It is Ok to Sleep with Another Man’s Wife

What is the role of marketing in AO assembled stories?
It would be more helpful to ask, "What is a marketing approach to assembled stories?"
An alpha and omega story is the axis mundi or the central point for their story holders.
Marketing is a means employed by the alpha and omega story elite to assure and reassure that their story dominates. Resources are allocated to story followers.
Does marketing follow a general alpha and omega storytelling model?
So does every other aspect of life within an AO assembled story.
Stories are all pervasive and bring particular rewards to followers.
As one story loses resources another gains.
Products that are created and distributed change with each AO story.

Are there any stories that are not part of an alpha and omega story?
Most people would say yes, but my answer would be no because these story fragments do not last. Stories without an AO assembly that are not connected by its underlying consistency are quickly replaced.
All other AO stories are then translated through our own particular alpha and omega story.
All other alpha and omega stories are seen and judged through the filter of our own alpha and omega story.

Do the alpha and omega story elite use other marketing tools to assure their story alone dominates?
Everything that occurs including war within an alpha and omega story is to reinforce and protect that story.
Nothing is allowed to enter that detracts from any alpha and omega story.
Any and all actions are justified to protect each alpha and omega story from the 'other.'
What is the difference between a storytelling approach and other forms of marketing expression?
Nothing from an alpha and omega storytelling approach.
Everything from each separate approach maintains their point of view.
All forms of marketing are part of an alpha and omega storytelling approach.
The role of marketing is to assure that resources are identified and differentiated to story holders.
Resources that are taken from other AO stories must be vetted to separate them from their story.
Resources that are sold, shared, or given always still bring with them the original AO story.
Nothing is created in any AO story that does not link back and express that AO story.
If it is a Rolex watch for us or a sea shell necklace in another AO story it represents the same success and rewards within each assembled story.