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Marketing Website Analysis

To move a website to the nonlinear requires a return to thinking.

Website Story Assessment

A nonlinear architecture for websites must be structured on timing and distance. The website model of cause and effect has continued to support a defective linear architecture of command and control. A nonlinear website assessment focuses on the story of the visitor. Research and historic experience has identified that it is the story that influences decision making. A website that is disconnected from our story will not be effective in creating the analytical process required to followers to sacrifice for a concept, product or a service.

With my life long efforts, background in marketing and storytelling, and the design of instruction I have found that I have developed a methodology. This continues to be effective when identifying confusing website constructions. We are all so close to our websites that we cannot identify how a new customer responds to what we have created. On my own sites I am in the same exact position.

I once had a student look at the website of the University of New Haven to identify things that were not current or correct. My original intent was to share this information with administration to help us improve our marketing through the site. The list was so long that I simply sent it to the webmaster and said nothing. My goal was not to do the webmaster any harm but to help the University.

The website is the responsibility of the owner, president, and CEO of the organization. The most important current marketing tool (a Website) in the world is underperforming and perhaps destroying your firm.

So far I have found real customer confusion and challenges on the websites of the Army, E-Bay, Sony, IBM, Tiffany & Company, Amazon, Verizon I will keep adding below.

If you have any specific experience with a website that was confusing to you as a customer please share with me. I will consider posting.

I will add my own confusing experiences here applying my marketing case story model. DM 8/30/07

GoArmy.com Website

A long time ago and a short time ago in a place both near and far away an initial was done on goarmy.com. The US Army has unlimited resources and knowledge to create one of the best websites in the world. I have chosen goarmy.com to do an initial assessment of the design and presentation of their website's storytelling. This site is the linear best that can be done. Please go to goarmy.com and check to see if you agree with my . Our analysis of goarmy.com is from the point of view of an interested high school graduate and their parents. A complete assessment would be much longer.

Home Page GoArmy.com

The military uses .mil but the Goarmy.com has a .com ending. This is a good ideal because many people do not know about the .mil.

Looking at the Home Page

Left - Middle - Right

Below above Under Left - Middle - Left

At the top of the Home Page in a line

Left - Middle

When pushed still picture not a video. (Why?)
CAREERS & JOBS When pushed still picture not a video. (Why?)
When pushed video available. (Good)
SOLDIER LIFE Should this be SOLDIER'S LIFE? When pushed video available. (Good)
FOR PARENTS When pushed still picture not a video. (Why?) Then in small font SEE THE STORIES OF THESE SOLDIERS AND THEIR FAMILIES (Confusing and not consistent)

To the Right of above titles a logo of a Star and U.S. Army and under this ARMY STRONG:

Below above Under Left

ARMY STRONG TV Real Soldier, Real Stories When you push on these names nothing happens. ARMY STRONG TV This is in yellow just as the word HOME above. Real Soldiers, Real Stories are in white as above. When you push on these names nothing happens. Change the colors to avoid confusion.

Below above Under Left

Large Video Screen CLICK ON ANY VIDEO TO BEGIN (Blinking Stars) Where? Ok I found it. I would say "Click on any (videos or channels) below to begin"

Arrow - Green Line That Represents Video Speaker - Yellowish Line - Digital Numbers Represent the time of each video.


To the Right of Video Screen CURRENTLY WATCHING:
This tells the viewer what video they are watching. It also includes ABOUT THIS VIDEO: A brief explanation of the video.

DOWNLOAD FOR IPOD I tried to download to my computer. I could not get this to work. When it states IPOD is this just audio, video, or both? Is it all videos or just one? Should be be all.




Below above Under Left

CHANNELS Are you suggesting that channels and videos mean the same thing? Make this clear. If they are supposed to be channels they should be numbered and titled Channel 1 somewhere.

Below CHANNELS on the left

Five Blocks of Categories in a Row. One Orange and Four Green. Why not keep them all the same color?

Careers & Jobs
Basic Combat Training
What It's Like Being a Soldier
Army Parents
Ways to Serve
Technology and Weapons

Below Under Left - Middle

Careers & Jobs: Good first video choice to starting with the Chaplain. "Proudest moments" Why a small m for the word moments in a title GoArmy.com#?channel=&video= 12 Small Picture That Move With Cursor. The video ends and then leads has three choices on screen on the HOME Page. The first is Joel Panzer Army Chaplain but when I pushed it Marc Gauthier's picture and choice comes up first. There is another mans picture after Marc Gauthier but no reference to this person.

This time when I tried to view the video it would not work and it started and stopped. This is the first time I saw Non-Flash Version. I pushed on it and now it said Flash Version. I did not know what to do so I looked up Flash Version on the web and realized I had to down load Flash. Why not on HOME? GoArmy.com > Army Chaplain Corps > Chaplain Profiles

Pushing on the first photo Marc Gauthier repeats the first page called Proudest moments now. This is second rate. The first impression is do they think I am stupid and must hear this over again. Proper titling is required to over come glitch. When I hold the curser on this icon it is represented in all capital letters but when the video clip returns the title lettering changes. GoArmy.com > Army Chaplain Corps > Chaplain Profiles

"A ministry of presence" Capitalization on icon? Now we find Father Joel Panzer. GoArmy.com > Army Chaplain Corps > Chaplain Profiles

"Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course" The goarmy.com site starts to decline here from this entry point. The videos stop. Very bad. Continue with the videos. GoArmy.com > Army Chaplain Corps > Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course

"Administrative Support" Same challenge. On this page there is a "Learn More" Goes to video with music and photos. Average videos with the available Army resources. GoArmy.com > Careers & Jobs > Browse Career & Job Categories > Administrative Support

Same as above

Basic Combat Training: 8 Small Pictures That Move With Cursor
What It's Like Being a Soldier: 10 Small Pictures That Move With Cursor
Army Parents: 5 Small Pictures That Move With Cursor
Ways to Serve: 12 Small Pictures That Move With Cursor
Technology and Weapons: 8 Small Pictures That Move With Cursor

When Cursor Touches a Picture Words Appear

Below on Left

EXPERIENCE THE ARMY In White. When Push Nothing Happens
A Star - Serve Full Time: Active Soldier In White. When Push Goes To New Page.
A Colonial Soldier - Civilian and Soldier: Army Reserve White
An Eagle - Become a Officer White
A Saluting Soldier - Specialized Careers White

Below Middle


Below Above

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Explore over 150 different careers you can train for and find out from real Soldiers what it's like to be a Soldier in the U.S. Army. I would switch to: Find out from real Soldiers what it's like to be a Soldier in the U.S. Army. Explore over 150 different careers for you.

Below Above


Top Right of Page

Request Info Pack
Ask a Question, Chat with a Recruiter
Locate a Recruiter
How to Join, Ask SGT STAR
Army Career Explore
Apply Online
Discussion Board

Below Above 

SEARCH GOARMY.COM, more search options

Below Above

Create an Account
Log In

Below Above

Test Version
En Espano?

Bottom Middle to Right

1-800-USA-ARMY, ext. 181
Privacy & Legal
Technical / Site Feedback
Site Map

General Challenges of goarmy.com's Website

Each website must tell a story. A story that the young person has known since birth. You be the judge. If you are the parent of a high school graduate or a high school graduate let me know and add your point of view.

Almost every word should be available in either audio or video. Both Audio and video together is far a better choice. You are attempting to communicate with a video generation.

I would have a separate music download. for all the music on the site. Take the music far more seriously. Use other forms of music much more effectively. I like the military band music. This would have to be assessed. The music that is on the site.

I would add some more video games to the site. Interesting to the high school graduate in relationship to our country. I could be more specific. Games should be expanded. Some memorizing games.
GoArmy.com > Games & Downloads > Cadence Jukebox

Military terminology should be defined. Suggestion that when cursor is on a term it is defined. Separate page for all military terminology.

On my computer when I am searching jobs the music is "on" but I cannot hear it.

The parents discussions were again not linked to their parents story.
I had to up load a Active X "Adobe Flash Version" Nothing on Home Page to guide me.

Sitemap very helpful. GoArmy.com > Site Map > Site Map

font size too small. You are asking people to read too much with such a small font size. This is a font size for a graduate level course.
GoArmy.com > Careers & Jobs > Overview

This site is a good example of a monolinear cost saving approach to storytelling and marketing. That does not mean that it did not cost the Army far more than what they received.

Positive Side

On the positive side I do think that the person responsible for this site in the military had the right thinking. The execution and interpretation of the private sector has remained monolinear and separate. It is now dragging our military down. The military has changed but corporate thinking and execution has not.

I know that those in the military will understand and those caught in the corporate loop will wonder what I am talking about.

The following 6+ or -3 nonlinear storytelling approaches must be woven into the site.


"A nonlinear storytelling approach applies 6+ or -3 I's to an alpha and omega assembled story.  The I's are invisible, individual, imbedded, interconnected, instructional, imbalanced, indigenous, intentioned, and involved. The first story we learn is told through our DNA." DM 2006,

Other Examples of Websites that have Linear Difficulty With Website Marketing

Welcome to Intel Website

A long time ago and a short time ago in a place both near and far away I looked on E-Bay for a upgrade for my Dell Inspiron 8200 Pentium processor. I found so few on E-Bay that I got the idea that these were no longer available. I went to Intel.com to try to find out if this was true. I could not find my Pentium product using my computer's specific name in search.

I could not figure out what the upgrades that my computer would take. I could also not understand what to do when I was sent to find a parts seller. It made no sense to me and I was not sure how to proceed.

I also could not find information on thermal compounds and my processor. It could be there but I could not find too much.

I could not figure out why I should buy one processor that was a 1.6 or 1.7? When I tried to find a number to call for help or an e-mail I could not.

Marketing Application

Pentium has a large share of the market. They appear to be doing little to maintain that market share through their website design. There is a real weakness with their site that their competition may easily exploit. I went to the ADM site and easily found a number to call. I got through very fast and the person was of real help to me. He said that I could not add a new processor from ADM because my Intel motherboard was different. I also asked what other company sold processors and they gave me the name.

The Intel.Com website is an example to me of a successful company doing a very questionable job marketing through their website. The reason I believe could be that they did not have to do a good job because they believed that they are invincible. The ego that comes with success. 

Microsoft Corporation Website

A long time ago and a short time ago in a place both near and far away I realized that Microsoft had discontinued frontpage and were replacing it with Microsoft Expressions. Ok I have tried to figure our which one I needed to continue my websites. It is now about three days later and hours of looking on Microsoft and E-bay. I cannot get the simplest questions answered any where. One question is that if the upgrade from frontpage is the same as the Web Expression. Another is what is a web upgrade? How can they have an upgrade if it is a new product? It is incredible just how poorly things are explained to customers by major companies.

Marketing Application

Poorly designed content could be a throw back to the belief that you sell to customers on emotion not understanding. The thought is that the more the customer knows the less interested that they would be in the product.

All companies now follow the textbook companies marketing scheme by selling the same product as new over and over again as new. I have heard that this has been identified as a Microsoft marketing scheme and this is why their new Vista has done poorly against their old XP.

Either companies are going to have to destroy the Internet to maintain their sales by pretending that it is a new upgrade or they are actually going to have to do the job. My guess it is more profitable to pretend.

Sony USA Website

A long time ago and a short time ago in a place both near and far away I went on the Sony website to acquire information.

Marketing Application

I really see websites as not up to a marketing standard that will increase their sales. The consultants and other creators of websites just do not know enough about instructional design. They also have not focused on learning and attention to marketing and storytelling. We all can talk a good story. 8/7/07 DM

Tiffany & Co. | Choose Your Country

A long time ago and a short time ago in a place both near and far away I looked closer at Tiffany & Company. I began to purchase a small amount of Tiffany jewelry on E-bay for far less than their retail. I was told while shopping at Tiffany & Co. that a great deal of Tiffany jewelry that was sold on E-bay was counterfeit. I believe that this does happen and I really do not know how to identify what is real or counterfeit. I would check the Tiffany website to try to identify what Tiffany & Co. was charging retail for the same jewelry sold on E-Bay. Many items were not on the Tiffany site because they have been discontinued, were sold in other countries, or perhaps they did not actually exist.

I found the Tiffany.com website very difficult to search. Their search selections are difficult for me to comprehend. Tiffany & Co. does not give as much information about what they are selling as those selling their products on E-bay. Tiffany.com does not apply correct search language.

Marketing Application

There are several other areas that I could point out about the Tiffany & Co. US website. But what would the reason be for me to do so? Who would believe me at Tiffany & Co. and if they did all they would have to do is make the changes. They would also just probably blame the webmaster and get another one. This is just too much to put onto a webmaster. Webmasters just do not have the marketing and storytelling and instructional design background.

A useful application to learn to identifying these confusions in website marketing is when you make a purchase. When that purchase is not what you expected they the returns are far easier.

On the positive side Tiffany & Co. has been and probably will continue to be very honest with their transactions with customers. They are professional and intelligent people to deal with. They do as they say when they say they will do it.

The United States Mint Home Website

A long time ago and a short time ago in a place both near and far away my wife go very interested in saving the 50 State quarters. I went to the usmint website to see if they still sold them for this year. I spent a great deal of time trying to find them and then figure out how to purchase the coins. I did not give this much thought because I did find the coins and how to purchase them. A few days later I suggested to my wife to take a look and see if she wanted to purchase the coins. She kept telling me she could not find it. I tried again and I could not get where I wanted to go. Go yourself and try to find the 50 states quarters that may or may not be for sale. You will then see the extent of this website marketing confusion issue in the private sector.

Marketing Application

This government organization I believe does a good job for all people in the USA. As I have said websites are extremely difficult for people to find particular information. I do not know how the government produces websites and I believe that the intentions are good. My guess is that it would be extremely difficult for the head of these agencies to make the changes that may be required to their websites.

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"What looks clear to us confuses others." DM

GoArmy.com > About the Army > Ranks & Insignia

GoArmy.com > Games & Downloads > Overview

GoArmy.com > About the Army > Training, Careers & Jobs

GoArmy.com > About the Army > Personnel

GoArmy.com > Benefits > After the Army