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Marketing Has Unfortunately

Come to Rely On a

Factual But Not Truthful

 Model of Behavior

The following are my students ideas of Factual But Not Truthful marketing. I do not know if they are accurate descriptions. If the customer deems it to be so then the seller may have problems. Marketing education has not helped consumers (students) to identify potential deceptions. (Push Mp3: Attention)




This is What the Assignment Looks Like When it is Done by an Individual Student
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1 I paid off my husbands credit card and called up the bank to find out if it is better to close the account? The representative told me you do not need to close the account, it is a zero balance so just keep the account open in case one day youll need it I asked him is there a fee if I kept the account open? He replied oh no absolutely after 5 month I received a statement from that bank with a balance. So I called the bank enquiring about the charges. I was told it is true we do not charge but we charge the yearly membership and finance charges to cover for the processing of the statement and the maintenance.

2 I went to kohls to buy some kids clothes, I saw so many signs for sales and clearances I did not give much attention, I was not interested in none of the signs but one it was a sale for watches. The sign said in big font 75% off already reduced price. Great deal! The original price was 120.00 reduced to 99.99 so I thought 75% of 99.99 not bad I needed couple watches to give away as gifts. So I picked 3 watches (75*3=225). When I got to the register I was disappointed; the cashier explained that on the big sign there is another sentence in fine print buy one get one for 75% off already reduced price and the one I had to buy first was at 120.00 so the total was 120.00 + 120.00+75.00=315.00. I canceled the purchase.

3 I purchase my Toyota minivan 2005, while we were closing the deal the manager how about a cup of coffee? What a nice welcoming place! Ok he tool out of his draw a stack of flyers each one is a certain coverage or protection or. Anyway the one I thought was great was the that said we will come to you, we will tow you car and get a replacement car with just a phone call it is an extended warranty package said the manager, it covers every thing in your car. Sure enough my car went dead I could not get it to start. I called the number on the flyer; expecting them to come to me, tow my car, and give a replacement. The person that answered the phone explained to no one and me that the flyer was not a Toyota package but the dealers and because it was 5:45 pm they closed could help me, and he offered to give some local towing companies phone numbers.

4 The plastic surgeon had a sign on his office door get the procedure done I will bill the insurance company if the claim is denied just pay 50% my sister went for the surgery and the insurance denied the claim. The total cost was 350.00 so if he covers 50% my sister will have to pay 175.00. Instead he charged her the full amount 350.00 and after phone calls the doctors office explained that the 350.00 is the amount we charge if the insurance is paying but if the patient would to pay we charge 700.00 so the doctor gives you 50% off of the 700.00 not of the 350.00

5 I was shopping at shop rite, I picked up organic broccoli after I made sure that the regular broccoli and the organic were the same price .99$. The table pf broccoli had two signs identical. And the tow sign showed broccoli .99$. At the check out I noticed that I was charged 1.79$ per pound for organic broccoli. I argued about it with the cashier then she called the department and she explained to me that one of the signs had .99$ per pound and the other one was .99$ each.

6 I went to Sleepys to buy a mattress. While shopping I noticed a big sign stating they Sleepy's guarantees 20% lowest than other sellers and if you find it cheaper than their prices some where else you will get the mattress free. Right below that sentence there was a paragraph in fine print about three feet long sentences and about 8 sentences. After I read the fine print I realized that that Sleepys store did not even have one mattress of the brand name that the sign applies to.

7 Bought a water boiler, at the time of purchase we were told that we have 8 years manufacture warrantee and two years from the store for another 79.00$. After few months I had a problem with boiler, so I called the store for help they refused to listen because they did not do the installation and they told me to call the manufacturer. I asked about the money I paid for the two years store protection and I was told I should of notified the sales person at the time of purchase.

8 At a local grocery store a sign for organic sweet potatoes chip says buy one get one free when you use you saving card. I did not pay attention to the fine print. At check out I found out that the fine print was more important than the rest. It actual true you get one free if you buy one and use you savings card AND the total of the purchase is over 100.00.

9 About two years ago I was shopping for oriental rugs; I visited almost every store I know that carry oriental rugs I even went to auctions. Macys was one of the stores I visited repeatedly so I knew almost every rug and its price, I even wrote some of the information down to compare to other stores. My husband suggested we wait for the 75% off sale day and then we buy. On the three day 75 % sale I went to Macyss deciding to buy; I was disappointed to find out that the prices I wrote down were almost the same after the 75% came off the original price.

10 Purchased a shredder, a printer and some pens and notes books from office max. The printer and shredder were on a promotion: no payment no interest until March 2007. 3 weeks later I received a statement, I called office max inquiring about the statement. I was told in the case of promotions statement are just reminders and I do not have to worry about it. Two weeks later I received a call from office max telling me that my account is late and I had to pay at least the minimum monthly payment plus a $30.00 late fee and a 26.75 finance charges. During a phone call to manger of customer service he explained to me that it is true that I should not pay because of the promotional plan BUT the plan only applies to the shredder and the printer not the pens and the notebooks.

11 The sign for asparagus is $3.50 doesnt specify if per pound or each; each bunch of asparagus was big so I assumed 3.50$ each. At check out I found out it was per pound and each bunch was almost two pounds.

12 Good credit or bad credit or no credit we could get you a car. Toyota dealer big sign to get the customer in the show room. The sign does not mention that the loan qualification is based on how much money the customer will put down.

13 Bobs furniture store: when the customer buys furniture the sales person will convince the customer to buy the protection plan. The flyer for the protection plan states as soon as you furniture is damaged call us and we will fix it or replace it. When I called to repair my son desk, the person on the phone asked me when did the damage occur? I was honest I told her about three to four days. So the person on the phone reminded me that the contract says as soon as which means within 24 hours so the coverage is denied.

14 Dells commercial about desktop shows a picture of a computer with cordless keyboard and cordless mouse. I asked the sales person if I am getting the same thing on the picture for the same price listed on TV he relied: no every thing is extras the commercial meant that the computer is compatible with those parts it does not come with them.
15 I received a Poland spring Water flyer in the mail it says no renting fee use our machine for free as long as you order 4 bottles every month for only 32.99. As an ex-customer I know that one bottle is 5.49 and the rent is 9.99, if you add the price of 4 bottles and 9.99 it is less than 32.99 so the rent isnt free after all.

16 Kohls clearance is a good deal; 75% to 80% on all items marked with a red tag. All the items marked with tag were huge sizes 18,20,
At stop and shop the bright yellow tag means that the price is reduced, I bought steak with the yellow sign on it thinking it is reduced. At check out the sign only mentioned it is fresh and good quality I was tricked.

17 Looking for natural cookies for my kids I spotted a package with the word ALL NATURAL on the top of the package and then comes a picture of the cookies and at the bottom of the package it is written flavors. But the ingredients more that half was not natural.

18 At party depot, a happy birthday balloon had a tag of 5.99 and it was blown and it had a ribbon attached to it. At check I was charge for the AIR in the balloon and the ribbon separately and the total was 2 dollars more.

19 Whenever I used to buy a Dunkin Donut coffee I asked to double the cup for it not to get cold quickly, recently I was charged 0.75 for the empty cup without notice.

20 Dish network and the packaging of the programs. I wanted to purchase High Definition package and receiver I was told the total will be 30.00 /month for the bronze package, I am being charged 60.00 a month. There is a charge of 30.00 more for the HD dish.
21 Moroccan airline advertises if the booking is within 24 hours and the departure and return dates are set by the company and are respected by the customer the promotion is over 50%. The truth is that the quality of this kind of flight is very poor and is not worth more than what the promotion price is.

22 Danbury hospital they advertise their job openings in the news paper every Sunday and also on their website every Friday hundreds of openings but they only hire within the hospital. In the ads nowhere is stated not open to public.

23 My dry cleaner has a sign of all credit cards and American express is one of them. Once I wanted to use my American express and I was surprised to find a difference in the price from paying cash to using the card. The owner of the store charges to 3% commission that the credit card charges him for every transaction to the customer.

24 A job ad in the news paper; the salary is up to 46k per year but when I called the answer was the salary could be 46k but the position is really budgeted for 32k a year no more than that.

About Me (Going Home to Get a Screwdriver)

In class you said that you had to go home to get a screwdriver. This has two meanings. The first is that you are going home to get the tool a screwdriver and the second is your going home to have screwdriver drink, which is orange juice with vodka. I thought you meant you were going home to have a drink.

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Junk Mail

I get a lot of junk mail on mail e-mail account. They advertise a free gift card for $50 up to $500 for different restaurants or stores. All you have to do is just click on the link and give them your information. However, when you follow the instructions you have to sing up for couple of different offers and pay for each of them to get a promised gift certificate. Even then, you are not sure if you are actually going to get anything.

Oil Change

Mobile service station advertised a "free oil change" with any kind of service. A normal oil change cost about $20 including the filter. I went to rotate and align my tires and requested for the "free oil change" deal. I was informed that I have to pay $25 for the filter.

Change Image

Losing weight ads that picture someone elses body on the after picture.

Next Time

A new product of snack has a label of a saving of $1 for next time. However, this discount applies only when you purchase more than two packs. 


When my boyfriend bought XBOX, they advertised you could watch DVDs on it. However, there was a catch. In fact you could watch DVDS, but you had to buy a thirty dollar adaptor and remote to be able to do so.

City Bank

I discovered an advertisement of City Bank in Japan, which said you were not charged when you withdrew money. When I looked at the brochure, there was a requirement that I had to deposit at least $200,000. If the deposit below this amount, it charges me $200 each time.

Small Print

Condition such as annual fee, interest on purchasing, interest on balance transfer, and finance charge can be factual but not truthful because there some terms and conditions that print in very small letter in purpose so that you will not paying attention for that thing.


I remember how Certs (the breath mint) always advertised that they were the only breath mint with Retsyn and therefore a better breath mint. Well apparently "Retsyn" was just a term that they made-up and had ed/patented for just the regular ingredients they used and that most other breath mints used as well. This is factual in that they were the only breath mint using the word Retsyn, but not truthful because Retsyn is simply another name for the ingredients used in all other mints. 


Coupons (ie. $5.00 off $40 or more) but it excludes certain items such as tobacco, alcohol and beauty products.

Holiday Sales

Various department sales advertising huge sales to lure customers to the stores. Once at store often find minimum products on sale.


I found an advertisement that if you buy one cloth, you can get a pair of shoes for free. I asked a shop staff if you had 7.5 sizes, however, he did not carry this small size. As a result, I could not get shoes. 


Some products invite famous people do advertising for its products, after the company will add the advertising cost on its retailing price.


Some places advertise that we will get you whole refund if you find lower price than ours. Their product might be cheaper than others but not always.

Black Friday

DVDs for $29.99 (each store receives a limited amount and the store will not issue rain checks)

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Most of airline companies say only 55 minutes from NY to Boston. Actually, it takes much more time because all passengers have to wait for the security check and eave luggage and get to airport at least 20 minutes before leaving. The flight time is factual, but the time, which we have to spend, is not truthful.


Airline ticket prices that dont include all the extras in the price (ie. insurance, food, tax and security tax)


A homepage of airline companies usually advertises To London only $150. It actually exists, but this fee mostly is applied for weekday, not holiday. Therefore, most tourists have to pay more than $150 because they usually go overseas on holidays.

Frequent Flyers

Most airlines have frequent flier programs to encourage repeat customers. These frequent flier miles are supposed to be available for customers to use as they need them. This is completely untrue frequent flier miles are constantly subject to numerous blackout dates, time, etc and are often bumped. I have been completely unsatisfied with this program.

Check In

Airlines have come up with new ways of faster check in process for passengers. One of them is the online check in option. However, even if the passenger carries his check in process online, he still has to wait in the queue for checking in his baggage. The fact is that one can collect his boarding pass and choose seat number in advance and save that much time. But the truth is after all this; passenger still has to wait in the queue to check in his baggage.

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Student Checking

Free student checking account which the bank teller swore to me up and down was free and had no minimum balance. The minimum balance part is true, but there is a $3.95 monthly maintenance fee after 6 months that she failed to tell me about.


All banks claim that they have no ATM fees. However, when you go to use your ATM card at a place that does not take your card, they charge you for a bank fee. The fee usually ranges from one dollar to three dollars. So even though you bank claims they have no ATM fees this is not always true.


Many banks today advertise no ATM withdrawal fees. This is inaccurate because if you use a foreign ATM machine you will still be charged a fee by the ATM terminal operator.


You are pre-approved for a $120,000 loan (call to see if you qualify)

Investment Tricks

There is always a tiny phrase written at the bottom of investment or investment based insurance brochures Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future investments There would be fancy bar graphs/ pie charts with high performance/ equity ratios shown of some good leading examples This phrase is a very powerful defense that insurance (endowment or investment policies) or fund management companies or their representative use as this protects them if the funds have not performed as perceived or assured to the client. People mostly do not read the fine prints but fall prey to the lucrative offers given to them by the financial consultants. My friend invested in some emerging market funds from Royal Skandia, a UK Insurance company on hearing from her consultant and lost money within six months. She had invested because she was shown some facts and figures which looked genuine and was assured a very high rate of return . Though there are many clauses put in writing in insurance and investment contracts and they are supplied as facts but the marketing side of these products is not always true and many investors get deceived resulting in loss of money.

Commercial Bank

I opened an account with Commercial Bank of Dubaiits called a Value account. The account promises interest plus other several benefits like free medical insurance, free international driving license, AAA road assistance etc. After I read through all the benefit brochures, I discovered the actual truth. All those benefits were subject to certain conditions such as limitation in terms of usage and restricted clauses. The Bank did not conduct a true marketing campaign as many like me thought the same way when they opened account with them with a minimum balance of 2000 dollars.

Bank Guarantee

Citibank in Dubai does marketing for a lot of investment and insurance products that belong to Insurance and Investment Houses such as Zurich Life, Royal Skandia, AIG etc. They are not their own products but marketed by a unit which operates under a commercial Brokerage license. The general tendency is that people trust more in banking institutions than other financial institutions. People have the misconception that since these products are being sold through a Bank, they will have an additional guarantee and a level of security. But the truth is that the Bank has widened its scope of financial operations and obtained approval from government to be a broker just like any other brokerage firm in the city. The name BANK gives more credibility to the product. Actually, Citibank or any other bank gives no personal guarantee to the product but the marketing staff does not make these truths known to public unless desired. In fact there is a greater chance of the investor getting displaced in case of the contract being broken between the Insurance company and the bank. The investor who bought off shore/ international funds from the local bank gets badly hit in this scenario. This is again a good example for factual but not truthful.

Funds Do Not Have

Banks often allow customers to access funds which they do not have by covering them up to a certain limit. Ex. when a customer attempts to pay a bill for $50 and has only $40 in their account, the bank will give the customer the other $10 for the bill. Often the customer, they will think they actually have that amount of money in their account. The bank will charge the customer a fee for using money that isn't theirs.

Free Checking

Many banks advertise "Free Checking" but it is not said that in order to receive this free checking account, many banks require their customers either to have direct deposit or an attached savings account.

Banks advertise higher APY's on interest bearing accounts to attract customers. The actual interest rate on the account is lower than the APY which assumes compounding. Companies often advertise that a certain product is five for $5 or 10 for $10 which causes the customer to assume that they must buy 5 or 10 of that particular item. This is usually not the case and each item is actually $1 each, no matter how many quantities you buy.

Investment Firm

Royal Skandia Life Assurance sells many equity based/ mutual fund investment plans ranging from 5-20 years term. Few brokers in Dubai would sell the contracts without making it clear to the investor that it would cost them a lot of money if they terminate the plan before maturity. There were several people who were duped and the charges for early termination and withdrawal were not disclosed to the investors, leading to big time trouble for the company and financial loss for the clients. Termination or withdrawal of the money in the first three years would cost almost 80% of the money they invested. Illustration or contracts were not discussed with the client at the time of sale.

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Coors Light

Drink Coors Light and they have this new commercial saying that their cans will be cool longer than any other beer. Well that is not true because I tried it last week compared to Bud Light and its gets warmer just the same, I wrote them a letter telling them so, I am just waiting to hear back from them.


Regular beers sell in normal shop maybe 3 dollars, but in a fancy restaurant the price maybe 3 times more than that.

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I install Comcast internet and cable TV, because their advertising really attracts me. Less than $40 a month. But after 3 month, the bill shock me, more than $100, this Comcast never show it on the advertisement.


I applied Comcast at the beginning of September for his $79 for nine month with cable and internet. At the first month he charged me $96 due to the equipment thing. I think it still is a good deal because $79 divide 9 equals less than $10/month. So I paid the bill and called the Comcast to confirm whether I have to pay anything at the rest of the days. The answer surprised me that he said it should be 79 each month for nine month instead of 79 for nine month. It is hard for me, an international student, to play such a literature game.


The next factual but not truthful still goes with Comcast. I found that I seldom watch cable TV, so I called them to cancel the cable in order to get a cheaper price for internet only. I check online the service for internet only is $56. Then the bill comes with $69 for October. I questioned them why they charge me $13 more. They told me that the price online is for the new customer only. You should never the advertising online.


At the very beginning my cable and internet cost me 79 and then it became 69 for internet only. And they require me to return the cable box to them or they would charge me another $179 for not returning the box. I thought it was not worthy to cancel the cable because I had to mail the box and only save less than 10 dollars. So I called them to reopen the TV for me. Comcast said that if you want to reopen the cable service I had to pay $30 for the open fee. But they never mention that there will be the reopen fee for that.


This is the last factual but not truthful story for Comcast. They mailed me the bill for $187. I was shock when I got the bill. It is ridiculous for me to pay 187 for the internet. I called them and they told me that the $187 is for the coming three month fee. If I do not want to use their service then I can cancel it. It is a kind of marketing strategy I think.


On HP of Comcast, it showed that we could see more than 50 channels with $54.15 per month. However, after I actually contracted with the program it charged another service fees.

I just got cable and I was debating between Dish Network and local cable. Well I got a coupon that said I could get HBO free for 6 months along with a DVR free as well. Well when I called they told in order to get that I had to sign up for 2 years. Well I didnt want to be locked in and when I asked if I didnt sign for two years could I still get the deal and they said no. I was very frustrated so I ended up with regular cable through another provider that was cheaper anyway.


When I received my cable service I also received internet. It was supposed to be a package deal you only pay 115.00 dollars a month. Well not realizing you have to pay for equipment for both boxes all of a sudden my bill shot up to 135.00. When I called them for an explanation they told me of course I have to pay for equipment every month for each piece I have. Oh like the 115.00 wasnt enough.

Cable Providers

Cable providers often quote a combined price for some sort of package service deal, ex. phone, internet, television, but it is not clear that this price is only extended through a designated period of time. After that time, the standard rates will prevail.
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Car Company

Car companies often advertise how fast their cars can drive and how well they handle in rainy conditions. Yes, it is factual that a professional driver on a closed course can make waves while speeding through puddles, jerk the wheel and slam on the breaks to make a fancy and jerky stop. However, such advertisements are not truthful. There are safety features which should kick in during rainy and even icy conditions that alert the driver of a lack of traction, anti-lock brake systems which would bring the car skidding through the water to a much more gradual stop. Even more so, one must keep in mind that in these advertisements it is a profession driver on a closed course and not a normal person in everyday traffic.

Limited Editions

Some car makers try to emphasize their cars are limited editions, but they just try to increase the selling price, nobody knows how many they produced.


Car dealers advertisements are quite misleading. They tend to market their cars with a particular price. However, the fact of the matter is that those prices are the ones they advertise, but the truth is that the prices are also negotiable.


My cousin looked for a brand new SUV car which he firstly contacted with a salesperson. The down payment was introduced to him at $3,000 with monthly installment. Fortunately, he met an old friend, who happened to freshly be a sales manager there, and was offered with a lot lower price. The same car with different salesperson, you may discover much safer payment for your pocket. 

Double Fines

When driving through a 65mph hour zone on a major roadway, one observes signs that say fines are doubled in such an area. I received a speeding ticket in a 65mph area a few years ago and by doing the simple math I was discourage that my ticket for going 69 in a 65 would cost me $178. Before I wrote the check, I called the police department just be sure of the cost and the clerk there informed me that my fine would only be $89. Only fines for 10mph over the speed limit and over are doubled. Though the sign was factual that fines are doubled in the 65mph, it is not truthful because not all fines are doubled.


The Toyota Hybrid car Prius can run 35km per one litter according to the catalog. However, when I rented and drove a Prius, it actually run about 20 km per litter. One of the reasons is the environment of the data, which may be experimented with the best condition for a good consumption.

Car Dealers

Car dealerships that say only $199 a month but they dont tell you thats if you put down $5,000-$10,000 on it.


With a high-performance vehicle, such as the BMW 5 series, the television commercials advertise the car reaching very high speeds, whipping around turns, spinning around, and doing all sorts of tricks. Although it is factual that the car is made to be able to do these things, and is very capable of performing all of these actions, it is not truthful because it is not lawful to drive that way, unless you are driving on an authorized race track. The commercials may lead consumers to believe they are actually capable of driving in the same manner as the professional drivers in the ads, which is also factual (because they could learn to do so or very few may actually be professional drivers) but not truthful (because most people are not professional drivers).


BMW is a luxury brand automobile brand. However, if you try to buy it in China, you will realize the price is much higher than US. However, the US per capital income is much higher than China. The world is wired.


Toyota makes automobiles in China and sells it into Chinese market. In order to low its cars price. Toyota uses the same cars design as in Japan, but changes the cars engine. Toyota uses the engine, which the quality is worse than they used in Japan. Toyota announced that they will sell the same model in China in a lower price, but actually, they even make more profit. Because the engine cost much less than before.

General Motors Automobile Commercial

In attempt to sell more cars GM gives 100,000 mile warranty with newly bought vehicles. GM automobile commercials depict their vehicles as a higher quality by showing their vehicles floating in air. While the extended vehicle warranty is good it doesnt make their cars higher quality than competition.


When I bought my Honda Civic I remember thinking wow 13,000 for a car this is great. Of course they dont tell you all those little fees in there like certain Warranties will cost this, this is your first car so you will need this and all of sudden it adds up to 16,000 with taxes of course. I wished the car commercials would just say with everything its 17,500 just be honest about it.

Torrington Honda

Come and claim your free gift, choose from a 4 piece luggage set, laptop, or grill (you dont have a choice, they give you the luggage)


I want to purchase a Honda; sales told me if I pay cash they will give me discount. It shocks me and I think they try to avoid taxes.

Jeep Wrangler Commercial

An eagle mistakes a Jeep Wrangler as prey. Another depiction by Jeep that their product made for the wilderness.


When I signed up for a AAA card so I could get free road side assistance it said that for one year you get free road side assistance of any kind. When I read the fine print, only the first four calls for road side assistance are free, if you go over four in one year then you are charged for each subsequent call for road side assistance. For more money you can get a package that allows you to get unlimited road side assistance for one year.


Free towing up to 10 miles (you have to pay for additional miles)

Great Mileage

When car companies advertise their latest car they always mention how the car gets great gas mileage. The companies always mention the maximum miles per gallon the car can potentially get under the right circumstances. In actuality, most people do not drive their car under the perfect circumstances to get the best gas mileage out of their car and can therefore be mislead into thinking their car gets better gas mileage than it actually does. Some cars tell you that you can only use a certain grade of gasoline to fill your tank. It is true that the car may run better or last longer if you use this higher grade, but the car would still work just fine for most people if you were to fill your tank with a grade lower than what you were told to use.


Some cars tell you that you can only use a certain grade of gasoline to fill your tank. It is true that the car may run better or last longer if you use this higher grade, but the car would still work just fine for most people if you were to fill your tank with a grade lower than what you were told to use.


I was shopping for a new car so I looked for promotions. A dealer had a promotion for a special cash back offer in a series of print advertisements. The banner headline promoted the offer alongside pictures of a number of vehicles. In the majority of the advertisements, the fact that the offer did not apply to the pictured vehicles was referred to in the small print at the foot of the advertisements. In one of the advertisements, the only reference was that special conditions apply.

4 Wheeler

Recently I saw a 4 wheeler commercial on television. They enlightened the fact that the car has max speed and can be driven very fast. However, one doesnt realize that it is not practical to drive so fast on city roads. Hence the car has fast speed is a fact, but driving such cars on city roads is not truthful.

Car companies often advertise how fast their cars can drive and how well they handle in rainy conditions. Yes, it is factual that a professional driver can handle well in such case. But the fact is that as for the normal customer, they can not do the same thing as professional driver.

Danbury Chevrolet

No Obligation Auto Loan - $0 Down and you can own a vehicle (but you must have a minimum trade worth $3,000)

Northwest Hills Dealerships Car Sale

$99 (2 vehicles per household, $1,500 down payment, taxes, fees, and title)


Crowley Ford Location Red Hot Sale Receive a 15 piece tool set (first 25 customers)

Car Commercials in General

Many car commercials advertise there vehicle as award winning. Though often times the awards won are vague. A marketing strategy to get would be buyers to the car lots.

SAAB Automobile Commercial

SAAB commercials depict their vehicles are jet planes. Commercial shows a SAAB car traveling as fast as a jet. Although SAAB vehicles were originally created by ex jet engineers the vehicles arent jets.

Satellite Radio

When you buy a brand new car, there is a satellite radio system. The seller said you can have three months trial but it will be automatically renewed and charged if you do not disconnect it.


Couple month ago we bought a new car from Mazda. They offered us extra $500 discount if we decide to finance our car loan with Mazda Credit Company. They also said that we have to stay with them at least 3 months and then if we wish we could refinance our loan, otherwise we will have to pay that $500 back. So we agreed, but they gave us an interest rate twice as much as we were approved for in our bank. However, we did not want to lose that $500 discount so we decide to stay with Mazda Credit Company. However, after one month, our bank offer even better conditions and we decide that refinancing will be better for us, even if we have to pay that $500 back. After refinancing, we have got a mail from Mazda that our account with them is closed without mentioning $500 discount. Factual but not truthful, because that was actually the contract condition but it seems like do not really execute it. Good for us.


The sticker value on a car usually is not the price the car is sold for. Most people negotiate with the salesman to get the best price. The sticker price is the starting bid in a sense.

Meineke Car Care Center

Meineke Car Care Center offers an ad for a free gas card. It is a $20 value. However, you must spend $200 or more and must present the coupon at the time of the estimate. The ad does not say where the gas card is redeemable nor does it say which services don't count towards the $200. In addition, some of the simple and most common car services are less than $200 (oil change is +$20), requiring you to buy more than one service (that you may not even need).

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I have experience on purchasing a cell phone by online. The cell phone itself cost $200, but as member of T-Mobile Company I can get the cell-phone free with rebate. After I received the cell-phone, I read about the rebate form. It is said that I have to send the rebate along with the seven months of billing statement months which another website such as Amazon only have to send three months of billing statement.


If customer sign contract with T- mobile, T-mobile will give customer free cell phone. But customer will pay much more with the long period contract.

Cell Phone

Cell phone companies are always advertising their service. In the advertisements are low prices. When you get to the store to purchase the phone and plan, the price they advertise is not for all phones or plans. Also, typically you have to purchase the two year contract to get the lowest price which they conveniently forget to mention during advertising.

Taiwan Mobile

The extra value services of Taiwan Mobile is free for the first month as you register, but they to continue charging you for the later months if you dont cancel it by yourself. 


Cell phone prices are never right. No matter where you go if they tell you a phone is 40.00 dollars it means no you have to send a rebate in to get your money back and have to sign a two year agreement. Cingular and Verizon wireless are two perfect examples of that.


There is an advertisement for a cellular phone company in my country. It says you can get service anywhere in my country but it is not real. Connection is sometimes bad.

Government Tax
When you contract with mobile phone service company, it says the lowest monthly plan is 29$ but the rate is much higher than your expect because of government fees, taxes and usage charges.

Free Nights

Most cell phone companies state they have free nights and weekends. However in very small print on the contract it states the exact times of when the night and weekends start as well as end.


After being with Verizon Wireless 2 years, they send me a special offer encouraging me to sign a contract with them for next 2 years. They made it sound that they offering me something special and that this is a limited offer. However, when I have read my old contract I realized that they do not even offer me whatever I had until now. Even more, they want to cut my minutes. Maybe that offer was valuable for somebody else but not for me.

Verizons Commercials

Verizon commercials market their mobile service showing a service team available wherever you and your phone goes. But if you ever had to deal with a phone problem and actually had to get in touch with customer service, it is known to be a headache (on hold, transfer calls from one dept. to the next, disconnections, and etc).


Unlimited Nights and Weekends (you will be charged if you exceed 5000 night minutes)


International Plan covers wherever you go (calls made on a cruise are not covered, once you enter the boat, you are using the cruise line towers, rates per call is outrageous)


I have experience on purchasing a cell phone by online. The cell phone itself cost $200, but with member of Cingular Company I can get the cell-phone free with rebate. After I received the cell-phone, I read about the rebate form. It is said that I have to send the rebate along with the seven months of billing statement months which another website such as Amazon only have to send three months of billing statement.

Sprint Mobile Phone Commercials

Sprint commercial market their mobile phone service is most reliable in the industry. But when you look into buying one of their products and want to discuss their reliability there is fine print that reliability varies greatly depending on where a person is located.


All cellular networks guarantee full and clear network to customers. However, there are few places where the customer faces problems while talking and breaks in the network. Hence, the fact is that when the network is good, it is excellent and very clear, but the truth of the matter is that there are few exceptions where one finds it difficult to catch network.

Free Messages

Mobile service comes up with new schemes of low charges to make or receive calls or free messaging service. The fact is that those services do have low rates, but in order for subscribe such service a monthly rental is to be paid.
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I am not a big fan of Express the clothing store but they were having a promotion where you buy one get half off. Now they did not specify that you have to pay the larger amount in order to get the half off the other. I hate that obviously you would want to pay half off the larger but they never tell you that so you actually ended up spending the same amount.

Many stores like clothing and bakery issue the coupon. You can get 15% off with the discount coupons but those coupons are not always available. You cannot use them for a certain period.


My friend and I went shopping at Lucy , clothing store. We were attracted to the store by big 50% off sign. I instantly walked to the mentioned discount section and grabbed 2 items. After trying the chosen clothes, we went to checkout and reminded the cashier about the discount items I picked. Unfortunately, she reminded me back that I would get 50% off only on the second item, which obviously had to be the smallest price. I suddenly walked back to the big sign and looked more carefully at the sign, saying that buy 2 get 50% off. The discount made customers to understand that they would get 50% off from total price. They may never know until going to the checkout. And what if some did not ask before they paid? 


You can buy lower price of American brand name T-shirt and pants selling in a South East Asia countries with the same quality and same brand selling in U.S.A. Even though, there are not any of those brand name stores in those countries, local buyers can afford the exact same cloth because they are produced there. The fact is the consumers have to pay for the brand name clothing marked-up prices from the high rate of employees, marketing activities and the store location. But, the truth is the actual price of product itself is mostly 60% lower than the price label.
Off Season

Sometimes you buy new clothes in bargain prices, but the clothes may not be the on-season ones. I may come from the same season last year.

I bought a clothes in Hollister in New Jersey without tax, but when I exchanged it for a different color in Post Mall, they charged 0.6% CT tax from me. Buying things in U.S. looks convenient that you can return or exchange everywhere, but its not really true. 
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This example has to do with one of the mattress commercials. In the commercials the product they are trying to sell always shows some attractive models in well to do clothing sleeping on their product (i.e. watch how this glass doesn't spill, while Kelly jumps about, AMAZING!). Then they'll show someone sleeping on a competing product with some fat bum in a tank top jumping on the bed. I'd like to see that chunky guy jump around on your bed and the glass not spill. Im sure that less motion is felt on the bed being advertised than other beds, but it is not done away with altogether. 


A TV commercial of a personal computer states that you can start internet right away when you push the bottom. Before starting internet, we have to contract an internet provider to do it. It sometimes takes much time to set up internet.

Info Commercials

I was watching one of those info commercials and it said if you call right now you get 3 little brushes to go along with this new broom. Well I called and they said I had to two big brushes in order to get the three little brushes. I said you didnt say that on your commercial just call right now and they said all we said was call right now to find out more. I found this to be very deceitful.


A popular infomercial and commercial series for the acne treatment system Proactiv has featured celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, Alicia Keys, and even P. Diddy, all avidly promoting the product. The system utilizes three products: a renewing cleanser, a revitalizing toner, and a repairing lotion. The various combination packs are sold at prices ranging from $40-$60 on their website. I have many friends that have ordered this "amazing" skin product but unless they cancelled after receiving their order, more refills of the products would just be sent after a certain amount of time, and they would be billed for it. You are not usually told this up front (unless you ask), therefore it is factual that it is a reasonable price to pay for an acne treatment system, but it is not truthful because customers are scammed into spending more money then they originally thought, and buying more of a product which they may not necessarily want or that they may not have the money for.

Infomercials for Weight Loss

Commercials for various weight loss pills use models that are incredibly muscular from six-pack abs to ripped pecks. The commercials depict that by taking the product you will not only loose weight but will become ripped also.

Infomercials for People Who are Balding

Commercials using bald models whom use a product that miraculously grows there hair back. When in fact they are known to where wigs and the products arent known to be successful.
Infomercials on Ways to Become Millionaire

Commercials advertising information that could make you a millionaire. All you have to do is call and order the information, except when you call they attempt to sell you various other products that wasnt.

Soap Commercials

Various soap commercials with models depicting that using the soaps work miracles and if you use them too then you will be beautiful.

Coca Cola Commercials

Various commercials have actors drinking Coke Products with all of them resulting in dancing and extraordinary happiness.

Infomercial for Weight Loss

Xenenrene commercial depicting rapid weight loss. Fake models used to depict persons who have lost large amounts of weight using the product. These models may of lost weight with the product but it is obvious that they have worked out also. The working out part is not mentioned in the commercials.

Empire Carpets

I saw the Empire Carpet commercial where they said they had the lowest prices and they have warehouse prices and they could beat anybody. Well they are liars and not very nice people. When they came to my house the guy was not very nice and totally jacked up the prices and he said nobody would beat him. Well I went to another carpet store and they had better prices and were much nicer and said they have heard nothing but bad things about Empire.

Few months ago in India, there were commercials on television advertising a new offer of a soap company. The offer was that a customer can get lucky and can win a gold coin if they purchased the soap. They promoted that some of these soaps had a gold coin inside. But the truth is that not many people get it. The company can easily recover the money for the few gold coins that they have introduced. There will be millions of customer going to the store hoping that they would win a gold coin and out of the million only few of them actually win it.
Acne Creams

Another famous example of factual but not truthful is the commercials for pimple and acne creams. The television commercials have models and good looking actors who promote the product. Hence it is not practical to cure ones pimples or acnes over the period of two weeks, as they say. The whole thing is factual but not truthful.

Betty Crocker

There is a Betty Crocker Commercial advertising homemade cookies in 20 min. This is all good but in reality they are not really homemade, yes you bake them at home and you can say homemade, but to be really homemade they need to be made from scratch.

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Dell Computer

There are many things in our lives that are factual, but not truthful. The first one in my life is my Dell computer. I bought it because the advertisement said it costs $800, but when I was finished putting things that I wanted on it, it cost me $1100. 


Xbox, which when I bought it, I was under the impression that you could play games and watch DVD's on it. Come to find out, you have to go out and buy a $30 adapter and remote for the Xbox in order to watch DVD's. 

Dell Warranty

I called up Dell Computers and asked them some information on recent technology in desktops since I wanted to buy one for my home. The salesman spoke highly about latest Dimension E 520 machine and the benefits. He even told me about the technical repairs warranty on Dell computers for three years. I was happy about it but when the order confirmation was published on my e mail Id, story was different. To my surprise, the warranty allocated to me was just for a one year limited period. When I called them back, they said there are three types of warranties and my order was confirmed with a one year only. A three years warranty would cost me extra $165. There was no information given to me about this at the outset nor did they make this obvious to me in any way. They said theta Dell gives warranty up to three years but didnt tell that there is a price tag attached to this facility. I bought my Toshiba Computer notebook earlier which had a warranty for three years at no extra cost. I had presumed it will be the same for Dell and even took the salesmans word (up to 3 years) as an assurance. Actually they used the phrase up to 3 years as a defense mechanism by making a deal sound lucrative but actually there are charges which are not discussed to a consumer. This was not deceptive marketing but a good trick of using marketing terminology. Their business strategy is that they would sell you over the phone and take your credit card details and send a confirmation later by e mail, so it will be difficult for one to back out.


My little cousin brother went to a computer store to buy games cds. He found the cover of the games quite appealing. On basis of that he purchased the games. After going home he was quite disappointed with the graphics. This was quite misleading. This is one of the examples of factual but not truthful. The fact is that the games are appealing on cover, but the truth is that this only to attract customers.

Video Games

Video games these days are marketed these days as having real life graphics. While it is true that the graphics in present day video games are much better and more life-like than they used to be, it is not true to say that they are real life graphics. One can still tell the difference between seeing a video game football game and a televised football game. 


$16 for 6 months unlimited downloads in Kuro, a website which you can download music or movies, seems really cheap, but its not stable and sometimes you cant even find some pop music on it. 
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Credit Card

The credit card companies are constantly sending me offers regarding credit cards. I am always a special customer pre-approved for a credit card with 0% APR for purchases. They write this with big double bold print, however, when I read the whole thing I always find the clause informing you that this offer doesnt apply to everyone or that is only valid for 3-6 months, and after that I would end up paying a lot more. Factual but not truthful.

Credit Card

If you have credit card application, you have to read carefully for term and condition. Otherwise you will feel regret to open the credit card account. Some term and condition such as annual fee, interest on purchasing, interest on balance transfer, and finance charge can be factual but not truthful because there some terms and conditions that print in very small letter in purpose so that you will not paying attention for that thing.

Credit Cards

I received a check in the mail from my credit card company. They were giving me this money for cash advances. This check was true, but the fact behind it was that I had to pay an annual fee. In fact, I can cash this check and get that money, but I will have to pay that fee every year.

Credit Card

I have an AAA Diamond Rewards vouchers for using my AAA credit card and paying my bills on time. I was excited that I can spend my $80 worth vouchers until I read that they are not valid outside an AAA Club and may be used toward the purchase of eligible AAA products or service. In addition, here, printed with very small font they include all type of products and services the vouchers cannot actually be used.

Credit Card

When you fill out an application form of credit card, you have to read carefully for term and condition. Otherwise you will feel regret to open the credit card account. Some term and condition such as annual fee, interest on purchasing, interest on balance transfer, and finance charge can be factual but not truthful because there some terms and conditions that print in very small letter in purpose so that you will not pay attention to it. 

Credit Card

Credit cards that offer to increase your credit limit but they charge a fee to increase it.

Credit Card

Transferring balances to credit cards thinking that the rates are locked in but they can up the interest rates.

Credit Card

Credit cards that claim they will upgrade you from a Visa to a Visa Gold Card but they charge a fee.

Credit Card

Free credit reports that are only free for the first credit report you get and then they hit you up for a years subscription and a yearly fee.

Credit Card

Telemarketing of credit cards, which searches for target customers through random phone calls, can be factual, but not truthful. Since they manipulate customer with all better offer youd ever had, lower interest rates or 0% transfer charges. You actually will end up with another credit card in your wallet and additional bills to pay for each month.

Credit Card

Credit card companies are always offering credit protection services at a nominal cost per month.

Credit Card

When you receive one of the numerous a credit card application, you have to read the terms and condition very carefully. Terms and condition such as annual fee, interest on purchasing, interest on balance transfer for a limited amount of time, and finance charges and some terms and conditions that are in very small print that you can not read with out a magnifying glass. 

Credit Card

Free credit report.com they say its free but then they ask for you credit card to charge an annual fee or other fees. So it is not really free.

Credit Card

Many credit cards allow you to have a pin and you are able to take $$ out like it is an ATM. However, some people dont know that there are service fees and interest fees and a few more fees just for the heck of it. This is great that you can take money out but in the end you wind up spending 2X as much.

Credit Card

It is advertised online that you can get a free credit report online. Sure its free but then you have to give them you credit card # and then they bill u in 7 days. Thats not free.

Credit Card

Credit card companies send out mass mailings saying you are pre-approved for all this credit but you apply and you either get a small amount or can be denied depending on your credit.

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I just cannot help identifying Factual But Not Truthful experiences. There are just so many.


In Clearwater, Florida December 10, 2007 an article came out in the newspaper suggestion that the drop out rates in high school in Penellas County is very high. No mention of the percentage of students that dropped out and took the GED Exam and attained their diploma. What are the figures for GEDs passed and the average number of years taken per student after high school. Do they count a person that drops out and then returns?

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Generic Problems

Many prescription drugs are available in generic form. It is said to be known that all generic drugs active ingredients are the same. In fact there are a couple of drugs that are not exactly the same. There is a medicine for blood thinning called Coumadin. Pharmacists are reluctant to switch someone thats on brand or generic because they are different and can cause problems with the level of medicine in the blood. ***Note from David Morris "I just do not know if this is true"


Edy's ice cream was on sale at Walgreen as a "buy one get one free" deal. The advertised price was $4.99. I picked 4 different flavor thinking $10. the fact is that one could only buy 2 at that price. And it is limited to one transaction per household. I could not buy 4 at $9.98.


Many drug makers produce various pain relievers. Since there are so many people today with arthritis, there is a special product for people with arthritis. What many people dont know however, is that the medicine in that bottle is really the same thing as whats in then normal bottle of Tylenol or Advil. People do not look at the ingredients and active ingredients so they are unaware they are spending more on the arthritis marketed drug.
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McDonalds came out with a Fruit and Walnut Salad over the summer which is supposed to come with apple slices, grapes, candied walnuts and some vanilla yogurt for dipping. On 3 separate occasions, in 3 different McDonalds in two different states, I purchased the Fruit and Walnut salad for a healthy light lunch. Much to my dismay, on all 3 occasions, my salad did not include walnuts. Though the advertisement is factual, the salad can include walnuts, truthfully, you must ask for them specifically. It was not until a fourth time at the drive through that I received the walnuts which I had to ask for twice! Once when ordering, and then when checking the bag at the pick up window, I had to ask for them again. I understand the issue of allergies and therefore understand that the walnuts come packaged separately, however, the odd and even the name of the salad is not truthful. There should be some sort of disclaimer, something on the menu when ordering, or even the person taking the order should ask, "Would you like walnuts with that?" Until any of these 3 occur, the advertisement for the fruit and walnut salad is factual but not truthful.

Mc Donalds offers salads for people who still like to eat their food, but they want to eat healthier. In fact salads are healthier for you than the other foods sold there, but those salads are not as healthy as someone would think. The fried chicken in the salads is the same as eating it on a sandwich. People usually add dressing for extra flavor, but in fact this is adding to the amount of total calories of the salad.

Burger King

The giant company with its loyal brand once had a promotion called DOUBLE OFFER, which allowed consumer to buy two burgers together for a discounted price. The promotion enticed many people who were fond of fast food and refreshments They were selling one beef and one chicken, to make a combination of two burgers. If people demanded two chicken, they would still get one beef and one chicken. The actual price of a chicken is little higher than the beef burger if bought independently. The reason why they may have started this promotion is to boost the sale of their non-popular BEEF burger which was not being sold much in the region but the price for the package of two or independent items works out to be the same.

Burger King Promotion

There was a promotion run by Burger King, which offered one free Whopper Burger of any size if anybody produces a promotional cap of Coke bottle to them The people all started gathering these promotional bottle caps and were taken by surprise when they were asked to produce only one cap per person and the meal was free subject to purchase of another meal of the same value. So buy one and get another one free. It turned out to be quite embarrassing for many people as they were not allowed more than one at a time even though they had several bottle caps with them. The Advertisement/ stickers on the bottles mentioned about the free meal but it did not give clear information ( the print was too small to read). The small print was so vague that hardly one would understand what it meant other than the word FREE MEAL.

Burger King Fries

New design to fit inside of cup holder, (more money less fries)


Subway has come up with healthy sandwich, which is entirely a diet food. It is factual that the sandwich is healthy, but they dont realize that the extra dressing and mayonnaise that a customer would add to the sandwich would increase the calorie intake.


Subway always touts their sandwiches with 6 grams of fat our less. However, in the fine print it reads, does not include cheese, or condiments." Honestly, who orders a sub without cheese or condiments? A subway sub without cheese and condiments is like eating sandpaper. Not to mention that the 6 gram sub only refers to six inch subs. 

Kentucky Fried Chicken

A few years back the fast food chain formerly know as Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their name strictly to KFC. I remember the story being that they changed it because in fact they were not even using real chickens to make their food. Therefore, they had to change the name so that it did not contain the name "chicken" in the title. 

Pizza Castle Restaurant

Buy one Dinner and Get the 2nd one for $9.99 (your 2nd meal has to come from the daily specials)

Mexican Food

At a small Mexican restaurant in my town they have a lunch and dinner menu. The menus are exactly the same choices, the only difference is the price. The dinner prices are more expensive than the lunch prices, however the portions do not change. Therefore the consumer is paying more during the dinner hour for the same amount of food they can get at lunch.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts slogan of America runs on Dunkin is completely untrue. Dunkin Donuts is primarily located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Companies such as Starbucks dominate the Western United States, while Krispy Kreme holds the lions share of the South and Mid-West. They need to reassess the knowledge of geography. 

Dunkin Donuts

The Dunkin Donuts slogan, America runs on Dunkin is a great marketing strategy but not completely true. There are a high concentration of Dunkin Donuts located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. However, companies such as Starbucks and Krispy Kreme dominate other parts of the country.


The Scratch & Win Offer at KFC very year during Christmas in Dubai, offers a BMW and so many other exciting prizes for consumers. These promotions run through out the festival seasons to boost up the sales. I never won a single prize every time after scratching the card, I could only read Please Try Again, Thank You. My friends won sometimes but those gifts were worth pennies, such as key chains, one free soda or a small French fries packet. The brochures/ advertisements included Big BMW or other fat and attractive prizes like Plasma TV, Home Theatre etc. I have never in last 10 years heard or seen the news which made even one man win a big prize as illustrated through advertisements.

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I found on the Internet that one of the fitness clubs, Creative Health and Fitness in Milford, is offering 10 days free trial without any obligations. I printed out the coupon offering special offer and went to sign up. The customer service was nice and I have gotten a special tour around the complex. However, when I received my trial pass I noticed that it is only for six not 10 days. When the employee asked showed me their printed flyer with only six days free trial and said that the one on line is not current and they just did not have the time to change it. I insisted that this is not my fault and eventually they gave me 10 days free trial.

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Food is required to have the label with all the information including the nutrition facts. They always include the amount of calories, which let say is 250 calories. Then they print with the small font that the whole drink contains four servings, so the customer actually consumes the 400 calories drink. Factual, but not truthful because people usually look at the calories information not serving and calories facts combined.


Water that claims to be pure but actually has minerals such as salt in them (ie. Dasani water).

Dannon yogurts have information that eating their yogurts helps you to stay fit and slim. It is factual but not truthful, because you may eat the yogurts along with all unhealthy and fat food and this is not going to make you slim.
Red Lobster

Red Lobster restaurants advertise a special offer endless shrimps. The add says you can eat all kinds you want but when we went to the restaurant they actually had only a few kinds we could order in endless shrimps offer.

Salt Sense

1/3 less salt (same amount of sodium, larger flakes)

Italian Food

Italian foods and products that are not actually produced in Italy but in other countries and labeled as Italian.
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When an individual wins the lottery, the money amount is very large. When the person wins its says they get all the money. however, the case is different when they pick their payment options. Once they pick the option they want, taxes are then taken out of the amount of money. By the time this is done the facts are not correct. The winner, gets less money then originally stated. They in fact do win money but not as much as they thought.


Again, dealing with the lottery, I recently purchased a scratch ticket. On the ticket is said "instant win." After scratching the ticket to see if I won, I checked the numbers and I did. Therefore, I looked on the back of the ticket to determine how to receive my winnings. The directions said I had to mail the ticket in and it would take two to three weeks to get a check in the mail. The winnings were not so "instant" after all.

Free Tickets to a Las Vegas Show

You have to go through a 4 hour timeshare orientation first.

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Citizens pay tax for government. Governors promise tax income will spend on public affaires. However, because high corruption, lots of money just be wasted.

Sales Tax

In Europe, all the prices in the store include the tax. In the United Sates, the sales tags do not include the tax, so you actually pay more than the ticket says. Factual but not truthful.

Sales Tax

Buy one get one for a dollar (you pay $1.06)

Rent Control

The government claims that rent control will allow lower income people access to affordable housing. In theory, this may sound good, but in actuality, in the long run, rent control will lower the quality of housing provided by property managers and also cause them to reduce the amount of housing available to be rented, while also causing more people to enter the rent market looking for apartments.

Urgent Gram

One of the government grant search companies, is providing financial aid for education, housing, job training. And the condition they state is that there is no repaying to these financials. The whole concept of no repaying back is a total gimmick. There are always some payments which need to be made after the end of the term or the processing. Hence, the government grant is a factual concept, but repayment is a truthful concept.


When people are hired, they are told how much they are going to make and how much their salary will be. However, the employer always presents a gross pay which employee does not really get to see, except on the contract. There are always many other elements deducted from the gross pay like tax, social security or insurance.

The parks and recreation department in Calgary Canada advertised it Zoo as a free park/zoo. This statement is a fact. However one cannot access the park/zoo without paying a toll to access the property with a vehicle as well as parking, very expensive too. Factual that the Zoo/Park is free, Not truthful about the toll and parking fees.

Minimum Wage

The government claims that minimum wage laws will help raise the median household income and in theory this is correct, but in actuality, over time, implementation of this law causes an excess of job seekers, a shortage of job opportunities, and increased unemployment.

Call Box

Subway system call boxes that claim to be staffed 24 hours a day but they arent
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We have all seen the Trimspa commercials featuring Anna Nicole Smith who has lost a substantial amount of weight using their original formula, x32. We are made to believe that any overweight person could take these supplements and magically become skinny. Upon visit the website and attaining information concerning this product, I have found that along with taking x32, Trimspa states that in order to achieve actual significant weight loss, one must also take a daily multivitamin, change their eating habits and their lifestyle, maximize their metabolism, and exercise regularly. Although it is a face that Trimspa has helped numerous people loose weight, the truth is that it is not as easy as popping some pills everyday.

Work Out Machines

The advertisements for work-out machines say that you are guaranteed a new body in a certain amount of days/weeks. You can get a better body by doing this, but there are other factors, such as what you eat, to be successful. So, in fact you are guaranteed to loss weight, but to lose the weight that quickly, you will also need to have the right diet.

Beauty Supplies

When you see beauty supply companies advertise their products they promise that their products will make you look younger and more beautiful, but the girls they use in their commercials are already young and beautiful super models not average looking people. Im sure their products can make models look beautiful but I dont know how much of an affect it would have on the average person. It is factual that their products can make some people look better, but not all people.

Joint Renew

There is an ad for the glucosamine product Move Free that says something to the effect Renew, Rebuild, Replenish your joints. Then at the end in fine print it says not evaluated by the FDA and product is not intended to do anything. I suppose it is the same for all such health products. They show someone losing 800 lbs on a certain medication, and then they say results not typical.

Apple a Day

The saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away may lead one to believe that if they eat an apple every day that they will avoid sickness and not need to go to the doctor. It is true that apples are good for you and you may be healthier if you eat them; however, eventually you will get sick or need to go to a doctor. 


Having to wait an hour or more to obtain a prescription when the pharmacy isnt even busy. A technique to get you to wander around the store and possibly buy other stuff while youre waiting.


Medicine commercials can be quite misleading. The companies would not know the medical conditions of patients and advertise to public, without keeping a target market. For example an anti depressant tablet can have different side effects for different people. Hence, it is not always helpful. This is factual but not truthful.

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High school students in todays world are constantly bombarded with the phrase "Going to college is the only way to get a good job". Although it is a fact that those who graduate from college will most likely get a better job then someone who does not have a college degree, but it is not truthful. Someone is not simply guaranteed or given a good job following college, there are many other things that must be taken into consideration: someone must have a good resume, make themselves presentable and marketable, and also pass the rigorous interviewing process. When I sign up for the


MBA program at the UNH, I very carefully read the waiver policy because I have already earned master degree in my own country. To get waived statistic course they required to have taken two courses in statistics, or one course in statistics and one course in quantitative business analysis with the grade B or better. Although I had taken two statistics plus one quantitative analysis with grades B and better, what makes even more than required, I did not get waived statistic course. I had to talk to the professor myself and ask him to look at my transcript, which he actually did, and the waiver was granted to me. However, I should get that waived at the first place according to the university policy.


As a student of UNH I was told that Dell Computers offers 12% corporate discount to all UNH members including faculty and students. I wanted to purchase one desktop so I approached the company and asked for a quote based on the corporate discount. The sales person who spoke to me quoted me a price which was equal to the rate applicable for any consumer. When I asked them they told me that the corporate discount is available only on retail price whereas the rates offered to consumers are already discounted. There is no difference between the two prices. It works better if you dont ask for the corporate discount. The corporate discount scheme is just a sales gimmick.


UNH resident students must purchase school meal plan, but it really expensive and taste bad.


School shuttle looks convenient and useful, but its not really so. It usually leaves earlier or comes later than the schedule. Students lose more than we gain. 

High School

High school students are targeted for advertisements by different universities and colleges, stating that going to college will educate a student better and help him get a great job. This relates that going to college and gaining education is factual, however, getting a good job is not truthful, because there are various factors taken into consideration for getting a good job. The factors stated could be an exceptional resume, academic records and background, passing the interview and also passing a written exam, if any.

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Front Door

My parents had their front door install they told them it would be 500 dollars. When they got in there and it installed they charged extra for weather stripping and using extra pieces but they never told that to my parents so they had to pay out another 100 dollars for those things.


My parents just recently installed new flooring in their kitchen and when it was time to seal it they told my parents it would cost an extra 200 dollars to do that on top of what they already paid. So my dad ended up doing it himself.


There is a big boom in real estate market in Dubai and all around the city area you can see sky creepers coming up, huge projects worth billions of dollars. The population of Dubai is only 3 million people and most of them is an expatriate community who will have to return back to their countries after their work contracts are expired. The realtors talk about high premiums and potential gains if people invest in the real estate market. But the question is, the project completion estimated date is 5-10 years, then how does the investor gain in a highly unpredicted and non-secure preposition. Real Estate companies are marketing strongly to encourage people for buying their own home in Dubai, but there is no legal framework been put in place for foreigners by the government, which makes it a very risky investment unlike been advertised by Realtors. Its not truthful.

Closing Cost

First Time Home Buyers No money down (you are responsible for closing costs)

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Geico advertises itself as a low cost insurer. After sending my 15 minutes to save 15%, I was disappointed to hear that they were closer to being 15% more than my current auto insurer.


Geico is attracts customers by using the slogan, Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on your car insurance. This is truthful in that you could end up saving money, but it is also very possible that you will not. this service is to hold you blameless in the event your card is lost or stolen. However, in the credit card agreement you can note that it states if proven you are not held responsible for credit theft or false impersonation. 


Call now for mechanical breakdown coverage (must be taken out within 1 year of purchasing your car or 12,000 miles whichever comes first)


When I got hired at my company they offered me a short time disability insurance saying that I can but I dont have to sign up for it, which I end up not taking. However, after one year and a discussion with my husband I decided to sign up for it. This time I got informed that because I didnt take it at the first place when I was hired, in case of any short term absence I could get only 40% instead 60% of my pay.

Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

Call now, we can save you over $300 in savings (only if you qualify for the discount premiums)

Hartford Insurance

I carried an international Driving license when I moved to United States. I bought a new car and was offered very expensive insurance premium since I didnt have a local license. I was told that the premium could be revised when I acquire a local license. After two months I got US local driving license and when I called the company, they said that the premiums can only be revised at renewal date of the policy. I still have more 10 months on my insurance and reduction in premiums is possible only after that. Their assurance to revise my premiums was factual but since they dint specify in clear terms as to when it can be done, therefore I consider this to be untruthful on their part.


Fifteen minutes could save you on your can insurance. Sure I guess it could, but its not likely. 


In Insurance and Investment Plans, there are many facts which are written for clients information but not many are discussed nor notified to the customer at the time of sale. In Financial Planning business, people try to hide the charges when selling mutual funds as fund management charges keep investors away from investing in money. There are so many different types of charges such as for administration, plan establishment and fund management, early encashment or withdrawal fee etc which are mostly not discussed,. The returns and growth perspective is always talked more at length. It becomes important for people to understand the principles of investments to avoid any surprises or the risk of account depletion.


Insurance companies quote people the lowest monthly payment amount but do not include the fact that there is a high deductible associated with the low payment amount.


Insurance companies make their promises while advertising about benefits and reimbursements. However some of them shy away when the time comes. For example after the Katrina incident, so many people who got their houses insured went to insurance company for their benefits. However there were disputes about insurance companies reimbursing them with the money. 55% of the customers of insurance companies say that these insurance companies have been unfair.

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As advertised on thinkgeek.com there is a "Natures fire Kinetic Sculpture." This "sculpture" is a glorified lamp with a little volcano inside which is said to have random eruptions. The advertisement is quite impressive stating "The multi-colored LED lights and the random eruption of the magma from the seabed and the realistic way in which the magma explodes and cascades back down will bestow upon you countless hours of bliss." My boyfriend, a thinkgeek.com regular, purchased the lamp thinking it would be "pretty cool." Just as advertised, the product came with multi-colored LED lights and "magic motion beads" which were the "magma." However, the picture in the advertisement is not truthful: the LED lights are not visible unless the room is pitch black and the eruptions are anything but random. The picture must be taken in a very dark room and somehow time elapsed because it looks as though the "magma" is liquid. Truthfully, the "magma" is nothing but red and white beads that erupt from the volcano constantly which make it anything but realistic.


Snapfish.com offered me a 2-week window of 20% off on any of my photo gifts and additional discounts if I ordered duplicates of the same photo gifts. I ordered two calendars, 2 ornaments, and 6 5X7 prints. At check out, I saved 6 dollars and change. When my billing information came up, they charged me 7 dollars to ship my two calendars, 7 dollars to ship the ornaments, and two dollars to ship my 6 pictures. I thought the shipping cost was excessive than I remembered from my last order. The discount encouraged me to buy duplicates, which made me buy more and then I got hit with the darn shipping costs. Had I not spent hours working on the photo calendar and touching my pictures for the ornaments, I would have called to cancel my order! Or simply clicked the screen off! Overall, I did not save any money, I spent more! They got exactly what they wanted.


On Target.com, there is an ad that says you can get free shipping on over 15,000 gifts. However, when you click on the link for the free shipping details (that's so small you can barely read it), it says that the free shipping promotion only applies to those items that are marked with the words "free shipping" at the time of purchase. In addition, the offer does not include 1-day or 2-day shipping and handling charges, it may not be combined with other promotional offers or discounts or applied to previous orders, and free shipping offers expire on date listed below or while supplies last.

Various Website Links

Website links offer free membership and information, but when you arrive at site you are deferred to fill out personal information before continuing on. This is a marketing scheme to get your information to possibly put you on a mailing list or something.

Personal Information

I received an email stating a free service about determine personal information that was accessible on the internet. The website in the email said it would tell you what other people could access about you. So I typed my name in to see what would come up. It found my name and I clicked on it, where it said I had to pay a fee to see the information. It was free to access the site but to get the information you had to pay a fee.


Few days ago I received an email from an unknown source. After learning that it was from a horoscope reader, I tried to find out more information, considering it was free. I was asked to go through a process. I clicked on pages, to reach the end and to subscribe. Page after page there were forms and at the end was a page for terms and conditions. One of the terms stated that there was an annual fee to subscribe for the horoscope reading. This was a tedious process. Initially they dont mention anything about prices and eventually they put it in the terms and conditions that there are charges. After consulting my friend I realized that they get paid for every click a visitor makes into the webpage. This was a total gimmick. This is one of the examples of factual but not truthful.

Online Commercial

Answer a question and get a free prize. Old trick to get you to their website, but you dont ever win a prize.

Pop Ups

When you are on line and pop up advertising box appears reading you just won a free laptop, fill in your information and the laptop will be mail to you. When you click enter it brings you to a screen to fill in your information then you click enter again it then brings you to multiple surveys, credit applications, etc to fill in. It is not totally free and after filling in tons of surveys do you ever get the laptop? So free does not always mean free!


The dating website e-harmony advertises that it can match people based on certain characteristics and later shows happily married couples. Inevitably some people are going to get it right and stay together. Just because there were some successes, doesnt mean you can find your spouse on this site what ever happened to opposites attracting. 


Dating website claim that if you are having trouble finding Mr. or Mrs. Right, then they will be able to set you up with your perfect someone based on a laundry list of similar or compatible characteristics. This may end up working for some, but just because it ends up working for some does not mean that anyone who visits a dating website id going to be able to find who they are looking for. 

Free Download

My boyfriend download a free program from the internet. He installed the program and ran it on his computer which was supposed to clean up the desktop. A portion of the way through the program, a box popped up that said if he wanted the full version of the program he would have to purchase the program so if could fully fix his computer. Therefore, it was free to download a portion of the program but to get the full version he had to purchase it.

Map Quest Driving Directions

Maps and routes are not always accurate.


When you buy merchandise on-line the stores always advertise that there is no charge and no risk, that you can always return it if you change your mind. However, the customer is actually charged the fee for shipping back merchandise he/she wants to return.

When you try to buy something on-line the seller very often, put on-line a picture enlarged to twice the size of actual item. That makes the buyer think that the item is really worth the price when it is in fact very small.

Video Games

Video games when advertised on TV show amazing life like graphics. These graphics are a major sell point which appeals to consumers. Though it is factual that these graphics are better than the days of Super Mario Brothers, truthfully however, the actual graphics when one plays the games are nothing like what is seen on TV. They are far less life like, clearly computer generated and of poor quality in comparison to the advertisement.


When I ordered a vase I saw online and it turned out to be a toy vase.


America Online (AOL) has begun advertising its new Security Center. In the commercial an AOL customer on a tour with others of the Security Center begins asking the guide questions relating to the protection from Spyware, viruses, spam mail, identity theft etc.. The guide responds that such things are "zapped, "crushed," and "blocked." Factually, AOL has filtered out many of these things with their new security system, however truthfully it is impossible to completely protect oneself from these threats when connected to the internet. No internet provider can guarantee that they will filter every piece of information that passes through the computer. It is impossible to anticipate changes and advances in internet threats. The only way one can be completely protected from such threats is to simply never connect to the internet at all.


When I first signed up for a poker website there was an advertisement on that site that said if you sign up and deposit $50 you get $50 for free. After I signed up I realized that the free $50 was put into a separate account and you only get $10 of that money for every 100 hands you play. So, you only get the full $50 once you play 500 hands, and chances are after playing 500 hands you are bound to lose $50 over that period of time. It is factual that you get $50 for free, but not truthful in the way you get it because it is not really a free $50.

Online Shopping

Online shopping allows shoppers to compare the product prices in one click, however the product quality would not be noticed until they are delivered to the buyers. Depending on the luck, the buyer might receive the brand new product with equal price or even lower price than wandering in stores. Unfortunately, some products arrive at the doors with lower quality than expected. Even worse, the buyers paid more than the regular price in stores. 

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Damas Jewelry Promotion

There was a Gold promotion during the festival season by Damas, a major Gold and Diamonds Retailer in Middle East and India. They started a promotion of giving one necklace free with a minimum purchase of AED 1200 ( 330 US dollars). It was quite an exciting offer, but the truth was discovered when people walked into their showrooms and viewed the gift. There was a very little piece of gold (less than one gram) on an imitation jewelry made out of fancy threads which is not worth more than 2-3 dollars if bought separately. The people looked at the advertisements and expected it to be a great deal but were disappointed on arriving at their showrooms. In fact the deal would have worked better by going to small jewels shops/ merchants who were offering very good discounts and also known for lower making/ designing charges on the readymade jewels. This marketing strategy took many people by surprise and also resulted in reputation risks for a massive Retail company.

Rivoli Watches

A 30% Damas Discount Coupon was offered with purchase of every Rivoli watch last year during a promotion period in 2005 at Dubai Stores. Damas is a very popular Jewellery shop, best known for its diamonds from Belgium and India. The price for diamonds can be negotiated since the retailers keep a very high profit margin on the selling price. They even offer up to 40% on the listed price if you negotiate well The coupon of 30% restricted to 30% discount on the actual listed price which works out to be lesser than the regular discount a consumer would be offered. This was a sales gimmick, driving people to buy more diamonds and watches simultaneously, pumping up their sales volume.
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I first experienced something factual yet not truthful when I ordered pills and they ended up charging me for them when they told me they were free.
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People who smoking sometimes did not realized on the cigarettes advertising at the stores. The stores always put cigarettes price at the low prices and placed it in big sign. The purpose is so that people can see the prices and buy it because its cheap. But if you carefully pay attention to the bottom of big prices, its written in there plus tax. So people often get angry because they think the stores lying about the prices.


Coffee is not addictive. Coffee can be habit-forming but has not been proven truly addictive. I dont know about you but I need my coffee. Some of the coffee withdrawal symptoms can range from a mild headache, irritability and drowsiness to muscle aches, blurred vision and even low-level depression, which I have some of the symptoms almost every morning with out my coffee.


In my country people like to drink alcoholic beverage very much. Some company advertised that their products are good for health because they add some herbal. I do not think it works but it is true that they put some materials which are good for people.
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Vacation Village
I have received an offer from Vacation Village in the Berkshires for 3 days and 2 nights accommodation in their newest resort for a great price of $60 for two people. All I had to do was to let them use my credit card to pay the $60 fee and participate in the resort tour when I get there. However, I have charged $160 instead and with all the paperwork they send it to me, they enclosed the $100 gift card. On one had they were truthful, but on the other hand, they did not mention that I will have to pay $160 but I will receive $100 gift card.

Privilege Card

The companies that call to sell Privilege Card for Hotel Membership has most of times some hidden facts which they do not like to disclose at the outset. My friend took a privilege card costing 150 dollars which offered amazing benefits associated to 4 hotels in Dubai. Once she went with her spouse and two friends to have dinner in one of an expensive restaurants assuming that she will be offered 50% discount on dining. She was shocked and embarrassed when she was asked to pay 85%of the bill. The fine print on the membership terms of the privilege card says, that 50% discount is only offered when two people are dining and anybody above that is eligible for 15% discount only.


I just bought a condo recently and when I had the closing I was expecting money back to make up for some of things wrong with the condo. This is what it was told to me by my mortgage broker and realtor. In reality it was money coming off the cost of the house but that I still had to pay bank fees. Nobody every explained to me about bank fees when buying a house and how much they were going to be. For anyone buying a house for the first time to be prepared to shell out a lot of money to the bank depending on the cost because they will rob you blind.


When I stayed a hotel in NY, I got a free meal coupon. While I was eating breakfast at the restaurant, I thought this was free with this ticket. But a waiter said to me this coupon only applies continental breakfast. So you have to pay extra fee because you eat hot meals, not included continental menu.

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BMG Music

Music companies such as Columbia Music House or BMG offer amazing starter deals as an incentive to join their music clubs. They offer something crazy like 15 CDs for the price of one. It is basically factual that to start you will receive 15 CDs for the price of one (plus shipping and handling). They then mention somewhere in fine print that you will be sent a featured CD each month and if you do not send it back or decline the featured CD each month, then you are charged for it. Many people end up taking a hit for the cost of a new CD every month because they cannot keep up with canceling the featured CD. 

BMG Music

People who like music must know about BMG music. It is a company who selling music CDs by online way with lowest price than any other stores such as BestBuy, Wal-Mart or Target. BMG music offers CDs for the regular price at one within a year. But if people do not pay attention of the membership terms, BMG music will charged you shipping and handling separately for each CD, which for the final cost is more likely same thing at the stores. In addition, in every two weeks, BMG music will send you a new releases CD plus the bill. If you like it, you just have to pay the bill at regular price plus shipping and handling.

BMG Music

It was supposed to be 12 cds for like a dollar, but by the time I was done with the service, I paid them close to $40.

Columbia House

Columbia House has an offer get 5 DVDs for 49 each with Free Shipping! As a Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 more movies in the next 2 years at regular Club prices (currently as low as $19.95 plus shipping and processing). Take a 6th movie now for $14.95 with free shipping and have to buy only 4 more movies (instead of 5) in the next 2 years. You may cancel anytime thereafter. Plus, You can even take a 7th movie for the special price of $9.95 with Free Shipping. You will receive a free DVD Club magazine about every 4 weeks, as well as some Special Selection mailings. Your introductory package is sent on a 10-day trial basis and includes complete details and your Membership Agreement. If you are not completely satisfied, to cancel your membership just return that package at our expense within 10 days, and we will credit your account. If your application is accepted, your membership is subject to the terms and conditions of our Membership Agreement, which we will send you with your introductory package. With Columbia House there is always a charge popping up or you always have to buy something more.

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Cramming Schools

Cramming schools in Japan advertise the number of successful applicants for college. Most of them include not only the number of their students, but also the students who only take the practice test of the school.

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Sunday Paper

I was looking in the Sunday paper at the advertisements, specifically the Target flyer. In the flyer, they advertised Tressume Hair Moose for $2.97 as being on sale. Since I use the product I went to the store to purchase the Hair Moose. However, when I got there I looked at the price and realized $2.97 was the regular selling price. The shelf display said As Advertised, therefore the Hair Moose was not on sale just advertised.


I was recently looking in Cosmopolitan Magazine and there was an ad for Bath and Body Works, stating a Free gift. On the back of the coupon in very small letters, it stated that consumers had to spend $10.95 to get the Free gift. Although it says Free the consumer had to spend money to get the supposed gift.

Gulf News Subscription

One of the most leading newspaper in Dubai ran a promotion last year. It says, pay 150 dollars for the entire year and get a cash coupon for $ 75 which could be redeemed at Giordano or Paris Gallery showrooms. I was excited because I could buy some cosmetics for free. I immediately signed up for the subscription and after two weeks received my coupon by post. I went and bought something for myself from Paris Gallery and was quite content with the deal. Just the next week, I happened to speak with my friend who read the same newspapers and I asked her if she availed this great offer. I was taken aback when she told me that she only paid 70 dollars for the subscription online though it did not offer any coupon. What it meant was that the price for the one year subscription is only seventy dollars but the gift offer with an additional price tag was just attached to attract public and increase their sale. People always like to be offered something for free. The actual price was seventy dollars but they charged $150 and offered a 75 dollars gift coupon. Actually it works out to be 5 dollars more expensive than the actual price. Perhaps the company used five dollars for the cost of advertising.


Newspapers are usually for providing day to day news about the country or the local city. Its primary purpose is to provide quality information. But the truth is something else. Now a days newspapers focus more on the celebrity news, their day to day life style, where they went, how they went, who they dating, etc. Its a waste subscribing for such newspaper where newspapers dont give any information about the happenings in the country. The fact is that newspapers have sufficient data to read, but the truth is that it is not quality data.


Parking garages that say $25 for 24 hour parking but that excludes weekends where the rates are actually higher.

Subscription Calls

I received a call from a sales representative trying to sell me Magazine subscription membership. Half the time the sales lady talked personal, which I think is good marketing tool to build a rapport, but later she put me on to her manager who talked about the benefits and discounts available currently. After 30 minutes of conversation, they could convince me on joining the membership as the fact was it offered me 5 magazines in a month at the rate of just 10 dollars a month. Though I am here with restricted resources and have no income being an international student, I still thought this preposition is not bad comparing to its cost. I started giving my credit card details but when the actual amount to be collected was told, I was not happy any more. They wanted to deduct the whole one year subscription money at one go. Nowhere during the conversation, it was mentioned that they will charge me whole one year subscription as they kept discussing about 10 dollars a monthly fee. They use small figures to entice people to such promotions. I found this approach factual but not truthful.
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Colgate toothpaste has a very smart adaptation. Everyone have to squeeze the toothpaste, in order to put toothpaste on the toothbrush. Colgate makes every orifice of toothpaste bigger than before. That people will finish their toothpaste quickly and Colgate will make new profit.

Acer Laptop

I purchase an Acer laptop Ferrari edition, the hardware is not really special, but the price are two times than a normal laptop which has same hardware.

Scrubbing Bubbles

Scrubbing bubble automatic shower cleaner that is supposed to clean your shower when you are not there but it doesnt work.


I saw a sign recently for U-Haul that is was 19.95 to rent a moving truck for the day. I thought this was great since I had big pieces of furniture to move up to my new place. When I stepped inside to inquiry about this it was not 19.95 but a lot more. You have to pay for every mile you drive plus fill up the truck before you return it. Well after doing the math I realized it was 80.00 and 19.95. I was not pleased by this and let them know that was false advertising.

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores where everything is not a dollar.

Nonstick Pans

You can still burn your food.


Energizer states that their product can keep going and going. Not true It is a battery, inevitably like all life it cannot go on forever. 


Energizer uses a bunny that keeps going and going and going to represent how long their batteries last. Im sure they last a long time as far as batteries go; however, at some point they will cease to go. Timex uses the slogan, Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. This is factual in that it is probably a more durable watch than some others. However, give me 15 seconds with a Timex and I can most likely break it.

Diet Pills

Diet Pills lose six inches off your waist (you have to take the pill and exercise)

Washing Machine

I bought a washing machine and they told they would hook it up with all the proper plugs and water outlets. Well that is not true. They do not hook up the dryer ring I had to do it myself and when I turned on the washing machine it linked and they were like you have to get a new hose that is long enough. I was upset because why didnt they hook up the proper hose. They told me they just hook up the hose that is comes with and its not their fault if it doesnt work. I then add to go out and spend an extra 20 dollars to get the correct hose.


Timex uses the slogan, Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. This is factual in that it is probably a more durable watch than some others. However, give me 15 seconds with a Timex and I can most likely break it. 

Fat Less Milk

I often see fat less milk in US. When I checked the label of ingredient, I found that it contained some amount of sugar. Although sugar has fewer calories than fat, it has four cal per gram. Instead of fat, the milk still has many calories than I expect. 

Right Guard

I used right guard deodorant that said it had the longest lasting protection and I sweated profusely as soon as I put it on.


I used Merriam Webster dictionary and couldnt find half the words in the real Webster dictionary.


There is a popular rice brand called Basmati in India and is admired by many Indians because of its aroma and taste. It cooks very delicious and best known for its shape... thin long grains. Basmati is sold under different names and can vary in size but tastes almost the same. I moved to United States and went to an Indian Grocery to buy Basmati rice. The only brand available was SONA, made in New York. I bought the whole sack and when actually cooked it for the first time, I realized that it was not even 50% of what Basmati should taste like. The brand awareness was not truthful. I would not call it deceptive but its not truthful either. The fact is that they have used the brand loyalty to generate more revenue but an Indian consumer may not let this last long as eventually the market for this product will drop.


Bowflex always shows either a ripped male or female using the machine. Then they say, "Bowflex helped me to get this body. I'm sorry, but bowflex was not the only thing going on there. 

Bed and Bath

I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a new sheet set because they were running a sale on this particular kind. When I got there however of course you had to buy the comforter to go along with the set in order to get the sales price, I didnt want the whole set I just needed the sheets.


Some vitamin advertisements use the word mega vitamin. They claim that you need to take vitamins to stay healthy. This may be the case however if you eat a balanced diet you can get all the vitamins you need through food. Therefore if you purchase their vitamin and eat a balanced diet, your body ends up excreting the excess from the vitamin. Therefore in the end you have very expensive urine.

Herbal Essence

The shampoo brand Herbal Essence attempts to sell their shampoo by advertising a feeling of euphoria in addition to great looking hair. This is true in that the shampoo works fine in getting your hair clean and maybe even makes it shine; however, no one will feel this overwhelming feeling of joy that is shown in the commercials from using this product. 

Herbal Essence

I used to use Herbal Essence hair products. A few weeks ago they changed the bottles to a new look but kept the price the same. At a closer look, the new bottles were smaller than the old bottles so the consumer was getting less of the product but still paying the same price.


Juice products that claim to be juice but are actually less than 20% juice.

Low Fat

Low fat foods that may be low in fat but loaded with sugar and calories.


Labels that claim to be organic but they are actually less than 5% organic.

Digital Camera

My friends bought me a digital camera but the warranty did not come with it I had to purchase it myself. My friends said no problem just go to the store and pay 10 dollars for two years warranty since I wanted the warranty. Well when I got there it was actually 30 dollars for 3 years and when I asked about the 2 years they said I missed by a week. I said how is that possible since my friends just bought me the camera two days ago. I got the run around so I never ended up getting the warranty.


Nike sneakers always expensive than others, the only different is the brand, the quality almost the same.
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When I went to a cafeteria in NY, a waiter served me a cup of orange juice before taking order. So I thought it was for free at that time, however, it was charged in the receipt. 


Various restaurants offer fresh Maine Lobster on their menus. How is the consumer certain of this fact? Also is there truly any difference between a crustacean that migrates along the New England coast, and where it happens to get caught in a trap. 


I was eating at a local bar where they had a special on wings. During a three hour span if you purchased wings they were half off the price. I ordered the wings but by the time they were ready I wanted them to go. When I got the bill the wings were full price. I asked why and the waitress said because I wanted them to go. So the wings were half price if you ate them there and not to go.


At a restaurant they say a salad is included in the meal but if you want a Caesar salad it costs money. I feel a salad is a salad why they should they charge if you want Caesar versus regular.


There was a promotion in one of my favorite restaurants called Noor Mahal which offered the Buffet meal for $15 each instead of the usual price of $18. I was using the restaurant on a regular basis so I had known the cuisine and varieties quite well. During the promotion I went with my family to have dinner and expected the same variety and delicious food. To my surprise, I found there was a less variety in dishes and deserts compared to usual meals. Promotion was a fact but their service offering was not truthful.


Buffet offer free drinks, but when you drink lots of soda or others. At the same time, you definitely will eat less. That is the strategy for restaurant to save cost.

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Wal-Mart was advertising a big sale one week before Thanksgiving. I have their flyer in the mail and I noticed a special buy for GE Roster Oven for $29.72 sold with the bonus-serving tray. When I went to the store they had exact the same roster, however sold without the tray. To get a special free bonus customer had to pay extra $9.88.

Wal-Mart Commercials

Wal-Mart in their commercials show the yellow smiley face all the time as if that every store you go to every employee services you with a smile. Except that this is far from the truth. Normally when you go to a Wal-Mart to shop there are hardly enough service technicians and the ones that are available are far from all smiles.


U-Haul advertising that its only 19.95 but thats only for the rental of the truck and nothing else.


In 1990 Ralston-Purina Company claimed that one of its dog food products were proven to reduce hip injuries in large breed dogs. Not true Hip injuries are often times genetic and a diet cannot aid in this claim. ***I do not know. DM


I purchased a bag of candy from Target which was target brand. On the front of the package it stated you could win a gift card up to 500 dollars that was in the bag. When I opened the bag and scratched off the strip to see what I had own it stated Ekk its a trip, please try again. Since it was Halloween they were going with the Halloween theme and even though it said you could win a gift card, not every bag had a card with money on it.


There is an area in Target always sell low prices stuff and they put hot spot on the top of those products, and usually they sell most of those on $1 for sale. If you look at the barcode behind the product, youll find their regular are $1, too. 


There was an advertising of toy items on target brochure which I agreed to check it out for my nieces birthday gift. It is described that the dog would dance along with any music, pop, rock, hip hop. Besides, the size in the picture was about a small breed dog. However, I found out at the store that it can be solely used with MP3 plug-in and it is as little as a coffee cup.


At Target retail store a garden lounge chair was marked $27.50 with a big sign on the shelve stating a 30% off on all garden chairs. At checkout the $27.50 did not qualify for the 30% off discount. The 30% is only applicable if I am opening a store card.


I got a box of green tablets in Target, and it says it burns your calories faster and give you nutrition. I believe that it actually doesnt burn calories but only give you some kind of nutrition. 

Reebok Shoe Showroom

There was a SALE at Reebok Shoe Showroom, offering 25% discount on selected shoes. When my sister went to buy a pair for herself, she noticed that there was no difference in price before and during the sale period. I had bought the same pair a couple of weeks back with exactly the same price so I recommended that she should go and buy a pair for herself which would be cheaper after 25% discount. There was no difference in price but the banner outside does attract lot of people. On asking, I was told that the price was 25% lesser than the listed/ retail price, but my question was that why did they offer the same price before the SALE period.


Have you ever bought ticket from Ticketmaster? Even though there was a ticket of $80 on internet, I had to pay more than $80. The ticket selling company charged $7.95 for an issuing fee. The way to issue ticket was just printing it out by myself. 


A product of I-pod can maintain its battery for 80 hours. As you use it for a long time, the durable time gradually becomes less. In fact, the time is only applied for a new product.

Brooks Pharmacy

Brooks Pharmacy store advertised Nips and Nestle Crunch Candy bars for four for few dollars. However, the fine point of advertisement limits the quantities.


At Gap first Tuesday of every month they say you get 10% off your purchase but thats on you if you use your Gap card but they dont tell you that on the advertisement. You can not use cash or credit in order to get the 10% which stinks because I dont have a Gap Card but want the 10% off.


Retail stores that offer 15% off regular, sale and/or clearance items but in fine print they end up excluding the store.


Renting furniture and electronics sounds like an amazing deal to someone of low income that could not afford to buy the expensive product flat out. For a cheap weekly payment, someone could rent anything from a plasma screen television to a leather wrap-around couch. Payments are to be made for quite a number of weeks and as it turns out, customers end up paying two, three, and even four times the retail price of the item. Customers are not usually informed of the full price they will be paying upfront, and are often lured by the opportunity to make payments on this equipment with no credit and to eventually own it when all of the payments have been made. The payments and eventual ownership are factual, but the truth is that the customer will be immensely overcharged in the end.


Shopping in Costco we have to pay membership fee when you register, but probably we dont go there more than 2 times a month. It looks cheap to buy commodities or food there, but we have to count on the membership fee we pay annually. 

American Eagle

I looked for a specific jeans in America Eagle, but when I went there the first 2 times, I didnt find it and the clerk told me if I couldnt find on the shelf then they didnt have any in stock and they didnt even check. But I found it when I went there 2 days after. 

American Eagle

American Eagle sold some clothes in clearance prices like $24.99 last week, but they sell the same one on $19.99. It was not real clearance price last week.

Home Depot

Home Depot advertised a 10% off on any purchase of $299 or more and a no payments, no interest until April 2006. However the APR on all such purchase applies at 21% on such purchases after April 2006. The 10% only applies to purchases with the store card only stated in asterisk fine prints.

Home Depot

I bought a Webster Grill at Home Depot advertised a coming with a free grill cover. At checkout I was informed that I have to mail in the receipt for the grill to the manufacturer to get the free cover.
Home Depot

In their commercials they promise you can do it we can help through great service when you visit their stores, but when you visit the stores floor technicians seem to ignore you or dont know where something is or arent familiar with the project at hand.

Office Max

Office Max is advertising the sale of all leather office chairs for a comparable savings. 

Circuit City

Circuit City electronic store put some new releases on sale for $9.99 each. There were more than ten new releases listed. The fine point limited three per title per customers. 

Circuit City

Circuit City electronic store advertised the release of a new CD with a free T-shirt. Those free T-shirts were limited to 10 per store. 


BestBuy retail store advertised HP notebook for $399. The fact was that they were only selling five at that price (merely printed in fine prints on the back of the store flyer) True one can buy the notebook at that price, but the numbers are very limited to the first five customers.


When you buy things from BestBuy, the sellers try to promote some magazines for free, but it will only free for several weeks and cancellation for these magazine are complicated.


BestBuy sells new Play Station 3 with limited numbers, lots of people waiting all night outside the store to buy this game machine. But the truth is they not really need it, they will sell it higher price because of limited number of machines.


I ordered protein and it said 'most protein per serving' it turned out that a serving was six scoops so it was too much to even digest in one sitting.


I hate the store IKEA, everyone loves them but I think they are a gimmick. Yes they have great stuff the problem is you have to go there pick it out and then find it in this huge warehouse which you can never find it and when you do its usually dinged up. I got so frustrated that I just left and also you have to put it together. They seem to me just a warehouse for stuff and they should just say that.


When I shop at Kohls, I spent for around $55 for a gift. In that time, I receive a cash coupon $10 that you can use within two weeks. So I come back again in few days and use my cash coupon. Then after past a week, I returned the gift for reason the size does not fit. But the salesperson in there claims that I cannot get full refund because I already used my cash coupon. I did not realize about the terms and condition which is say price adjustment. I only can get full refund if I received the money back as store credit. Otherwise they will deduct the value of the gift. So that in the future I can come back and spend money in


Kohls and other notable retailers are offering sales on top of sales. One jewelry advertisement stated that prices where 60% off and take an additional 20% of the retail price. This is misleading consumers may believe they are receiving merchandise at 80% off cost; however they are only receiving 20% from the already sale price. Also the true retail costs are hidden as the products have been severely marked up to offset the sale.


Online retailers such as Kohls are offering free shipping for purchases over $75 dollars. If the shipping was free they would not be setting a minimum dollar amount to provide the service. 


Kohl retail store advertised a savings of 70% on their Gold Star clearance. The fine prints warned that final prices given at the register. A Blender marked $50 at checkout came to $39.99. A savings of less than 30% (even though the Blender was one of the product marked for the 70% savings. There was savings but not 70%


Khols is always advertising on TV. Each week its this is the best sale ever. It seems that every Wednesday is 50% off day so yes thats a great sale but not the greatest ever since it runs ever week.


Tupperware has a new commercial out Rubbermaid can make over your kitchen is 10 seconds, with its stackable tops. Rubbermaid does not account for how long it will take to wash the new Tupperware or how long it will take to get rid of the old stuff.

Casual For Men

Casual for Men advertised buy one suit and get one for free. At check out I was informed that you have to pay full price for the pants, of both suits. It is a fact that you can but one suit and get one for free....but without the pants.

Air Jordan

Air Jordan sneakers are said to make you a better basketball player by jumping higher. Michael Jordan is a really good basketball player that young kids look up to as a role model. Kids think wearing Jordan sneakers will make them a better player. In fact the sneakers do not really make you a better basketball player; its just a thought in ones mind.


When sneaker companies like Nike and Adidas advertise their products using athletes, they give the perception that their products will make you play basketball or football as well as those athletes. This is impossible because the athletes they use in their commercials are extraordinary talents and no one can be like them. However, kids will see these commercials with their idols and will think they can be like them if they purchase their type of shoe.


The Arts and Crafts Store circular, it is stated in large print in the middle of the page that We have it all for the holidays. Not true - At the bottom in fine print it states Illustrations for display purposes only and do not necessarily represent items on sale. Not all items are available at all stores. 


Sears advertised all Kenmore 25.4 Cu Ft Refrigerator on sale for $1049.99 (a savings of $130) with asterisk. That this price and discount did not apply to stainless steel or other varied colors.


I had a problem with Sears when I order my hot water heater. I saw a price in the flyer for 219.00 and I said wow that is perfect. However when I got to the store 219.00 was just the starting price and that did not include installation cost, removal of old one and fee for the license to do this in my town. All and all it cost me 580.00 dollars. I was not happy.


Sears advertised "buy three tires and get one free". Also that all tires have a 30% discount. Fine printed was the fact that the two deals/discount cannot be combine.


Another problem with Sears is that they promise if you ordered an appliance before 12 that day you could have it installed. Well that is not true for all areas but yet it does not mark that anywhere on the flier. I had to have a second water heater installed because the first one broke and when I called before noon they told me they couldnt install that day, I said well you flier said it does. The gentlemen told me to read carefully and that it said does not apply in all areas which I knew it did apply in my area. But I did finally get it at 5pm that day but still I wanted it before noon.

Landmark Group

Landmark Group consisting of a chain of clothing, shoes and cosmetics showrooms in the middle east, offered me a Landmark Card which helps me accumulate points on every purchase I make. The points can be redeemed at any outlet. I went to a Readymade garments showroom of theirs to do some shopping but was refused to utilize the card during that period as there was some sort of promotion going on. I went back again after two months, there was another promotion and each time the card could not be used for gaining points. I realized that most of their showrooms have monthly promotion which declines your entitlement to use and take any benefit on the card. The Cardholders or Non- cardholders ultimately get the same share of benefit.

Old Navy

Old Navy online advertised for stuff a bag and received 20% off so click here. I clicked and it asked it I have an account, if so enter the last four digits and if not click here to apply to receive your 20% off. In order to receive the 20% off you have to have a credit card with Old Navy.


I bought all my furniture from Bobs and paid an extra amount for five years warranty for repairs of wear tear and breakage. The assurance was that all what I purchase was covered under warranty but later when I read the brochure, only accidental breakage was covered and there were few items which were excluded from this cover including beds and childrens study tables. They only covered me for sofa package and dining set. I would say the sale conducted was not truthful as like me many others may have believed that every item purchased from Bob at the time of the sale is guaranteed under that plan.

Victoria Secrets

Victoria Secret prides themselves on excellent customer service. They back there products up with the guarantee that if there is a defect they will replace the product. I purchase an undergarment from them as I have numerous times in the past. I brought back the product and complained and they said since they remade the product because it was made defectively the first time, they were not going to do anything to refund my purchase. They only thing they could do was to give me a ten dollar credit towards my next purchase. However, the undergarment I purchase cost me 50 dollars and they were only willing to give me a ten-dollar credit. I came to understand that their guarantee was only under certain circumstances.

Victoria's Secrets

When I buy Victorias Secret product, I have to pay shipping and handling which the cost is not cheap. Then when I received wrong size, I have to returned and also pay the shipping and handling cost which they dont mention on the phone or at terms and conditions.

Casual Wear Store

Casual Wear Store advertised all shirts on "buy one shirt and get one for free". However none of the shirts so advertised are more than 15 and 32/33 sizes. I was looking for a 16 and 34/35.

JC Penny

JC Penny retail store advertised a Buy one, Get one for 88 cents. The fine point excluded Catalog and internet costs.

JC Penny

JC Penny retail store semi annual diamond sale advertised 20% to 50% off all fine jewelry including a tennis bracelet I saw two weeks prior to this sale priced at $700. I thought the price will be going down at least 20%. I was informed that the price of this particular bracelet has already been marked down 50% from $1399.


When you purchase some furniture in Ikea, you should be careful because sometimes it misses some materials. You have to purchase them separately. It is hard to recognize because the explanation is inside box. You have to visit again to purchase it.


When you go to Hollywood or Blockbusters, there is pre-owned DVD. It says 3 for $20 but not for all. They always say only cheapest one.


Macy Stores advertised a coffeemaker for sale at $49.99 with a regular price tag at $60.00. However this advertised $49.99 price is factual, it fine prints excluded Macy's card holders.


Macys 50 % off the entire store (excluding electronics, Calvin Klein, perfumes, and jewelry)


Macy's advertised a Samsonite Silhouette luggage at 50% plus 15% off. The luggage was marked $250. However this did not equal 65% because the cashier indicated that 50% had already been taken off and that was why the luggage is priced at $250 meaning only 15% discount applies to the marked price and not 65% as advertised.


Blockbuster Video claims that they do not charge anymore late fees, but if the rented item is not returned within an undisclosed time frame, they will charge you for the full price of the rented item.


I dont shop on Ebay but one of my friends bought Yankee tickets from him because they guy said they had a great view for a great price. Well when my friends got to the game they were way up like all the way to the time and the players look like ants. My friend wrote a really nasty letter to Ebay telling them the guy shouldnt be able to say great seats with a view. Im not sure what happened but I know the guy is still selling those same tickets on Ebay.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic has a store card called the Banana Republic Card. If you open one, you save 15% on your first purchase you charge to it. On top of that, every $200 you spend on your card, they send you a $10 gift certificate in the mail. As a sales associate, they tell you to say that you can save 20% by opening a BR Card if it looks like they have about $200 worth of merchandise. This works out because $10/$200 equals 5% rewards, so they just add the 15% and 5% together. HOWEVER! This tactic is pretty much bologna because not only do you not "save" 20% (because 5% of it is just given back to you in more Banana assets) but if forces you to spend more money. They only give $10 gift certificates because they know NOTHING in the store costs $10 or less and they know you will have no other choice but give them more money. So really, after taxes you save about 7% by opening a card and then are led to come back and spend more. 

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Last year, my cousin and his girl friend visit me in Beijing. At that time was New Year, many shopping malls had big discount. We went to a huge one, the rule in this shopping mall was whenever you purchasing reach 100 Yuan, you will get 50 Yuans coupon. However, is the coupon must used in today. At the beginning, we did not plan buy a lot. However, my cousins girlfriend did not want to waste those coupons. Finally, we spend all afternoon in the shopping mall. In addition, she bought a many things not really she need. Only because she thought it cost less. However, as result, we cost more money, and mall made more sales and revenue.

Clinton Mall

When I went to an outlet mall in Clinton, I thought all products were much cheaper than retail price. After I finished shopping, I noticed that the price of a perfume was same as price at department store. Some products were same as them of retail store even though most of the shops carried damaged and old goods. 


I recently went to the Westchester County Center and before I went I looked on their website about parking. It stated that there was a free parking lot across the street from the center. When I arrived, the booth person told me the lot was full and that I would have to pay four dollars to park in the other lot. Therefore, the website was factual in stating there was a free lot but never mention the fee I would have to pay if the lot was full.
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On the valentine day the flowers are much more expensive than regular.


All stores have the sale the day after Thanksgiving and they advertise the best buys they are going to have like laptops or TVs for a half of price. However, they do not inform customer that they are going to have let say only 10 in the store, just to make people come in and do other shopping. 
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When statements are made about who is going to win a football game, it is usually based on facts. However, these facts might not prove to be true and the team that is picked to win might not. So even though the facts say that one team will win, the team that is the "underdog" could defy the facts and win the game which make it factual and not truthful.


Professional sports teams often report sell-outs of game tickets, yet when you look at the arena or stadium, there are empty seats throughout. Often, people may buy tickets ahead of time and for whatever reason not attend the event.


In the magazine, a company advertises through sport star Tiger Woods. He is wearing a watch while playing golf. It makes people think they can play better if they wear it but he does not even wear it in a real game.

Sports Drink

Sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, are also examples of factual but not truthful marketing. These drinks are said to be great for playing sports, re-hydrating and replacing salts and electrolytes. These sports drinks really do re-hydrate and replenish, but they also contain many grams of sugar per drink. They advertise that they are better than water, but they have very high sugar contents (which they do not state in their advertisements). Therefore it is factual that these drinks do some good in assisting athletes, but not truthful because they contain so many carbohydrates in the form of sugar.

Sports Drink

Gatorade had commercials with Michael Jordan with the catch phrase being, " I wanna be like Mike." This was Factual because you could be like Michael Jordan by drinking the Gatorade and playing basketball, but it made kids think that they could play like him also, which made it deceiving to the kids.

Sachin Tendlkar

Celebrities promoting products enhances public to follow them and use those products. For example, Sachin Tendlkar Indias top most cricket player, promotes a nutritious dairy product, by saying it will lead children to the same stream as he is in now. It is not true that drinking that same dairy product will make a child the best cricket player. It is the skills that count for determining how good a child can be in cricket. This is totally ambiguous.
Sports Fitness

A sport fitness club said, Until next month we offer the entrance fee and 2 months for free. When I looked at the brochure carefully, it was written, You owe the charge for issuing the member card for 5,000.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter has recently promoted a baseball hitting training device called zip and hit pro. The infomercial states that, it is guaranteed to improve your hitting. Not True As a varsity high school coach, no one gadget or drill is going to guarantee anything. This is clearly misleading young players that some ball on a rope will lead them to playing / hitting like Derek Jeter.

Planet Fitness

When I was signed up for Planet Fitness Gym I was offered signing up for tanning as well for a special price $5 extra. I did not really want to take tanning but I was told that if I decide later to add it I would have to pay extra fee. Therefore, after I have got assured that I can cancel it whenever I want. After one year membership I decided that I dont want the tanning any more. When I tried to cancel it, I was told that I would have to cancel the whole membership and start all over again, including paying another activation fee for new membership.


Gyms attract customers by advertising low monthly membership amounts, but fail to say that certain aspects of the club; ex. fitness classes, basketball, racquetball, swimming pool, etc., are not included in the low price membership and require additional fees per service.

Game Time

The start of sporting events on Television is another factual thing. They will say the game starts at 8:00 but in actually they have a pre-game show that goes for a half an hour and then the game starts. I dont want to watch a pre-show if you say the game is on at 8:00 then it should be on not at 8:30.


The Boston Red Sox are always accusing the New York Yankees of having the highest team payroll in Major League Baseball, and that they just spend too much. Not true for a few years the Red Sox where higher than the Yankees, and regardless if the Yankees are the highest, the Red Sox are an extremely close second. 

Park Book

I was recently reading a baseball ball park book. On the front cover it said Best collection of ball parks, with no data to back up who said it was the best. How do people know who deemed it the best book for ball parks?


As a golf mania, it seems like a wonderful golf course in the picture but I realize that the picture is not real. They advertise the picture that was taken in the best season and weather.


Sports Illustrated has a leaflet in the magazine for a free fleece with a paid subscription. You can get 56 issues (1 year), just $1.29 an issue save 75% off the cover price. However, the small print at the bottom says that there is sales tax where applicable, that SI publishes five double issues and each of those counts as two of the 56 issues in an annual subscription, and that SI may also publish occasional extra issues.

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Many supermarkets advertise holiday sale, they print all the good buys on the front page their flyer to get customers to their store. However, the may have only a couple items for a really good price and customer still end.


I recently went to the grocery to buy salsa that I say was on sale for 2 for 7 dollars. Well when I got there I realized that was the normal price and it actually was more for the sales price than the normal price. I didnt buy it because I was annoyed that they would say it was on sale when it wasnt.

Big Y

Just use you savings card, is Big Ys advertisement. If you have a Big Y card you receive special prices. This is a new thing with many stores. A good example is the weekly flyer they list the card price 3 for $10. So if you have the card you get a special but if not they you will have to pay full price.

Big Y

Big Y Supermarkets often hold the buy one get one free sale or the 10 cent fruits-vegetables sale. It appears on the outside that consumers will be saving a large amount of money. 

Big Y

Supermarket claims that their deli salads are made fresh daily from only the freshest materials. Not true having worked at Big Y for a few years I clearly remember opening the prepackaged / prepared salads etc that were delivered on a non-discriminate date from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Big Y

Last night I went to Big Y, to purchase some ice cream. After looking at the choices I decided to get the Hood brand which was on sale, two for six dollars. I brought the ice cream to the register and to my surprise the cashier said my total was eight dollars and some change. I said that I thought this brand was on sale and she looked at the flyer which stated in very fine print that is was only certain flavors of the Hood brand. After my disappointment I said that I did not want the ice cream and went back to the freezer to look at the sign. In fact it did say in very small print, it was only certain flavors.

Big Y

Big Y is advertising big sale before holiday to attract customers. They have special offers buy one get one free or buy one get two free. Only some of the items are actually worth the price, because the prices of rest of them are very high anyway. They just attract customers so they can feel like getting something free, which in the final analysis they pay much more for something else and they just help the store to get rid of merchandise.


Products in ShopRite sometimes are cheaper than other supermarkets, but they are not really fresh. My friend bought an unpacked honey in ShopRite, but it had molded when she opened it. 


ShopRite advertises on the front page of their holiday FREE Turkey or Ham for Thanksgiving. When you look closer, it says see page 7 for complete details such as spending $300 form 11/15 thru 11/25 or having Price Plus membership card as a requirement. The big sign FREE is just to attract the customers to come shopping.


There are video tapes on sale at ShopRite. If you buy three, it costs you only $5. I picked out six of the box. When I paid the fee, it charged me $12.5. I supposed the cost was $10, but actually up to three the total price is $5, when you want more than three, it charges $2.5 each tape.


The price of Coca Cola in Stop & Shop is 2 for $3, in other words, its $1.5 each. It looks very cheap, but it sells $1.25 each in ShopRite. 

Stop & Shop

A Stop & Shop supermarket issues discount card free. When you show this card to a staff, you can get goods at a lower price. There is a yellow label on some products, which say $ 9.99. At first, I thought I could get a discount from this price with the card. This price offers you only when you have the card. If you do not take it, you have to pay $12.99. This way of showing price confuses customers.

Stop & Shop

I buy things from Stop & Shop with discount price, but after few days I found the same thing in the other shops with lower price.

Stop & Shop

Stop and Shop supermarket put a bright yellow mark up sticker on all its Purdue chicken packets at $5.99.Unbeknown to me the $5.99 which was the largest bold print on the packet is how much one will save using the Shop and Stop card. Even though it is factual as to the savings, the pricing was misleading. the actual price of the packet was $12.00 with store card and $17.00 without the card.

Stop & Shop

A packet of asparagus at Stop & Shop had a big 99 cents tag on it. At the check out point I discovered that the 99Cents was not the price, but that it is priced at 99 cents per pound.

Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop advertises cheaper gas, which is for 5 cents of a gallon of gas but you have to have a stop and shop card in order to receive the 5-cent off. If you do not then you are charges the more expense price. Therefore you have to be a Stop & Shop customer to receive less expensive gas.

Potato Chips

Lays bag of potato chips price went up from 99 cents to $1.05 because the bag is now bigger. However the quantity of the potato in the bag stayed the same.


Supermarkets typically have specials each week that offer certain products for lower prices. However, if you were to go shopping and pick out many of these items you would find out when you got to the register that you only get the lower price if you have the supermarket card. They force you to either sign up for the card or not get the discount. 


In an Adams Supermarket circular the right side columns contain pages offering coupons to Double Your Savings on any item.


Another supermarket trying to attract customers for holiday shopping is Adams. They advertise double savings with the coupons, which means they will accept double coupons. However, there is this tiny sign saying what kinds of items and coupons will be accepted, and the offer is good only for coupons up to $0.99.


Shaws put a tag of a package of carrot $ 1.19. After I bought it, I noticed that the price was not the exact price. $1.19 did not cost per a package, but per a pound. 


Recently I went to the grocery store and they told me I could get an 18 pack of beer for 10 dollars on sale that week but when I got there they told me I had to spend 25 dollars in the store in order to get the beer for 10 dollars. It was so unfair because the flyer never said that.

Grocery Coupons

The fourth thing is coupons from the grocery store that would be save $10 on a purchase in big bold print, but when you take a closer look, it says after you make a $30 purchase. 

IGA Market

Free Dozen Large White Eggs and one 6 pack IGA English Muffins (after a $25 purchase, excluding beer and cigarettes)

Grand Union

On a vacation my wife and I stopped at a Grand Union Supermarket in Vermont. We went to purchase and noted in the circular that the store brand was a red dot special. When we went to purchase the product it was $2.49, regularly $2.50, a savings of one cent! Not the true savings that a red dot special would indicate.


In any supermarket Sunday circular there are products listed amongst all of the sales. Often time however the product and their prices are just being listed. The circular is untrue in its delivery that all of the products are available on sale or at a reduced price. 

Free Turkey

Free Turkey you have to purchase $350 worth of groceries
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A movie company advertised a romance movie on TV commercial in Japan. The movie had been already released in US and attracted 8 million spectators. Then the movie started releasing in Japan and the slogan of TV CM was In US 8 million people cried with the impressive movie. It might be truth, but in fact, there seems little possibility that all viewers were impressed. 

Concession Stand

Recently, I went to the concession stand at the movie theater where they asked if I wanted to make my order a combo. I declined the combo offer because the popcorn and soda are smaller than the non-combo ideas. However, even though they are smaller the price is higher than non-combo items. So I would be paying more for less. 


Last week I rented two movies from Blockbuster where they took away the late feel rule. After renting the videos, I looked at the receipt. Underneath the video title as a statement that said if not returned by a certain date, they charge 21 dollars and change to your account. Therefore, even though there are not late fees, they will charge your account if you dont return the movie by a certain date. So there are still hidden late fees.

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Great Wall

When people traveling in a famous place such as Great Wall. People always want to buy some souvenirs. However, when people find the same thing in other shops, they will surprise the big different of the price.
World Holidays
Once I received a call from a Holiday lifetime membership company World Holidays, Dubai asking me 2-3 questions on history of Dubai. When I answered it correctly, they told me I won a prize which was 7 days free stay in Thailand in a five star hotel. They called me the next day to accept the gift. After I reached there, they made me stay for a long presentation about benefits that could be offered on becoming a member with them. They were offering a discount i.e. signing up for the membership same time to be eligible for a discount of $3000 i.e. pay $ 8000 dollars as lifetime membership which would otherwise cost me 12000. It was an aggressive approach or rather a trick to invite and gather people. They still offered me the letter that promised me seven days free stay but this led us to an embarrassing situation as they did not specify that the 3-4 hours presentation was a part of their sales process and the invitation to accept the prize was a trick used to promote instant memberships. There was no mention of this at the time of call.

All Inclusive

All inclusive vacation (not including alcoholic drinks)


Orbitz.com (online reservation website) sends its customers different savings coupons. The email says that you can save $75 on any flight. However, the disclaimer says that it must be a +3 night stay, you much purchase an airline ticket and hotel reservation and it must be used by a certain date.
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Fortune Teller Hot Line

One day, my mother decided to call one b/c they said it was a flat rate to call. However, it ended up being almost triple of what she thought because of a connection fee and the minute maintenance fee.

Phone Card

I bought the phone cards that I can call Europe much cheaper and usually it is really worth the price. Some of the companies advertise that using their $2 phone card you can talk 3-4 hours. However, when you read carefully, it says that after every phone call they charge you extra fee. Therefore, you may actually be able to talk 3 hours but making one phone call, because when you make more all your credit will be taken for a fee.


The telephone companies charge a "regulatory cost recovery fee." Although it sounds like a government fee it is actually put in place to charge customers for following the law.


Some telemarketers call you and leave voicemails pretending that the person leaving the voicemail is somebody you know so that you will call them and then they will be able to throw their product at you.

Some telemarketers call and leave voicemails indicating that you have qualified for pre-approved loan or something. When you call often times there is no such thing. 

Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct on line advertised a modem/phone extension code for free. Regular price of $4.99. However it is only free after a mail in rebate of $5.00. The shipping came to $6.99. Even though the "blow out sale" advertised that this item is free, it is not exactly free without the mail in rebate on the one hand and the price of shipping on the other hand.

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Companies who sell their products on TV try to get people to buy their products by saying call now and we will add this in for free. In fact you are getting those products for free, but they try to get you by having you pay for shipping and handling. They do not try to hide this since they always mention that you have to pay for shipping and handling, but it is not totally free. So free does not always mean free!

Selling on TV

When you see companies selling their products over the television they usually guarantee their product or you get your money back. However, what most people may not notice is that no matter what you still have to pay the shipping and handling charges to first receive the product and secondly to send the product back. After they receive their product back you get a check for the price of the item, but after shipping chargers youve basically paid for at least half of the cost of the product so you might as well keep it.


Having once subscribed to satellite television service I was displease to learn that the lower cost alternative to cable only offered rates, and a temporary subscription package that was only used to bait me into purchasing further services. I later discovered that to match my previous cable services provider rates would only cost me more per year I got rid of the dish!


Often times people buy HD televisions with the idea that they will be able to go home, plug it in, and get a high definition quality picture. They sell you the TV telling you how great the resolution is and how bright the color is. However, what they do not tell you is that the TV is simply HDTV ready. This means that you will be able to see your high definition picture once you have spent more money and purchase high definition cable from your cable company.


Fox Network said," Only one network has experienced anchors you can trust. Reporters who uncover the truth. Correspondents who get the story right. Only one network has real journalism. Fair and balanced. That's why we're number one. Fox News Channel." This was said by the network which isnt true. It may be factual that they deliver the news, but they are supposed to be unbiased, so in that aspect its not truthful.

Dr. Mel

In the morning everyone turns the TV on to watch the weather then dresses according to the forecast. Doctor Mel says we are going to have rain with the sun peaking thru. So everyone dresses for rain and carry umbrellas. As the day goes on it never rains. Not many people take in to account that the weather is always changing. Doctor Mel is telling the truth in the morning but by noon he maybe wrong.
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Recently, I bought textbooks from different sellers through amazon.com with a couple realizations about online shopping. One seller posted the description of a textbook with lowest price among available items. With the exact edition, hard cover specification and expected authors, I chose it and paid for that item through credit card. Three day later, I received the textbook with disappointment. First of all, the cover is not as posted in the website which also appeared to be unauthorized publishing out of certain countries. So, I sent it back even the inside content was quite the same as the school requirement. He said, since the price was so low, that was the reason I got international addition with soft cover. Obviously, its factual, but the truth about the textbook should be completely declared on the website. Moreover, I didnt receive the full refund as the website charge 15% of the book price without any correction on any mistakes the sellers made through the website.

Another textbook bought from a website disappoint me with the same case, but this time I had to accept that condition because of the urgent need for the text book. Its described on the website as hardcover, same exact cover as the picture, and alike new condition. Did the seller factually describe the book condition? Yes, I got the right edition, but no I got soft cover with full of irritating highlight almost every line of many pages. Honestly, Id rather keep the former textbook with a lot lower price, and friendly to my eyes for reading. Again, the seller did not truthfully declare the actual condition in order to sell the item as quick as possible. And it usually works.


The same textbook will be different price if you purchase in different place. Unfortunately, campus store has the highest price.

Language Text

When you purchase some textbook, tapes or CD to learn foreign language, it exaggerates that you can learn much faster than the others. They tempt people.

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Weathermen deliver the facts that they get from computers radar and other technology. When they deliver what they know, they are telling you the facts of what they think they know, but however, it might, and usually isnt the truth.
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There is a new commercial introducing a new type of M&M, mega M&Ms. This product introduces a bigger piece of candy. The piece of candy is in fact bigger than the original but not as big as we assume. They are telling the truth, but not the whole truth by not saying how much bigger the mega M&M will be.

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I ordered on line cosmetics from Proactive. I have my package and I was satisfied with the product itself. However, after 2 weeks I received a mail saying that I am obligated to order next refill, even though I was not told that at the beginning. I would order next refill because I was satisfied, but because I had no control how often I want to receive next order, I ended up canceling the service.

Wrinkle Cream

Wrinkle creams that claim visible difference in 10 days that just make the face softer-wrinkles dont go away.

Super Models Modeling Lotion & Clothes Products

The products used by the models are a means to lure the consumer into believing that by using the product advertised that you too will be bold and beautiful.

Cellulite Cream

Cellulite creams-they dont diminish cellulite.

Tag Body Spray

Tag Body Spray advertises that girls will be attracted to you if u wear their product. This could be true because the smell is attractive to women and they might want to talk to you if you wear the product. However, even though girls like the smell of the spray which is a fact, it is not truthful that they will want to talk to you if u wear it.


There are many kinds of Jergens lotion, that claims it will do something specific for your skin. Some say they are firming others say they reduce hair growth, etc, along with moisturizing the skin. The end result of using the lotion everyday, ultimately is moisturizing the skin not the specific duty. The specific duty may slightly work but is not the main function of the lotion.

Lip Gloss

I was in Bath and Body Works recently and they had a sign that said a specific lip gloss for 3 for fifteen dollars. When I went to the register to purchase the three, the saleswoman said that two of the lip glosses were not part of the sale. No where on the sign did it specify which kind of the same brand of lip gloss was on sale.

In cosmetics world, people especially women, want to race against time by buying anti-aging products as an effort to look more younger. Loreal has a popular brand image and I too use this brand for many of its products. They have a range of day and night creams for skin firming and moisturizing. I have stuck to the brand for a long time and seen the same product been presented in different packaging, with higher assurances and higher prices. I used them too but found no difference between the old and the new. Skins may respond differently to different products but in my case I found that the company is just trying to bring in more varieties to its range for better revenue. The applications and its benefits remain the same.

The above are all from my students. I have changed some spelling and sentences to make it clearer to the reader. I am still working on this.


"The Western secular story has rejected the contributions of woman."



I will add these slowly. I also keep them incase I have this assignment again. I then have a good chance of not seeing the same F B N T again. Just to put the above together has taken me 50 hours. So far. This is without much editing.

HP dv100t was advertised at $499 on line. At check out the price ran up to $699-the discount only apply with a mail in rebate of $200. The price did not include shipping. This one can only ascertain at check out.

A website states that New York to Washington DC costs $100 round trip. A web surfer might be attracted towards the offer. He selects the tab to book his tickets. What he sees next is that he has to pay a total of $139 for his ticket. He eventually realizes that the taxes were not included earlier. Paying $100 for the ticket is factual but paying another $39 for taxes is truthful.
There are advertisements on emails and forums about home based work or home based job. They clearly mention that one can earn thousands of dollars from working from home. However, they dont mention that there is an investment which needs to be made before enrolling for this job.
A couple of days ago I received this offer over the internet to collect two free I-Pods. But all these things just turn out to be gimmicks. They dont really intend to gift away these instruments. Who would give away such an expensive device? Its just the way of attracting customers or viewers towards the advertisement.
All toothpaste commercials state that using their brand of toothpaste gives extra whitening to the teeth, with extra shine. However this concept is factual but not truthful. It is a fact that toothpaste deliver certain advancements and cleanliness to the teeth, but it is actually not true that these toothpastes bring shine to ones teeth, like they show in the commercials.
Job sites constantly advertise their contacts that they are building, to help an individual get a job. For example www.careerbuilder.com, this internet job website has a USP, quoting A better job awaits us. However, this is not true that all employers that they introduce one to will definitely guarantee a job. Many factors are taken into consideration, the academic profile of the job seeker, his resume, his skills and experience and above all if he can handle crucial situations. The fact is that they introduce a job seeker to an employee. But they dont guarantee that the job seeker will get a job.

Maggie noodles come up with new packaging and ready to eat noodles. The promotion focuses on the time duration in takes to make the noodles i,e. 2 mins. However, the disadvantage is that one doesnt realize the amount of sodium involved in these packets.
So many consultancy companies advertise to manage public funds and hereby help to evade government taxes. However, this is not true that taxes can be completely avoided. There is some percentage of taxes which people have to pay. Some of these companies encourage donations to NGOs, which is tax deductible, but not tax avoidable.
People have been falling for weight loss commercials very easily. This is a very common and a widespread example of factual but not truthful. The fact is that these weight loss medications help in reducing certain amount of fat, but the truth is that weight reduction depends on other factors too, such as diet, exercise, etc.
Generally stores have a refund policy as their marketing strategy. However the truth of the matter is that those refund policy are based on innumerable terms and conditions. This makes every customer think twice before buying the product. Although it is factual that the stores to have a reasonably average return policy, but the truth is that these policies lies on innumerable terms and conditions.
Many stores advertise they are on a big sale but if you get in the store, you recognize that only a few products are on sale.

When you order a product online, mostly shipping fee is not included. They only post how much the product is. It deludes people.

You easily find that you can lose 30 pound in a week in the magazine or on TV. Normally this kind of advertisement is not realistic and it is exaggerated.

There issue a card for a discount. You can get some points on it whenever you purchase product. Normally, 10% of your purchase is accumulated. But you cannot use the card until the points reach certain amount.

When you buy a car, there is warranty service. The seller always talks about long warranty but there is another problem to get a service. If you have a certain mileage on it, the warranty will stop earlier than your warranty period. They do not mention about the other factor.

They have never told me that I have to call to cancel after trial.
When the stores are on sale, it said 50% off. You can barely see the words up to.

In my country, sellers guarantee the quality of the products and after service but when it has some problem it is hard to get refund or fixed.

When you buy a book at the sale section, it says 50% off but you finally realize that you have to buy more than one or two.

Always they promise good customer services but every time I feel that it is easy to start contract but hard to finish it or get refund.

During thanksgiving break I offered extra $25 saving coupon from Macys. It is valid November 16, 2006- December 28, 2006. However, I recognized that there were restrictions. It is not valid 12/8 12/9, 12/9-12/20/06. I could barely see that.

Many hair restorer companies exaggerates remedy effect. Also, they make people believe their products by full refund or less processing fee shipping and handling. For example, you cant lose. We are so sure of your success that we are offering all of our customers a risk-free guarantee up to six months.
When you do to the one-dollar shop, there are so many products which cost more than a dollar. Customer does not care about the price because it is still cheap but they are selling normal products either.

There are so many language learning programs including books and CD. If you see their advertising, you recognize that people are saying what they feel about the products and how did it. Everybody tells that this is the best product I have ever used. For example, I have tried 4 other programs by other manufacturers and have not learned as much as I have in the Rosetta Stone method, Bravo! Scott Wiand

"Buy One Get One Free" or "Buy One Get One Half Off" offers are somewhat misleading because the item that is going to be received free or half off must be equal to or lesser in value than the regularly priced item.

It is not specified anywhere, but almost always, whatever rent amount that is agreed upon for the first contract term will go up if the occupant attempts to renew their agreement.

Stores may advertise; ex. $50 off or 50% off, but it is not clear that in order to receive these discounts, the customer must spend over a certain amount of money.

Stores may advertise sales as limited time offers, but there is no specific time limit given to customers in an attempt to force people in as soon as possible with the expectation that the sale could end at any time. Stores will often mark items in bold lettering or colorful advertising schemes just to attract customers to the particular items even though they are not even on sale.

Gyms try to attract people with the offer of low monthly memberships, but do not disclose up front the fact that the payment must come in the form of monthly debits from a checking account and that there is often an initial deposit required.

Stock trades list some futures in cents which can be misleading and confusing to investors who are used to interpreting prices in dollars.

Many phone companies offer unlimited nights and weekends under their monthly service plans but, the definition of the time that night begins is dependent on each specific company.

Phone companies advertise monthly service charges without the taxes, regulatory fees, etc. included in that figure. Customer is lured in by the initially low number, only to be surprised by the total after all of the charges.

Many companies can be found saying that their product is better than the competition, or is #1 in the area as proven by the leading research company, but there is no proof of the study or even of who the research company is.

Often containers may be advertised as being 35% larger or 50% larger, but there is no past container provided to compare the current size container to.

Banks often upon depositing customer checks will place holds on the funds. This gives the appearance that the amount of the check has been deposited into the designated account, but in actuality the money is not available to the customer who may try and use it.

When ordering product from a sale catalog you are happy the product is on sale until you get to the check out page that is when shipping and handling is applied. Its like you are paying the full price, then when the product does not fit you have to pay to ship it back so you as the consumer is loosing out in all ways.

While checking the mail and you find a coupon/ gift certificate for $10 free off your purchase but in small print on the bottom of the page it is off a $50 purchase or more.

People think that Low Calorie is healthy but it has sugar and a lot of chemicals in it to make it low calorie. Not many are concerned with the sugar or chemicals, too much sugar is not good for you and what are the chemical doing to your body.

Advertisements in the mail say final price but in the fine print the price includes the rebate. So you pay more then what is listed in the advertisement until the rebate is mailed in.
Stop and Shop will give you a free $20 with any purchase if you transferred a prescription to their pharmacy.

At holiday time people buy gift cards for others for a certain amount. You think you are giving the full dollar amount but some gift card company starts to charge a service fee on the balance left on the card.

When watching TV there are numerous ads for new cars, the commercial says the car is just $19,000 but that is not true after the bells and whistles (leather seats, CD play, etc) are added plus taxes, fees it is a lot over $19,000.

When I was furniture shopping the store experienced shipping delays. As a result there was insufficient stock available of the couch models promoted in television and newspaper advertisements. The advertising stated that the couches just arrived. The company was aware of the delay prior to the advertising campaign, but failed to fix or stop its advertising because they wanted to make the sale.

While at Boston Market I noticed a huge sign for a whole Chicken for only $1.99 but then in the bottom corner of the sign in small print it said with a $25 purchase or more.
*how much money you spend. You can use them on merchandise that has a coin symbol on a sign and receive an extra discount. Depending on the color of the coin is the discount you receive, so if the product is on sale you can get it for cheaper depending on the color coin. Some time there is nothing with you color coin so you are stuck with it.
Now that it is Christmas time numerous stores are offering free shipping but with a purchase of $100 or more.
Hallmark Very Merry Trio for just $14.95 when you buy three Hallmark cards. The Hallmark Very Merry Trio with out buying the cards is regularly priced $25.00.

Bed Bath & Beyond has a advisement out will a picture of a Candle Holder set for $19.99 but in fine print under the picture Candles sold separately for $5.99.

AC Moore has a coupon for 50% off any regular priced item, in small print on the bottom it reads coupon not valid on the purchase of Xyron Personal Cutting System, Design Runner or Circuit Machine & Cartridges.

America is known as the land of opportunity, but now many people are staying put because it is more beneficial for them to work in their own countries.

There are many websites out there saying they have the lowest fares available on their flight. That may be true one day but the next its not. Take a look at my search, one day I found a great price, the next that same ticket, same lane, same everything was $100 more.

In todays car market there are supposedly more fuel efficient cars. Then why does my new car use way more gas then my old car did??

When shopping in a grocery store, many items on sale have a limit per customer. In this day and age with self scan registers where there is 1 person for 6 registers you can take as many as you want and just keep ringing them under separate sales. So if you want 10 of something and the limit is 2, you just ring your stuff out 5 times, the person in back of you may get mad but hey at least you have you items.

Pam has an all-natural cooking spray out. However, after reading all the other ingredients in the can its not so natural. They may start out with natural oil but the rest is not so good.
Sunkist has an add out saying that their raisins are made from nothing but grapes and sunshine. Well after looking at the ingredients, there are a few more things in there. Whilst grapes are made from sunshine there are other things in there as well.
Stores offer items as B1G1 free. If you read fine print you see that there is a limit on it.
Lets say that Weight Watchers is having a sale on their frozen foods. When you look closer, however, it is only certain items that are on sale and excludes the items that actually cost more. If you dont read then you will grab whatever you like and go home paying more then expected.
Guaunteed to work if not we will refund you 100%.
A product is new and improved. If its new it cant be improved and if its improved I guess it can be considered new?

Dunkin Donuts have 25 munchkins but many time you get more then the 25.

Same thing with free trials online. Give them your credit card information or else you wont get your free item and then you forget and they bill you and make the refund very hard to get.
You have a coupon that is for a free item, but you still have to pay tax on it. Technically its not free this way.

Stop and Shop says its one stop shopping. You can get your groceries, dinner, a coffee, medicine and even do your banking. In actuality you can only buy your meds at the pharmacy and you cant pay for your groceries at the pharmacy.

Some stores have a sale on clothes that says save 50% off ticketed price. You get to the register only to find out that the 50% has already been taken off and is on the ticket already.
Refunds are only issued within 90 days. I bought a bracelet and kept having problems with it. I went back to the store at least 8 times in a sum of 10 months and in the end they tried to exchange and send out for repair and finally I said I was not happy with it and wanted my money back. They said its too long. I kept being persistent and finally got my money.
Get a free item online but in order o do that you need to sign up for all these different web sites and try different items in order to get the first item.

Make tons of money by being a secret shopper. But first you need to pay tons of money to get to the companies. Also. You need to register for each company and see if they will take you.
Salt Sense

Even though it claims to be the substitute for salt there really is just 1/3 less salt in a teaspoon.

Annies website (health food products) in order to get your free bumper sticker, you have to pay $7 in shipping costs.
Various online offers in order to get your free gift, you have to enroll in other online programs or purchase other products (ex: in order to get laptops, iPods, Ugg Boots, Sony Playstations, you have to sign up and purchase from Blockbuster, eBay, credit card companies)

In order to receive a free Spiru-Tein Shaker Cup (a $7.50 value) you had to buy one of their products in order to receive the advertisement with the promotional code to use on their website to get the free item, and then you have to also fill out a survey.
You can use your airline miles with American Airlines to get a free flight to anywhere. However you have to pay a $10 airport fee and also a $5 reservation fee.


After purchasing something at Target, you sometimes get a 10% off coupon to use on Target.com purchases. However, the offer is only valid through a certain day and it cannot be combined with other promotional or team member discounts, and is also not applicable to gift cards, e-gift cards, Bose electronics, gift wrap, tax or shipping and handling charges. The coupon also mentions that other restrictions apply and to see Target.com/Help for details.

An advertisement for L.A. Fitness Gym says that you can join for only $39.99 a month. However, when you go to sign up, you must pay for the first and last month and there is also a $149 registration fee plus taxes.

When you buy the new Samsung SCH-a930 cell phone at Verizon, the salesperson tells you that it can play music. The phone is retailed for $49.99 with a 2-year subscription. However, the salesman doesnt tell you until after you decide to purchase the phone that you need the VCast software to go with it and that the phone only holds about 4 songs. You would need to get a memory card if you wanted to hold more songs than that.

DirectTV has an ad to get free professional installation of a 4-room DirectTV System, free DirectTV DVR upgrade, and a free bonus gift (7" widescreen portable DVD player). However, the small print that you can barely read at the bottom of the ad says that it is for new residential customers where a lease is required. Also, the offer is only valid for a short amount of time. There is also a handling and delivery fee; applicable taxes; lease fee for DVR service, hardware service, cable service, and equipment; and a service installment fee. In addition, the small print says that if the customer does not cancel the service after 12 months, they will automatically be billed each month for the service.

Domino's Pizza has an ad for coupons for different menu items. One of the coupons is for a value deal of 1 pizza with up to 3 toppings, choice of bread item, and a 2 liter of coca-cola. You have the option of getting the medium for $13.99+tax or the large for $15.99+tax. The small print on the coupon says that deep dish is extra and the coupon is not valid with any other offer, it's only valid at participating stores only, and prices may vary.

Proactiv Solution sends a pamphlet out advertising a special offer for the complete dermatologists' system for only $19.95 plus 2 free bonuses (which is over a 50% savings off individual product prices). The ad also says to use the complete system for a full 60 days, and that if you are not completely satisfied you can simply send back the bottles, even if they are empty, and you will receive a prompt and complete refund of your purchase price (less the shipping and handling). However, many customers don't realize that by ordering this product, after 30 days, you'll automatically receive a new 60-day kit every 2 months. So in order to get back your money you have to use the product for 60 days, but you will be charged for a new kit after 30 days.

The Playwright Irish Pub/Restaurant in Hamden has a coupon where when you buy one lunch or dinner you can get the second one half price. However, the small print on the coupon says that the higher price prevails, it's only valid Monday-Thursday, you must present the coupon before ordering, an 18% gratuity will be added pre-discount, and only one coupon can be used per table.

Reebok has an advertisement in Eurosport magazine for their new Pro Rage FG soccer cleats. The ad claims that you can enhance your touch and performance, gain a superior feel for the ball with a unique socklike fit that keeps your foot snug and in control. Also the ad claims that the minimal covered strikezone lacing provides the maximum surface area for a clean ball strike. Finally, the ad claims that Reeboks anti-slip technology, Griptonite is applied to the inner heel to ensure a secure fit. However, in reality, if you are not very good at soccer and you wear these cleats, all of these claims will not happen. Also, Reeboks run wider, so if you have a narrow foot they will not fit properly.

Subway claims that their sandwiches are healthier than McDonalds and Burger Kings hamburgers because they have less calories and fat. However, in reality, Subways calculations of calories and fat are the sandwiches with no mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar, etc. and other items that make sandwiches more fattening and have more calories. So in reality, a hamburger with nothing on it from McDonalds may have less calories and be less fattening than a triple-meat sandwich with mayo, mustard, pepperoni, cheese, and veggies from Subway.
There is an advertisement for the new Kool cigarettes XL. The ad claims that they are smoother, wider, and different. In reality, they are a bit shorter than regular Kool cigarettes and contain less nicotine.

Russell Athletic has an advertisement for their Dri-Power sweatshirt. The ad claims that this sweatshirt wicks away sweat to keep you drier and more comfortable before, during and after your workout. However, after wearing one during a workout, the opposite proved to be true. After my workout, my sweatshirt was drenched with sweat and I was not very comfortable.
Marriott Hotels have a magazine advertisement for its Fairfield Inn which has new high performance beds. The slogan is Days of Slumber. However, the hotel does not say that they increased their rates in order to compensate for the pricey beds. The ad also does not describe why the beds are so great for sleeping. For one person they may be the most uncomfortable bed he has slept on.

Best Buy has an online advertisement for a free carry case when you buy a portable DVD player. However, only some of the DVD players come with this offer, and only some of the carrying cases are considered free.

Verizon has a Family Plan offered for $89.99. However, what is not included is insurance on the phone (each phone has a separate insurance cost), text/pix/flix messaging, taxes, activation fees, and costs of the phones.

After a purchase at Stop and Shop you sometimes get a coupon for $3 off of your next purchase. However, in small print on the bottom of the coupon it says that you have to buy at least $50 worth of items (which rarely ever happens).

You can print a $1 off coupon for Viactiv Soft Chews off of the website. However, the coupon can be used in only certain stores, and it can only be used for the calcium and multi-vitamin kinds.
If you apply for a membership to any website, you should read the long-lines term and condition carefully before click accept box. Otherwise, you have to accept the undesired spam e-mail piling up in your e-mail inbox everyday, free items on one click, $500 gift card offer, for instance. Even though, it is indicated in the condition that you would accept to receive advertising, they are not the newsletter, or e-mail from the company you applied. But, it is the marketing advertisement who partnered with the company website. Later on, you will have to give some time to daily delete those multiple spam in your mailbox. 
I paid for the first possessed digital camera with 3.2 mega pixels at about $500. Now, I could purchase the new developed camera with more features and higher technologies on lower price. Apparently, I even could get two of 3.2 mega pixels digital camera by $500 which I could purchase only one camera years ago.

Buying a new released game CD, you may pay about $50 so as to have it before anybody else. However, you can purchase it at 50% lower price a couple months later without any lower quality or inferior features at all. 

I just got a Christmas gift for my mother a month ahead of the season at a cosmetic department because its presentation is so adorable. Once the customer first stepped in the area, its impossible to look at that fluffy stuff animal pile. Even though there is a condition to have it by purchasing a certain amount of cosmetic product plus $14.50, I actually dont have to follow the condition to have one as the seller kindly offer to me. 

A play station 1 bought for my niece a long time ago is compatible with the new developed PS2. Nonetheless, PS2 game CDs cannot play with the PS1 game consoles. What if the game CDs of PS2 are more attractive with more advance graphic which she prefers? The thing is you have to buy a console of PS2 since the former model product and its accessories are discontinued. The consumer has no choice, but the keep update the product time by time. 

Most of advertisement is likely to use famous, young people to present products especially cosmetic, perfume items. They psychologically draw consumers attention who desires to share the same characteristic as those presenters as they decide to use those products. The cost of hiring those costly celebrities affects on the high price of those products as well.

My mom is using proactive skin care. Once she decided to purchase them, its found out that the product will be delivery automatically in every 3 month. And the payment is also collected automatically in her credit card account. No matter her stuffs have not been out yet, the new stock will knock at your door anyway. However, this information will be acknowledged once you already make decision to commit to the product.
I purchased vitamin online which it asked for the extra shipping $12 cost if I would prefer 2 days delivery. Fortunately, Im not in a hurry to get the vitamin and also find out that the vitamin was right at my mailbox just the next day after I bought them. Not only I dont have to pay any extra cost, I also receive the product faster. The truth was revealed at some reason some company just use the shipping condition to mark up the pricing. 
One little piece of coupon can persuade consumers to visit a product website. But the visitors purpose is actually to take a chance for prizes. There was a coupon found in a skittle package with password code for consumers to win a million dollars. It said that you could know immediately whether you win or not. Once I checked it out there are many more complicated process to play the game. After you enter the given code to access the game and play, it appears that you have to have more code complete and know the result. That literally means more packages of skittle will be bought. 

Supplement brochures attaching to newspaper especially on holiday season, introduce tons of product promotions especially holiday season. As a newspaper subscriber, I receive thick newspaper the whole week of shopping season for Christmas. One store added a 20% off coupon within the brochure, saying that the offer specially was for that certain newspaper. Luckily, we subscribed two newspapers which I got another 20% off coupon from another newspaper.

My cousin collects DVDs, so every Tuesday he has to buy new released DVD with at least $15 per DVD. If he didnt buy on the first Friday of release week, the price would be marked up on Saturday to $20. However, the same movie in a couple months later, the demand goes down. Then, the price of those old DVDs would be price down to about $5-$9. The pricing method depends on the demand of the movie which at the same time manipulates the DVDs collectors to purchase them right at the first week they release. 

At the early introducing state of PS2, it priced about $300. Later on with new developed PS3 pricing about $600, the PS2 price is dropped down to $130 with even slimmer design than the former PS2. Product development has an impact on the price of previous products.

The TV commercial selling cars show a low payment for lease to get customer to look at the vehicles. But, the customer will realize that the shown price on TV is actually for basic model with the lowest miles. To get to the mentioned price, the customers have to put more down payment than expected. 
Some furnitures or electronic stores lure buyers who do not really care about a little scratches on items by about 30 40 % off instead of totally getting rid of those marked items. The open box deal differentiate from the regular priced items just because of there is not box for those products and a little scratches which do not damage the quality at all. 

Liquidation sale commercialized on TV to attract audience to go to local convention center and pay for admission ticket. Long lines gathered in front of the reception which make people think its worth it to pay for the ticket. Actually, it was because they allowed a limited number of people in there. More over, there was lots of interesting stuff with attractive prices on the commercial. But, it appeared to be lesser items than what they advertised about. So, they seduced many people to pay for an $8 ticket. In the end, the customers walked out empty handed. 
While the buyers in grocery waiting in lines at the checkout, the stores create impulse buys by locating items which are not good sales, such as magazines, gums etc. The buyers do not really need those items on their shopping list. The location of those items selling in grocery store has a great effect on those sales. 

Parking garages that say $25 for 24 hour parking but that excludes weekends where the rates are actually higher.
Products that say 1/3 less sodium that are actually just 1/3 less of the product.

"Dollar stores where everything is not a dollar.

Free credit reports that are only free for the first credit report you get and then they hit you up for a years subscription and a yearly fee.

Stores that require you to buy 2 of the products in order to receive the sale price on the item.

Coupons (ie. $5.00 off $40 or more) but it excludes certain items such as tobacco, alcohol and beauty products.
Juice products that claim to be juice but are actually less than 20% juice.

Low fat foods that may be low in fat but loaded with sugar and calories.

Retail stores that offer 15% off regular, sale and/or clearance items but in fine print they end up excluding the store.
Labels that claim to be organic but they are actually less than 5% organic.

Airline ticket prices that dont include all the extras in the price (ie. insurance, food, tax and security tax)

Wrinkle creams that claim visible difference in 10 days that just make the face softer-wrinkles dont go away.
Cellulite creams-they dont diminish cellulite.

Water that claims to be pure but actually has minerals such as salt in them (ie. Dasani water).

Car dealerships that say only $199 a month but they dont tell you thats if you put down $5,000-$10,000 on it.

Stores that sell natural salmon as farm raised for higher prices.
I bought some international telephone pre-paid cards which values $10 for 650 minutes. But the fact is that the telephone card deducts minutes very quick. The real minutes you can use is less than 400 minutes.
I saw some cloth was on sale in Stop&Shop yesterday which labeled $40 each. And you can get 20% off which equals $32. But I saw the same cloth sold in Wall-Mart. It was not on sale but the retail price is $32.
Some cosmetic declare that their product can make your skin much younger. Actually you will find out that the result is far beyond your expectation. Then the company will tell you that you should control your sleep and eating while using their product. But everyone knows that enough sleep and balanced food and drink are the key method not their product.
Nokia manifested that their cell-phones battery can stay more than 72 hours but the fact is 72 hours is for not using the cell-phone. If you keep on talking, the battery dies in 24 hours.
The return policy sometimes is not truthful. It is a fact that you can return the good in 24 hours without any reason but when you do that, you will find it is hard because the retailer would criticize on the product and give you less money back.
My girl friend met a guy when she was shopping and the guy asked her whether she want to be a model. But the super star dream is always hard to realize. It is true that they will recommend you to some directors but at last you will find it is impossible to become the film star. They were doing business.
Yang cheng River is famous for its crab. The Yang cheng River Crab sold at a very expensive price. But the river yield few crab every year. So some businessman put some crab from other places into the Yang cheng River for 4 or 5 days and sold as the real Yang cheng River.
Ronaldinol is the best soccer player around the world. Nike named its new product Ronaldinol. It is fact that this kind of soccer shoes has better control of the soccer ball. But it is not true that you will become a soccer star by just wearing the shoes.
The advertisements for LA Fitness say that once you choose them then you choose the life fitness, but there are other factors, such as what you eat, to be successful. So, in fact you are guaranteed to loss
weight, but to lose the weight that quickly, you will also need to have the right diet. The price showed on E-Bay is comparatively low to the same products sold in shops. But you have to pay very high shipping fee.
Renting furniture and electronics sounds like an amazing deal to international student that could not afford to buy the expensive product. For a cheap weekly payment, I could rent anything from a plasma screen television to a leather wrap around couch. Payments are to be made for quite a number of weeks and as it turns out, I paid two, three, and even four times the retail price of the item. The payments and eventual ownership are factual, but the truth is that the customer will be immensely overcharged in the end.
I want to buy a second-hand car. The fact is that the car was first owned by someone in 1998 and the mileage is 80000. The dealer guaranteed the quality but the truth is that I had to repair some components so that I can use that car through winter.
When buying the second-hand car, some dealer would give to warranty. It is the fact that you can repair the engine for free but as we all know the engine is the last part that needs repairing. The tire and the mirror are not included in the warranty.
Films when advertised on TV show amazing paragraphs. These graphics are a major sell point which appeals to consumers. Though it is factual that these graphics exists in the film truthfully however, the whole movie is not that exciting.
If you have credit card application, you have to read carefully for term and condition. Otherwise you will feel regret to open the credit card account. Some term and
I moved in my current housing in the middle of the month, but the landlord charged for the whole month. It is fact that I moved in October but it is not true and fair for me to pay the entire rent since I moved in the middle of the month.
Protein Shakes

You have to exercise in addition to drinking the shake.
When I first signed up for a poker website there was an advertisement on that site that said if you sign up and deposit $50 you get $50 for free. After I signed up I realized that the free $50 was put into a separate account and you only get $10 of that money for every 100 hands you play. So, you only get the full $50 once you play 500 hands, and chances are after playing 500 hands you are bound to lose $50 over that period of time. It is factual that you get $50 for free, but not truthful in the way you get it because it is not really a free $50. 

Some places like bank asked me to make a card to get a benefit when I purchase something. But you will recognize that there is an annual fee later.

my gas bill this month is much higher than last month, but there is no way for me to find out the really reason.
The second was when I was given a money back rebate slip and it didnt work without doing 10 things to actually get it.
VIP system or VIP card are not so necessary, because if you have a friend or you know some staff in that company, you can get discount without VIP card.
There are some TV shows that present the usage of cosmetics. The shows look really good and useful for audiences, but probably they get money or commissions from those companies. 
Limited selection products sometimes are not limited.
Buying a translator with an old one can get $35 discount looks good, but actually you lose more than what you seem to gain. 
Pre-paid phone cards showing toll free are not really cheaper since they charge from the time which you can use. 
Casino always provides free transportation, but people will spend much more than transportation.
 Outlets always sell cheap than original prices, only because the goods over seasons and there is no way to sell it in an original price.
Often times tee-shirts and hats are sold in a one size fits all fashion. This is factual in that there is only one size offered; however, that one size does not even fit most let alone ALL. 
Bank of America has a new saving plan, that is, when you spend like $38.7 using BOA debt card, it takes out $39 as an integer without mention as your saving for $0.3. 
Glade air infusions was advertised to last in a room for an hour after spray. No where was it indicated that the room must be closed in order for the smell to last more than 10 minutes.

A new Snack Pack pudding advertised a savings of $1 on each item purchased. The fine prints stated that the $1 savings only apply when one buy 3 snack packs.

A construction company flyer advertised a special discount rate in spring without clearly stating any numbers. On further inquiries I found out that the discount rate actually applied only to seniors.
No Rub Contact Solution

All particles are not removed from just rinsing, you have to rub the contacts).
Gastric Bypass

Youll never have to worry about weight again (you cant eat fried foods and you can gain the weight back)
I try to find a apartment in West Haven, the agent told me if I pay today they will give me $20 discount, they just want to get money as soon as possible.

Products that say 1/3 less sodium that are actually just 1/3 less of the product.

Stores that require you to buy 2 of the products in order to receive the sale price on the item.

Fish thats labeled organic but its not organic at all.

Stores that sell natural salmon as farm raised for higher prices.
Not true - prices across the store are at regular price or even marked up to cover the cost of the product sale. 
Not true the wording states, applies only to manufacturers coupons cut from newspapers or magazines not good for other retailers coupons. Also noted is a limit of 6 coupons per family.

Not true In the fine print at the bottom it states, All leather seating is a combination of genuine leather and matched vinyl. 
Discover Card slogan of the card that pays you back for offering 1% return to members.

This is untrue - based on the fact that the interest rate using the prime rate and a margin index the APR is somewhere between 9.99% up to 29.9%, whos really paying who back.
Companies such as Chevron and Mobil promote the effectiveness their product has on car engines. This cannot be true, gasoline is gasoline. How does a logo, name, and branding change the product and its effectiveness it will always be a fossil fuel. 

Speed limit signs are posted on roads with the understanding that if you break or exceed that limit, then you will receive a speeding ticket. This is in theory true; however, people exceed the speed limit all the time and as long as they are not caught do not get a ticket. 

I had been looking for a job outside of my department and my bosss boss caught wind of this and offered me a promotion if I would reconsider and stay. I was not unhappy with the work that I did so a promotion enticed me to stay. Now I have moved to my new job within the departmentthe one that was supposed to be an increase in level and money and still no money. I have been told that I will be getting a promotion which I do believe is factual, but I was under the impression that it would take effect immediately and not in the next calendar year. 
There is a burning fat gel which is produced in France in Taiwan, and it says it works successfully after using it for 14 days, but they dont put the words like you have to massage the portions you put on the gel.
Products in a dollar shop seem cheaper than other places, but its not true. I bought an adhesive tape for $0.99 in Target, but it sells $1 in a dollar shop. 

Samples for promoting a product which is on sale in a store like Costco usually making by more than 1 product, and if you want to make exactly the same taste or the same one, you have to spend more to buy others which are not on sale or in higher prices than what you planned to buy. 

Kirby make $400 in a week (only if you sell a large number of vacuum cleaners)
 Dr. Scholls Shoe Inserts

Your feet will never hurt again (they work for up to 8 hours)
The contact information on websites, especially the email address, usually dont work, and we cant really access through what they show on it.
Another rip off is mail in CDs. There is a company where they say you get 12 free CDs plus shipping and handling. Well the shipping and
handling actually costs like 5 dollars per CD. While you are enjoying your CDs they said you a bill for shipping and handling for like 50 dollars. Then if you dont want to pay that to keep the CDs you have to send them back and that still costs you shipping and handling.

The price mostly quoted at 9.99, 29.99, 30.99, or 499,999 are all sales gimmicks to make the price look cheaper than 10, 30, 40, 500000 respectively. This is psychological marketing as people like to hear cheaper ( no matter how much price difference) to set their minds to buy a product. For instance, person buying a house will look up and be first attracted to a price of $499,999 than a listed a price of $500000. The difference may be just one dollar, but to get peoples attention most marketing companies use this technique. Should I call this Factual but not Truthful.