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Cingular Wireless 3/07

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor changed from Verizon to Cingular cellular service. During this change over Cingular gave me several times a list of 800 numbers to contact them if I needed help. They also charged me a one time installation fee of $36.00 for the first and $26.00 for my second cell phone.

I said to the Cingular employee on the telephone that I did not want to pay the insulation fee and I wanted it taken off my bill. They said that this could not be done and I asked who to call to get this accomplished? They directed me to customer service. I called and asked them to take it off the bill and they said yes but I had to call back when I got my SIM cards.

At this time I asked if I had to pay anything to call Cingular on their 800 numbers. They said yes the calls would be deducted from my minutes. I them asked if I could get through with their 611 number. She said yes.

Marketing Application INDIVIDUAL

Because a company tells you that you must pay a charge that does not mean that they will not take it off your bill. If they are asked they will often take it off. My view is that the person that will ask to have the bill reduced would be the same type of person to complain to other authorities. This allows Cingular and others to make hundreds of millions of extra income without much risk of complaint from customers.

The charging for calling Cingular for help on 800 numbers reduces your Cingular minutes. This is adding a hidden customer cost to their help component. Cingular gets away with this by having a 611 number that can connect you to all of Cingular's inquiries. I also do not believe that I was informed about the 611 free call with all the 800 numbers until I asked.

Companies are doing as much as possible to increase their revenues at their customers expense. Their schemes are endless. You must ask about all their actions and question their motives or you pay more or pay more than once. As these things arise in your life write up a case and I will consider posting it with your name. I come across one or more each time I deal with businesses today.