Ask a Professor


We discussed that government has great control over the arts that are displayed for the general public through the funding of only government approved productions. How does the government impact independently funded artistic organizations and ventures? Doesn't this impede on the Constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression?

Independent art can be controlled by the media, religious, and political groups. They can all cause any artist a great deal of pain.

What is the best way to market a product that people don't want to buy?

This is done all the time. Starting with children.

How is the government able to market their decisions and functions as being in the best interest of the people?

They have many people, outlets, and resources.

I heard an ad on the radio that basically said "even though you may not think you qualify for food stamps or government assistance you should check it out because you probably do qualify" This raised the question in my head, How much money does the government pay in advertising and where does one go to find such information?

I do not know how to find this out.