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E-mail to Dr. Wayne Dyer

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor watched Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS discuss his conversion to the Tao. At the end of the show I sent this e-mail to his contact information on the web.

August 6, 2007.
Dr. Dye
I watched your show on the Tao.
I ask these questions of you.
How can you follow the Tao and ask people to send money
to PPS. How can you suggest that that PBS is the only place to purchase your program and sell it on your website? How can you spend time selling the woman singer and follow the Tao?
I do not ask these things to cause you pain but rather to point out how difficult or even perhaps impossible it is to change our story. Please look at.
If you wish to talk please feel free to call me. I also ask if one follows the Tao and another asks can they refuse? My mother and sister in law are going to see you in Tampa. I have enjoyed all your thoughts. 
Professor of Marketing

August 7, 2007
Your email has been forwarded to Dr. Wayne Dyer. Due to the volume of mail received, we cannot guarantee a response.

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Dani Riehl
Hay House Publishing
Online Customer Care

No answer from Dr. Wayne Dyer as of August 23, 2007

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It is so difficult for any of us to change our story. Our stories are so imbedded in our life that we cannot identify the impact. If Dr. Dyer calls or e-mails I will put it on this site.