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E-Bay Improving Their Story

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor tried to contact E-Bay with some suggestions. I cannot make this up. My concerns were topics such as gems, silver, payments, and common definitions. I could not find a category for this type of feedback for E-Bay. I put it under fraud because marketing deceptions may be considered fraud. If it is not listed it is not a problem for E-Bay. Here is their response. This was the reason for my e-mail in the first place. "Problems with Other Members Fraud concerns for sellers The problem you're having with fraud isn't listed."

My E-mail to E-Bay
Member or Item being reported: 50666XXXXX
Message: To have to put in a number above is another instructional design problem.

December 30, 2005

Gem Problems

I think there are some big problems with gems on E-bay. Each stone should have both the mm and the ct weight. The way that many stones are presented is deceiving. The word stunning should be defined. If a picture is not that of the gem it should be represented as such.

Silver Problems

Silver should always have a particular number represented such as .925. Silver should have the overall weight in grams and troy ozs.
Tricks By Sellers

Too many tricks by sellers. EBay should have a chart that can explain these issues that are placed on each appropriate page. Many sellers are representing silver bracelets as heavy that are not. Heavy should have meaning or not be used.

Payment Problems

Payments should not be allowed where the seller asks that cash to be put into an envelop and sent to seller.

Synthetic - Grown - Cultured - CZ Diamonds Etc.

There should be common definitions to describe exactly what a diamond is. These definitions should be on each page where sold. Too many sellers are misrepresenting what they are selling because there is no common language to describe meaning.

This is a gift. I have many more but this will cost you. You have many instructional design

Marketing Application INSTRUCTIONAL

Marketing is represented in all actions and non-actions. We include and exclude based on our individual and collective knowledge. E-Bay is assembled within a story and when that happens it is difficult to change. When success does not follow it is still difficult to change. When success follows change becomes even harder.

Another reason is that it is human nature to not listen to others. We only listen to very trusted people called Trusted Followers in my E-book "The Way of the Corporate Warrior". We seem to jump on the perceived success that others seem to have attained. Another very little discussed method is the acceptance by power and what power will do to insure they stay in power. Someone asked about this article in (Ask a Marketing Professor)