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History From My Story

Photo David Morris Young Boy

2008 Story of David Morris

It's Raining Again 2/18/08
One Week Ago

Within the last week, I have redefined myself as a person. In the West we currently profess that there is an individual core self. We believe in a unique self that remains, when all of our masks are removed.

I have tried to identify my core self until last week. I have given a lot of thought to identify my core self over the years. I have even asked others what they may think is my core self. I almost always do not really want to hear what they have to say.

The concept of a single self never worked for me. I just could not believe that there is just one core self called David Morris.

My new understanding of who I am and how I got to this place in my life is as follows. I really like the concept that Joseph Campbell has identified in his scholarship. Life is represented as a symbolic opening and closing from one stage to another. We are constantly dying and are being reborn to a new life. According to Campbell all individual and competing cultures and religions identify with some form of this concept.

Burnt by the Sun

Nonlinear Returns

According to Morris these individually identified stages of all individual AO stories are essentially controlled and mediated inside each of our own stories. Our inside story includes our actual life experiences that are lived within our larger but separate AO alpha and omega story. My individual story is post world War II, American, higher education, nonlinear, working class, and business. This story for me is subsumed within the larger alpha and omega story called Irish, English, Roman Catholic, and Episcopalian Christian.

I have combined all these stories into what I call an individual and AO Celtic story. I will join with others inside of this common but separate AO story.

The concept of finding a common story is driven by the understanding that humans will protect them self. Thereby we will protect others that we deem to be as our norminative self. On the opposite end, we will destroy and not protect those deemed as the other.

The Master and Margarita
Norminative Self

The norminative self is a created self from our common individual and AO story. Within our life, we continue to maintain membership within our individual and AO story. I define this membership group as the final group of similar 'others' that we believe will contribute to our protection.

An interesting way that I can identify who I currently am is to go back to the concept of returning to the opening and closing or from death comes life. We have billions of self-configurations when we are born that stay, move, and change in each opening and closing stage of our life. We do not die to our old life and self when we are reborn to the new one.

The billions of self-configurations that are within us are represented in all the stages of our life. An actual infant, the developed teenager, and the old man are already their when we are born. Each stage of from death to life modifies and effects our past, current, and future stages.

So today, I am still an infant, toddler, teenager, and  adult combined. When showing myself to those deemed as our self and the other we emphasize and deemphasize particular aspects of our life long configurations.

We have been told that the problems of story strife with the other can be solved when we turned to so-called science. The linear story called science has taken this concept of from death comes life to extremes by an obsessive separation of every aspect of our life. Creating innumerable individual experts for each new separation. Whatever followers think, hear, and believe once changed to the linear science story they believe it will create human harmony.

This linear story called linear science was created to justify mass production and distribution. Mass production and distribution requires the over consumption of larger numbers of people to work effectively. Science promised that all these producers and consumers can prosper together. Linear science proposed that by endless separations of the from death to life story that everyone can attain wealth through specialization. We refer to this as our share of the pie.

Carnival Night 2

Science to Counter Endless AO Conflicts

Human AO stories stay apart, move closer, or become enemies. It is safest for all groups to stay apart rather than move closer or become enemies. Our stories are so different and our tolerances of the other is so limited. This slightest difference in story is accentuated. So we prefer to stay apart and and do little to to learn anything about the other.

In the case of love between members of different AO stories the physical also becomes a barometer to assess the movement of the relationship apart or closer. We move closer because physical intimacy creates tolerance for the other’s individual and AO story.

Even with the addition of the intimate our individual and AO stories still face real and unreal fears. These fears are counterbalanced by love and common children.

Whenever in this love relationship intimacy is replaced with separation for good reason both people return to their fear of the other.

We can never trust the other to be fair with us when intimacy followed by tolerance disappears. Each group of AO story holders are constantly returning to support only those identified as self.

People realized that no matter the outcome of an AO story conflict will not end. It matters not if they fight to a draw, are conquered, or conquer.  The conflict continues throughout time. You can figure out what happens next.

Prisoner of the Mountains
Science Begins Falling Apart

A new model created in the United States was different from other human models. This model was created with the idea of mass production. With mass production masses of people were required to consume. No alpha and omega story was big enough to incorporate and handle the market sizes that mass production could attain.

Members of different AO stories were convinced that they must also have these products. Starting with the young of the different AO story holders. This was achieved through a requirement and exposure to a mass education. Mass consumption through education would save the world.

The Story Elite

The AO story elite's rules, values, and accomplishments dominate. The story elite have always feared the masses both within and also those outside of their influence and power.

All story elite walk a tight rope with those deemed as the 'other' under their influence. They are well aware that their are not enough of them to protect them self in times of war. The 'other' determined by the story elite in time of war are those that will fight for them and those that will turn against them. Those internally that must be the soldiers and producers to protect the story elite are categorized. Those that they believe will and will not be potential challengers of the story leadership. Internal challengers are vilified, humiliated, exploited, and separated.

The story elite both ally and enemy with their own masses are never trusted. As land and peoples are conquered these standards remain consistent. Allies can change to enemies very quickly during the war. After the war each story ally must capitulate, fight on the spot, or wait to fight later with the strongest story.

Soldiers Production Loyalty

What the story elite require to remain safe are soldiers,  production, and loyalty. Soldiers and producers from the masses must be linear to control. The linear is reinforced in the masses from birth to protect the story elite.

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors
All AO Story Holders Cheat

As a person brought up after World War II I was convinced that that I had equal access to the resources of the society and perhaps the world. I was willing and happy to share. As my life progressed beginning at the University I realized that some animals AO Stories were more equal than others. I still believed that it was a matter of hard work and individual effort.

I also internalized that all AO stories were tolerant, friendly, and open to me. If one listens to the rhetoric of science, if you simply show the evidence applying math then things will change. All the science followers will happily move toward so-called scientific truth. Ouch! The wall of deception moves into place. Science like all other stories is believed to have been taken over by a few for their own benefit. Sound familiar?

Soldiers Aren’t Born

I could write a million words and one person would disagree or thirty words and another would find understanding.

In a story dominated world everyone believes that their story is the correct one.  Even me.

At the end of World War II the Irish in America and particularly the Irish Catholics believed that they now had equal access to the resources of this nation. The jubilation that followed the war included those Americans of Irish heritage. For example, I was forty years old when I learned the first things about Irish history in the USA, Ireland, and the world.

I have always heard of extreme anti Roman Catholic feelings in Europe and the United States but I never saw any of this first hand. I was raised an Episcopalian and never had one second of negative thoughts about the Roman Catholic people or Church. My father's family are all Irish Catholics and I love them all. My mother's Irish Protestants and English

Forgotten Tune for the Flute

After World War II the old fears of the Roman Catholics in America quickly returned without my knowledge or awareness. At the top of this list of Catholics were the hated Irish Catholics. Those in power in the United States had never seen the Irish as anything more than week minded, obstructive, and union organizers. As individuals and a group the Irish have survived through centuries of destitution because they were capable of standing against obstructive power. 

Adding to Post War anti-Irish sentiments in the United States were the Jews and others from Europe that had suffered under the Nazis. During World War II the Republic of Ireland remained neutral. The Germans where not seen by them as their enemy but rather England was the enemy of choice. When the war was ending and many countries began to ally more closely with England over Germany the Republic of Ireland did not follow.

I was forty and a visiting marketing professor at Trinity College in Dublin when I learned that the Republic of Ireland was neutral. I was shocked and never heard a word of this before, anywhere. I still was unable to connected anti American Irish underlying fear and sentiment with this understanding. From the time I was a young man I could not dream and was taught that the sins of the fathers should not be cast on the sons.

A Cruel Romance

As a scholar and researcher I understand the power of our stories to influence thinking and behavior. I can comprehend anti Irish feelings from the point of view of the European experience. But I was an American of Irish descent not even born until 1944. My father and three other Uncles fought the Germans. One Uncle was a prisoner of war and another relative was killed. These were not the sins of my fathers.

I do not believe that anti-Irish thoughts were part of the thinking of the American Jewish people or other ethnic groups. Those that grew up in America during the depression and World War II were kindred. Both the Jews and the Irish were part of the many exploited groups of immigrants. My Irish Grandfather had two Jewish partners in many businesses long before before World War I and my father was named for one of his partners. Never a word of negative thought about any ethnic group was said all my life. The War had absolutely unified everyone as part of the American story and they were all dying as Americans in great numbers to stop Germany.

We Draw the Fire at Ourselves

This is the individual, ethnic, religious, and national context that I was born into and grew up in. Marketing and storytelling identifies and explains the influence of our stories on us individual, ethnic, religious, and national. We only see the 'other' through our own story. The concept that someone is against us as the 'other' is interesting but also irrelevant to us as humans. I must also be honest that I find that the reasons for being treated as the 'other' are irrelevant to me. No justification makes any actions against me as an individual or collective acceptable or supportable. I will fight back against anyone or group of story holders that attempts to destroy my story. I believe this to be a universal understanding found through a storytelling approach.

Let me reinforce that adherence to a story is part of the human condition. I can also say that the Irish like all others have given as well as taken over history. I would also suggest that we have not done as well in the United States in relationship to our numbers in gaining access to education, power, jobs, and resources. Since we came to this continent we have been excluded in innumerable areas of the society. One glaring example is academics.

For me the Irish are all part of the masses of the original nonlinear individuals competing against monoliths of linear unity. I would also suggest that all individuals are a combination of linear and nonlinear. The story elite have found since Rome defeated Gaul that it is easy and effective to subjugate and exploit story holders through a linear model of society.

A Girl Without an Address

The linear model applied to agriculture, medicine, education, industry, and the military can no longer compete against our nonlinear adversaries. Both human and non human. Business and education have not yet figured this out because they follow the military. Memorization, specialization, and a single answer to all questions puts us at great risk. The US military has said that they have figured this out and are rapidly changing. If this is true we have a good chance to adapt and survive and if not the future is grim. The complete hollowing and out sourcing of agriculture, medicine, business, education, and the military is an extreme linear reaction. The linear are not evil as individuals but they will fight because this is all they know. Pray that the military changes. The military has changed in the past and they can take us into a new future. My only fear is that their collective emphasis on duty, honor, and country will be replaced by an outsourced military without these virtues. On that day the world will be in another dark ages.

Once More About Love

The grandson tells his grandfather (actor Lawrence Olivier) that he is old and he will not have time to teach him. His response was, that means you better learn fast. The movie "The Betsy" DM 11/30/07







I would suggest as we become more assured and reinforced as an individual that this separates us from our self and AO story.

The danger of this to us and who we are is that we have succeeded in a different story. The story that is created to reinforce and support the success of a different particular group of people and their story.

What this dominate group does is to take the best children of other stories and symbolically bring them to England for an English education. They then go back to their country and become England for England.

These restoried people are well aware of what has happened to them. It is extremely difficult for them to return to their own story.

They may be just set up as straw men within very well defined limits.

The difference between us is simply historic position.

I would suggest that it is normal to strike down the other as unwise. It is normal to suggest that one is up to the proposed task but they choose to not continue. It is normal to propose being multicultural but yet sticking to the dominant story with pride of accomplishment.


can come from the masses within and outside of their

The social elite have found that with linear warfare they can War has included in the calculation soldiers that are trained enough to be effective against the enemy.  that the soldiers must be  To support the war production includes war fighting resources for the story elite and minimal input for the soldier's to the storized.

The dilemma is always how much should the cannon fodder receive or be promised. If the other of the society get too little or too much they may attack and destroy their established position of power.

to keep them  in their allow others To handle those within the story elites range of power the range of actions goes from physical destruction to exploitation.


My own work and research has determined that what ever is said or done will be interpreted by the person in their own unique way. This is derived from their own life experience and their dominate story. Usually their religion.

 When the person attempts to transfer meaning I believe it happens but never the way we mean it.

 I also would suggest that the more that is said and presented at first the greater chance that the person will find it more difficult to intre in their own way.

If you will the poem often is representative of what I am discussing.

 If I could somehow get a person to my poems from my point of view you will continue to int for your own life. Nothing to do with me as I know myself.

Once you have developed a positive response from your own life you will link that to me.

You will then have developed a positive and the view that I am important to you as an individual.

It may be because you want to see what a jerk this person is and reinforce your point of view.

Harder then to get to think in a positive way. But still possible if have not become too committed to your position.

If you hit the right poem first you are open to change. I changed the first poem yesterday to on I though would appeal to you.

Now again  interpret that poem from own point of view.

When you looked at the page I would suggest that you looked at it for the point of view of your ao story

Now it is harder. The page is not done by your expectations 

Another part  it would not be my work. This may be a mistake for others because it did not come up to determined standards.