In the Zone of Special Attention

Nine Marketing and Storytelling Ways of Thinking
Our survival, security, and prosperity is intertwined and dependant on an Alpha and Omega AO assembled story.

What ever we say, do, or think no one will understand and interpret anything in our Alpha and Omega story the particular way that we mean it.

The story elite use their mass of followers to acquire and maintain power.

The only actions and inactions that are allowed and reinforced are those that transfers power to a dominant AO story.

The mass of story followers are easily manipulated and happy to do the bidding of their story elite. If not the story and its elite will fall. The Russian Revolution is an example of the rapid fall of a story.

There is no access, comprehension, interpretation, and tolerance for competing Alpha and Omega stories.

All communication between and among different Alpha and Omega stories are to gain over the other.

War and the extermination of the other occurs when it is no longer necessary or expedient to share resources.

To get along and share with other AO stories each group of story holders must temporarily trust that each of their intentions are not to destroy and subsume the other's story until the conflict is over. This truce will only stay in tact as long as the story holders need each other for their own survival.