Finding a Wife and Marketing and Storytelling

If you replace the words marketing and storytelling with finding a wife/husband  you will understand much more about what it really takes.






We will apply the CSDADDIE Nonlinear Model










Your website is the only way that you have to convince that special someone to make the decision and take the effort to contact you agreeing to marriage.

You can put anything you choose on your site but the judgment to say yes or no will be made from this effort alone.



What I want to accomplish with my website is for her and only her?

But I do not even know who or where she is in the world. My efforts and all the website content will be created to have you contact me with a proposal of marriage.

Would it be worth it to me to spend time and money to create a website to motivate only you to contact me with a marriage proposal? What should I do?

Is it possible I have already won your heart because you heard about me from a friend? How would I know this? What should I do?

Although I do not know you I must somehow succeed.

How much time and money can I spend to attain this goal? I have real constraints which I cannot exceed. How do I know that any of this effort is helping me to win your heart?

How will I know if some other use of my time and money would be far more effective in attaining my goal of your marrying proposal?

What if I try to find what I considered women like you and I could ask them questions? What would I have to do to win your heart if I could only do this through my website? I could also show them what I have done and ask how effective my site is in winning their heart and hand in marriage. 1. Would they tell me the truth? 2. Would their truth be your truth? 3. Would they make up what they think I wanted to hear? 3. Would they really have not the slightest clue what I was trying to do? 4 Would they absolutely not identify any relationship between my site and a marrying proposal from anyone. 5 Could my site really be effective but you cannot make or identify these linkages?

What if some expert tells me that if I give them 20,000 dollars to do it for me only that then I will be successful. What should I do?

If if I could find you and you tell me that if I spend 10,000 hours and 20,000 dollars you will absolutely marry me what should I do? Can I take the risk that you will not change your mind at the last second? What should I do?

What if I learn that someone else is spending one million dollars and countless hours to get you to marry them? 

In my particular case, I am aware that I cannot risk or afford the extra million hours and dollars even if I really wanted to.
What should I do?
Should I run away?
Am I all done, finished and out?

Should I move on and try to find someone else?

Is there any way that I can still compete successfully for your hand even though I do not have any where near the time or money of competition?

If I say yes am I just a stupid professor making it up and I would not last nine seconds in the real world?

The real answer is I do not know if I can succeed or loose at this moment. I have no idea until I do something, drawing on something that I know, or can learn. When I actually do something I can then start to make more informed, combining judgments, and changes. Can I still loose? If I am linear absolutely and if I am nonlinear no.

Would you say one thing and cheat to succeed? What do you really think happened (s) in marketing?