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Hillary Clinton 1/10/08

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away I contacted the Hillary Clinton campaign. I sent the below e-mail to them. This is a poem I wrote for Hillary Clinton. I offered to assist them with my marketing and storytelling abilities.

I am a professor of marketing and poet. I will help Mrs. Clinton in a one minute phone call to me. Strategy derived from our alpha and omega story. I am the only one in this area.


They starved us to death;
put our children in the dirt;
not so long ago.

They come again;
strangers with old hates;
the work house looms.

We must stand against the famine;
Hillary Clinton must not fall;
for we the Irish go with her.

Poem for Hillary Clinton 1/7/08
David Morris
Copyright 2008

Marketing Application

It is very late for me to be offering help to Hillary Clinton's campaign. I do believe that I can even at this late time. She is now paralyzed.

Republican Geniuses

The genius Republicans have been supporting Barack Obama for a long time. They believe and I would say correctly that Barack Obama divides Hillary Clintons base with Black Americans. If you listen to the Republican talking heads from the far right and how they are supporting Barack Obama it is simply brilliant. My impression is that they are that afraid of Hillary Clinton enough to put up the 100s of millions for Obama  This made me take pause. In my own view the Republicans fear President Bill Clinton back in power. The Clinton campaign has not mentioned this but there have been several articles that have identified what I am proposing.

Hillary Clinton is wasting her time to attack President Bush. It is over and everyone has moved on. John McCain is the new reality. Everything that she talks about is hollow. Not too smart.

Hillary Clinton is also unable to attack Barrack Obama because this is seen as an attack on a minority group. This is a foundation group of her support. See how smart the Republicans are.

Hillary Clinton cannot attack what Obama is saying because she is saying the same things. Brilliant again.

Hillary Clinton cannot discuss her Christian beliefs and influences on her because it is said to be politically motivated. Brilliant again.

Hillary Clinton has supported Israel with the assuredness that we are in Iraq to stay. Barack Obama has effectively used this against her in a subtle way by asking why did she support the war? Now she has changed her rhetoric. I would guess that this has some what undermined her alliances with Jewish Americans. Again brilliant.

The media will not say anything that appears to be negative about Obama. They are afraid that the Republicans will now retain power and punish them later.

The liberal media can also be happy with John McCain. Notice how fast John McCain came back to win. He will take independent and democratic votes away from both Hillary and Barack Obama.  Notice even President Bush is telling the Republicans to vote for John McCain. Brilliant.

All Fall Down

It is all coming down for Hillary Clinton very quickly. She is in real trouble of losing. Is it possible to come back? Coming back meaning that she can regain her lost support or create new alliances. It seems the fix is in and she has lost. Brilliant.

How Can Hillary Come Back?

She must tell a simple story that is part of the Catholic Christian alpha and omega story. She has to get the backing of Irish Americans and the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is well aware of what is going on and the impact on their followers. They are philosophically unable to do anything to intervene directly. That is it. Bill Clinton should disappear and go talk to the Pope.

I received a form e-mail giving me the same options that I was given before the next day. I contacted google and said I had added a poem for Hillary Clinton on my website. I ended up in the top 10 poems for Hillary Clinton out of thousands. Plus I was able to write this on my website.