

In 1986 I developed my Theory W or Way of the Warrior Tribal Model. I have written and talked about Theory W  for more than 20 years I said that when you enter a new group you will be tested to see if you are trusted. If you fail this first test you will almost never recover in that group. These actions may appear to be crazy like having to get a Doctor's note to get a chair for a bank teller. Using Theory W these may be part of this separating ritual for new members. I never put this together until today. Theory W always amazes me even thought I though it up.

If you have a better explanation I will put it here.

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