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E-mail to Dr. Elias Zerhouni, NIH

Dear Dr. Elias Zerhouni
Saw you on C-Span today discussing health issues.

No one was capable of understanding a word you were saying.

I will share with you three things I think.
Why I believe you know?
Why is it your fellow panelists have no clue what you are discussing?
How it is possible for your thinking to permeate NIH?
Why you know?
You and I were born into a nonlinear culture.
A culture that emphasized poetry and storytelling.
The same story or poem grows and changes with us.
Therefore we understand that the same story can and does change.
Why is it the panelists have no clue what you are discussing?
Your fellow panelists have been rewarded from kindergarten with linear thinking.
This was done by design within our post World War II educational system to reward linear thinkers.
As you may say, NIH members have been rewarded in a controlled linear environment with little external competition.
How is it possible for your thinking to permeate NIH?
Hold process constant. Content is simply a definition of terms.
Change the word goal to direction.
If you would like me to spend some time with you going into more detail I would be happy to share.
If I were to say the same things to your fellow linear panelist I would have suffer the same consequences.
David Morris, Ph.D.
 Will let M&S readers know if receive a return. DM