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I Will Give You Five Thousand Dollars
Keep 10% and Send Me the Difference

A long time ago and a short time ago. In a place both near and far away a professor's wife put her resume on Monster.com to get an accounting job. An e-mail arrived that offered her between 4 or 5 thousand a month.

She e-mailed back. An e-mail came back saying that she had just received a major grant from an Irish Agricultural society for research in Africa.

She needed someone to take four thousand dollars cash at a time and keep 10% and send her the rest. She included the website of the Irish Funding source. His wife asked the professor to take a look. He went to the website and tried to find the woman's name with no luck. He was planning to e-mail the Agricultural Society to inquire and could not find her name connected with the institute. The telephone number she sent was different than the Institute.

Marketing Application IMBALANCED

When something sounds too good to be true it usually is. The scams that are done to unsuspecting people are beyond comprehension. Everything can look good and be a nightmare. Last year the professor gave his name and code number to his bank over the Internet and lost $4000 in two days. Because it was on his credit card the money was refunded. Between his wife and himself they were taken for more than $9000 dollars last year. He reminded his wife of his losses and her answer was that this would never happen to me. Create a separate e-mail account for transactions because you may not want to let criminals know your e-mail. If this happens change your e-mail.