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April 27, 2007

Dear David,
Thank you for contacting Globat.com.
I've already forwarded this issue to our refund manager in order to make your refund earlier than scheduled date. We will notify you once it has been approved.
Should you have any further billing questions, please feel free to email us at xxx and we will be happy to assist you.


Globat Billing Support
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On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 20:05:49 -0700, wrote:
April 26, 07

Dear Billing Department:

Do you think that to not pay me back as promised until July is a strategy to
go beyond the 60 days when the credit card company will take on a dispute?

David Morris, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing

4/28/07 From Globat.com
Dear David,

Thank you for contacting Globat.com.

I understand your concern. I would really like to have your refund scheduled as early as possible, however, our system automatically sets them up and that is the soonest date available for your refund. As much as I would like to have it disbursed to you immediately, our system does not allow us to override the refund scheduling dates. Thank you for your patience.

Should you have any further billing questions, please do not hesitate to email us at xxxx.



Globat Billing Support
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On Tue, 24 Apr 2007 18:16:20 -0700, wrote:
Are you sure that you mean 7/9/07?

On 4/24/07, wrote:

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting Globat.com.

Please be advised that your account xxx has
already been scheduled for refund on 07/09/07.

Should you have any further billing questions, please feel free to email
us at xxx and we will be happy to assist you.


Globat Billing Support

I did sign up again on 4/17/07 for three years for over 200 dollars with Globat.com because I thought they had been honest with me. I tried to upload onto their web server and after 20 hours of back and forth and poor directions I decided to cancel my account. I canceled and Globat.com made it difficult to do so. I succeeded and they then asked me to reconsider and I said no thanks. Today 4/24/07 they sent me an email and said I would receive my refund on July 9, 2007.
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After 60 days from a purchase my credit card company will not pursue the case to get my money back. If a company can influence a customer to believe that they will receive a refund after 60 days they can then legally keep the money and not return it.
From my experience I would advise anyone to be careful when dealing with Globat.com. Very careful.
I am happy it worked out and I would use their service in the future. DM 4/13/07
Dear David,

As per our phone conversation today I am writing you, I did not find any erroneous charges to your credit card, and as you stated all outstanding charges have been released. If for any reason you see any charges pop up free to reply to this email as it will go directly to me. If you have any additional questions please let me know.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Vincent
Fraud Department.
April 10, 07

Canceled my credit card and waiting for another. Checked with my credit card company and Globat.com took off the charges.
4/8/07 12:01 am Sent E-mail to CEO of Globat.com
Dear Mr. Neumann:
As a person that declares that, they are interested in feedback I am e-mailing you. I attempted to sign up for 3 years of your web service on Globat. Immediately I was informed that my credit card did not go through by your representative. I called the credit card company and they said that Globat attempted 5 times and succeeded 2 times in taking money out of my credit card. I was contacted the next day by Globat. I told the representative that I had been charged two times and wanted to receive a return. He said he would get back. Globat attempted three more times to be paid from my credit card. This is after Globat had received the same payment twice. I was contacted by my credit card company because the transactions were so strange. No one returned my call to me so I called and cancelled the process. I am contacting you in the belief that you are unaware of this Globat business practice. I have put this case on my website and the outcome will be shared. It is possible that unknown to you particular people are multiply billing your customers for a great deal of money. Please check into this and immediate refund the entire amount to my credit card. David Morris Professor of Marketing.

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professors saw on the internet that Golbat.com what a star web server. I called then to inquire if they could stream my mp3 files for my web pages. They said no problem it was done all the time. I gave them my credit card number and waited for an email to give me instructions how to up load to the site. I got a call that my card did not go through and they wanted to check the numbers. I happily gave it to the again. They kept trying and told me it still did not go through. I told them that I would contact my credit card company and solve any problem. My credit card company told me that they had paid the $210 bill two times and refused it 5 times. I explained that it was only to be one time.

The next day I get a call from Globat.com and I am told they still could not get though. I said they not only got through but double charged. The sales person said he would check and get back to me. I then got a call from the fraud department of my credit card company asking me about all these attempts to enter my card. They told me that Globat.com had attempted 3 more times to charge my card but were rejected.

I called Globat.com back and got their recording. I told the recording I wanted to cancel my account and have them credit back my credit card the two overcharges. I then called back my credit card company and cancel my credit card number. I also asked them to stop payment on the pending charges to Globat.com. My credit card company said that they could not stop the pending charges and to wait for my bill and then protest it. So I asked them what is to prevent a company from running up a credit card and stalling the customer so their credit card company will no longer pay? No answer.

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For most credit card holders it is difficult to figure out how to get a refund from a company that charges and then does not fulfill a service. Globat.com from my experience is attempting to run up my credit card with as many duplicate charges that they can attain. In my case two. Once this occurs they can stall the customer into believing their refund will happen in the future. When the customer does not file to their credit card company and goes beyond a certain number of days the credit card company will not attempt a recovery. The Globat.coms can then keep the money. This can represent a fortune in additional revenue that a customer will not receive for services. It would be interesting to know how they represent this revenue on their taxes.

This has happened to me once before with Sleepy's. I ordered a mattress and cancelled before shipping. It took the credit card company and an email to the president to get my refund.