Copyright  4/6/08


Digital Academic Journal That Can Be Understood By an Intelligent Reader That Brings Wisdom to the World

Academic journals have served several purposes. They have  succeeded in isolating our accumulated wisdom from the world. These journals have selected out competing truths, new ideas, and other forms of expression. Academic journals have even separated us from ourselves. I simply ask why do we allow this to happen to us? This journal is an attempt open the world to our capabilities and contributions.

I would like as you for help starting and thinking through this journal.

Open to other ideas that will free us from academic bondage.

Open to contributions from all academic disciplines.

Open to expressions derived from all forms of philosophy and religions.

Open to all creative forms of expression that support your position.

Open to individual contributions from any where in the world.

Open to different creative concepts of supporting evidence.

Open to contributions that have no direct evidence.  All submitters should express their reasons for the type of support that they are employing. For example poetry, music, and art. The submitter must include a statements of their 'Story Foundation', 'Supporting Evidence', and an 'End Statement'. (See below)

Open to peer review but the reviewer (s) must let the submitter know who they are in advance. The reviewer's job is not to reject but rather to assist in the improvement of the submission. If a reviewer is not interested in assisting on a particular contribution another reviewer may be assigned.

The length and size of your contribution is determined by your contribution.

font,  font size, color, digital design should be selected that support your contribution.

The submitter is responsible for the final editing and their own content.

The submitter may make changes at any time but it may take some time for us to make the changes on the site. Previous presentations of work will remain available on this site.

Contributions will be added as they are deemed ready for publication by JM&S.

Author retains copyright. JM&S retains the right to use contributions in any form and application.

Submissions Should Follow this Structure


Abstract 150 - 200 (Words Single Spaced) (What you have contributed)

Story Foundation (150- 200 Words Single Spaced)
(A clear statement of the stories contextual framework from which you have presented your contribution)

Content Form is Open

Supporting Evidence (150-200 Words Single Spaced)
Reason for selecting the type of support that you have. How it relates back to the underlying story.

End Statement (150-200 words Single Spaced)