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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor's ex-wife asked if he would go to a psychologist with his child so that she could help by meeting all the family members. The professor went and of course began to clash with the psychologist almost immediately. One of her first statements was that her process was the way to help solve issues in the family. The professor said that this was a specific technique developed within our society and that many other societies would reject this because of different social norms.

The psychologist was unable to grasp this concept and said that this may be just the professor's point of view. The professor then gave several different examples from different cultures. From that moment they clashed on almost every issue. The child sat and listened to this dialogue. The professor noticed that his child was highly stressed from the experience. The professor was shocked by the stress because he wanted to transfer to his children from the day they were born to value learning many different points of view. From the professors point of view the psychologist had only learned a single system. The psychologist had been trained but not educated.

Marketing Application

American education has continued to succeed in training the masses of our society. Very few are granted an education that leads to wisdom. This concept of the substitution of training for wisdom and calling it education has kept us as surfs dependant on the landlord. These psychologists are just trained to support the lowest common denominator of our cultural understanding.