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E-Bay Guilty Not Guilty

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor asked a E-Bay seller if they would end the auction and sell a cell phone for 60 dollars.

December 19, 07 to December 20, 07

Dear marketing432,
eBay regulations prohibit transactions such as this. Please bid on the item via eBay. Thank you for your interest.
- wk

Dear wk,
I do not believe this is true. Please contact Ebay and ask them.

Dear marketing432,
You are asking me to do an outside of eBay sale with an item that started on eBay. I could set it to a "Buy it Now" option and you could buy it. However, the last time I sold a RAZR in this condition on eBay it sold for about $90--$100. I reviewed the most recent V3 completed auctions and similar phone have sold upwards of $75 without the leather case. Would you be willing to go higher?
- wk

Dear we-cook,
I am in no way asking you or anyone else to buy outside of Ebay. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose. I would not be protected by paypal.
As I suggested contact Ebay and ask. To be honest I cannot remember the exact way.
I have seen new ones go for around 75 dollars up. Used razr v3 from about 60 and up.
I would be happy to offer 65. I know that would be a good deal for me. The reason is I am trying to get AT&T to give me a new razr v3 for a two year contract over the AT&T Wireless on the net. They were to let me know yesterday.
David Morris
- marketing432

Hello David:
I went through the user agreement FAQ’s on eBay’s community area to see what’s what. If anyone does sell something outside eBay which started on eBay that is against policy. That’s FYI, just so you know.
Since the auction is active I would have to end it early to sell you the phone and you could still pay via PayPal. I would still have to pay eBay the listing fees with the early end of the auction. I can’t change it to a buy it now at this point so that option is out. I suggest that you bid when you’re ready and we’ll see how it goes. Just keep your eyes on the auction and if possible be at a computer towards the end to bid.
Thank again for your interest.

You must be a professor like myself. I just contacted Ebay chat. A seller can end an auction anytime and sell the item to the highest bidder. Ebay does get paid. They suggested that you contact E-bay chat and they will tell you exactly how to do this.
David Morris

Marketing Application

This is not the customer's fault that he believed that I was trying to pull a fast on E-Bay. As you can see my responses are friendly but protective of my position that this is an honest transaction on E-Bay. You must respond to any accusation that accuses you of wrong doing in writing. The reason is I believe that a no response is an indication of agreement. If it is something very important in your life do not respond until after you have talked to a lawyer. It may also be in your best interest to have the lawyer respond not you. I will post the person's response.