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A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away Einstein is often used as the archetype of the genius. A culture that focuses on one truth for each area creates a single example that represents each of these single truths. So there is one genius that we use as an example. My wife today to make me feel good told me in front of several people that I was as smart as Einstein. I quickly responded that I was far smarter than Einstein. It was an awkward moment to hear someone challenge the single example of genius. I then said that even a high school student can understand Einstein and what he was saying. But no one can understand what I teach therefore I was far more intelligent than Einstein. Everyone laughed and had fun with the idea. I knew that I was right. If we have a single genius as an example and we all can understand what they are saying then we must also be a genius. This also means that if we do not understand then it must not be worth knowing.

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Other stories accept the concept that there are many smart people.