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Comcast Cable

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor moved across the hall to a new apartment. He was told by Comcast Cable to call just a few days before the move and the service would be moved. I have Comcast basic service for 11.00 per month. This fee is supposedly for the poor people that had to face a cable monopoly. When I grew up TV was free. For the Internet Comcast is now charging 44.48 a month. When I called Comcast made me wait weeks. I moved and called Comcast and told them the service was left on in the new apartment. They said they still wanted to come.
I got my monthly bill and Comcast charged me 30.95 to reconnect cable and 49.00 to reconnect the Internet. I called to have them take these charges off my bill. They took off the 30.95. I then sent the following e-mail to Comcast.

Account number xxxxxxxx I am a Comcast customer. I moved across the hall. I called Comcast to tell them that the service was on in the new apartment. I then had added to my bill 49.00 to reinstall internet and 30.95 for cable. I just called Comcast and the person took off 30.95 from my bill. I looked at Comcast promotions on the internet. There was a 6 months savings of more than 250.00 + instillation savings. The Comcast person said that I would have to have waited 3 months for this offer. I said that if I had known this charge would be incurred I would have searched for alternative sources for my cable and internet. They must have equal promotions.

Marketing Application

Comcast reduced my bill. Companies try to increase revenues in ways that are questionable. Companies sit around justifying how they can add to their revenue at the expense of the customer. A few customers complain and in those cases they will usually make reasonable adjustments. The rest of the people say nothing for fear of appearing poor.