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A long time ago and a short time ago. I a place both near and far away. I have gmail xxxxxxxx my password is xxxxxxxx. I put it in and it will not work. I tried to get into my yahoo email to get the message from google gmail but I changed it to go through to my google email. I also contacted yahoo. I will put this request on my website. I really think this is not my fault. I am really in bad shape and will pay to get into my email account. I have everything there. DM

Marketing Application

It is very difficult to get to a person on google and with gmail. This is great for google because they can reduce costs and increase revenue. The less people the more money.

Big problems with gmail. If yahoo keeps me from my account because I have my emails forwarded to gmail then gmail has set me up for disaster. Trying to be more efficient is not helpful if this has occurred. Gmail should make this clear to the customer. To give me the space with them for free and then make it impossible to get to is painful.

I also put in the correct name and pass word but gmail rejected it. This is because I am in a different part of the country using a different internet provider. I had to reboot and now it does not work. Super painful.

Google is on a real roll and their stock price is very high. If a customer like me is supposed to believe that this is great when I am unable to solve a major problem through google they are venerable to competition.

Giving services away is a good way to get new customers but if customers find it as painful as I have so far you can guess.

The next day it worked but I have the fear.