Ask a Professor

International Marketing

What marketing techniques are most widely applied for American companies to enter China and Russian markets. What marketing techniques do China and Russian companies applied to gain access to the American lucrative market?

This depends on how marketing is defined. If it is defined as the needs and wants of customers you will have to decide if the citizens of all three countries are better off. My own view as I have said is that marketing is defined by power and the interests of power. So I would say that all these relationship have to do with the application of political and military power. DM

I understand that marketing internationally is going to have different success throughout the world. For example Wal-Mart in the U.S. is marketed well enough that most people shop there, but across in Europe Wal-Mart is not as accepted and it actually closed some stores. How does effective marketing break that international barrier and have the same effect on the U.S. market as in other parts of the world?

How can I get a better grasp of what motivates people to buy things on a global scale?

Learn their stories.

There are many marketing techniques that are used in different countries, which do you like the most and which one do you find the most effective?

Connecting to the stories of that culture.