Feed Back Along the Way

8/5/07 Response

Hi Dave,

Read your message about "Alpha and Omega" stories, and it strikes me as relating marketing to cultural norms that are based on religious ethics and morals. For instance our society is based on the Judeo-Christian moral ethic culminating into the embodiment of Christ and his epic "story" and message.

However, you may have overlooked social classes. You explain that different storytellers are in opposition, but Marx saw this concept in terms of different classes in opposition to each other. Marketing to me is still very much based on class and determined by ones position in society. Has our feudal society truly dissolved? Marketing is based on capitalism in the protestant sense (Weber and the Protestant Ethic). Marketing is about exploiting one class in order to make the other one richer and richer. Globalization is based on this precept. We exploit the cheap labor of Thailand's Nike factory and our companies profit exponentially from this endeavor. Is there any thing Christian about this besides damnation? 

That's just one way to see it. Would not capitalism, socialism, and communism be an example of an alpha and omega story? Do these systems not create a beginning and an end? Does your storytelling have something to do with "morals"? And who exactly are those who determine the storytelling? The Pope? The Bourgeois?

8/6/07 Response


You have taken a single idea and developed it to the n-th degree. It has become a monomania with you -- the story of all stories! This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is genius -- the original insight, and the way you have been able to apply it to everything. On the other hand, it is ironclad: it could be holding you a prisoner ... of this one idea, thereby not letting any alternative ideas "in" to your psyche. In other words, your story is like any other story .... according to your story! Thus, you are only being consistent -- but that is just another example of the monomania!

I would sum up by saying that samsara is everywhere -- even in the greatest insights and the greatest genius. The ultimate is to recognition that everything is samsara, which of course must apply to that recognition itself.

I leave it to you to work your way out of all that!!!! -- your constantly fascinated admirer.