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In Constellation of the Bull

Do people really believe the alpha and omega stories they are protecting?
The vast majority do.
This can be understood as the followers faith in the truth of their story.
Individuals may have doubts about the story but very little doubt about its protection.
To be perceived as not supportive from within often has real and painful consequences.
The slightest outside challenge to an AO story is defended at all times with an iron hand.
There is no mercy for competing alpha and omega story holders.
The alpha and omega story defenders are their story heroes.

Would any alpha and omega story holders support forms of marketing derived from other alpha and omega stories?
No, absolutely no.
This is not true for the young.
Not until it is reformulated into their own alpha and omega story for older persons.
Not without the total destruction of their alpha and omega story and their requirements to change or die.
All stories support the concept of not allowing alternative and competing stories.

Are you suggesting that marketing changes when the alpha and omega story is different?
What is acceptable and unacceptable marketing behavior must be compatible with the current AO story elite.

Why use the Christian concept of Christ as a representation of the alpha and omega rather than the more neutral terms of cosmologies and eschatologies?

This is my story and has often been the dominant assembled story in the USA.
There are other words that describe alpha and omega for other stories. Please send to me and I will add.

Are you trying to push a Christian approach to marketing in the USA?

In the USA competing alpha and omega stories are constantly fighting internally and externally for dominance.
I would be a one in a million person if I were able to escape my alpha and omega story.
As a professor I am suggesting that very few and perhaps even you cannot escape your AO story.
Is the so-called secular story a competing alpha and omega story?
Yes it has been proposed and reinforced since the European Enlightenment