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Hospital Stay

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor ended up in the hospital for what turned out to be a one week stay. It is very difficult to sleep in the hospital. All the comings and goings along with the endless checks of temperature and the giving of medications makes the night move slowly. Each person has an intervenes machine and a television near their bed. The intervenes machine beeps in sequences of three until it is turned off or the fluids are replaced. These machines are under the control of the nursing staff. The TV is under the control of each patient.

Since the first day one or more of these the machines would beep the entire night. By day five the professor observed that one of these machines was left beeping within twenty feet of where the nursing staff entered into the computer the action taken on each patient. That evening three hours later when the a nursed entered the professor's room he ask if the machine could be shut off. The nurse went and shut off the machine. The next night he asked a tech taking his blood pressure if they could get someone to shut off the machine. The response was that that is the job of the nurses. The machine kept beeping.

The professor had three different individuals in the same room with him. Two patients played their TV the entire night. The professor asked them if they could lower the sound. They did but it was still loud. There was no rule or notice about the use of the TV when another patients was in the same room.

Marketing Application

The beeping machines and the TV when on for the entire night made it difficult to sleep. The nurses are not trying to sleep and they are probably oblivious to the beeping sounds and the TV. They do not want to become the TV police and fight with patients to turn down the volume. A patient could pay more money and have a private room. This could give the hospital a marketing opportunity to experiment with the idea of a more silent floor. For an additional fee patient may pay an extra fee to stay on a special suite. The hospital could experiment with what amenities would bring in the greatest additional revenue. A first class ticket on an airline could be 10 times higher. This could also be sold as a way of donating to the hospital to help others that have difficulties in paying their hospital bills.