Ask a Professor


In general do you think people are more or less likely to do business with a corporation that they can invest in? Or are people largely unaffected by public trading when it comes to consumption?

I just do not know. There may be a study. I do not think that most customers have ever looked at the company financials when making a purchasing decision. I never have.

What is the corporate agenda?

To make money for their share holders.

Another topic that interests me is the corporate business world and how managers and major leaders with in an organization must market themselves and their ideas to their subordinates in order to get them to "buy in" to the ideas and overall goals of the corporation. I would like to know more about marketing managerial goals, as well as inspiring and motivating other employees?

I think most will not stand in the way of company goals in a way that would be identified as having a bad attitude. It is like the military. Do as you are told with a good attitude.