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Help From Former Student From Turkey


This is your Professor. Would you do me a favor and look at my website. Please give me some creative ideas. You are the creative one. I have done 1000s of hours work and only get a 25 people a day or so.

April 18, 2006
Dear David,

Here is what I see when I open
- The look of the webpage is lack of aesthetic taste. Someone must add colors, and graphics. Differentiate the letters and subjects from each other, put them through more to less important.
- You had good pictures from profile / side. The picture is not good. Add some picture where do you like, even your travels, teachings abroad, special places. - Give more value to your stories by some picture, and strength them with other philosophers, materials, graphics.
- Create links, take the school or any other logical establishments advertisement in to your webpage that you can associate with.
- Why did you change so many time you webpage structure, you so many differences. Differences create confusion, what was it? why is that now?
For now, that all.
If could have time beside my intense works, could write more...
Take care,
Best regards,
Our websites, check them out,

ADDIE is a method used by the US military to organize and deliver instruction. I changed it and included Direction.

Look up on this site under Presentations PowerPoint. Also look on the web under ADDIE and ISD together.