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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professors mother moved in Florida. Brighthouse the provider told her that it would take seven business days to change the service because of E911. The professor sent the following E-mail to RedSky Technologies which said on the internet they answered questions about E911.

June 29, 2006

My mother 83 is in Florida. She is recovering from a broken arm and
has to have an eye operation ASAP. She has moved to a new house in the
same park in Clearwater, Florida.

According to Brighthouse her provider they cannot change her telephone service for 7 business days because of an E911 time policy.

I think E911 is a great idea.

Would you please verify if it takes 7 business days for E911 to
install a number before allowing Brighthouse to change the same number for their customer.

If so, their may be some type of faster service where a customer's
health, safety, or age may be an issue. I would expect that if such a
service were available that their would be a way to prevent
individuals from taking advantage of the system, For example a form
filled out by a Doctor.

No reply from RedSky Technologies as of 7/12/07

Brighthouse came out to my mothers and hooked up the Cable, and Internet, and telephone. A Brighthouse representative told the professor that the telephone would be turned on the 11th of the month at noon. On the 12th the telephone was still off. My mother asked me to call Brighthouse and find out what was wrong? After three calls I was connected to a technical person from Brighthouse. He said Verizon was to go to the house and disconnect their line outside. They did not do it.

Marketing Application

It is always good to check to verify information given to you. It does not matter if it is an individual or a corporation. This will give you insights into their honesty to you. There is a difference between an internal corporate policy and the suggestion that an outside agency has forced a company to behave in a particular way. This does not mean that you must reveal your findings to the party that has given you a reason for their actions. This decision is strategic.

If Brighthouse is telling the truth about Verizon then they could be easily sabotaging a competitor's customers. My mother was blaming Brighthouse when it may have been Verizon. How do I feel about this this? I would say that it is up to Brighthouse to assure that their customers are serviced properly. Brighthouse should create some type of system to assure that their customers have been connected properly.

If Brighthouse complains to Verizon they would simply say that they made a mistake. Brighthouse could also do the same to Verizon. My suggestion is the CEOs of both companies should attempt to solve this before it becomes a negative with the regulators. If not one of the firms should keep track of these experiences, sue, and go public.