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5*Reviews Tell Stories:

I talked with my marketing students about the above review by Ken Stewart of my book and the importance of allowing individuals to respond to their purchasing experiences. This will help to control the unbridled marketing stories held over consumers. The above review represents exactly what I believe marketing should strive to achieve. This is why I focus my efforts on marketing as storytelling. Each of us lives our life within our own unique and collective experiences. American marketing academics have been forced to make marketing actions transfer the exact same meaning to everyone. This was done to us in the name of science.

Marketing academics have been forced to forget the power of a story that can bring forth millions of different responses. As we change and grow the stories we thought we knew change with us. At one time in our life we could believe a story to be a hoax. At another time the same story may be an outstanding asset to us.

The most effective marketing stories are those that we continue to value and still maintain personal meaning as the story changes for us. Stories are where we find our self and collective worth and identity. When another story is perceived as challenging our story we are often blinded and strike hard and fast until it is incorporated or eliminated from our story.

Marketing and storytelling is a new story about the practice of marketing for many who have prospered from the current marketing story. Storytelling throughout the history of the world was directed by the theme of sacrifice of self for the other. The vast majority of marketing academics have been forced (yes forced) to profess the fantasy of science, individual needs and wants, and a societal responsibility to maintain this point of view.

We were taken over by a few who wanted to change our stories from other to self. When the marketing educational stories that are allowed success are driven by self over other then the stories of sacrifice for the other are drowned out. How about both? This is why I like the idea that such a review of my book could see the light of day.

Why were marketing professors forced to follow a single position of self over other and limit their research? Because of their university's economic dependence on the substantial revenue created through textbook sales to students. When will this stop? When marketing professors have the ability to review and override their administration and not choose a mass marketed textbook in their courses. We must think of ways to follow the amazon model. What is next for Ken and Dave, perhaps a dialogue?
David Morris

I e-mailed Ken Stewart and asked him if he would have a dialogue and that I was not trying to tell him he was wrong. I did say that according to Dr. Joel Marks if there is no change that either persons are open to changing or modifying their opinion it is not a dialogue.

I also wanted to show that two people with opposing views could communicate in a civilized manor.