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"A nonlinear storytelling approach applies 6+ or -3 I's to an alpha and omega assembled story.  The I's are invisible, individual, imbedded, interconnected, instructional, imbalanced, indigenous, intentioned, and involved. The first story we learn is told through our DNA."  DM

From Joseph Campbell to marketing. If marketing is a part of life it must also represent our overarching story.


All marketing was created as a reward by the story elite for following a particular Alpha and Omega assembled story. They all appear to apply symbols, myths, and fairytales in their own unique forms.

Marketing has been the continual attempt by the story elite to capitalize on our fundamental common human experiences by controlling the resource distribution and access. (products and services)

This effort is accomplished through symbols linked to distribution and access that reinforce and support unique interpretations of a story.

As long as the story holds for the social elite only those products and services that fit into and reinforce each unique story are allowed to survive.

Marketing justifies the presence or absents of all products and services that maintain and reinforce a particular story. 

Different stories and their followers then fight for and against this power.

The social elite then prospers.

Dominat Story

I got this idea from the work of Joseph Campbell.

The story that has dominated the thinking of the world since the beginning is from death comes life.

It is believed that as humans we go through many symbolic experiences of death to life as we age.

It is thought that death to life is experienced by each of us individually under the guidance of our Alpha and Omega Assembled stories, symbols, myths, and fairytales.

Collective assistance can come to us through our organized religion, myths, legends, philosophies, nation states, ethnic groups, and science.

The key to the concept of from death comes life is to identify and revere the role of the female in this unending circle.

All Alpha and Omega stories are modeled on our actual birth from mother.

We all have the common experience of the womb as the prime example of the change from nothing (death or void) to a new life.

The death to life experiences that follow in our lives are then symbolically represented as our first opening and closing through our mother.

Your Story

The story you were born to is important to your entire life. It represents who you are and have been for a thousand generations.  Your story can lead you to enlightenment and an understanding of the other. If you switch to a new story to search for enlightenment without bring your birth story with you it will be much more difficult if not impossible.

Enter the Corporation as an Individual Entity That is Given Human Status But Not Accountability

The corporation was created as a separate entity with human rights and attributes. This created entity is inherently psychopathic in nature. The corporate entity demands that its human male workers remain at an early ego stage of selfishness, exploitation of women, and individual consumption.

The created corporate psychopathic entity rejects women, outside men, and internal nonbelievers.

This created corporate psychopathic entity battles against selfless external human forces and the story elite to break down all human inhibitors and controls.

The story elite believed that the corporation would allow them to accumulate wealth without the responsibility for the actions of the firm. Marketing supported this story focusing on individual, adolescent, and irresponsible consumption of everything in the corporations universe. 

Changing the Great Stories to Enslave

The destruction of the great stories of from death to life is believed to bring wealth and short term rewards that benefit a few story elite.

The path of selfishness by the created corporate entity objectifies, enslaves, and kills the mother. It has turned on all humans.

The more corporate male slave devotees do not share with other humans the greater the depletion of all the world's resources. This form of corporate story may be understood as the change to "from life comes death." I must get all I can now.

This simple change by the corporation has put us on an individualized destructive path against nature and other humans. Nothing is enough for the male child now as both creator and consumer.

The Created Corporate Psychopath is Trumped By a Human Psychopaths

When a mistake is made by human male devotees of the created corporate psychopathic entity and a psychopathic human takes control both the created corporate psychopath entity then all the humans are destroyed. 

The Danger of Current and Future Stalins

When a psychopath human gains control over the corporate state all humans are slaughtered. Not one story holder or member of any stories elite are safe. If you as a individual or collective do not like or want what you are offered you are a trader to be destroyed. No need for marketing accept to identify the traders to be enslaved and killed. 

Researchers are just starting to figure this out after thousands of years of evidence.

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Russian movie titles I use for headings in book Arkaim: Marketing Wars and in other areas


Black ice
Chess fever
Burning snow
cherry town
day watch

five evenings
journey beyond three seas
the meeting place can’t be changed
cranes are flying
The Wild East

The Thief
The Barber of Siberia

The Magic Pipe

Of Freaks and Men

Peculiarities of National Fishing

Luna Papa
Storm over asia
The island of treasures
The lost letter
The fighters
Guilty without guilt
Tale of the fisherman and the fish
The Scarlet Flower
The Carnival night
miles of fire
There will be no more leave today
Nine days of one year
The wild swans
Go there, don’t know where
The shield and the sword
white sun of the desert
Taming of fire
The red snowball tree
Three from buttermilk valley
Departure of a grand old man
Queen of spades

Come Look at Me
Down House
Journey Back to Youth

House of Fools
Lilja 4-ever
The Pianist
Russian Ark
Little Longnose
On The Nameless height
The Return
White Gold
A Different Loyalty
Night Watch
Star Wars: Storm in the Glass
The Tuner
You I Love
72 meters
9th Company
First on the Moon
The Sun
They Chose Freedom 
Day Watch 
Operation "Happy New Year
Posing as a Victim
Russian Translation 


The Ugly Swan (
Grey Hound Clan
Alice's Birthday 
The Apocalypse Code
Paragraph 78
The Overcoat
Miss nobody



Story Elite

The story elite or all competing stories continually attempt to capitalize on different Alpha and Omega stories. Each Alpha and omega story seems to have their own social elite.

The masses also follow the from death comes life story. It is a human understanding This can be accomplished by anyone. If it were not true we would not have survived as humans.